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(2011/10) Oct 2011

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by happyenough, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. happyenough

    happyenough New Member

    Hi everyone! Just tested positive yesterday. This is ours first little one and my husband and I are absolutely thrilled.

    Hopefully more mothers-to-be in Oct do join this thread. :)


  2. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member

    helo happyenough!

    i just tested +ve with Clearblue digital yesterday. this is my first preggie. so happy and excited.

    but i dunno what the next step... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  3. happyenough

    happyenough New Member

    Pray&Love, that's great! We are in this together..due date will be almost the same time.

    I think the next step is to see the gynae. Hopefully we have some 2nd time mothers to be to guide us along.

    The advice given to me so far is to have no raw/uncooked food. Also certain types of fish such as marlin, swordfish is a big no no. Other fishes like tuna, cod is fine as long as its cooked. And to limit our intake of coffee and tea to one to two cups a day.

    Share anything you got ya?

  4. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    when are you goin to book for your first appointment? which gynae will you visit? Im going back to my hometown, KL this 1st Feb for CNY by coach. Will take me about 5hours.

    you have any MS? mine is morning abit like wanna puke, but nothing. then my cough not cure yet. about a week aredi.. besides that my nipples and breast sore since CD25 till now. cramp on and off sometimes, go washroom urine many times and at 3am.

    there's a day recently, super tired and no energy to move. thinking maybe that's the day, the uterus lining is developing? haha just guessing.

    Im so happy for both of us!

  5. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    what's marlin? don anyhow eat cold stuffs, raw food/uncooked cannot eat. cannot eat liver oil, but eat omega fatty oil. cannot eat sharkfish,swordfish, tuna...

    yeah we will share share together! so happy to have a buddy buddy.

  6. rinachew

    rinachew Active Member

    Hi girls,

    I jus tested postive ytd.. tis is my #2.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] but i cant quite rem hw is it like when i had my #1 le.. heehee..

  7. blanqq

    blanqq New Member

    Hi gals,

    I was tested on positive on Sat. Is it safe to travel? I'm going overseas tomorrow..

    So far, I did not keep to any special diet. Just eat normal. But experiencing back ache.

  8. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member

    hi blanqq,

    i also dunno is it safe to travel. Have you ask your gynae?

    Im going to HK in Feb and March too. thinking should i cancel the trip [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

  9. blanqq

    blanqq New Member

    Hi minidiary, haven't seen one yet, felt too early, so far no one knows yet my hubby & I.

    Can't back out now since all preparation for the trip being done.

  10. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    where u going? me too, so far no one knows.

    I dunno when to see gynae either. any idea?

  11. blanqq

    blanqq New Member

    I'm going Taiwan for 1 week, will fix appt once I'm back, by then there shall have heart beat, heard that some gyna won't see u till u are in yr 8 weeks

  12. happyenough

    happyenough New Member

    Pray& Love,

    Yes..I am so happy for both of us. I have made an appointment with my gynae. But he is going on leave, so the next available slot is 16 Feb.

    You are going back to KL on 1st? I am going back to Muar on the 1st as well. :)

    At this moment, I have no MS. Only feeling tired and bloated sometimes. Hopefully, this will be the only symptoms till end of 9 months.

    Welcome, rina and blanqq!

  13. happyenough

    happyenough New Member

    Blanqq- I have read many reports that advise no travelling in the first trimester. But yet, there are some that says its no problem.

    Maybe you can call up your gynae's clinic to check first?

    In fact, I have bought tickets to go to Indonesia end Feb, but I think I am going to be cautious and either change date or just forfeit the tickets.

  14. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    which gynae you are looking at? Im thinking of TMC, but dunno which is good one. so good that your MS not much. I hope my MS will stop when i travel on 1feb till 7feb because don wan to let anyone know im preggie.

    I have booked to HK from 10feb till 16feb. dunno should cancel or change date.

  15. tenzero

    tenzero New Member

    hello blanqq..hello rina, my #2 tis time too..

    hi praylove & happyenough.. wow so fast.. din noe the oct thread has created.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  16. tenzero

    tenzero New Member

    as for travelling.. mayb best to get advices frm ur gynaes.. im not so sure bout 1st trim..

    when my #1, i travelled oni during my 2nd trim, & i needa get "clearance" checked by my gynae n then gotten a fit-to-travel letter to bring along in case..

  17. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member

    hahaha tenzero... yaya Oct thread so fast created. I also get to see this morning. when you goin to make appmt to visit gynae? this is my first preggie, i dunno when to make and which gynae better.

