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WHAT To Eat & Not Eat When Pregnant?

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by love_manicure, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. love_manicure

    love_manicure Member

    what to eat when pregnant? and what not to eat?

  2. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    No raw food... No seashells, e.g. cookles, mussels. Scared later food poisoning.

    No barley, qing chao, radish and carrots. Too "cooling".

    Avoid water chesnuts and watermelons and "big" bananas. This one, my MIL and M warned me about one.

    Most of the meat stuff eat unless fully cooked. [​IMG]

    Also, must eat fish or things containing omega-3. Heard that it is good for developing of baby's brain.

    Also during first 3 months of pregnancy, must take folic acid.

    As for me, I don't take milk. My gynae instructed me to take calcium pills, hb found that drinking soya bean milk helps oso and has been taking it for every morning.

    Eat veggies and fruits frequently.

    For me, I drink Yogurt-like drinks as well to avoid constipation and "zi chang".

    Drink lots and lots of water to avoid urine tract infection.
  3. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

  4. love_manicure

    love_manicure Member

    what is 'zi chang'?

    By the way, cannot eat carrot ma?
    I thought doctor said very good ?
  5. love_manicure

    love_manicure Member

    How many child u have? (&)
  6. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    Cannot eat too much Vit A. This was also what I read.. Carrot has lots of Vitamin A. I will try to find that article .. saw it somewhere.

    Zi chang is piles. Also read that sitting in toilet bowl too frequent becoz of constipation will result pressure on the ass area, thus got piles. Very painful one. cannot sit or stand properly depending on where the piles grow. A few female friends that i know of, have it..

    So am scared of getting it as well.

    This is my first baby. I have been doing lots of reading... to prepare myself and the baby.


    Do share if anything else i need to take note.
  7. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

  8. love_manicure

    love_manicure Member

    Evon, Thanks for the info..
    I don't know what kind of hot drinks I can drink during pregnancy, as can't drink coffee & Tea, Milo & Cold Drinks, Do you take Hot drinks?

    by the way, how many months are you in now?
    Whose your gynae?
  9. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi love_manicure,

    I didn't drink any cold drinks during my pregnancy. Canned drinks are not good for health, so I avoided it, including ice cream. I drank a cup of coffee every morning during my 2 pregnancies. Occasionally, I drank Milo.

    Do try to stay away from cooling food/drinks like grass jelly, green tea, coconut.
  10. love_manicure

    love_manicure Member

    Hi Janet

    But my gynae said must not drink coffee or tea, so don't dare to drink it. And don't dare drink cold drinks also.. Everyday drinking plain water ...
  11. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi love_manicure,

    It's good you can avoid cold drinks. Not much nutritional value anyway. Whatever you eat now, the baby inside is also eating. So take care of your diet. No need to eat lots of tonics but well balanced home cooked meals good enough.
  12. ordinary75

    ordinary75 New Member

    hi ladies,

    I noticed some of you avoid Milo. Why is it so? I have been drinking milo since I try to reduce on caffeine intake.

    pls advise....
  13. hong

    hong Active Member

    i also wondering why cannot take milo? Cos it is sweet?

    I wonder why we cant take so many food.
    I dun think barley is too cooling, china barley is cooling. Normal small barley is ok.

    Radish is cooling but the method of cooking will neturalise it so it is not necessary a very cooling food.

    Fish is the best food all preggie shld take. Take deep fish like salmon, tuna, cod fish which is high in DHA.

    Preggie must also take note that not all fish oil is suitable to be consumed. Rbr to buy fish oil that is more suitable for u. Best is to get it from gynae clinic.
  14. tinklebell

    tinklebell Active Member

    i also take milo. not sure why cannot take.

    i know cannot take too much ginseng. i read an article that ginseng may cause birth defects.

    but i take like 2 slices of papaya a day bec i have constipation. a lot of postings that say cannot. i cannot eat green veg now bec it makes me nausea. i need the papayas to help my bowels.
  15. seabreeze

    seabreeze New Member

    think milo is okie lar ... in fact during my confinement i drink lots of milo and seem like milo keep in the milk production oso ...

    so i dun see why during confinement can drink and during preg cant ... btw gave birth in sept ... come here Kpo only heehee
  16. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    I drank coffee everyday during my pregnancy. I also took milo and cold drinks (cold drinks especially on my last trimester, everyday must drink 1 can!) :p

    My gynae said reduce caffine, not dun take leh. Best lah if you can dun take. Just not more than 3 cups of coffee or 6 cups of tea per day will do.

    tinklebell, ha me also take papaya everyday on my last trimester [​IMG]
  17. justen_mom

    justen_mom New Member

    Milo is due to caffine as Milo is Chocolate so got caffine lor... The few stuffs that I don't eat during Pregnancy are, the branded Banana, Mutton and grass jelly drink.

