Hi Gitz,

For me I'll know when I experience abit of sharp pain in my nipples, then the let down will come in a few seconds.

hi mummies

Is it safe to breastfeed baby when the mother is having high fever due to viral infection. i am taking panadol to keep the fever down.
Hi babyjan,

I had fever/cold before and when I went to visit my GP, he advised to breastfeed and its ok to continue. Because in a way you are providing your baby with the antibodies inside you that are fighting against the viral bacteria.
Hi blueydoo

I went to see a GP y'day for my high fever and he told me to stop breastfeeding and throw away the EBM pumped out when i had the fever cos he said the viral bacteria may cross the blood stream to the milk. I had 30oz of milk expressed out y'day and the day before, feel so heatpain to throw them away.

i agree with blueydoo. it is ok to breastfeed even if you are sick. most of these GP who say stop bfg are not pro-bfg.

it is so hard not to bf, esp if your baby is total bf. i actually went against doc's instructions not to bf when taking antibiotics. 8P

Ya, i think the GP not pro-bf. But i took some medicine (nurofen), so decided to play safe and gave my gal Frozen EBM for one day. thank god she drinks.

I very xin tia leh... pumped 70oz of milk during the two days but yet cant feed my gal.

wow! throw away so much milk.

last time i had an allergy attack had to go A&E. Couldn't breathe. Middle of nite hubby bring me and baby to A&E. Had to inhale some stuff and also take some strong medicine. But i don't hv frozen ebm. Baby was total bf. So i still bf. 8P.

at least u still hv frozen ebm. good lor.

My 1.5mths old baby vomitted all the breastmilk he drank after a feed, twice in 2 days. I can smell the sour smell like gastric juice. He really vomit like merlion with the milk gushing out!

- Issit becos i had too much pineapple & mango juice? The fruit juices cause my breastmilk to become "acidic" & his stomach cant take it??

- Issit becos he was positioned on his sides while breastfeeding & that cause "indigestion"? I put him down soon after burbing.
Hi there,

How many times does ur TBF poo a day? Mine used to be once a day, now has become 4 -5 times.Wonder if it's diarrhoea? BTW, my BB is 5mths plus. Thanks.

maybe u have smooth milk flow and bb suckle fast, so tendency bb may drink more..end up become merlion...also need to take note on our diet, if u think the diet is too acidic, spicy, extreme smell...try to eat 2 hours ahead before your next bf.

oso try not to place bb on bed after u burp unless ur burping time is more then 10mins..bu usual we burp a while only..


for TBF bb, esp new born, usually once bf will poo,be it more or less..liquid form. so we have to be hardworking to take care and change diapers to prevent nappy rash.

maybe u also have to check on your diet, whatever we eat will go to bb...diarrhoea...u may have to monitor bb condition..give more water and if bb no other signs of discomfort, appetite ok, monitor for another day or two before u decide to bring bb to doc.

but fyi, usual young bb, doc may not want to prescribe med for diarrhoea, unless is getting complicated.
Hi Lee Yan,

Thanks for ur advice. My pd actually gave my bb antibiotics when she was down with cough at 4 mths old. I tried to feed her but she kept spitting it out or refusing to drink the milk. Fortunately, she has since recovered. Now her bowel pattern has changed. Dunno whether caused by the antibiotics or teething now.
hi hi..my 4 week old bb does not like to latch on my breast. i use nipple shield, and perhaps, less tan 5 times so far, he latch on to my breast directly. i also have the same experience as above mums that if BF, the feeding interval lasts about 2 hours, while if i bottle feed my EBM, feeding interval can last about 3 hours. can mums tell me what they have chosen to do in the end? convert to bottle feed EBM totally, or still trying to BF, or a combination of both? i find it tiring to BF every 2 hours, but know that it's better for bb to latch on directly. pls advice.

My 3 week old son always cry for FM despite that he always latch on my breasts for ~45 minutes. He is able to finish the FM (90 ml) that is given to him. I am feeding him on demand, which is about 3 hrs interval.

