(2005/09) Sept 2005 Babies

sharon (gracemum) : saw at ur blog le. very nice leh!

Mei Yun : Yup , i used to work in the same company but different shop. we used to go work and home together.
now I work 9 - 6 on weekdays and hubby has to work all weekends and ph.

My hubby is on the 4th floor.
hehe my boy is 5 and gal is 3.

I working at suntec too for the show but pt. hehe very tiring.

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mei yun
Added u.
don worries boy also can do better, but need patience.

another thing! any of you kiddo is left handed
Sabrina is left handed, but when she came to do cutting, she has to use right .
meiyun, added u already.

Sharon, what is your email addy to add on FB?
btw, my girl seems alright using scissors...
Yen hui, ya I know her at Oct thread, then her daughter also attended BJG at bukit timah.

That good! can she cut a nice cicle shape. Sabrina still in praticing.
Hi, just came back from lunch.. u all must be thinking: "LUNCH!?"
ya, sad to said, my lunch is always ard 3-4pm, n dinner is ard 9-10pm..
this is the life for retail people..

Florence, tat's y u left retail right? to have more time for kids..
I m kind of obligated to stay here as it's my hb family business..

Just added all of u in my FB.. thx thx..
Florence, u n ur hb does look familiar wor, mayb we did bounce into each other ya?
like share the same lift, food court, rest room.. ..

Sharon, my son is right handed, but my hb is left hand for eating n right hand for writing.
he said he is actually left handed since young, but his mother force him to write with right hand,
yet let him continue eating with his left hand, i find it a bit strange also.

Correct me if i m wrong, Florence n Sharon stay at SK, Ling at CCK, n me at Hougang..
Florence work at Tj Pg, Ling at RP, me at Bugis, Sharon SAHM?

Maybe we can have dinner n shopping sometime since we all work ard town area?

But the earliest i can leave office is ard 7pm(+/-)..

Mei yun : I know ur hubby leh. if u ask if he know vincent i think he will remember. wahaha.

I work in rp , ling dont work in town anymore.

sharon (gracemum) : Keith is ok when using scissors wor.
hehe *shy* I am hitting the big 3 next year.
Florence, ya ya, just show ur photo to my hb, he recognize both of u, haha, wat a small world!
U all know each other since Funan time right?
Tat was very long ago liao lo.. I know my hb when my 1st job at Funan also back in 1998..
small small world. Your hubby's shop is AJVW ah? wahaha I know him when me and hubby working at Vortex. hehe in year 2000.
that is a long long time isnt it!

how old is ur girl? any no 3? hehe
Yes, it's AJVW, but now change name le, he kind of remember both of u r from Vortex also..

My gal is 10mth old now, no.3? would love to but see how things goes lo.. U?

Any of u on MSN? can add me?
will add u when i get home.
so now where are the kids?

hmmm ... dont dare to think yet , but hubby loves kids so he had been asking if we could stop at no 3 ... but I cannot imagine going thou all this sleepless night all over again!
haiz.. my ger got fever yesterday..
and she has a mini performance in school tomorrow.. She looking forward to tmr and now sick.. keep fingers crossed that she is better tonite...

How is everyone?
morning everyone!

Sharon : saw on ur blog u bought sabrina a box of beads. may i know where u bought them? wanna buy for my little gal!
Hi there, been busy last 2 days...
Any special plan for the weekend?

Ling, ur gal ok le ma? sincerely hope tat she can make it for the performance.
My baby gal just recover from fever last week also..

Florence, ur boy got asthma?
Sharon & Florence, understand tat both of u went for the Parent Volunteer meeting at Rivervale Primary the other day right?
How does it go?

Hmm, actually i dun really understand wat this 'parent volunteer' about le...
I have not yet start to look for pri school also.. Izit really necessary to start so early?
I stay Kovan, n heard Maris Stella is quite good, but the chance to go in is rather slim right?
The nearest pri school to my place is Holy Innocent, is this school good?
Do i need to check with the school now for vacancy?
Sorry, i really not so familiar with the system..
Appreciate if u all can give some advice ya..