    BTW I can't resist pineapple and cold ice lemon tea. But is good not to eat if you can "Ren". If eat also don't eat too much. A little bit should be ok.

    The only thing that I regret from eating is Durian as it make my BB grow end up I need to go for C-Section. But if Gynea say your BB small Durian might help.
  18. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi pregnant mums, durian contains iron. I developed an interest in it at one point but stopped after eating once as I felt unwell.

    Like Poko mentioned, no mutton, chinese tea (too cooling), chin chao, Del Monte bananas. As for coffee, I still drank 1 cup every morning. Other than that, I drank Milo occasionally.

    I ate papaya and drank prune juice to go poo poo.
  19. kikynss

    kikynss New Member

    just to add,
    Just dun eat those wierd things like turtle, frogs etc..
    I do drink coffee everyday,sometimes milo, I dun drink milk at all but substitude it with 5 grains, oatmilk and soyamilk.
    Can't take aloe vera coz cooling, but I do take radish leh, dun think it's cooling. Take alot of different types of fruits, no pineapples,watermelon,del monte bananas,oranges,papaya(above 2 cause phelgm to bb) grass jelly drink, coconut drink till last weeks of pregnancy
  20. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    One more thing to add, NO taking chinese herbal medicine as some contains mercury.
  21. pearlein

    pearlein Member

    hiehie, im new here n i recently know that im pregnant! ;) this is my first baby and im quite inexperienced in things, although trying to read more things now.
    if there are any advice, please share with me. thankzzz..
  22. kikynss

    kikynss New Member

    I took alot of chinese herbal drink, even thirteen tonic herb soup( "an tai yao") every mth after the 4th month pregnancy till birth. Even my gynae asked me whether I drink any tonic herbs anot. Its really build up my body for child birth and I would say myy bb is quite strong and healthy, he's 3 mths old now
  23. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    Like Janet I also don't take any Chinese herbal medicine during my pregnancy. Not even bird nest, because there was once I got terrible allergies after drinking my mother's bird nest soup. I think drinking 1 - 2 glasses of fresh milk everyday is good enough.

    I heard that drinking coffee may cause your baby to have darker skin. So when I was carrying my girl, I stop drinking coffee totally. My little girl has a very fair and rosy complexion. When carrying my boy, I thought boys don't need to be so fair, so I drink coffee 2 - 3 times a week. It turns out that my boy has darker skin.

    There is no need to cut out caffeine totally. Coffee, tea, milo once a day is OK. Avoid tuna and shark's fin because of their high mercury content. Eat lots of green vegetables because it is easy to develop constipation during pregnancy.
  24. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Tamarind, I didn't eat birds nest. Just lots of home-cooked meals. That is the best for the baby.

    I still drank a cup of coffee every morning. Just need that to kick-start my day. Except for the no-no foods, I guess everything else is about moderation.
  25. hong

    hong Active Member

    I never like coffee so i dun drink befpre and during preggie but my daughter still so dark leh...

    I still take tuna cos i dun belive the mercury level will be that high enough to bring harm to us.

    I heard "shi san tai bao" is a very gd an tai chinese herbal soup.
  26. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    Old wives tale lah. But I would rather be safe than sorry [​IMG]
  27. bearybear

    bearybear New Member

    Hi all,
    For me, i took a fair bit of bird's nest in my 1st prenancy. Abt twice a week after 4th or 5th mth i forgot liao. My son came out very fair. Till today, he's still so fair :p

    I'm a coffee lover but during pregnancy, i didn't dare to drink much, only abt once a week. 1st tri, i stayed away from coffee. For tis 2nd pregnancy, i drank coffee a few times liao. Actually it's not so much of fair skin or dark skin dat i'm worried abt, but heard dat caffeine can cause small to date bbies, etc etc...
  28. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Tamarind, same here. My gynae has already told me to abstain from chinese herbal stuff.

    Bearybear, I couldn't drink coffee in the first trimester because the taste and smell was unbearable. After that period, it was back to coffee once a day. Can't do without it.
  29. yun76

    yun76 New Member


    heard frm my ex colleague, she drink lots milo that y both her kids when born have lots of hair. So she had been encouraged me to drink milo.
  30. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Hazel, that's something new.
  31. motherof

    motherof New Member

    huh... drink milo will have lot of hairs. [​IMG]
  32. lavengal

    lavengal Member

    Hi Janet, same here. I am a coffee lover but somehow could not bear the smell of coffee during my pregnancy. Turned to tea instead (teh-c to be precise).. but after giving birth, i'm back to drinking coffee again.

