hi Jiayi,

ya i know ... my bb sucks in a lot of air with pacifier. i reduced her pacifier time already. also, burb her if i c her sucking pacifier vigorously and also before each feed. i discovered this when her milk intake drops a lot in 3rd month.

My bb now drinks more, around 800ml sometimes hit 950ml, compared to 650ml avg in her 3rd month. she is still on pacifier coz not fully recovered from sick yet. wanted to wean off pacifier but have to avoid letting her cry when she is sick, so i postponed my plan.

she still poos once a day. sometimes more if she has stomach upset or drank too much - too full. maybe just my luck, she poos every morning after she woke up. so, i will hold her over the potty to poo every morning. sometimes me too tired to wake up, she will make a lot of noise or release gas as warning ... i'll jump out of my bed when she releases gas - very effective alarm clock.

hi Leng Leng,

I dun have frozen milk anymore. low ss. only chilled. i use hot water coz faster. else, if bb cries, she will just cry n dun wan to drink anymore.

anyone has tips to achieve let down? i feel like i dun experience letdown anymore ever since bb rejects direct latch. m using PIS advance.

I know using hot water is faster,
but it kills the antibodies in the milk.

To achieve letdown
1. Sufficient rest & relex during expressing milk
2. Drink enough water
3. Massage your breast

There are some food to avoid, these will reduce BM;
1. Mai Yah Tang (malt sugar)
2. Gu Cai aka jiu cai (Those flat greens on mee siam)
3. san zha (those red flat or round sweet titbit)

Is the suction of your PISA still good?
Sometimes you may need to change certain loosen spareparts to get back the good, old suction power.

Leng Leng
omg, i just had san zha yesterday.

think pisa suction still good. same as 3 years ago. changed tube, valve n membrane this year. maybe i just got immuned to pisa suction already.
Dada: I am also using pis. It's good. To add on to leng leng's list, avoid cabbage too, which will also reduce milk n cause gas.
Lengleng: actually all these not scienticfically proven. A nurse told me danggui too. Guess different ppl react differently?
Lengleng: agree. I also don't want to take the risk. Avoided my fav chocolates cos it will cause wind to bb. ;)
Haha. Still bfeeding now, so can eat a lot, but going to stop poimping in the day, so hv to start to watch my diet.
cabbage - i heard about it too. i just dun take a lot.
chocolate - i have been eating a lot but bb no colic. wonder if that coz her milk intake to reduce if really create wind lor. i stopped eating chocolate for 2 weeks already (becoz no supply at home), but bb milk intake like roller coaster after recovering from her sickness earlier on.

Hi Leng Leng,

may i know what brand of milk warmer u r using? i have been using a cup with hot water to warm up ebm. wonder if warmer is better.
Hi all mothers,

anybody got this problem same as me?
I just gave birth to my sec dd and she is pretty small size compare to my big dd, her newborn weight is 3.005 Kg, my elder dd that time is 4.915 Kg.

I got problem with latching on my sec dd due to my nipple are more round and big, when i latch her on the nipple will just came out of her mouth. I did went to see my lactation consultant and she said at the moment now i got to used my fingers to squeeze my nipple and hold on to it while i latch but then sometime my dd still like cannot suck properly leh she will get angry.

I read on the web and some mothers said the more you latch the nipple will get bigger in long term.
I BF my first one for 9 months liao. Have you encounter this before big nipple with small mouth baby?

Appreciated any advices, thank you very much!!!
Eve, i bought an avent isis via manual pump about 3 months ago, and wanted to use the other day. Got problem with suction, sometimes no suction, and need to press handle many times before any suction.

called them, they say might be valve or spring problem. But even after i change with the extra ones in the box, doesn't work. Wasted my $100!!
Hi mommies,

Can i chk with those who is on TBM, is it true that the babies hardly sleep thru the night??

Seems that many of my frens' bbs who are on TBM, will not sleep thru the nite and whereas those on FM can slp thru the nite earlier....
Kelly, wasn't the case with mine. For the 1st month, I started off with FM at night cos didn't have enough BM to do TBM. He was waking up once every 3.5 hours. when he was 2nd month onwards, I switched to TBM. He woke up once every 3 hours. marginal difference I feel. I conitnued TBM until he was 12.5 months old. He woke up twice a night from the time he was 9 months old. before that, was 3 times a night. now, he still takes 1 night feed of FM every night. but want to share, he sleeps about 11 hours every night.. so maybe that's why he doesn't sleep through the night. my friend's baby girl slept through the night on TBM from 2nd month onwards. guess different babies.
so envy those mommies whose babies can slp thru the nite whn bb fm 2nd mth onwards....if i rem. correctly, i tink my son reali slp thru the nite whn i switch him to FM whn he was ard. 14 mths...bt occassionally he still wakes up 1x for milk....and my fren's dd til now, although on FM stil wakes up for milk...