Is it normal for bb always cry for FM? Am I overfeeding him?
hi ling

Has your BM supply come in? Maybe your baby going through growth spurt, need more milk, can try reducing the interval to 1 or 2 hours and see if he still cries for FM.

My baby cried for FM the 1st nite back from hospital cos they feed her FM in hospital. After that never ask for FM anymore.
ling, zmm...

maybe you have wrong concept of bbs crying...in fact is alrite to feed our bbs fm in hospital for the few days stay.

bbs are too young to cry for just FM, they cry because they are hungry, thirsty, not satisfy with the feed and not just look for FM and not BM..

u have to monitor bb's latching, though 45mins bb may not suckle all times or well enough to make him full. mostly infant will suckle sleep suckle sleep...this may take up much time while he latching.

u need to see his throat's movement, like we drink water, there is the swallowing..and also try listen any swallowing sound.

birth growth usual at 3, 6, 9 mths. but bbs will gradual increase the intake.

personally i feel ur bb may not able to drink much from your breast though u by now should have good supply i presumed...

let's assume ur bb only takes estimated 30ml-50ml of your bm while latching, by toping another 90ml fm total 120ml-150ml is ok for 3hourly feeding caused bm more dilute so not so fillings.

but since u feed on demand, by now 3 weeks u should be able to satisfy ur bb's needs...u have to review what is going 'wrong'..

before u latch on, try use warm towel massage bit to stimulate better flow so that bb can suckle easier.

during latch on, monitor bb as i mentioned above.

latch 10mins on right then switch to left is possible if bb suckle motion slow down..

after latch on, make sure ur breast is almost empty, if not pump out excess. if no pump, use hand to express faster and convenient.
Zmm & Lee Yan,
Thank you for your advise

I find that my milk supply is extremely low (30 min to pump 20ml). This may explain why he always cry for more milk and refuses to further latch after latch on for 45 min.

I noted that his throat always moving during bf. But, I hardly heard the swallowing sound. Does this mean that he is not drinking most of the time?

I am wondering why my supply is so low and yet the milk always leak (normally >3 hrs after the feed).

Should I seek medical help to increase the supply?

is baby sucking? If yes and you are leaking, then milk ss is there already. some mothers have difficulty in pumping. so don't estimate your milk ss by how much u pump out.

probably your baby has a big appetite. Maybe just feed longer? The more you feed, the more milk will be produced.

increase supply by drinking lots of fluids and eat healthy too. i heard there are supplements to up milk ss, fenugreek or something like that from GNC. Have not tried that myself.

From my experience, not necessary to hear swallowing sound. If baby latch on properly and is sucking, can safely presume drinking milk. Maybe 1st 2 weeks is still mostly colostrum, more diluted. But the milk consistency will change.

Assume you don't have any health problem, as long as you provide demand for BM (thru baby sucking), your supply will come in.

I don't have anything against feeding FM. But if u want to go fully BF, have to hang in there and press on. Are you 1st time mum?
hi 3asmum

no, i don't have anything against feeding baby FM in hospital. Did that for #1 & #2 because was really tired after labour. Subsequently #1 & #2 all fully breastfed at home.

But #3, i requested to BF fully in hospital cos it was a much easier birth and i was stronger.

Just saying that maybe baby got used to the routine in hospital to drink FM. Have to correct at home if planning to fully BF. The babies are cleverer than we think sometimes.
ling, me tbf, my boy is now abt 8wks old, let me share w u my experience for past wks. since ur bb is abt 3wks, perhaps his having growth spurt. when my boy is having growth spurt, he'll cry for milk every hr. during growth spurt, bb aso tends to get fussier, so maybe u thought he's still hungry tho he has latched on for 45mins. in fact, during this period, instead of giving FM, it's better tt u latch him on more frequently as it helps to increase ur milk ss. u can read more fr http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/growth-spurt.html & http://www.mother-2-mother.com/cc-baby-B.htm#Fussiness.

