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Thanks! I'm trying to be patient and wait. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Girls, remember to clear your childcare leave for this year! Otherwise once in 2012, it will all be forfeited. So count the leaves wisely. Annual leave if can, leave till next year then clear. Some companies allow bringing over of annua leave. So do check properly.

How I planned and maximized my leave when I gave birth last year October:

2010 AL (before I pop) > ML (8 weeks) > CCL (6 days) > ML > 2010 AL.

My co allows bringing over of leave till March next calendar year. So I managed to clear all the 2010 AL and returned to work end-Feb. Ended up I rested nearly 5 mths!



Oh hi mummies~!

Been a v tiring weekend for me. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] lower backache getting worst.

Esp when im sittin too long in a position i find extremely comfortable to be in, the pain can e so sharp on my lower back wen i try to stand up that i ended up falling back on e chair. Tears almost came out too. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Been spendin my whole sunday lazing on bed because of the ache. Felt so terrible.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Oh i did went for the seminar on saturday, was pretty enriching and i almost wanted to switch from tmc to nuh.!

Most doc also recommend not to take epidural for nvb, in fact they encourage us greatly on being prepared mentally will be e best way out. And the goodie bag included a philip avent milk bottle(125ml) and a disposable bm container and 2 pairs of breastpads. Received a mummy and baby magazine, johnson and johnson's baby wash sample as well as 2 sachets of milk powder for pregnant mum.

Went shopping for milk bottles too and found that john little having philips avent sale. 260ml milk bottle gold anti colic ones is selling for 20.90 at kiddy palace. And john little is selling for 16.90.! And after a 30% discount its only $11.80.!

I bought 2 and 1 330ml one, the gold anti colic one. All for $46.

Do check it out if you are interested.!

Went home and slept at 10 plus last night. Was really dead tired. Baby wun stop moving in e night so i didnt slp well too..

Think 3rd trimester nightmare is starting for me. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]



Had been earting korean bbq for two days.. One in restaurant and another at home...

But still, dun feel really good cuz always giddy n pain.... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

27 weeks now!! 13 weeks to go!!



starry nice seeing ur little one. has ur gal gal discharge from hospital? u must be tire w 2 little ones and u must take good care also.



Starry, very lovely photo n your girl looks so cute ! Congrats

Dear all,

Any idea by when the due date will be more accurate? I plan to take 1 week before due date and dun want to waste the AL.

Btw , since we will give birth in Nov. Can we use the CL this year together with ML?



Starry> ur bb is very cute..

Shjean> this yrs we have no cl as it's clashed with our ml..

Most of my frien give birth 1-3 weeks bef due day..

I will ask my doc later as I need to clear all my last yrs al before my bb pop out..



Hi Starry

Love that pic of yrs.. so cute!!

I have been clearing my leave on off starting from now.. Still have about 8 days to clear till end next month of early Nov. Have to clear all before Dec but by then I will be on ML.. Initially wanted to take 1 week before my due date but then is worried that what is I give birth earlier, than I will waste my AL.. So now trying to work on 4 days week every week..




ML can be apply prior to giving birth. u need to hv gyena letter, usually can go 1 mth prior edd. like mine #1 plan c-section 3.5 wks earlier. this time rd also plan c-section n wld take 1 mth ealrier to rest @ home



Hi Starry,

Very nice and sweet pic of u and you bb cuddling. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif][IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

It must have been quite tough on u to keep travelling to hospital while on confinement.. do take care!

Child care leave,

I just realise we have child care leave after we give birth. Is this prorated? i am gg on nopay leave after CL and will be clearing annual leave after that so duno if still can take this leave or not. scared my employers think i geng too much..



Hi Twink, yes, we be entitled to 6 days Childcare if worked in the existing coy for 12 mths... Prorated if we worked less than 1 year. The exact no. of days on proration are available at the mom website.

In this case, think you should take Maternity Leave then Childcare leave + Annual leave then NPL. =))

So exciting hoh, all of us talking abt taking leave now. =pp

I be taking 1 week in advance of my EDD on 20 Nov and intend to return to work only on 15 Feb. I can bring forward my annual leave to next year, but now only left a pathetic 8 days. Also, utilised 7 out of 14 days of my mc entitlement. Also, my coy's policy is that any mc taken within 28 days of delivery date will automatically be counted at Mat Leave.

Yes, Starry mommy, ur pix's very nice =))



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Hi Mummies/MTB,

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Hi mummies,

I have been feeling very tired lately.. My work requires to travel around Singapore.. Only half a day, I already drain out... I'm now in my 32wks only.. My pelvic, leg and lower back aches.. Really feel like asking gynae to induce me when I reach 37wks..



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Very happy for u that your placenta has moved up. I am also hoping placenta will move up to anywhere that is safer for me. However I am also prepared to whatever it becomes.