Another things is have u all heard of 'I Can Read'?
Florence, is this the phonic class tat ur son attending now?
I went to their centre at Kovan today, the teacher give my son assessment and determine tat he can actually attend the advance (ICR) program.
But my hb comments tat their program doesn't involve writing, only reading, spelling, listening n comprehension.
The fee is ard $500 for 12 lesson, once every sunday(1.5hr).
I check at Moris Allen also, but find their program is quite similar with wat my son is doing now, n they charge $56 for each 2hr lesson.
I make enquiry at 'Tian Xia' chinese program also, they charge $280 for 10 lesson.

In the end, still wondering is all these necessary? Or i being 'kiasu'?? haha...

Pardon me for so long-winded with so many question.. paiseh...

p/s: i assume when u all read this shld be in the morning liao, so i 早安 everyone first since i always came in ard lunch time, haha...
meiyun, my ger is finally better only on sunday, after 4 days of up and down fever...
u noe, i went to the clinic on wed and the doctor says its HFMD.. which i don't tink so.. I spent $70 with all the medicine and antibodics.. So i went for 2nd opinion and this time, the PD confirms its not HFMD, its normal viral fever... Im going to ban the first clinic!!! -.- Overall spend so much for my ger's medical fees... Anyway, im just glad she is alright now

My ger is attending Tien Xia since 2.5 yo till now.. erm, the reason for enrolling her is that im lousy in teaching mandarin and wana expose her to mandarin environment...

Regarding parents volunteering.. Im oso contemplating and did enquire on this b4... but eventually nvr take up volunteering...
parents volunteering, i called a school to enquire.. they have to interview the parents first.. and even though u r chosen as a PV, it doesn't confirm u a space in the school. Cos if there are alot of PV, all the PV's will have to ballot for the space as well... -.-
Ling : for rivervale pri , chances for pv to get into the school are rather high and for 3 years balloting is only for ppl staying within 1km from school!
mei yun (9nes) : For maris Stella and holy innocents , i am not so sure but we are trying at rivervale pri and Saint Andrews.

You have to check with the school and they will do a briefing on the pv.

I heard of "I Can Read" but my son is learning his phonics with a mummy which is teaching from home.
$90 per month , more affordable. hehe

My son and daughter are with berries world which I see the interest for chinese in them increased.
with happy with the progess they have with both enrichment classes.
Sharon, Ling, Florence, thx a lot for the info, really appreciate it...

I have done some research, apparently i stay within 1km from HIPS n also realise tat it's quite a popular school.
For the last 4 years, HIPS balloted under phase 2C for those staying within 1km from 2006 to 2008, and for those staying 1-2 km in 2009.
So I would say it's quite borderline case whether I can be confirmed a seat in 2011.
Anyway, the PV is already closed now, just have to sit back and wish for the best.

Florence, i heard of St.Andrew also.
Others like Maris Stella n St.Gabriel, this 2 r very good school also but they r boy's school.
Have u ever consider boy's school?
Ling n Sharon, how about u all? Ever consider girl's school?
My hb prefer mixed school, but i wanted a good school, so dun mind boy's school also.
I may try St.Andrew also if i opt for mixed school in the end, just in case i can't get HIPS.
Btw, we can ballot for a few school right?

Ling, kid's medication fee is always killing price.
My son just cost me a whopping of $600 for his teeth!!
This is his 1st ever visit to dentist, n he have done 5 filling n 1 root canal treatment.
I m glad tat he is not afraid of dentist n the process.

Btw, Ling & Sharon, where do u work?
meiyun.. my ger is afraid of dentist.. brought her 3 times to date, but still not able to get her to do 1 filling -.- just have to let it rot... wah, your boy done so much?? did they put him to sleep while doing it??

Ya, and i spent $300 on her medical fees last week...

im working in jurong area..

As for what type of school... if i get a ger's school, i will have to start all over agn to find a school for my boy.. So, i may opt for mix school..
yes, I'm be a SAHM about 1 year already.. I love it.