  18. tenzero

    tenzero New Member

    not so soon.. cos if go gynae nw.. oni get to c a sac formed.. probably ard my week 7 then i will visit my previous gynae cos to check if any fetal pole (embryo) form. tmr will b my start of week 4

  19. blanqq

    blanqq New Member

    Well, too late to get 'clearance' cos i'm flying tomorrow. cross my fingers X-X.

  20. tenzero

    tenzero New Member

    no worry..blanqq enjoy ur trip & not to stress urself.. mayb bring along some important medicine in case.. mayb tonite u can go to any GP to request for travel medicine..esp aso to inform the doc u r preg n they will prescride the rite ones for u.

  21. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    i dunno how to count hw many weeks.

    because cant detect when i O. Clearblue digital written 2-3weeks. Im so excited. which gynae you are with?


    have a safe flight and holiday tmr!!! Enjoy and celebrate to the max!

  22. tenzero

    tenzero New Member

    u can go to tis site under Tools and Calendars to compute ur due date.. http://www.babycenter.com.sg/

    roughly frm the calculation based on ur last day of menstrual period..u will noe ur estimated due date & how many weeks u r in now too

  23. blanqq

    blanqq New Member

    thanks gals..

    Will be back to with updates.

  24. rinachew

    rinachew Active Member

    minidiary, u cancelling ya trip? i am gg HK during march sch hols.. thot of gg ahead with it wo..

    tenzero, i also had to get 'clearance' from my gynea for #1 which i thot shld be ok de.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    i will fix an app with my gynea to triple confirm tt everything is ok.. hopefully she is free to see me on 7 feb.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] btw, u gals all ftwm?

  25. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    I have 2 HK travels in Feb and March, might cancel the recent one which is on 10th-16th feb. afraid of not safe le... because havent even consult any gynae. you see gynae so early? 7 feb? im not too sure when to see because alot of them said best to see after 6weeks onwards. how many weeks you're in now?

    When you travel in March? Im going on 2-12th march, that's will be my 9-10weeks i think

  26. guava

    guava New Member

    Hi Pray&Love,

    haha same here, am also having 2nd travel in March...also in my 9-10 week. i intend to ask gynae in my next visit in feb. the guideline in the internet says safer to travel 14 week onwards but till end 2nd trimester....skali deliver on the plane...

  27. rinachew

    rinachew Active Member

    minidiary, i cant get an app on 7 feb... onli managed to get on 10 feb.. seeing gynea early is bcos, i had a mc in late 2008.. so scare same thing will happ so thot of seeing gynea first..

    my HK trip in mar is fro, 10 to 15 mar... heehee... travelling with my mom and sis.. u? travelling with hb?

  28. rinachew

    rinachew Active Member

    hmmm.. looks like alot of ppl plan for hols in mar.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    guava, u with which gynea?

  29. guava

    guava New Member

    Hi Rina

    ya lor..also prebooked trip..sigh..dono whether to go or not to go...still throwing coins to decide...

    me with Dr Adrian woodworth. A man with few words! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  30. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    u are in sept thread too? hahaha see u here and there. so u are going malaysia? and also 2nd trip in march. same with me!


    ya travel with hubby. his business trip. i think my mummy will follow. For Feb HK trip, also my hubby biz trip, so most of the time i will shop alone. so thinking to cancel it. which gynae are u visiting? im still very dilemma dunno which gynae to book.

  31. guava

    guava New Member

    hahha yes, cos my EDD is somewhere late Sept / early Oct according to my ultrasound. i heard first one usually earlier a bit.

    yes im flying bk Msia in 2 days time and then Mar flying to Brisbane ...not sure if i wanna take the risk or cancel brisbane one....cos we prebooked both before we confirmed preggy.

  32. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    first one really early abit? too excited to come out? hahaha

    i don hope to cancel my march trip since feb will be cancelling soon... hope we have a good sticky pregnancy throughout we are flying!

  33. happyenough

    happyenough New Member

    Hi all!

    I just went to see my gynae this morning cos I had some spotting/cramps. Did a scan but can't see anything yet. Anyway, the doctor did a blood test and my HCG levels are at 569. 2 more days and we would be able to see the sac and baby's heartbeat. So excited!

    Dr also put me on pre-natal vitamins and Duphaston to stabilise the pregnancy since its my first and I am over 30. It was expensive - came up to $450!

    I think I gotta save more. This is gonna be more expensive!

  34. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    how come you can make appt so easy? i've called up some gynae today. some said fully booked..some said earlier 26th feb...

    haih, my hb is not free, only free on sat. and all Sat fully taken. which gynae u see?