aso, wat u pump out doesn't mean tt u hv low milk ss, aso it's common tt e output is low esp aft u just finish latching ur son directly, read this http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/low-supply.html. if u still can pump out something aft bb finishes latching means u actually hv quite a gd ss. during my 1st few wks, i aso can oni pump out abt 20ml for both breasts aft pumping for 15mins ea side. don't be disheartened, keep on nursing & pumping, increase e pumping frequency & over e time, u c tt e output will increase. like me, fr 20ml to 40ml, then 60ml, then 80ml, now switch to electric dual pump, can pump at least 80ml, many times got 100ml & sometimes 130-160ml. watever pump out is actually excess as bb has aredi already been fed thru latching.

impt thing is tt u hv to monitor ur son no. of wet/dirty diapers & if he's gaining wt, don't top up with FM & don't need to be too worried abt wat u pump out. note tt supplementing w FM will actually decrease ur milk ss. too over concerned abt wat u pump out will make things worse cos e output will be low. initially, i always look at the bottle to c how much milk i pump, output v.low, now i don't even look, surf net when i pump & i get more output. some form of distraction actually helps to increase ur pump output.

i'm not expert myself but just hv to read a lot to find out more & cope w e different situations, so just sharing w u wat i've experienced.
Hi ZMM, Jen Phua

Thank you for sharing the experience and information. I find that my milk supply has slightly increased after trying methods given... Pump out or/and latch my son as often as I can. More importantly, my worries have reduced.

Although my son is still given FM, the amount has decreased. I hope that I could total breastfeed soon.
hi jen phua,

may i know which electric pump u using. i am also using avent manual and yield not very fantastic. am thinking of switch'g to a electric if it's really more effective than the manual.

hi all,

need some advice. i try to latch and pump. but by the time i finish latching and attending to my baby (change diaper/rock him to sleep/sooth his crying, etc), it's time for the next feed so how to pump? my baby drinks every 1.5-2 hrs in the day time! sometime i pump and then 0.5 hr later he cries for milk and i don't have enough left in my breast liao! like that how??!

guess ur bb is pretty young...less then 1mth? if u feed on demand and able to see no problem in the amount..bb able to drink well and grow well, wet diapers with no yellowish stain or bad smell...then u dont pump now since the frequency of latching is still very close.

but when ur bb get older, when the interval drag to say, 2-3hours, then mayb u wana pump for 5mins to clear ur breast, and keep for rainy days.
ling, glad tt ur milk ss has increased, just continue latch and/or pump. aso can try fish & raw papaya soup/nutritious tea fr mim. rest more & don't be too stressful.

hi marble, i gotten ameda electric dual pump, u can go to breastfeeding support group to try out e ameda & medela electric pumps b4 u decide which pump to get, read more info fr their website - http://www.breastfeeding.org.sg/.

re latching & pumping, when i latch 1 side, e other side will leak, so i pump at e same time, don't want to waste but when i latch 1 for 10mins, e other 1 i'll pump for oni 5mins so tt it'll "rest" & still hv milk when u switch to this side. like lee yan said, since u r latching so frequently now, don't really hv to pump now. 5mins pumping is aso better than nothing.
hi lee yan,

yes my bb is only 4 weeks + now. i wanted to pump to increase supply as my lact consultant told me when bb was 3 wks tt he wasn't puuting on enuff wt. but my visit to polyclinic ytday showed bb wt ok, so i think i'll take ur advice and not pump aft latch.

jen phua,

do u need to pay to try the pumps? MIM need to pay 20bucks for trial and i'm wondering if worth it. where is bbreastfeedinf support gp office located? nt sure if convenient 4 me.

did u buy from mim or the support gp?

u dun hv to pay for trying out e pumps at bmsg. i bought fr bmsg at $305 cos i join their membership at $25. total $330, like i pay $10 more cos mim sells e pump at $320 but bmsg gave 1 pack of 25pcs first yr milk bag worth $18.90, aso when i bought nursing wears fr their participating merchants like motherneeds, i got 10% discount. some more bmsg is a non-profit org, run by volunteers, so all these sales go to support their efforts.
Hi All

I have a pre-loved Ameda Lacterine Dual pump for a cheap sale at only $150 only. I bought in Jul 05. Helped me breastfeed my DD for a good 7 months. If I am not wrong, I had bought some extra parts still unused. Will throw in for FREE. The set also comes with BN Ameda bottles.