ya, maybe u r right...all bbs r different bt it seems tat i hardly hear bbs who r on tbm will slp thru the nite in earlier mths wor...maybe latching on for comfort?? hehehe
Mine 15 mths on tbm still likes to wake up at night to latch on. Prob a bad habit, must suck to go bk to sleep. she doesn't want pacifer though.
Kelly, actually most babies will stretch the nights when they get older - as a result of fewer naps and less naptime during the day. it's a normal occurance. for some babies, it may happen earlier than later.
FYI, my son is now 19.5 months. he still gets milk once a night. I suspect it's cos he only has his dinner at 6pm and doesn't take anything before bedtime - 8pm. he wakes up at 7am. his milk feed is about 4am. think going without food for 10 hours is too much to ask of a young child.
tats y i guess tis is prob. of the reasons why our bbs dun slp thru the nite...haiz, bt we as mommies are wei da de though after bfing, our breasts tend to sag aso??
Kelly: If you want to wean off your bb at night, hv to be v firm, and prob bb will cry. I don't have the heart to do so. I personally think mine wakes up not cos' she's hungry, thirsty maybe. She sucks for 5-10mins and go straight back to sleep.

yes, breasts are not as firm now.
my son oredi off bm now as he is big liao n nw on fm, bt occasionally he will still wake up and asks for milk milk...

nw preggie w #2, the whole cycle is cmin bak...there goes my slp again...bt wat to do...still wan to cont to bf though...kekeke
Hi Everyone,

I need some advice on bf. My baby is about 8 weeks now and have been latching on directly for feedings. However, he would not sleep after feeding and would want to be carried. Sometimes, he would cry too and I have no idea what's wrong. At night, he is fine. He wakes up every 3-5 hrs for his milk.

On some days when I needed to run errands, my mum helped me to take care of him. She fed him EBM and was very calm and peaceful after feedings. My mum says he would just doze off after every feed and the timing would be regular (2 hrs).

I am wondering if I should just express out the BM and feed him from the bottle or persist with latching him on directly. She says it's more impt for babies to have enough rest.

If you were me, what would u do?

I need advise desperately..... .

I just gave birth to my gal on tue .....
When I tried to latch her on, she only sucks for 5 mins and gave up liao... then started crying..... and somemore she also she only suck on left side.... once I put her on the right side, she will start crying immediately and dont wanna suck on right side....

Then at this moment cos my milk supply is not much yet .... i got to pump out the milk with only total of abt 30 to 40 ml each time i pump..... and my gal is like not enough for her drinking also.....

really dunno what can I do...... dont understand why she dont wanna suck.... once put her on left side, she will suck a few times only .. then she gave up and cry.... then when turn over the right side, when i tried to let her suck, she din even wanna suck and started crying liao....

Me really feeling v down.... why my bb dont wanna suck...

btw, how much milk on the average does baby need on her 5th day..... ?? My confinement lady let her drink quite alot tat i feel that its too much le..... she say 30ml not enough for my gal.... and will always top up with formula milk for another 30ml again on the same feed. Tats alot rite??

Then each pump i can only managed to pump 30+ ml.... so not enough for the 40ml feed.... Is it good to have alternate feed with formula???

Sorry.. i really got alot of questions.... Hope i can have advices on this plsssss...
Hi dreamababy, not sure if I can help...just some suggestions..

re the crying aft 5 mins, check the latching, is she correctly latched on...sometimes it can be wind making her uncomfortable, so try burping her...

re amount of milk, during my baby's 1st mth, confinement lady wld feed him 90ml...he seemed satisfied with that amount. usually, the amount u express is less than the amount baby can suck, so your ebm might not be reflective of the milk u actually have.

don't give up, you have to keep creating the demand then the supply of breastmilk will come. for now if baby still doesn't seem satisfied with breastmilk during the feed, let your confinement lady supplement with formula 1st, but just keep trying to feed her on both sides...i have to say this again, don't give up! the milk will come, but only if u keep feeding her breastmilk first...
Hi, need some advise here.. my BB is not about 2.5 weeks old. I have been latching her almost every feed and also expressing out after the feed. However, my BM supply is still low. less than 10ml for both breasts. Is there anyway to increase it? I have tried to pump and latch as often as possible but still not able to increase the ss. very demoralise....
you can drink more water especially the grn papaya soup. Maybe your one come in slower but keep try dont give up.
Can eat Fenugreek as well, known to boost BM.

Btw piangz, if you pump after u direct feed ur baby, u shld hv less BM cos baby took most of it...no? not sure if i understand your situation correctly...

if u have been feeding baby only BM & no formula even at night, & ur baby is gaining weight in line with growth charts, u have enuf!
i just started on Fenugreek.. hope that it helps... my bb needs formula after latching on for 20 mins.
Really hope to be able to breast feed him fully soon...
dreamababy, dun need to feel down...must be very positive and calm, else will affect milk supply
. Hv u tried to start your baby on the right side to see if she would suck? Do you hv inverted nipple or block ducts on your right side? Is your latch ok? Your bb could be already frustrated with the left side, so won't take the right side. Or baby is used to the fast milkflow of the bottle, so is lazy to suck from the breast.
Try to feed baby before she is really hungry and crying frantically for milk. This shld be abt every 1.5-2hrs. At growth spurt (which is abt now), it can be as short as 1 hour. Keep on switching sides...meaning finish one side, change to the other side, finish and baby still not enough, switch back to 1st side. You can compress your breast when your baby is sucking to increase the milk flow.
It's hard work but if you are willing to work at it, you will succeed. An LC once told me that I'm not the New Zealand cow, so milk production no good....but I bfed 1st child till I conceived my 2nd at ard 17mths and she rejected my milk and then bfed my 2nd till he rejected my milk at ard 2yrs 4mths

