ya... I started to give her pear puree... she is still ok with it.. but still no poo... then ytdy i got no choice but to the the pump and next 5 mins, she poo liao.... and somemore watery one leh.. not hard leh.. wondering how come never poo out leh.... finally cleared... hopefully she wont depend too much on this and poo on her own lor.. wondering why she dont wanna poo leh...

Oh she's very popular in motherhood forum?? um... next time maybe can consider her lor....

um... 1 hour pump is too long a time leh... even massaging and hot stone doesnt work??? then how about drinking fish bone and payaya soup?? and drinks lots of water??

I also will squeeze and press my breasts when pump also one leh... to make sure i emptied my milk each time i pump lor...

Cljl & Dreamababy, 1 hour pumping is very very tiring & easy to get nipple sore.. no choice, I feel my breast softer only after 1 hour squeeze + press hard pumping. Normally I will pump 5 to 7 times a day & get about 1.5L of milk in total. I dun have enough time to sleep & play with my babies after back to work. That's why I urge for better pumping way to help me...
dreamababy, oh.. start her with all sorts of food at 6 mths lo.. then hor.. dun keep on sticking to the same.. after 1 wk of allergy test, change liao.. my girl now so choosy on fd la.. omg! coz i keep sticking to the same thing n no change.. then cant adapt to new things.. then old fd, after very long, she sian liao.. hahaha...

dun depend on the pump too much hor... watery is becoz of bm ma.. no solid fd of coz nt hard la... hahaha... bt my PD say on tbf, bb no poo for 1 wk is ok... yaya.. u can call her next time...

sf_lc, whow! 5 to 7 times a day! its alot leh! 5 times i already very tired liao... tat meas u got lotsa milk leh! bt i tink u need alot of rest leh.. u cant fall sick leh...
Hi gal, can ask for yr advice? My gal just turns 6 mths n I just started to let her try solid food. I made some sweet potato n avocado n blended them together. But as my gal just had the 6 in 1 jab yesterday, her appetite not so good. And I haven't give her the purée tat I hv prepared.. So I wanna ask whether can I keep the purée in the fridge and for how many days can I keep? And also I just scoop up the portion tat I wanna feed n warm it up using the avent cup and give it to her?
dreamababy, my gal did eat alot of puree coz she doesnt like.. hahaha... but for the pureen, you can keep in the fridge for max 48hrs.. if not u can store in the freezer. for feeding, just scoop up what she needs and warm it in avent cup..

so fast your girl 6 mths liao.... hehe..

my milk flow suddenly drop very fast lo.. duno y... haiz.. but, im left with 26 days of pumping...

I saw from the thread here that many breast feeding mummies. Has anyone try weaning their child from BM? I wanted to wean my 15 month old dd from BM but i do not know how. Anyone keen to share?
ivy, i will be weaning my gal off by end of this mth when she reaches her 1 yr mark...
hw many pumps/latch u do per day?

I used to pump twice a day during office hours until my dd is 9 months old. Then i reduce the pumping to once a day (about 2 pm) and getting later and later each day until i do not need to pump anymore during working hours. I will let her latch directly once i bring my dd back from infant care & during the night. She normally wakes up 2 or 3 times at night. She refuse to drink from bottle whenever i feed her.
I tried putting lime to the nipple so that it gives a sour taste and hopefully she will refuse. That didn't work. I can't go away for sometime as hubby has no confidence in taking care of her alone. I hope this helps...
Ivy, OH ic... Now im pumping 3 times a day as my girl refuse to latch on since she is 4 wks old... have been bottle feeding her since then..

Im going to pump 2 times a day next wk then by end of e mth, hopefully i can wean off bm successfully...

I think ur girl is too use to latching already... you will need to force bottle liao... coz if she refuse bottle whenever you feed her.. then it is very diff for you to wean her off leh...
Hi mummies,
I had very bad blockage last week. Supply drop by 50% and had Mdm Rokiah service too as my postnatal massage also done by her company therapist. Really agree with those mummies that had sessions with her in this forum. Not pain compare to nurse at the hospital. My supply back to normal again now. Thanks God as my bb does not take formula milk. Very gd advise on Bf and she shares lots tips & advise.
Hi mummies

I'm a first time mum. Very problem and need advise on breastfeeding.

My milk supply is very low. I have try to take herbal supplement (fengureek) but doesnt seem to increase much. BB all seem hungry. I did express after feeding her but only manage to get out the most 20ml.

Any mummies can advise me?
hihi gal.... how have you been? Long time since I have logged on and surf the webby. Super busy with work and pump at work too ... Go home then super busy already.... oooo so tiring....

Your gal should be learning how to walk already rite??? or already know how to walk independently already?

Hopeful Heart
how many months is your bb?? initially I had very low supply too... then I started to pump like every 3 hourly to increase my supply... everytime it's like 30ml per pump too... my confinement lady cooked alot of steam fish for me... and fish and papaya soup.... tat helps quite alot for me . .oh yah.. U also have to drink lots of water too... tat will also help abit.
Hi mummies...