Medical fee
Lucky Sabrina seldon fall sick, I did not spend money on that, 5 year about 3 times only..about $100 Just coughing. She is taking over mummy health.. Good

Mei yun-Dentist
Is ur son explain about the pain ? then u bring him to see dentist or just go for check up
I bring my son to see dentist bcos he complain pain, otherwise dun really come across my mind.. haha..

Florence, better bring him to see dentist b4 it's too late, like my son's case.

Ling, try to console ur ger to do the filling, if it's get worst will have to do root canal like my son.

The filling cost is ard $60-80, while the root canal treatment cost $180.
And my son is only doing half root canal, if full root canal will cost ard $350-$400, i m taking about per teeth.

No, they din put my son to sleep, my son is conscious thru out the process.
I m really glad tat he can tolerate the pain n discomfort when the dentist 'drill' his teeth.
For the root canal, it's almost 30mins while the filling is about 10mins.

Ya, the dentist check n said there is all these 'hole' need to fill.
She suggest it's better to do the filling now to prevent the teeth 'rot' further n need to do root canal.

The dentist is quite young n kids friendly, she will talk in 'kids' language to let the them understand the process.
My son had actually become so playful on subsequent visit tat i have to tell him to lie down properly n not to touch the equipment there.
morning mummies!

Any suggestion where to go this long weekend?

mine will be

1. Jalan Kayu Animal Resort
2. Hippo tour
3. Sentosa
Florence, i did consider to bring my son to polyclinic, but he is like crying for pain so tot of settle the particular teeth 1st..
Then since he is ok with the dentist n their appointment is quite fast so stick with it lo, and it's just 2 bus stop away..
Tat's y i tell my hb, 'conveniences cost $$$', convenient location convenient timing, not convenient (cheap) payment.. haha...

U know retail right.. where got long weekend, but we off on sunday so still can bring my son ard.
Thinking to go Ikea to get a high chair for my ger, at the same time look ard lo...

I m thinking to change kindy for my son..
He is at Zoo Phonics Serangoon now, the fee is $350 + $130 transport = $480 monthly.
I think they did teach my son well, if not he won't be consider as advance level at 'I CAN READ'.
And he is go at maths too, it's just chinese tat he is quite reluctant.

I have this plan, to put him in PAP outside my blk @ $145, 1pm-5pm.
Then enrol him in I CAN READ weekend class @ $500 for 12 lesson, TIAN XIA @ $280 for 10 lesson, CMA mental arithmetic @ $220 for 10 lesson.

I m thinking to let him have more exposure on different school, n focus learning in various subject.
I also see from the $$$ point, the $130 transport tat i m paying now is quite a waste where i can turn this to a enrichment class for my son.

My way of calculation is by month, the total amount of $$$ i spend on his education.
Current situation is fix $480 monthly, my new plan will cost ard $500 monthly, which is wat i cap at n i dun intend to exceed $500.

So now the question is which type of education environment will be better for him?
Which plan is more justified, worthwhile?
By staying at the existing kindy, i dun think i can fork out some more $$$ for enrichment class.
On the other hand will PAP standard not tat good?

Appreciate for some opinion from u all, as i m quite stuck is this dilemma now...

My hb said i like 没事找事烦,哈哈!
Ling - so upset !
Just bought some crayons and colour pencils for the kids online , then find out that it's more expensive than a shop selling the same thing at RAFFLES! :*( that I could buy off the shelf! can;t refund because there is a claus

"Once payment in, no cancellation & refunds . I reserve the right to cancel the BP. Only in the event BP is cancelled, I’ll refund all amt collected accordingly"

Ahhhh .... so unfair! :*(
Hey hey, i m still around..

Everyone so quiet last few days ya..

Btw i have withdraw my son from Zoo Phonics and enroll him to PCF and I CAN READ, so hopefully my decision is right..

Florence, u n ur hb going show nx wk? me n my hb going also but different booth, in fact different floor..