Hi... i tried latching her for the past few days ... but the funnie part is that she only willing latches onto my left breast only .... but not on the right one leh.... dunno why leh.... now my each side supply has increased to abt 50ml..... but even though my gal willing to suck on left side, will only suck for like 10 mins at most... then will stop liao.... then i will start burping her first.. then latch her on the right side.. but she doesnt wanna suck at all .... haiz... made me have to keep pumping leh... so tiring......

If now already started using the bottle to feed breastmilk, would it be that my gal wouldnt wanna latch on in future le??? but i tried to latch her on at least once a day.... hopefully she wont forget that she will need to do direct sucking...

Yah ... i tried to latch her on the right side leh.. cos after i latch her on the left side and she sucked for awhile liao... then she fall asleep.... then after tat dont wanna suck liao... haiz....
hi dreamababy, gd to hear ur milk has increased...keep up the pumping/latching, milk supply will be as ur baby grows...

some babies do appear to hv a preference for 1 side...lemme read my bk & see what it says...as for the duration of feed, total feed time is 20-40 mins...so 10 mins each side is still ok, just tt u hv to make baby suck right side...

some babies might get lazy to suck after being fed bttl...but some (like mine) are ok with both...

newborns r usually sleepy..so main focus for 1st mth is to ensure she has a full feed (if not, she'll keep snacking, ie waking up after a hour to ask for milk)...u'll be tired out le..what i did was stroke baby's cheek, if cannot then stroke his neck, if cannot massage his foot...(while he's still at the breast). if still asleep, i'll unlatch & prop him sitting up to burp him... if all else fails, changing diapers will work.
I will try all these methods tht you have mentioned..... see whether it will improve anot .. .cos most of the time the confinement lady just let her feed on the bottle le... unless the confinement lady sees that my gal seems to be searching for mother's breast.... then only she will ask for me and see if i wanna latch her on ....

But after latching her on, she will still cry and gets irritated after sometime.... then i see liao heartpain cos of her screaming cry no matter how i tried to continue to latch her on, she refuses.... then i got no choice, but to let the confinement lady to carry on to bottle feed her breastmilk lor...

Yesterday was an improvement... i read that if bb doesnt wan the other breast, try not to turn the bb around, she may still need that it is still the same breast... so i have to do different position like football style in order to trick her ... haha...

Do you tink by latching her once a day will help? cos most of the time she is asleep when feeding leh... just that the confinement lady knows that its time to feed her lor ... else she will keep sleeping one ... .

can i ask u another thing ??

Izzit that every pump got to be stored in separate bottles and put in the fridge without mixing? Then when the milk is cooled in fridge already for some time then only can mix or transfer to another bottle? Example, my gal drinks 80ml, and my pump for one bottle happens to be only 60ml.... so i will need another 20ml to make it to 80 ml for tat bottle.... So i will have to put fresh supply in fridge first? Then only take out after sometime or when feed and mix before i warm the BM?

Cos i have been mixing the fresh supply with the supply already stored in fridge liao for the past 2 weeks... alamak... now then realised not right lor .. what will happen if bb drinks it har ??? wat impact does it make?
Hi dreamababy,

re mixing of the ebm, i'm not sure what's the effect, but my confinement lady didnt mix. so if 1 bttl only has 20ml, she'll thaw another bttle with 60ml to feed aft the 1st bttle. just start feeding seperately from now lor.

but for that matter, i mix the pumped milk from the same day, before freezing it.

i can understand the anxiety when baby cries & u dunno what she wants...i would still try latching her at every feed...when she dun want to drink anymore then let confinement lady feed bttle...if really very sian & all, then it's still ok to pump & always feed ebm u know...u're still doing great cos it's still ur breast milk & will still benefit your baby...so dont feel bad ok.

in fact, i admire mommies who pump conscientiously cos pumping is more work than latching...these mommies are definitely very determined to let baby benefit from breastmilk so when latching is difficult, they dont give up.

1 more thing, i had recommended this book called Babywise in another thread...if u have the chance, do get it to read...it helped me to be a more confident mummy & helped me stay steady in breastfeeding.

jia you!!
thanks so much for your advice.... I hope i can go through this period.... gosh.....

anyone have good recommendation of milk storage bags?
hi dreambaby, read the post and want to comment on latching... My advise is to keep on latching ur baby and try not to feed her on bottle too many times or intro bottle too early..

My gal was a milk monster and she demand quite a lot.. and partly because of my inverted nipple, she refused to latch on for long, so in e end my mil force me to give her bottle immediately after latching.. so after she was 3 weeks old, she refuse to latch on already.. kinda disappointed...

NOw, I have been expressing my BM 4 times a day.. Very tiring but m determined to express becoz of the benefits of BM.. and best part is I get to lose weight damn fast....