(2011/10) Oct 2011

Thanks tabbyz. *Hugs back*

It's tough and I am miserable most of the time, but trying not to get myself down.

And yes, it costs a bomb ( I think I have spent almost $1500 seeing my gynae so far!)

But, baby has stablised and no spotting so far so I am extremely thankful for that. What's most important is that baby is well and healthy and happy. Right?


Ya, sometimes stop breathing for 5sec when I walk pass them. Worse, my neighbour always smoke outside his window n the smoke will come into my flat! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Hi all mummies! How are you all?

Saw most of you are talking abt “weight gain”, don’t worried mummies i think I was the most “jia lat” one among all of you here cos I gained 17 kgs in the end of my 1st pregnancy. I managed to lost abt 10kgs after gav birth BUT had gained it back about 20kgs after 2 mths :-( till now I still NOT able to shed all the fat..hee..hee..Before my 1st pregnancy, I only abt 53kgs, but now oh my god had became 70kgs, I think all tis was due to I lazy to do exercise bah! Everyone was shock when they see me, so embarrassing leh! This time, so far I still maintain at same figure since week 1 till now week 9. Anyway, i really don’t dare to think how many kgs tat I will be put on again :p


tough for you... im on 2x duphaston also gonna faint! for 4 weeks aredi, i hope my 2nd appt can stop duphaston.

how's ur bb growth? did Dr Ho scan everytime u visit him for jab? really a bomb for you... remembered that u have a mind to change gynae, still on? or stick with Dr Ho?

Pray&love, happyenough & tabbyz,

You all feeling very sick is it bcos of taking duphaston? Me have the same feeling after I took the “an tai” medicine from my gynae at week 6. Before tat I can eat anything and eat a lot, but now like not much appetite to eat le.

Pray&love, you are looking forward to yr next appt with yr gynae on 14/03, rite? Me too, the next appt will be on 14/03, by that time our baby is 10 weeks old lor :)

esther, that is so inconsiderate. Maybe can 'cough cough' a bit louder when the smokes comes in.:)

minidiary, Dr Ho sees me and scans me every week. have decided not to do any changing since its a high-risk pregnancy. Dun want to think to much about $$ now...

baby is growing fine. Now at 1.82cm. I took a ruler and had a look. so tiny! hehehe..

emilybaby, I think for me it's not caused by duphaston. Cos I have been taking duphaston since week 5 and my MS only started in Week 6 or 7.

im so glad to hear that! ya better don switch gynae so he can continue monitor and knows u well. i cant wait for scan too... but my 2nd appt is next monday... dunno how far bb is growing now


dunno leh, i've been taking duphaston since week 6/7. but only week 8 feel the worse! Yeah my 2nd appt 14/3 = white valentine! let's see our bb that day... still counting down...

Esther, my neighbour also always smoke at the staircase but the wind will blow the smoke into my house... My hubby resorted to closing the main door (but no wind inside the house - very stuffy) and turning on the air purifier when my neighbour is smoking (every night at 8pm and 10pm)...

im wondering if air freshener can effect the fetus. how about those perfume we wear? what kind of perfume u all wearing?

i'm suggesting to stop using perfume. after all , they still contain alcohol and chemicals..

air refreshner also dont use .


Tough to tackle this problem right. My neighbour is v irritating that they on loud music in wee hours of the night. Previously had to retort to calling police because e radio is so loud.

Now I gave up. Hubby has to stamp his feet loudly for a few times until they lower the volume.


I stop wearing perfume eversince I m pregnant. I love perfume m scents but eversince pregnant, I cannot stand e smell [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Dear Mummies-to-be

Sorry to interrupt, I have the following items to sell as my baby gal is coming 9 months and will not need these anymore. These items are all in tip top condition. Please PM me if you are keen, self collect in Bishan. Thanks.

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Minidiary, I've nvr been a perfume person cos I'm allergic to perfume. But my Malay massage lady was telling me to use only those floral essence as perfume during breastfeeding cos no chemicals.

Same for air freshener. I'm allergic so we don't use it at home.

Esther, my boy's stamping will be good enough to keep my neighbours in check. HAHAH!

But the family that smokes stays diagonally opposite us... I think he tries by hiding at the stairs but doesn't realise that the wind carries the smoke smell into our house...


floral essence? okay will try look for it. but for now, i think i don wear first...because i smell my hubby's perfume also cannot stand it aredi...

KWXY, mine quite obvious already... cos I'm small built, so anything protuding is obvious... Plus this is my #2, #1 stretched all my muscles already...


i have a bump too. ppl started giving seats up to me on the train liao. it's THAT obvious. like 1d1r, mine is 2nd baby and muscles still very loose due to very close gap.

genesis28 - I think sometimes no need to tell..colleagues/bosses will guess. Especially if baby bump is obvious and you have the MS. :)

I go to work without makeup and look terrible now. just no mood to dress nice/makeup.

redgin, 23kg and you lost them all... you have great determination [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

tabbyz, it was a short 9 weeks of strict controlled diet out of my 40 weeks preg. the 1st 4 weeks were really hard but once i got used to the diet, it was easier to manage [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

emilybaby, dun feel bad about your weight gain. it takes just a bit more effort to achieve the body you always wanted. i also hated exercise and am a foodie. for us lazy women, diet control is the way to go [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

air freshener can harm the fetus? never heard of that before. i dun use perfume as hb is sensitive to scents.

esther, try closing the window nearest to your neighbour's house and turn on the fan for ventilation? or just go up to your neighbour and ask him to smoke someplace else?


