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    Advice on Myanmar Maid

    My key question is why bother to keep the maid if she have problems, issues on attitude, slow, not willing to learn etc? Wont it be easier to just send them back to the agency, (in fact the earlier, the better) and seek alternatives?
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    (2019/05/29) Factory Price - Windows/ Grilles/ Gates/ Repairs

    Hi Can quote me for toilet bi-fold door?
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    Anybody order baby diapers from online?

    I bought from Nepia online. Very efficient and prompt service. However, pricing is slghtly for M and L compare to NTUC when they are on discount.
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    PD Edmund KOH at Tiong Bahru

    Hi hi Is he good???
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    A good stroller

    I have also bought the capella S705. Think tt its a good deal. More stable.
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    Advice need..maid or childcare?

    Same here. Tts why I am choosing a bb sitter over a maid. But its understandable tt sometimes, maid might be a cheaper option esp, if u have 2 kids.
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    Advise for Post Natal Massage

    I got a chinese lady for my massage. She was recommended by my gynae. She's called Eve Zhang.
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    Advice on Washer: Top or front load? Brand?

    I amusing a front load as well.
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    1 bedder at gleneagles: how much did u pay?

    Just to share, my all in total bill came up to $5,1k, excluding gynae charge. I had a natural birth with epidural. Is tt expensive>
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    2 month old BM baby - feed, sleep, play

    I let my bb wear mittens because I scare tt she wld scratch her face. Her nails are pretty sharp. Guess I wld not be taking them off so soon.
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    Advice on Baby's Kingdom VS Baby's Hyperstore

    Yup. I agree. I got my bb cot cum bb sarong from them. The folks over at bb hypermart were most helpful to me.
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    Overnight rate for nanny

    Currently a stay in nanny wld cost u around $1300-1500 (veri expensive) most of them are from m'sia.
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    A proud father *

    Hi daddies, great blog!
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    0-12 month baby swimming

    I am also thinking of bringing my gal to the pool. Are there any special classes conduted for bb?