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Hi experienced mothers,

My wife had just conceived and though we have not seen the gynae, we estimate that she is currently 5-6 weeks.
I have many questions but ill just ask some here, in hopes that someone has the same experience and is able to clarify.

1) Wife is feeling hungry, but at the same time, always have no appetite, she does not eat much throughout the day, just try to eat whatever she can, is this normal? Does she need to replenish with other food like fruits for the nutrients?

2) Wife previously had episodes of Hyperthyroidism / graves disease, but have since toned down and doctors mentioned months ago it was okay to conceive, just need to change the medication to PTU. However, during her recent checkup, which was also unfortunately the time she conceived, her readings exceeded, but is still very very close to the upper limit. Are there any complications with graves disease and pregnancy? Are there things that she should / should not do or eat ?

3) Any other nutrients/food that wife should take apart from Folic acid given by doctor?

Thanks all
I have hyperthyroidism too. I have been on PTU for the past few yrs as I am prepping to conceive.

during pregnancy the reading will always goes a bit out of the range but doc will tell you which is the acceptable range. do check with your doc. Also increase the frequency of the blood test.

at 5-6 weeks folic acid is enough. Once you hit 2nd trimester doc will give you multivit, calcium and fish oil. Again check with your doc on this.

you can buy her maternal milk if she can’t down any food.