Haha! Your boy so powerful!


I still wear abit of makeup. Eyes r terribly small, if there's no eye makeup, ppl can't find my eyes...


Can't. My neighbour is not nice. No choice, if I smell smoke, Hubby will have to close e window n I have walk to other rooms to avoid.

WOW!! all showing baby bump...i dun have anything...but of coz once i finished my meal...my tummy will be bloated...thats all!

emilybaby, initially I thought it was Duphaston that was causing my MS. But after stopping it last Friday, I'm still feeling sick though not as sick as when I was taking it. So my MS was not caused by Duphaston but it made MS worse.

I'm still wearing my perfume everyday! I hope it'll not be harmful to bb!! Shall ask gynae this too.

So many of you have baby bumps already!! I'm still trying my best not to let it show since I can't tell people yet! But it's not hard with my terrible appetite now.

happyenough, yours is also showing? I read previously that it'll show later for first time mommies! how far ahead is your pregnancy now?

Esther - you are so funny. I am sure you look beautiful, without any makeup.

tabbyz - although I am a first time mummy, my bump obvious leh. Now in the middle of 9th week. :)

im only 6 weeks...i still have another 6 weeks to finish 1st tri!! ARGGGGHHHHH.....Im dying to share the good news to all my good friends in facebook!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

KWXY, I know how you feel... worst part is that my cousins keep asking me on FB when I'm having #2 or if I'm already preggers.... I just ignore :p

Cos I work from home, sometimes I will spend time reading encyclopedia with my boy (cos he loves science) and my cousins will keep telling me that I'm doing a good job with #1, time to consider #2 since I hv the job flexibility now.

Some of them already guessed it (one of them went London with my bro and saw him buying tonnes of baby clothes for me). But they also know to hush hush until the time is right...


If u see me u will know... Haha! It's ok that my eyes r small. Sometimes ppl make fun of them, and I accept the fact that they are small... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Haha!


Same! I wish I could announce to all my friends that I m pregnant! But I m only 7weeks now, got to endure abit! Friends keep asking hubby n me to go out but I can't due to my weak body and dr Tham that I need lots of bedrest.

Anyways, mummies here got anyone experiencing dizzy spells, lack of oxygen when in crowded place or stand too long?

KWXY, me too!! my friends, colleagues and relatives kept on asking when I intend to have a bb! It's frustrating that I can't share it with them!

1d1r, how did they guess???

Tabbyz, they guessed from all the photos of the food I've been eating... Normally my appetite is quite huge, but recently, I've been eating a lot more than usual!!

Some of them guessed from how early my hubby rush home everyday to accompany me. Usually he will reach home around 8 - 9pm but now he will try to reach home by 6+pm on top of going to buy food for me (if I got any cravings).

One of them guessed from my mummy's nagging on FB. She nag at me not to drink too much tea (cos hubby hasb een buying Koi for me recently)...

1d1r, hahaha! you have a hip mom who nags at you on FB! My mom-in-law wanted to add me on FB but I haven't confirm her.. I find it kinda weird to grant her access to my FB. It's like adding your boss.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


Your mum is very in!!!!


I regretted confirming my sil in my FB. :x they know my moves and I can't complain in my own FB...

Happyenough, my mum uses MSN/FB and she has iPhone so she's always updated on FB!!! Even my dad uses FB (he doesn't post, he just reads)!!!

Yes, my hubby is very very sweet. Cos I always tell him, he got no looks (not handsome), no money (don't earn a lot), so the only way he's gonna make me stay with him forever is to be very sweet to me :p


me, me!! i am experiencing dizzy spells, lack of oxygen etc when i stand too long. feel like an old woman...

I already told my parent, PIL & some of my close friends and close relative abt my pregnancy le. Actually I did try not to tell anyone first, but in the end still can’t tahan to share my gd news with them :p

How is yr baby bump like har? I look it mine but is thinking whether it is my fat or my baby bump leh?? wakekekekekkee….

Esther.... you can BLOCK her on certain posts you don't want her to see.... hahaha... that's what I do with some of my friends (those really KPO and gossipy type)...

esther, it's always tricky to add members of your in-laws in FB.. I told DH that I will not accept his mom's friend request. Hahahaha!

1d1r, aiyo why you say your DH until no money's worth! hahahaha!


Me too! I feels so weak. If I m in the mrt standing, I will feel breathless and almost faint. Keep breathing, like have to fight for oxygen.

I m in my 7week and still feeling weak. Can't queue for food for too long also. Weak [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Mummies, recommendations to solve this?

emilybaby, I really can't tell whether mine is tummy fat or baby bump! But I don't think a bump will show so early.. So I reckon mine is just tummy fat.. Maybe gynae will be able to decipher this!

Starry > Yah... he is ok. I guess at that point in time, he also don't know what happened as he was sleeping soundly. Only when I went to pick him up, he started to cry. I guess if I slept through, he would have slept on the floor for the rest of the night. :p