(2005/09) Sept 2005 Babies

hi mummies

day-time: already toilet trained thus no diapers even for day nap. I'll ask him to go toilet before he sleeps at night. at night, I'll still let him wear diapers when he's asleep. currently me let him have petpet or mamy poko XL.

any mummies have any tips how to train for night?

hi starling, one way is to give milk 2 hours before night sleep, and not at bedtime. Another is to wake child up in the middle of the night to pee.
hi mummies.

how do u toilet-trained your kids? mine will depend on mood. if she does sit on potty, its wif pants on! how? she's 3 liao.

sorry to disturb,i am looking for the Haenim Play yard,if u r selling please PM me your price, condition and age of the play yard and collection place.
Hi Mummies,

My boi is born in sep 05. I noticed that recently my boi is having some hair loss. I am wondering whether is it normal. I am so so worried. Anyone can share???
hi all,

my gal also born in sep 05... turned 4 today, but she's still on diapers at night. she just can't seemed to wake up to pee in the night, whereas for her nap, she has no prob going diaper-less since 1 yr ago... any tricks?
hello anyone still around??
My boy is still not reading on his own and having difficulties every week when he learn spelling, anyone brought ur kids to "read in a week?" is it any good?
Florence, its me Ling... btw, i nvr tried "read in a week" maybe you can try reading more to him?

Glad to see there are still ppl around hehe
U can gave some picture books read to him. i think they will learn when e books attract their attention.
Florence: Kids learn from words recognition to start with... Maybe you wana send him to a phonics class so that he noes the alpha and can pronounce the word. Heard "I can read" is also good but costly...

You can start to paste words on cards on objects at home to expose him to word recognition as well...
Halo Sep 05 mummies, 1st tie come in to this thread after so so long..

I have a boy born on 30th, he is with full days child care for the past 2 yrs.
But this yr i have decided to put him for half days kindergarten, bcos of 2nd baby girl born July 2009.
I had employ a Philippine helper to take care of my baby n general house work.
So since having a helper at home, decided to switch my son to half day kinder.
Also thinking tat it will be more focus on learning for him.
It turn out tat my decision is right! My son can read and write now!
Am so happy with his 'achievement'!

Hope this thread will 'alive' again so we can chat and share around.
Btw i stay @ Kovan and work @ Bugis.
Hi sharon, my son read by phonics, which i think is quite easy to follow.
He can read most 3 letter blend n some 4 letter blend now.
But his handwriting is not tat neat, chinese is worst..

But his maths is good, he is attending Zoo-Phonics @ Serangoon central.

I read ur blog, very impressive, u got so many activity for sabrina ya..
And i din know SK got field & park for kids to run around.. (so 'sua gu')
Thanks for sharing...
hi Mei Yun.. welcome

I thought kids can learn more in childcare, guess im wrong.. :p

My girl is oso born on the 30th wor.. Im from TMC.. r u there? maybe we are wardmates haha

btw my girl can read and write.. she is part phonics and part recognise words ba..

Can check out my kids at babyvel.blogspot.com

Sabrina, can i tag your blog on mine?
Hi ling, so coincident ya, ur girl also 30 Sep 05..
I deliver @ RH, so dun have the pleasure to be ur wardmate ya.. haha..

My boy dun like to write, especially chinese,
every time when he wrote wrongly and ask him to erase and write again,
he will be angry and upset.

Reading wise, he can read most of the 3 letter and 4 letter words now.
Cannot read chinese yet as the kinder will only start teaching HYPY in June.

I think compare to some 5yo kids, he mayb a bit slow liao...
I realise tat girl always pick up faster a this age compare to boy.
They tend to be neater, better memory, better focus, more understanding..
meiyun: i agree that girls pick up faster.. My boy is slower compared to sis's progress.. Boy can do work halfway and dono where he MIA to.. faint...
sharon: I agree practice makes perfect... Must do work regularly... I give her daily homework to do as well.. eng maths chinese lor.. But nvr teach her other languages like u la.. :p well done...
morning ling. Keith just started with his phonics class yty!
1h30min of mummy and daughter time for me and hazel every wed.
Morning mummies.. opps, shld be afternoon liao..