Thanks for your advice and encouragement. Jazeree is very pretty and looks very well. She must have looked tiny but I'm sure she is happy. Very encouraging and comforting to see you and her in this picture. Do u know when she can go home? I hope she can go home soon once she has clearance from the hospital.

Who is your delivering gynae? That time when i was hospitalized at huh, i quite like the nurse team and environment so I am preparing to deliver either in huh or kkh if gynae at tmc is not confident of helping me deliver there.


It must be terrible for u to get chicken box at week 14. Quite scary and dangerous but thank goodness u have recovered and all is getting better for u. Are u still in kkh with john tee?

My gyane is also ur former gynae AL Lim. He also wants to hear a 2nd opinion on how i wd do if i deliver in tmc. All in all, tmc is a bb hospital so facilities wise he is concerned the hospital is not able to cope if i run into complications compared to i deliver in nuh /kkh. I shall see when i go for my scan with the head in 4 weeks' time for review before I know where i will be delivering.

Counting down

I also counting down to another 8-10 weeks and hopefully bb can come out at wk 36 onwards and not any earlier. 3rd trimester is like 1st trimester, not going to be smooth with all the discomfort we are feeling. Soon we will see our bb soon.

Let's jiayou [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]




Meaning you taking leave from 14 nov and returning on 15 feb. Is maternity leave count as in weeks or months? Hmm. As if i calculate, 4 mths -16 weeks. But from yours i only count 14 weeks. >~<

Im confused when to take mine as im takin for 3 mths only. If i take from first nov onwards, when am i supposed to go back to work? 1st feb 2012? Any mummies can help advise? Is it by mth we're taking or weeks? Hmm.




Simp> I am so scared during that time and my previous gyn just say the same time as wat he told u.. Then I just have change gyn..

Lucky dr tee accept me even thru I am a transfer case.. So decide to change to dr tee as feel more secure and safe in his hand..

U need me to help book an appt with dr tee as I am gg check up later..



Pauline: it's counted by week. If u take yours on 1st Nov, 16 weeks should be 20 Feb 2012, i.e. you report back work on 21 Feb 2012. I am not taking the full 16 weeks, will take abt 12-13 weeks then leave the remaining 3-4 weeks used on ad hoc basis till bb is 1 year old.

Anyway I just chked with my coy's HR. I can take 8 weeks ML and then utilise my 6 days CCL (provided that by the time i used my 8 weeks ML, its still within 2011)... but i need report back to work first then take the remaining of my ML, must have a break in between and cannot be continuous.... i'll just forget abt the CCL -- but i think the policy of having a break inbetw is just plain weird. =((



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Hi, I recently delivered and would like to clear some items which I’m no longer using.

These include:

Brand new baby and toddler clothes from Osh Kosh B’gosh/Carter’s/J Khaki/Nursery Rhyme, MyBrestFriend pillow, baby carrier, cot mattresses, Spiffies tooth wipes, Mothercare and carter’s prewalker shoes etc . Check out my link below!

Thanks, ladies who have visited my album before! I have added new items so do take a look.


If you see anything you need, pm me for discussion.

Lastly, have a safe delivery and enjoy motherhood!




Congrats on your arrival of Jazeree, and thks for share out the pretty and bonding photos, so sweet of her [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] As what other mummy say, though she looks small and tiny, believe with the hosp care and your BM, she will slowly grow up stronger and stronger.

You must take care and have more rest too..understand that you may need to go down hosp to visit her and breastfeeding, but to have a rest also a must. Maybe you can extend your confinement period if you dun mind, just Pu your body and take more rest bah..Hope baby can back home with you soon.

Back/bottom pain:

Yes, recently I also have pain on my back/pelvic area, especially stand for a period of time. Sat cook a lunch and do laundry/ironing, rest a sunday, today still feel very pain ler..

Nowadays, feel clumsy as well, lie on bed very diff to sit up too, must move slowly.

Every mummy, pls take care on this last trimester, though tummy bigger and bigger, but it's their important time to absorb more of nutrient food from us, we try to eat healthier and rest more yah.. wait for the important date to come [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]~



little bb - is cordyceps 'dong chong xia cao'? I took those to brew and drink as soup. I feel it's better than capsules as drinking soup can be quite comforting [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Kae - no contact for punggol. mine is Tiong bahru area.

Starry - congrats! Glad both of you are fine [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

On backaches/pain - Im in my 30th week and had been having pain at the end of my spine for days. Esp when standing and sitting down. It hurts so much... My colleague reco placing a small below behind the waist when sleeping and it helps as our spine are curving in now. So do try it!

And i think the weight is also pressing on my nerves at my bum. When the pain strikes i cant walk normally as it hurts for each step i took. I have to crab-walk instead to reach home to rest. Crab-walkin is not as painful as walkin normally [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



Felixp - 6days CCL is quite a lot if you ignore it. Plus our due date in Nov so we oredi lugi xmas & new year holiday. Can go back ofc 1 day? juz 1 day enuf to be 'non-continuous' rite?