All of u always have activity for the kids during weekend, lazy me, always bring my son to the nearby shopping centre only, feel so guilty..
mei yun : yup going for it show. me and hubby also different booth. me at acer and he's the ic for fujitsu. hehe only gets to go suntec and come home together. wahaha

runninf out of ideas where to bring them. always the same places too. but they enjoy their art and craft time at home!
hehe, we can plan to meet and let the kids play together on weekends.
Aiyo... y so quiet ya???

Florence, i'll be at level 4 LG booth n my hb at level 6 DLINK booth, same as u, only gets to go suntec n come home together.. HUAT AH!! haha..

Ya, we sure can plan to meet sometime, make it happen k..
hey ling, sorry for late reply ya, down with heavy flu for a few day liao..

Yes, i withdraw my son from Zoo phonic n register him for I CAN READ which start Sunday, $500 for 3mth/12 lesson.

The PCF registration will open on 28th June, the school fee is $140 monthly.

Both ur kids is at TIAN XIA right? izit good? will most likely register my son also as it's just next to I CAN READ.

But hb comments by right Sunday is family day yet my son need to go classes..
Hi ladies, interested to join back this thread?

As i do not have any frens which have the same age kids as my son, so would like to continue chit-chatting here instead of FB.

If i remember correctly sharon n florence PV for the same school right?
So both of u r registering P2B nx wk?

Stella, how abt u?

I sold my HDB @ Hougang in March n is moving to paya lebar nx wk.
I m still a bit indecisive of which school to register for my son.

I m within 1km of Kong Hwa, 1-2km of Maha Bodhi n Geylang Methodist n Tanjong Katong Primary.
As we r PR so we only have 1 balloting chance.
Here is my analysis of the chances to get in the school base on balloting history.

1. Maha Bodhi - 0%
2. Kong Hwa - 40%
3. Geylang Methodist - 70%
4. Tanjong Katong - 90%

I really hope to get into Kong Hwa as it's very near my place and it's a very good school.
But m thinking izit wise to take a risk as they always ballot within 1km n i only have 1 chance.

Geylang Methodist always ballot for 1-2km also, but chances maybe higher judging from the balloting history.
I am keen in this school bcos there is affiliated Sec school and JC.
But it's a Christianity school while my family is not christian, do I need to concern abt this part?

Tanjong Katong seldom have ballot for 1-2km, so this is a rather safe choice. After all this is a good school also right?

I m in a dilemma now, would appreciate any advice.
Thank in advance.
mei yun..
hihi.. I also sold my flat.. will moving to Bishan.. I 'm going to reg my girl at CHIJ Toa Payoh.. next monday 18 Jul......
U can try it out(trying ur luck) reg Kong Hwa on the 2C then monitor on the situation .. see how bad is the situation lo..
Sharon, so coincidence we sold our flat and moving to a new area...
When r u moving? u reg ur ger under P2B right, which category u fall under?
According to their balloting history last yr, even P2B need to ballot also hor...

I think i'll do this way, monitor the no. of applicant in P2C within 1km for Kong Hwa first.
If the the applicant outrun the vacancy by 30%, i'll drop this school and register at Tanjong Katong straight away. Safer this way.

Sigh... stress stress stress...
Both sharon n florence r going under P2B ya, hope there is no need for balloting, good luck!!

I just find out tat Tanjong Katong Pri is 1 class lesser so there is a possibilities to ballot for P2C 1-2km..

Actually i have give up Kong Hwa n Geylang Methodist as really dun wan to take the chance to ballot since i only got 1 ticket..
But now seem like my safe choice Tanjong Katong may also need to ballot, dun know how liao...

Hmm, just to vent a bit...
Been reading the KSP P1 reg thread n evrybody is talking abt too much PR children taken away the places in popular school n is unfair to them as 'genuine' citizen..
This is another reason i give up the above 2 popular school as i dun want my son to feel rejected or 'look down' by others..
We all r parent n we want the best for our kids, i couldn't choose where i came from but i certainly want to choose a good environment for my child..
I want my kids to be with me all the time n not like some of my fren work here n left the kids back at M'sia..