  35. happyenough

    happyenough New Member


    My appointment was scheduled on 16 Feb, but I got worried as I had some spotting and cramps so I called the clinic this morning.

    They asked the dr and he said for me to come in, so I managed to see him today. Of course this is considered emergency consultation, so an additional $150 on top of the rest of the charges.

    But ok for peace of mind and my gynae is really nice. He is Dr Ho from Mount Alvernia. :)

  36. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    is it Dr Ho Hon Kwok? I read some review bout him also. quite good. How is the room in Mount Alvernia? Clean? and Comfort?

  37. happyenough

    happyenough New Member

    Pray& Love,

    Yes that's right. He is really good and patient. Rooms in Mount Alvernia are clean and comfy. I stayed in a two bedded turned first class so even had 2 TVs to myself. :)

    I am just a little worried about the charges. If I have to pay so much money for each visit, I am gonna wipe out my savings soon. Hahahhaa..

  38. cherrry

    cherrry Active Member

    hi mummies to be, congrats with ur coming new bundle of joy! I'm from dec'10 mtb thread.

    I've the following to sell:




    PM me if u r interested [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Happy CNY!

    If anyone wants to sign with stemcord, we can both get discount for the annual fee too. PM for exchange of details ya. Cheers!

  39. guava

    guava New Member

    hahahha u r so funny Pray&Love, yea the usual i heard is that first one usually comes out 2 weeks earlier. :p

    yea hope our pregnancies are smooth all the way till full term! is this your first bb too?

    Wow Happyenough,

    are you sure it costs so much??? i was given both to eat as well (me over 30 and also first bb - super excited!!) , but mine only less than $200? Which gynae did u go to?

  40. happyenough

    happyenough New Member


    I got a shock when I received the bill. Almost fell of the chair. I did a scan, blood test, urine test and the both said medication. Oh and a additional $150 for the consultation. What was yours?

  41. guava

    guava New Member


    wow..i think becos u did blood test and urine test as well.

    Mine is only u/s scan, and both medication. abt $150

  42. happyenough

    happyenough New Member

    Ahhh I see..but still its kinda pricey. I do wonder if I should scout other gynaes as well.

    Who is your gynae, Guava?

  43. kohbaby

    kohbaby Member


    anyone looking for a playpen, got it as a gift but i bought mine already.

    Brand new, still in original wrapping, unopened.

    Far east flora selling at $139, letting it go at $120

    interested? please PM me


  44. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    just wake up from nap. hahaha where u find dr ho? wow so fast u know your will be staying in 2 bedded room? book aredi?

    ya the charges i heard from what you type and compare those u asking in sept thread. very exp! just now i called Dr Ho, they said call back after 2.30pm. now going to call again

  45. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    yes this is my first bb and so worry about every single thing. just now so fed up looking for gynae... then give up and take a nap. just woke up!

  46. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    just called Dr Ho, haih the earliest also 22nd Feb. so late... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

  47. guava

    guava New Member

    Hi Happyenough,

    sorry i went to zzz just now. hee.

    My gynae is Dr Adrian Woodworth.

    Hi Pray&Love

    Yea lor, hehee. i think must try to calm down...eat normally and balanced diet.

    why not just drop by a gynae nearest to your place and let him take a look first? later can still change gynae mah.

  48. minidiary

    minidiary Active Member


    this is my intention now. booked Dr Michele at AMK hub because she's available on Saturday 19th Feb. Then my hubby on leave on 28th Feb, will look for another male gynae. 2nd March will be my travel to HK aredi... so I think 28th Feb check again with male gynae for better confirmation...

    hahaha guava, you also napping? Me too.. just wake up. Are you SAHM too?

  49. happyenough

    happyenough New Member

    Guava and Pray&Love, both are u are SAHM? So nice..I would like to zzz in my office now. Hahaha..

    Thanks for letting us know about your gynae, Guava.

    Pray&Love, I think your plan is good. See both and then share how you feel ok? As for the rooms, I knew cos I was warded in July last year for a stomach infection.

    I have been comparing the prices and everyone has been paying 150 - 220 for first session. Mine was double! Sheesh...

  50. guava

    guava New Member


    oh i see. so are you still travelling to Msia during CNY?

    heehee yes, napped just now...but half working half resting cos went toilet 3 times this morning...so took MC today. me FTWM.

    I wish i dont hav to work. so stressful at my workplace. prob i cannot stand not working..will go for parttime maybe? heehee havent decided yet.


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