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  1. P

    Recommended Confinement Nanny - Amy Ling

    Hi all, I'd like to share my experience with a confinement nanny that helped us out earlier this year. We had a great experience with her and I would love for her to find some great employers. I'm based in the US and was back in Singapore to visit family with my 12 week old infant. My husband...
  2. K

    Looking for Confinement Lady for Perth location

    Hi, I am looking for confinement lady who is in Perth or willing to travel to Perth, Australia. EDT is 28 Feb - 5 Mar 2024. Anyone know or can give info is much appreciated. Thank you
  3. S

    Blessing from God as first time parents

    Hi all! I have just completed my amazing1.5 months of confinement with Aunty Sally Liaw. She has definitely made confinement a lot easier than expected. She is a mixture of modern and traditional which fits to the younger generation mommies imo. As a FTM, she has guided me on what are the...
  4. A

    Recommendation for Confinement Nanny 2023 / 2024

    Hi all, I am a first time mom with a baby boy. If you are seeking a skilled and experienced confinement nanny, I would like to recommend Nanny Evon.~ I found her through online forum & would like to share with other mummies. We feel incredibly blessed to have had her by our side, and we are...
  5. sitiiii:)

    want to recommend Teoh Sim Meing!!

    hi, i made this account because i so happy to have sim meing as my confinement nanny. she did a good job and she took care of not only my baby but me as well. i found this agency called nannymoon and initially i was quite skeptical because not that many reviews on google, but the sales person...
  6. B

    Recommended CN- Hor Yoke Chen

    CN Recommendation- Confinement Nanny Hor Yoke Chen I finished my month long confinement with Nanny Chen (清姐) and would definitely recommend her. Like many first time mums, I was initially cautious of engaging a freelance CN but it turned out to be a huge blessing. Will summarize the main...
  7. J

    Would not recommend this agency

    I am a 2022 mother and hired baby whisperer as my agency for CL. I did see some mixed reviews but it’s been a while so I thought should be fine. But the agent n agency has been unprofessional and questionable work ethics. It was stressful and disappointing dealing with them. Doing my part to...
  8. N

    Highly recommended Confinement nanny

    Auntie is my lucky find on a forum I googled. Every mealtime is a wow moment because she comes up with many interesting dishes so I won't get bored with eating the same thing everyday. I've also noticed that she continues to learn new dishes whenever she has some downtime. What I like about her...
  9. T

    Confinement Nanny Available Immediately

    Hi all I have a really good confinement nanny that has been with me for close to 2 years. She is like a family to us but unfortunately we have to let her go due to personal reasons and my baby is already coming to 2 years old. She is really good with babies and can cook really well. She has...
  10. N

    My confinement nanny is close to perfection! I'm so lucky!

    28days of confinement is finally over. I'm grateful for the help I've received from my nanny, Aunty May during this period of anxiety. Aunty May has been of such great help to me, my baby and my family. She is experienced, caring and easy-going with our requests. Importantly, she loves babies...
  11. M

    Confinement Nanny Highly Recommended

    Hi Everyone, I would like to highly recommend my confinement nanny Janet Foo from Ipoh, Malaysia. She’s been with me for two months and happy to say she’s a real gem. I needed to go back to work shortly after birth and it’s thanks to her taking such good care of my baby girl that I feel at ease...
  12. A

    Mother & Baby Confinement Care Service

    Hello! I will be posting on behalf on my mum, who would like to offer her confinement services to new mummies and their newborns. My mum is an experienced CL with over 10 years of experience working in both Hong Kong and Singapore. She can help mummies with post-natal care, caring for...
  13. B

    Confinement nanny for twins in Dec 2021

    Hello, does anyone have any confinement nanny recommendations for twins in Dec 2021? Please let me know! Thank you :)
  14. C

    Confinement Nanny Strongly Recommended

    Hello there everyone! I would like to strongly recommend Aunty Li Ping (+60 19-477 8992) for any Moms looking for a confinement nanny. Aunty Li Ping is a highly dependable and a very positive presence around the house. As a first time mom, I was quite blue after returning from the hospital and...
  15. A

    Confinement Nanny review. Bad experience

    Hi everyone, I have a very bad experience with this confinement nanny called Janet Foo (Ipoh). Her number is +60 12 593 0298. Im a FTM and its my first time engaging a confinement nanny. The one im suppose to engaged was stuck in malaysia. Hope my review helps if you are engaging her and be...
  16. A

    Confinement nanny review, horrific experience

    Hi everyone, I have a very bad experience with this confinement nanny called Janet Foo (Ipoh). Her number is +60 12 593 0298. Im a FTM and its my first time engaging a confinement nanny. The one im suppose to engaged was stuck in malaysia. Hope my review helps if you are engaging her and be...
  17. M

    Confinement Nanny Recommendation - Janet Foo

    To start off, I have to say that my confinement nanny - Janet Foo is a star. I still remember the day when I came back from the hospital with my baby boy. It was Aunty Janet's first day at our house, she immediately got into action by attending to my baby's needs, preparing herbal bath water for...
  18. Y

    Reliable Confinement Lady from Malaysia

    Hi. If you are looking for a responsible confinement lady, please contact my mum, Serene at +60167886596. Once confirmed, we won't simply cancel the booking. Currently she is available for Oct 2019 and year 2020 onwards.
  19. P

    Good confinement nanny

    I would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Aunty Lily. She is good at taking care of both the baby and the mother. 1. Baby She has many experienced of taking care of baby and children. She knows how to massage baby. She manage to make baby sleep at night which I fail on the first night...
  20. mei.ling

    Aunty 阿珍 - BAD confinement lady

    Everyone please beware of this aunty 阿珍,long story short, I nearly had depression because of her. 1) She leaves the pork meat in the fridge for over 4 days! Is it normal?? My family only defrost meat we know we'd use the next day. 2) Super skimpy with ingredients. Not like she's paying for the...