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Hi Zav's mummy,

I just changed the drinking tool- without maid I find cleaning the straw a hassle. I changed to cup with spout that flows freely- the cheap kind. Brand less. She still chokes a bit but drinks much more because the flow is faster.

May I know if any of your babies have transitioned to one nap yet?


hi oct mummies

my girl is born in oct 2011. can i join your Facebook group? please add me at [email protected]

anyone planning to send your boy/girl to playgroup yet? any good recommendations? i stay in bukit panjang


Hi Mummies [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

My gal is also born in Oct'11.

Meplaa, I order my bb 1st n'day cake from Emicakes. It's nice plus I'm celebrating her b'day at Downtown East and there is a branch there for easy collection [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Mommies, I personally tried Mag Mag sippy cup and it's really not easy to suck. So I changed to Combi. Sigh.... But my bb refuses to drink from it.

I cAn only feed her from spoon.

For cake, I ordered from Pine Garden. The cake is so pretty!

Hi mumsykoh,

My boy refused to drink fr the pigeon straw cup, so I guess I gotta find another straw cup for him to try...,

Hi Elaine,

My boy is using the Pigeon Mag Mag sprout cup... And he prefers this sprout cup rather then learn to use the straw cup...

My boy is taking only one nap now. Coz he wakes up late in e morning, so his nap time is late afternoon for abt 2-3hrs...

Hi mummies!

My baby use avent straw cup. I find that it's quite easy to use as my baby figure out how to suck through straw only at first try.

Any babies walking yet?

My boy can walk now but I got to follow him around in case he fell.

As for his meals, he has his midnight milk feed at 1 am. Milk at 7 am after he woke up. Has his porridge at 12 and milk again at 2 pm. Porridge for dinner at 6 pm and finally his milk at 8 pm.

Dear mummies, thanks for your info.

btw, do u know where i can get a cake which suitable for bb 1st year?

My baby now can walk too.. but need something to support, like sofa, side table, coffee tabl,etc

Mommies, my girl will walk a few steps without support now. She will practice walking in her playpen and she will fall and laugh. So funny.

My girls daily schedule:

8am milk

12.30 lunch

1.30 - 2 fruit

3.30 milk

6.30 dinner

11 milk

Sometimes 4-5 am she will still ask for milk

I really have no idea how to teach her to drink from straw. Any good tricks to share?

My daughter also used the MagMag straw cup. It was very successful. Got my son to act out drinking in front of her in an exaggerated manner. I kept trying during meal times and one day she just got the water out and laughed. Then kept pratising at every meal. I changed to spout (without suction) only because it's easier to clean.

630am: Breastfeed

7am: cereals/ bread

930am: Breastfeed

12pm: lunch (porridge)

1pm: 4oz formula

3pm: cheese

5pm: dinner (porridge)

630pm: Breastfeed

7pm: sleep

Hmm..my gal's daily schedule now:

6+am: breastfeed

(sometimes 8am also breastfeed)

930am: breakfast: cereal with fruit/bread with egg yolk etc

1030: nap (can be from half hr to 1.5hr)

1230pm: lunch: rice or pasta with soup, fish/meat, veg then fruit

330pm: 6oz formula

630pm: dinner, same as lunch

9+/10+: breastfeed

middle of night: breastfeed.

Sometimes if i'm home late she'll take 6-7oz formula, AND still breast feed when I return...will get super heavy diaper when she wakes up :p

Hi mummies, my boy can walk now but with support like sofa or tv rack.

I bought him Pigeon straw cup but he can't suck the water.. Hmmm after reading the review, maybe i should change to another brand straw cup for him to try...

My boy's feeding schedule,

6am - 8oz milk

10am - 6oz milk

1pm - lunch, usually fish porridge

4pm - 6oz milk

7pm - dinner, rice with soup

11pm - 8oz milk

Hi novmummy, i have bought the new Pigeon straw cup for my daughter and it is very difficult even for adult to suck the water, dun say the baby.

my mum bought the lucky baby for her and she really loves it....

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hi. My girl can walk independently for a short distance but not very confident yet.

I bought the Combi cup with the straw insert and it works great. Better than Mag Mag I feel which my elder one used last time. Looks nicer too [IMG=http://singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

I feel there is no need to really "teach" - I just let her play and bite the straw, then suddenly she sucked up some water and found it interesting. From then on, she start sucking with straws. Last time, my elder one was not too keen on water so I put in some soya bean milk in his cup and when he sucked the soy up, he had the incentive to try again. You can try with juice.

Hi Mummies,

Is anyone enrolling the lil ones in pre -nursery next year? I checked a few places and found they only accept kids at least 2.5 years old..which means I can't register my gal this year. And by the time I can register her, places are mostly taken up and she'll be on waitlist!

Don't remember having the same problem with my son last year (he's also an Oct baby).

Am now wondering if I should just enrol my gal in Nursery in 2014 and let her play at home next year instead...

hi Shopper Mummy,thanks for the suggestion. interestingly, my bb gal was playing in the playground near home when a staff fr one centtr spotted her. she asked my helper to tell me to enrol my gal there!

but I just checked it online..it's an infantcare full day programme. too much lah..I just want my gal to socialise and get helper some breathing space for a few hrs once or twice a week.

any mummies with gd playgroups to recommend? I am even considering forming one...lately I hear my helper getting q fiercwith my gal..though I know she IS cheeky and can beclingy and whiny..so thought maybe some hrs away from home might help us all!

Any mummies staying near Buangkok area! Would like to make friends as I'm a SAHM. The children can play nearby at playground near by! I ve a oct boy.

Hi Rosyrabbit,

I haven't managed to find any playgroup nearby..all I have around me are childcare! Any pre-nursery classes available are for children at least 2 years old.

I'm at Serangoon, pm me? maybe we can meet up [IMG=http://singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] My girl loves the playground too, will take her shoes to indicate her wish to go out every evening..Her highlight of the day now is waiting for her brother to come home from school. Will happily wait downstairs and greet children in uniform when they come home!

Any Mummies placing their kids in Childcare or few hours playgroup? Any recommendations? Also, any recommendations for kids' dental?

Hi mummies, it's been a while since I logged in...

How's everyone doing with ur kiddos???

I'm too trying to find playgroup for my boy, but seems like ard my area only have childcare...

And just to check with u mummies, does ur babies sleep well at nite?? My boy will keep tossing & turning in bed the whole nite, & he will wake up very early like 6plus in the morning... Not sure if its due to my 2nd pregnancy... I'm due next mth, & he only started getting restless sleep beginning of this mth...

Can add mi on FB grp?? [email protected]

Hi mummies, I am a new member to Singaporemotherhood forum...

Anybody stays in Toa Payoh?? I would be interested to make new friends and my son can also interact with other children.

Recently I admitted my son to playgroup and seem he is struggling a lot in the school. It’s been a month now and he still cries a lot and always goes there and vomits. He is also not trying to mix with other children. Any suggestions please……

I am thinking of taking a break and make my son more social with other kids.

I would love to arrange a play date if anybody interested.

Do let me know.

Can i join FB group?? my mail id is [email protected]


Hi.. i enrolled my daughter for preschool next year. After constantly calling, managed to find a school that allows me to enrol. As i understand some school strictly say its for 30mths.. I enrolled her at Kovan - Bethesda Serangoon Church (Sun beam)

Dear Mummies,

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