Had initially wanted to keep for my second baby but after baby arrived ( Jan 07) realised that he latches very well so I prefer to do tendem express with the manual Avent. Now, no more intention for a 3rd baby, so selling cheap to clear space. Px does not include postage nor dleivery. Collection is at Clementi or City Hall (weekdays only) If interested, pls pm me for photos.
hi jen,

i see. thanks. right now i don't seem to be able to find time to go anywhere. if i can make it to bmsg, i'll go try the pump. otherwise may just buy straight from mim.
hi all,

i've another question. i am still working on my latch to improve my nipple soreness.

right now, whenever bb latches on, for the 1st 30 secs or so, the pain can be really bad but without him changing his latch in any way, the pain goes away after 20-30 sec. is this normal? if not, what is wrong. can't be the latch right since the pain goes away without relatching. please advise...thanks

heard that breast milk is good for sore nipples. Maybe as the milk comes out, relieves some soreness.

When not feeding, try to air the nipples to let it heal. Put some nipple cream too.

when bb 1st latched on, u'll feel some pain & it shd go off aft a while, so wat u experience is normal. if feel pain thruout, then something wrong, maybe not latch properly.

i see. the pain goes off after a while but my nipples will be sore after. my bb has abad habit of pulling and jerking my nipples...*ouch*!!
Hi there... wondering if someone can help me here. I'm due end of Aug and am considering breastfeeding my baby for hopefully six months or more. Currently, I measure 34B and wonder what size of nursing bras I shld get (as in will I get any bigger and need 34C or 36B?), and are there any brands anyone can recommend or is there a need for nursing bras at all? Thank you in advance.

my bb aso has e habit of pulling & jerking my nipples. sometimes, maybe ur bb is fussy, finds tt e milk flow not fast enugh, so they tend to pull & jerk ur nipples to stimulate so tt e flow is faster, can try compressing ur breasts to help e flow comes faster. i aso read fr kellymom's website tt everytime u latch on, always do a same thing, like having a cup of hot drink, sing to ur bb, etc. like me, when my bb got fussy, i'll carry him walkaround a bit & sing song to him, then he less fussy. kellymom's website got a lot of useful, so can read to find out more.

i attended mrs wong's antenatal class, she told us not to buy nursing bra until u deliver cos u dunno how big ur breasts will be by then. as for me, i just got 1 nursing bra b4 i deliver cos was telling my hb dun buy, then wear wat when in hospital after delivery. if dun wear, can't rcv guests mah. so maybe can buy 1 1st, so if later, too big or too small, then at least not so heartpain if u need to change to a bigger/smaller size. i dun hv any brand to recommend, too me, so long is comfy can liao but most importantly, don't buy those with wired ones as they'll cut off ur milk ss, this is advised by mrs wong. for me, i find nursing bras useful, esp if nursing bb outside, some nursing wears will be useful too.
Thanks jen!!! Will go shop for one first then. Hopefully after that, I will hv time to get out of the house to buy more when I need them
u r welcomed, stepford! during confinement, dun tink u can go out, rite? unless ur mum/mil v.lenient w u. for me, i kept e box, tells my hb to go where to buy it & shows e staff e box if he can't find it. fyi, mim got 15% disc for nursing wears & bras & free delivery for orders above $50 till 8 aug. aft u deliver & wish to buy more, u can order online & they got free delivery for orders above $100, so don't hv to worry abt getting out of e hse.
I have bf my son for 19.5 mths. When I was bf him, I still give him drink a bit of water. There is no harm to give them water. This is to train him the taste of plain water. So when he grows up he will drink water. Some didn't give them water, after that they refused to drink. In the end they have to add a bit of syrup into the water before giving them to drink.
Ladies, my advice for nursing bra is, u got to try is before u know which size is better. when I pop down to Moms in Mind's warehouse, the lady measure my size and ask me to try, cup B and C. ended up i got both sizes cos i also when I get engorged.