My EDD is also 20th Nov [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] For my co i've not checked if i need to return to ofc. but i'll be takin ML from end Oct so it'll b3 8weeks by end Dec then i'll clear CCL & still get the xmas & new year holiday. Then 1st day of work on 2012 i'll resume the rest of ML then AL and return work on 1st March.

Hi! Everyone... How are you people doing? 28th week now... time runs very fast...

One shocking thing happened today... i got really scared... now better...

I fell down at the kitchen... my son was playing in the kitchen with the water... i cleaned the water and accidentally i fell down... for few min i did not move... called my hubby and he rushed home... other than white discharge otherwise things are okie... i feel the movements... still praying that everything should be fine....

You mothers please take care... and do not rush...



busybee.. must be careful ahh.. if feel anything do rem to go for a ckup. my colleague feel down when she was abt 30 wks.. see doc ok but ask her have a few days of rest at home



is-elle-Yes cordyceps is dong chong xia cao.Normally my mum will brew for me but i thinking to do it myself.At first i am thinking to buy those in capsules as im lazy to brew but think i must not be lazy,i will buy those for brew.Very exp though but this period of time is when bb starts to absorb the most.

Busybee-You must be careful.If sense something not right must immediately see gynae.Now we very heavy must be extra careful.Walk and do things in a slower pace.



Hello, im a silent reader of this forum and finally will share my thoughts. Im also got low lying placenta, under Dr Beh , quite a good doctor, and this will be my second delivery by him. Anyway, since my 1st and 2nd ds were delivered through CS, Dr Beh said shouldnt be no problem for me cos I can opt for CS but still got to check if placenta will move up, if not watch must watch out for painless bright bleeding and if it occurs, rush to hosp.

Im always positive thinker, ignoring negative things and so far it worked for me. Im 32 yrs, filipino and i cannot answer my friends if im scared or not to get d operation. Well part of d reason y im not scared is cos i dont really think of bad events.

So with this third pregnancy, its a girl for me finally, and again, not too scared.

All of us mummies be strong, enjoy, do our part to give birth succesfully , always give love and live it up to HIM.

Btw, of all my pregnancies, this one is SOMERSAULTING the fact that its a gjrl..... Hahaha



Hi all,

Went for checkup yesterday .. My bb is 1.8kg at 31+ week and I shld be trying natural first as my bb is not very big ..

Gyn say most ppl will give birth at 38 week.. So I will start clear my last yrs leave in early oct and use some of my this year al ..

Anyone buying changer table ? Think of buying ones



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Hello all, hope all are well.[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

I have been a silent reader and this is my 3rd bb, edd 1 Nov. the 3rd one is a boy again. haha my 1st 2 are boys as well. but what matter most, bb pink of health.

JUst to share that my placenta use to be low, but now it just gone up since on the 5mth. doc said should be able to natural birth, hopefully. my gyane is the Sun Plaze Phua Chu Kang, DOC Ang. keke

Btw, did anyone of you expereince rashes? I now have terrible rush breakout everywhere on my stomach, chest and neck. it is so itch that i could not sleep. i do not experience for my 1st 2 pregancy, not sure what happen for this one. could anyone advise, any to cure?

thanks all for help in advance [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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Hi Busybee, if feeling not too well these few days, pls go for check up.

I'm drink cordyceps now too, the brew type.Feel better to drink brew type instead of capsules. oh ya anyone have any idea when can we start drinking coconut?

Start to clear my leave this mth and going for ml on 1st Oct. I'm under contract staff and contract ends at 31st Oct. Edd is 10 Nov and company decide not to renewal my contract due to cutting cost. Few mths ago they have employ another staff to unload my work and I'm predict this will happen. It's ok. Now concentrate on baby first. Especially now in 30th week. Stomach getting heavier, backache and panting. Feels tired easily also.



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Hi Nov MTBs

help! anyone can recommend nanny - chiness staying ard woodlands area/ 888 plaza. or reliable nanny agencies? for newborn after 3mths in jan. and may have to go to ICF as last choice.



Mrs Lim-Oh you are drinking cordyceps too.Heard it builds immunity for mum and baby,how often you brew?I think can start drinking coconut about week 34 onwards.

My sisters keep telling me that first pregnancy edd will be delay than earlier but i saw alot of comments here suggesting earlier instead.I do hope will be slightly earlier around week 38.



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Little Bb - my mum brew once every week and she also brew fish maws (not sure u heard before). Oh week 34, told my frien the most i will touch 3 coconuts only but she say too little. Not sure how many will consider moderate. I scare later too liang for me.

