Some advice - pregnant or not..??


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Hi all,

Am super anxious so want to consult the ladies here..

I’ve taken pregnancy test past two days and shows super faint line (attached pic)

Now it’s a bit of a weird situ for me cuz whole of Nov I was quite sick down with flu and then a stubborn cough. I think because I was sick it resulted in me having ovulated late on Day20 (never been so late before). Then I assumed my menses will become late but it’s not arrived and today is day38, and I’ve never been so late. I don’t really know what to think or believe don’t want to get hopes up but can’t help but speculating like a mad person. What you guys think pregnant or not..?? Thanks!! Btw never been preg before so am super clueless about this!


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HI!! i think you are pregnant!! even faint line means pregnant!! ( provided u read it within the correct time frame ) if can, u can try to get the digital ones to try .. ( if so , u shld visit a doctor soon ).. but actually from the pic, quite obvious liao .. maybe u can try using a negative camera. the line will turn up more obvious..

i am in the "same" situation as you.
just that my pregnancy test came back negative. i am 11 days late and now is day 44.
i also dunno what to do and what is happening. . i am normally very on time and not late .. even the once in a blue moon late is 5 days late and my menses will report .

hence now i also headache .. :(

wishing you all the best!!