Just bring my 10mth old ger to see doctor this morn as she is having 38.4 fever.
Lucky she still playing and drink milk, not showing a lot of uncomfort..

Btw, have u bring ur kids to explorer kids @ downtown east pasir ris?
I m thinking to bring my boy there probably next sunday.

meiyun: i hv not tried kids explorer but will definately bring them there cos it looks so fun.. But pls consider weekday cos weekends are very crowded wor...
usually we go to figets at tuft city

good that your ger is still active.. now viral fever everywhere.. must take care..

Florence: good u can spend quality time with 2nd one... usually my 2nd one somehow neglected oso.. faint..
Sharon, is it safe for the kids to ice skate? Is easy for them to pick up? Dangerous anot? But it does seems fun though..

I recalled the first time i went ice skating at jurong when i was in secondary sch and my mum so scare i fall down and others may skate towards me and I may get hurt. or worse my face get disfigured.. I was tinking my mum tink so much and now for my turn, I worry for my girl too.. lol
As safety, Parents have to be more careful and alert then should be Ok.
This video is taken on 2nd times we go, first time Sabrina learned it for half and hour from the young boy(from cashier). his teach sabrina because both me and my husband don know how to skate.
If U are NTUC member then will be cheaper, if I not wrong is $6.50 or $7 per hour,please bring along ur socks and gloves, if not u have to buy there.
Think no min age(about 4) as long as parent have to take care of their child.
hihi mummies, i always come in after the '早安' times..

most working mummy shld b heading out for lunch now liao hor..
i work at a retail shop, so i always start late n end late..

my weekend kind of routine lo, NTUC marketing as usual, then bring my son go playground down stair..

but recently i kind of lost patience to my son, not sure izit he out of control or me become particular??
he tends to disturb mei mei also, and take advantage on my helper.
likes asking her to feed him la, ask her for answer for his workbook la, ask her to bath him la..
where all these thing he can do it himself already,
I told my helper not to 'accede to his request', then my son will throw temper at her, sigh...

another thing is last night after he finish a few page of the workbook and let me check,
there r a few mistake n i told him i have to 'cross' it, guess wat he tell me?
'mummy, some tick some cross, never mind de', faint...

it's really not easy to educate children nows a day...
meiyun, i tink boys are like tat.. My gal opposite from your boy wor... Tell me she wana do more writing.. she needs to practice so that she noes her work..

My boy coming 3 and still slow in talking and work as well.. I tink he is simply lazy.. Just like to play and play..

btw, what your boy does at home everyday? Where is your shop?
wow.. ur gal so so understanding n hardworking, if my boy is a little bit like ur gal i 'sleep also will smile', ha ha...

my boy come back from kinder ard 1.45pm, he will have lunch n shower,
do his workbook, then play a while n take a nap,
wake up ard 6-7pm, dinner, watch tv, playing, do workbook...
1 thing i m very strict n he does follow till now is can only turn on tv after he woke up.

most of the time need to 'reward' him with something then he will 'guai guai' do his home work, especially chinese writing, maths n eng still ok.
like his favorite snack, play game, watch cartoon..
i told my hb this shld not be the 'cure' of the problem, he need to understand the importance of doing homework n do it correctly.

my shop is @ sim lim square, so if u need any computer stuff can look for me ya...
so mei yun , u have to go for IT show also is it? my hubby also works at sim lim. I used to work there b4 i have kids too!

Ling & Sharon,
ya sure, will try my best to give discount k...
both of u have 5yo gal, so clever n hardworking n understanding, envy le..
my gal is only 10mth now, n my 5yo boy.. sigh...

ohh, so u ur hb work at the same shop last time?
like me n my hb lo, but i still 'stuck' here even after 2 kids.. haha..
i at 5th floor since 2003 le, we might know each other?
ya, i need to go show sometime, like the coming one at Suntec, it's kind of challenging but also tiring..
and both of us have 5yo boy, very different from ling & sharon gal hor...

All 3 of u got blog for kids ya, lazy me never put up le, only got FB,
if u all want to take a look at my kids, feel free to add me ya..

[email protected]