    Hi baby, I had craving for iced milo during pregnancy and drank a cup almost everyday. My girl not hairy leh...[​IMG]
  33. yun76

    yun76 New Member

    haha.. or must it be hot milo?? as she don't drink cold.
  34. cutecute

    cutecute Member

    Can anyone advise me whether can eat lamb during pregnancy? Thanks.
  35. mumbb

    mumbb New Member

    hi cutecute,

    i eat lamb during my pregnancy. No worries.
  36. mayteo

    mayteo New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Just to share. During my pregnancy I eat practically everything except del monte banana, grass jelly drink, lamb, stingray, frog leg, turtle. Almost everyday I had home-cooked food and 5 regular meals per day. Always had fruits or fruit juice during lunch and dinner. I didn't really take much chinese herbs only during 1st trimester.

    Avoid caffeine if possible if not your baby will give you sleepless night.

    Whats important is to have regular meals and balanced diet. Always remember to take your vitamins.

    My baby is 11months now, so far no problem. Me had C-section also cos she's big/chubby and I'm petite. She was 3.9kg at birth. [​IMG]
  37. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi mayteo,

    Your girl weighed 3.9kg at birth ??? Wow ! Looks like you really ate well and nutritious food. Glad we shared the same mentality that balanced home-cooked diets are the best.
  38. cutecute

    cutecute Member

    Hi Mumbb & MGTeo
    Thanks for the reply.

    Hi MGTeo
    Wow.. so good... have very good diet every day!
    Me not a good diet cos I eat out every weekday due to stay late to work.
    Yes, home-cooked food are the best. I always make it a point to cook for my family during weekends.
  39. mayteo

    mayteo New Member

    Hi janet lee & cute cute

    Hee hee... I was also shocked when Dr told me her weight. Me not working during pregnancy so everyday morning go my mum house cos mum is a housewife thats why got home-cooked food to eat. If not I'll do the cooking.

    Bottom line is eat everything moderately and eat a widespread of food. Baby normal and healthy.
  40. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi MGTEO,

    I guess your girl must be a tough litte one since she is taking good food. Just avoid what is not advisable to eat during pregnancy and for the rest eat in moderation. That's the best.
    Did you deliver her naturally or C-section since she is big ?
  41. fanphui

    fanphui New Member

    Hi MGTeo, what is Del Monte banana? wht abt those normal banana tat sell in ntuc, can eat?
  42. mayteo

    mayteo New Member

    Hi Janet lee,

    Ya lor agree with you. I had C-section. I had induction at full term 40 weeks. Dr didn't know that she's big until when I was in labour for 8 hrs with the help of epidural, Dr decided to do emergency caesarean cos her head is not deeply engaged. When I knew it, without second thoughts I opted epidural for my C-section cos I want to catch the first eye of my girl.

    Hi Fan,

    Normally those bananas in ntuc are del monte banana. They r much longer than other bananas so avoid eating. If not sure can always ask the staff/aunty they will know one.
  43. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    MG Teo,

    It must have been a tough and painful labour since she couldn't come naturally. Last min, the gynae told you must do emergency C-section must be scary for you then. Anyway, it was a good experience and memorable one.

    During my pregnancy, I had constipation too. Ate papaya, drank prune juice and banana to relieve the problem. The bananas which pregnant women and children can eat are sold at fruit stalls usually. It is the small type of bananas which are not cooling.
  44. fanphui

    fanphui New Member

    MGTeo & Janet, now i know wht is del monte, thk alot for yr advice.
  45. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Fan,

    You are most welcome.
  46. mayteo

    mayteo New Member

    Hi Janet Lee,

    It was tough but no labour pain cos of epidural. Haha... When Dr told me to go for C-section I was only 6cm dilated but donno why I was not afraid, maybe very eager to see her. It was indeed a memorable one.

    No mention.
  47. ningyo

    ningyo Member


    juz wondering, is it ok to eat those bee hoon fish soup with chinese wine?
  48. ningyo

    ningyo Member

    Also how abt pizza? is the cheese used for pizza soft cheese?
  49. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    I ate a lot of pizza when I was pregnant, no problem at all. The cheese is mozarella, which is heated to a very high heat on the pizza so should kill all germs.

    I think a little bit if Chinese cooking wine is OK. But I myself avoids anything that contains wine.
  50. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member


    I ate Kraft cheese during my pregnancy. Not a lot though, as I couldn't tolerate the smell of dairy food.

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