Ya ppl ard me either early or late but really not sure. Depends on our baby how fast they want to see this world ^^



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welcome all new mommies [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


I will wait till wk 32 for scanning and see how the review goes before deciding where i can deliver. Thanks for referring [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Wd update later again.


That' a scary incident but thankfully u r ok. Must be very careful for all mommies when we walk. I am also a clumsy person by nature and can trip very easily now and then. Just keep monitoring ya.


U have a pt helper for town area? Im also in the tiong bahru area. Can u share the rates and details of ur pt helper? I think i wd need one in the near future if I cannot cope.

Coconut water

Ehh that time i only took 2x when i had my first. Does anyone know what is e purpose of drinking coconut water and when should we take and how often? Would this help mommies going for csec or just for natural delivery mommies.


I think most people deliver earlier whether naturally or csec. There are a few who deliver past edd but need to induce or something like dat. Diff mommies diff story [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] No need to waoory so much. Just ensure u pack ur delivery items and standby. Think I wd prepare my delivery items by end sep as dunnoe when bb coming out.



Simp-You living near Tiong baru area? Me too.

Mrs Lim-Yes i know what is fish maws,i like it.

Coconut water

I think can drink twice a week after week 34.Buy those small thai coconut,sweet and refreshing.Those big coconut not so nice.The small coconut so small so can drink twice a week ba,think should be ok.I also boiled barley and chrysanthemum once in a while when me & hubby abit heaty.I just boil barley this afternoon.i boiled a big pot and put inside fridge.



Posted on Tuesday, September 06, 2011 - 11:37 pm:       

Coconut water

I heard from friends / relatives that it helps to have smooth delivery n make baby skin clean. Think should take 1 month before delivery.

Back , bottom , butt pain

I suddenly got pain at my right side after dinner just now. I hope tomorrow it can go away...

just wanna share, now preg with no2 ..

During my no1 ... drank 1 time at week 35 den pop already. i dunno whether is drink wrong kind anot..cos i drank those white one fm ntuc.

They said must drink those from fruit stall fresh ones in green ....

any mummies taking cordyceps ? what functions does it do good for babies?



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mummycasse - i'm drinking cordyceps too. No didnt heard any side effects. I'm stop taking bird nest once i reach 3rd trimester. Heard would have phlegm later on for baby.



Morning Mummies!

Coconut drink (some thai coconut)

It is safer to take them fm 36 weeks onwards. Once a week at 36 weeks and then twice a week at 37 weeks. Coconut drink help you and ur bb to cool ur body esp the bb when they are born won't appear to be so reddess...

Drink too much or consume before 36 weeks will cause early delivery fm what i know..hopes this help

OMG Starry, ur bb is so lovely and tiny...Congrats! Congrats!So happy for U!




Ya I think i shld have 1 CCL after my maternity leave since it cross over to next year ard march. Then i will start clearing leave. But if everything is too complicated to calculate i will just forgo the CCL.


my inlaws are not an advocate on chinese herbs during pregnancy cuz they say duno wat goes into those herbs nowadays and can be quite heaty also.If doc say bb n mummy okie, just make sure eat healthy and eat doc supplements can already. So the only BU i take is birdnest for bb skin and then i just try to eat as healthy as possible.

Mrs Lim,

Must we stop birdnest in 3rd Tri? i have been taking a bottle every 2weeks.so that means i have to stop already since we are in our 3rd tri now.

Coconut water,

i cant wait to drink this..have been craving for this since pregnant.hee.. i also heard drinking these will cool down mummy's heaty body and give newborn nice skin.



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Heard from people is afraid later Bb gt phlegm. I start taking when i reach 5 mth and stop at 7 mth then eat cordyceps. Mine also bottle type one. Every 2 weeks one bottle shld be ok.




I took birdnest every weeek from my 2nd tri onwards,i brew myself each time 1pcs..I also have those bottle ones inside the fridge,my hubby told me have one every week.Am i taking alot?




I am also forgoing my CCL as my EDD is on 20 Nov. By the time i finish my 8 weeks, likely to be in 2012 liao.


I only started taking around 5 mths at 1 teaspoon of the ready made concentrated every 3 days. Then increase the qty in 3rd tri where i'm taking 1 teaspoon every other day. I heard it will cause > phlegm in bb but also heard that bb born with good skin.. So i guess it will also depends on bb's genes. =pp

Little bb, i think 1 bottle per week is not alot lah. Anyway, i think its all depends on the bb and whether he/she is absorbing the nutrients. Btw, i also think bb absorb more in 3rd tri, right? So u ate > bn in the earlier mths, bb may not absorb as much as in 3rd tri =p



Felixp-I also heard bb absorb more in 3rd tri so i am takinbg a bottle of birdnest every week and i brew birdnest every week too,one time a piece of birdnest withn pao sheng and rock sugar.Took chicken essence twice in a week and brew cordyceps once in every two week.Dont think is alot right.