I am a 3rd times mother.. just given birth 21 days ago..
I really want to breastfeed my baby for as long as i could.. but my problem is, i dun have enuf milk.. the same problem happen for my first and second baby.. i only breastfeed them for 2 months mix with formula..

Now i try to do it as often as possible even tho i still need to top up with formula.. but sometimes i feel down cos i feed her for 1 hour, yet she still cry and top up formula 100ml.. when i never breastfeed her, she will drink the same ammount..
I take fenugreek, but my milk supply doesnt seem to increase, when i pump out, I only get 40ml after 30 min of pumping.. *sad*

I heard from my sister in law who have 7 months baby boy, she full breastfeed her baby.. until now.. she told me that every feeding, only take 10 min and the boy full ald.. cos her breast will flow milk like water tab *so jealous* and she will pump out 10 min on one side and she get one full bottle of milk... why i cannot do that??

mind if i ask did ur bb latch correctly? if bb din latch correctly, they wun be able drink or drink much. maybe u can go see a lactation consultant in the hospital & ask them for help?

if it's any assurance to u, i seldom manage to pump out a full btl. i'm still bfg my gal at 18mths. whn i give her ebm frm btl, it's usu a combination of at least 2 pumps then is enuff for her.

meanwhile, do try to latch & pump ur bb to stimulate ur milk flow. drink more fluids, fish soup & eat more fish. all the best in bfg!

oh ya, dun compare urself wif ur sil. my sil had so much supply dat her freezer cld not store anything else. i dun bother to compare. she stopped bfg at 4mths due to work stress, yet me wif my pathetic output am still bfg at 18mths.
Hi juju,
at first i didnt latch correctly as my nipple bleed all the time.. and then i buy breastfeeding pillow. i did went to see the lactation consultant in the hospital.. and i think i latch correctly.

maybe u r rite, i shouldnt compare..
now i still breastfeeding top up with formula.

i thot im weird cos i thinking im the only one without enuf milk supply...
no worries la...
my bb was on bm & fm for the 1st 3wks of her life. after the 2nd wk when my bm started to come in regularly & she started to latch willingly, then my ss started to increase slowly.
jus continue to latch ur bb as often as u can, try not to use btl feed. encourage her to latch
oh, & i notice young bbs have a very natural instinct to suck, even if they r alrdy full, they will still drink more milk! lol!
Hi mummies, i need advise here. last mon, i had fever, swell and pain on my breast. i cant stand the pain and went to see gynae on last wed to get antibiotic. i have completed the course, and even had massage lady to do the massage on my breasts, but i feel that my breasts is always having lump. i cant clear them with the pump and massage. the massage lady said it could be the structure of my breasts but i dun rem i had such persist lump when i pump.

fyi, i can only do pumping because my flow is too slow for my gal. she just refuse to latch when she is hungry. when not hungry, she is sucking for fun and fall asleep leaving one big ss inside.. my breasts are making a fool on me, i cant pump out after she sucks. i cant empty with electric pump and has always been using manual pump. each time i need to press my breasts in order for milk to come out.

however, the big problem now is the lump. is it alright to leave it as it is since i really cant remove it? is it an indication that my ss is drying up?
dreamababy, whow.. its been a while since i log in here... my gal started to walk abt 12 mths n 2 wks... quite a fast walker i think... total wean her off frm bm when she hit her 12 mth mark.. too tiring for mi liao... hahaha...

BBtigger, what i suggest is you go n see either a gynae or lactation consultant. coz lump inside breast could be some problems which we don't know. worst still, may have infection if you dun clear it leh...

to help to improve ur milk flow when u pump, massage with hot towel first then squeeze as u pump.. it might work... hot compress on ur lump breast will definetly help alot.
Selling my Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack

Bought a few months ago and I've only used for 3 months. It's almost like new in perfect condition. Selling it now as I've just stop breastfeeding. It's a US set and I'll throw in the voltage converter FOC.

Price: $220

It comes in the complete set in the original box which includes:
- Instruction manual
- Pump motor
- Battery Pak
- AC adapter
- Removable cooler bag with cooling element
- 4 BPA free bottles with lids
- Double pumping kits with Personal Fit breast shields
- 1 pair of valves and membranes
- 1 pair of tubings

Self collection at my place (if you wish to try the pump motor) or at Toa Payoh MRT/ Queenstown MRT.

Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
Hi dear breastfeeding mummies,
I bf my baby by pumping exclusively. Want to ask if any of you mummies have rebonded your hair while breastfeeding your babies?
I read on many websites that rebonding is ok during bf because the chemicals do not really get into the scalp and even if they do, the amount is so little that it will not affect the bm. Is that true? Any mummies have info from their doctors that prohibit hair rebonding while breastfeeding?
hi jennifer, what is the condition of your breast pump? can include the details e.g. able to adjust suction/speed? heavy? operates on battery/power?

thanks. would like to find our more before making a purchase.