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Support group - Miscarriages

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by linda, May 18, 2003.

  1. lady081980

    lady081980 Member

    hi you can make appointment with NUH Recurrent unit, Prof Mahesh Choolani. But heard that need to wait for months.
  2. Na-na

    Na-na New Member

    Through nuh under prof mahesh. Get referral letter from poly and go thru blood test at nuh. Is cheaper but must wait
  3. pingabell

    pingabell New Member

    Its been over a year before I logged into this forum. Last year jan I suffered a silent miscarriage. After 6 months post dnc I decided to visit tcm to tiao my body since we aint conceiving. We saw doc zou at amk but somewhat I don't think she is that focused. Subsequently, we called Dr tan siew boey thanks for forum recommendations. I had a 4 months wait but was brought forward the waitlist. Visited her for 2 months and conceived. The fears of losing this baby still persisted in me thus I only join the mummys facebook group post 1st trimester.
  4. queenie122009

    queenie122009 Active Member

    Hi, sisters,
    Being a month since I miscarried @ week 8. I am a ivf patient & have several episodes of non-implantation (despite v well graded cells). During the recent miscarriage, the scans showed massive blood pockets inside the womb til the day when gynae said "no more heartbeat"..
    I was sent on a "miscarriage profile" blood tests hoping to check y the massive blood issues.. I tried to google on this blood test but couldn't find much info.
    Can any sisters who did such tests, provide some info. on the results of the tests & wat it would mean?

    Juz like some of u, I m trying to find some answers (if they ever exist)..

    Also, would like to ask, for those who got preggy aft MC, how do u overcome the great fear of losing baby again? I m so fearful now tt I don't dare to move any step now..

    Thank you so much for hearing me out..
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  5. Puffie

    Puffie New Member

    My MC was in Feb 2017 and really hated it, no woman should go thru this. But well, got to move on. I did my mini confinement for one week.

    Currently my cocktail is
    1. Morning: Chinese Med powder from Phy Su Chen Lin (Fu Nan TCM @ Bt Batok)
    2. Noon: 2 fish oil, 1 multivit, 1 folic acid
    3. Night: Chinese Med powder, with a cap of DOM

    I visited Dr Zou Yumin earlier too. Same as you, I felt she wasn't as good as what forum claimed and dont seem professional. So thinking of sharing here so forumers won't waste time and money.

    So far, haven't try for baby yet.. maybe waiting for a few mths more when Dr Su gives green light.

    Jiayou all!
  6. dolly_gal

    dolly_gal Well-Known Member

    great that tsb medication works for u, have faith in ur beanie now. i had mc before n i do feel u being paranoid . i was like u last pregnancy till i hold my gal in my hands then i know its real but thru out the weeks/months i live in fear especially in between i lost a twin but i keep telling myself to have faith w the surviving beanie. always believe that u will hold ur rainbow baby one day so try to relax n tik positive ...
  7. dolly_gal

    dolly_gal Well-Known Member

    watever it is, we have to move on from the MC, cos from my experience previously i m sad so does my hub just tat he doesn't show it. took me more than 6-10 mths to pick up myself n start trying again . once i got bfp again , i live thru fear n paranoid daily but i keep telling myself tat i need to have faith in my beanie inside me so that everything will be smooth. it was exactly wat i thot of cos i lost a twin at wk 8 then comes oscar test result borderline till i did harmony test to get the result back at wk18 to know everything is low risk then i finally put in all my effort into my surviving beanie . she is now 28mths old now, our rainbow bb..
  8. twinsy

    twinsy Member

    i feel you..i had a hetrotopic pregnancy (1 inside & 1 outside the F tube) long story short..in the end i had 1 to remove 1 tube as it was ruptured. that was my first pregnancy after trying for 2 years. i had to go thru a D&C AND a emergency surgery to remove the ruptured tube as it can be life threatening.

    i was lucky and i strike my first IVF. during the first 10 weeks was a nightmare too as i had spotting and i am at A&E every single week. i tot i was going to lose this beanie too and every week to the gynae just send my heartbeat going faster. as i lose my first due to no heartbeat at week 7. 1 week you hear the heartbeat and next week u dont hear it anymore.

    i think you have to relax and keep an open mind..stress wont do you any good. when you are ready (physically & mentally), you should try again. always talk to your beanie..ask beanie to stick to you. things will get better in 2nd tri and you will get to relax and enjoy the pregnancy.