true enough, i got engorgement and then got to stick to my cup C bra.

better check for return/exchange policy before buying online.

by the way, Maureen, this is Happy here.
Jus like to chk. If BB is on EBM, do we need to give water to them? Cos i noe that if we latch bb on, the foremilk are usu watery to quest bb thirst followed by more substance milk. So if we pump out the milk, mus give water or not?
hi oceans,

no need for water if on EBM. it's still breastmilk that comes out, just that everything's 'mixed' up
This is an URGENT request by another forum friend whose older son is seeing the same speech therapist as mine.

She approached me to help make an appeal for her 5 month old baby as her deep freezer broke down last week and all her stash of ebm went down the drain as you know EBM thawed is not suitable for refreezing. She has since stopped pumping after returning to work as ss dipped 1 month into working so anyone here can please help her baby who is still on ebm milk and lactose intolerant. Willing to come to you place to pick up the milk.

Her dd tried isomil and soy-based milk but kept rejecting and lost a lot of weight, refusing to drink milk.

Please kindly PM me directly if possible.

Thank you very much!
Beauty Sleep (Calin),

the info u provided is the Breastfeeding Mother Support Group in Singapore. There's another group called La leche if I'm not wrong and it's an international group.
hi all

me also intending to BF my baby...due in Jan 08...my fridge is quite small and freezer almost no space...anyone can recommend where to buy a small fridge cum freezer or is it better to buy a freezer? pls advise. Thanks!
Hello mylife,

My baby is now 3mths 4 weeks. I've got so much milk supply that i bought a brand new front door freezer from Best Denki. It's not easy to hunt for a freezer because there are limited models in singapore. I didn't buy a fridge/freezer because u'd notice that most freezers are quite small. I'd suggest that you just do some window shopping first and wait till your baby is out to decide on what to buy.
Here's more info from ABAS [Association for Breastfeeding Advocacy (Singapore)]

- ABAS is an alliance of healthcare instituitions, healthcare professionals in private practice who see breastfeeding of infants as an important fundamental building block for the health of the nation.

Breastfeeding resources:

Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group (Singapore)
Counselling hotline: 63393558
Talks' line : 63370508
email: [email protected]

BMSG library & office hours:
Mon & Wed: 9am - 5pm
Fri: 9am - 2pm
website: http://www.breastfeeding.org.sg

La Leche League (Singapore)
Helpline: 7000-555-4636 (7000-LLL-INFO)
website: http://www.lalecheleague.org and www.lllsg.tripod.com

Joyful Parenting and Breastfeeding
Helpline: 64880286

KK Women's and Children's Hospital (during office hours)
Ask-A-Nurse service: 1900-5568773 (chargeable at $0.80 per minute)
- can ask questions from childbirth to babies, breastfeeding etc.
Lactation services: 6293044

Registered Nurse and Private Lactation Consultant:
(Nominal charges apply)
NUH - 67725955
SGH - 63214530/31
MT E - 67312180/82
MT A - 63476641/98399477
Gleneagles - 64705852
Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) - 91193502
East Shore - 63408681/84
Raffles Hospital - 63111516

PLease refer to Association for Breastfeeding Advocacy (Singapore) website (www.abas.com.sg) for a list of Lactation Consultants in private practice. They generally charge at higher rates due to their experiences.

If emergency cases, can go to KKH's 24hr Women's clinic for assistanct after normal office hours or in the middle of the night.

Hi, any mummies encounter this before? The milk supply of both breast don't same? My right breast has more milk than left breast, is this normal?