  9. hopeful_mum

    hopeful_mum Well-Known Member

    Hey I was under high risk with nuh. After 4 Mc I successfully delivered a baby. By taking aspirin, injections and even having steroids. She's 28mths now. They are very specialised. Have faith. I did seek 2nd opinion but still went back to them. Dr choolani is also one of the consultants there. U can even engage dr biswas. He's extremely good. Out of so many I decided to use dr Anita cox some better older and popular drs didn't give me the assurance I wanted. I was on subsidy and they treated me like any other pte patients. Only converted to pte on the day I deliver so I can get dr Anita to deliver for me :)

    After my 1st child I had 2 more mc trying for #2. Still to giving up hopes yet.
  10. Give a hope

    Give a hope Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I was thinking why like see people pregnant like very easy and smooth...for ours who have MC b4 especially recurrent MC really frighten us...really fingers crossed for miracle baby jiayou all
  11. dolly_gal

    dolly_gal Well-Known Member

    Yes ladies please do not give up. I know hopeful mum cos our number 1 are same edd, I knew how much jabs n visit she went thru w nuh dr n now our little ones are 28 Mths old.
    N her subsequent losses recently, I hope to see her having another successful one soonest w the help of nuh high risk dr.
    So ladies please please have faith in urself u will soon see ur rainbow bb like us..
  12. helioadele

    helioadele Member

    Hihi just browsing and come across to this thread, i ve been reading n comment in another recurrent MC thread.

    I had 3MC before with no HB n growth at early stages, seeing proff mahesh at nuh n give a sign to try again on my current test result giving by gynae there. I can do further more test if i want but He also said i can try again with current condition hence we are going to give a try.

    Just wanna ask is it alright for me to just drink dom/yumeishu every night as heard can help to warm the womb. Proff did give me some supplements to take plus aspirin too. Just wanna make sure that it is oke to mix the dom w my current supplement that im taking.

    And please this year will be a good year for all of us who had lost our little angels there. Sticky baby dust to all of us
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  13. 2angels2016

    2angels2016 New Member

    Hi helioadele,
    I am sorry for your losses. I had 2 recent mc too and it does get me down at random times.
    I do not take dom or yomeishu as I have endometriosis and the danggui in them is bad for this condition. If you have no underlying issues I think it should be fine.

    I do see a tcm for meds and acupuncture as I also struggle with infertility. I hope it helps w recurrent mc too.
  14. hopeful_mum

    hopeful_mum Well-Known Member

    i personally think it's alcohol afterall. so best to separate with the aspirin you are taking. i know the qty is not high, but if u are pregnant will u still be taking? Coz i know the alcohol content is not low too.

    in fact, my last successful pregnancy as i have to take predinosolone which is kind of steriods to keep the baby, i stopped taking all TCM. even tcm also scared, because they dont exactly know what are the chinese herbs chemicals that may potentially clash with the western meds.

    this is just my 2 cents worth.
  15. finesse9702

    finesse9702 Active Member

    Hi 2angels2016, I had 2 recent losses too, so I know how you feel. Praying and hoping that there is hope again for all of us here. Which TCM are u seeing? I used to see a general TCM, but I've just switched to a fertility one called Dr Zou, and another one called Dr Loh at Thong Chai.
  16. 2angels2016

    2angels2016 New Member

    Hi finesse9702,
    Thanks and hope we will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.
    I'm see Dr Zou at amk, is that the same one you are seeing? Actually I have been seeing her since 2011, and I believe that she and my gynae played a big part in me successfully having no 1. After that I stopped acupuncture and only took period meds. Ttc no 2 with no success for 1.5y till I restarted acu, but mc twice. I'm still sticking with her but did wonder if she is better in infertility than managing mc.
  17. finesse9702

    finesse9702 Active Member

    Yea that is the Dr Zou from AMK. I'm only seeing her for acupuncture actually, and I just started this week. The one I'm seeing at Thong Chai, Dr Loh Kim Gek, is much more detailed and she prescribes customised brewed herbs. I've heard that brewed herbs are more effective, so decided to give it a try. And since she customises her prescription, it's worth a try. If you're interested to know more, PM me? :)
  18. kk82

    kk82 Active Member

    Dang gui is bad for endo? Do you know if chicken essence with dang gui is ok?
  19. 2angels2016

    2angels2016 New Member

    I avoid danggui except during confinement. It is supposed to bu xue, so if you have have cysts or endometrial implants elsewhere it will also help it to grow.
    I don't take the chicken essence with danggui, only take the one with red date and wolfberries. I think maybe take once in a while is ok, but I didn't want to take the risk.

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