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Support group - Miscarriages

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by linda, May 18, 2003.

  1. linda

    linda New Member

    Hi there!
    It was only in US forums tt I was able to see such support groups. It help to answer some if not all my questions and after that I realise a lot of people are needing advise and help too. Please share your experiences with us and for those TTC after a loss, please also join us.

  2. linda

    linda New Member

    Abt myself

    Had d&c done on 30 April. Reason was i started to bleed on 29th and gynae saw tt the foetus shrunk in size then. Was told to try again after 2 full cycles. Game to try sooner. [​IMG]

    Found a cyst in left fallopian tube. Doc says normal in pregnant ladies. Will disappear by itself. Anyone with comments????

    However, recently, I discovered something called 'natural miscarriage' meaning not to interfere with the body's process in shedding all the pregnancy tissues ie like d&c. I feel somehow cheated! Anything natural shld be better than having to scrap your womb right???
  3. rainbow

    rainbow New Member

    Hi Linda
    I had a chemical miscarriage recently [​IMG]
    bt i had a v terrible experience before that
    I went to a gynae immediately i realise i am pregnant, however the ist visit i already v despair becos the gynae could nt see the sac or dot so i was told to do blood test & also come bk to scan again
    another wk went by, same thing happen nothing could be seen n took blood test again
    after that wk, suddenly my menses came I knew its nt right so rushed to gynae again
    he said its a chemical pregancy & scheduled me to go for a D&C the next day bt before that he checked my hormone level by blood test again, he said if the hormone level increased tremendously & he still couldn't see the sac, a D&C have to be done, so i was v v worried bt luckily in the evening he called to say my hormone level has dropped till v low so no need to do d&C just let if flows out as menses

    so nw i has this phobia to have baby cos all along I couldn't detect the sac so nt sure if its etopic pregnancy

    yup if the doc says the cyst is nt growing too big its best nt to operate it, cos i have a close friend who had her cysts taken away as it is too big bt one yr later she went bk to scan & she found another cyst & operate again & she was told there's no guarantee cysts won't reoccur
    so if its not necessary better dun go for op

    i read before D&C may weaken the womb
    so try to build up yr womb ist before the next
  4. mae

    mae New Member

    hi all, I discovered my pregnancy on 8 Feb, ard 5+ wks. I had spotting on nite of 17 Feb and my D&C the next day immediately after my gynae checked that the embryo had no heart beat at 7 wks. I went for a second opinion at the hospital's ultrasound dept & confirmed no foetal heartbeat. After my D&C, my bleeding lasted 12 days, no much clots , just fresh bleeding.

    Went for follow-up on 6 March and was told womb had returned to normal size. Was advised to try 2-3 mths later.

    Anyway, my menses cycle came on 20 April and it was very heavy, with lots of tissue & clots. anyway, now and then still have cramps in my lower abdominals ( left side only). was quite worried, so visited my gynae, who advised it could be a pulling pain experienced due to the uterus attaching itself to my intestines and it will go away after some time.
    No sure if anyone else had same experiences?
    anyway, my gynae assured me that he is sure I can conceive again soon, so I m still positive abt it. only thing is that my menses very irregular so very difficult to time for ovulation.

    btw, linda, if ur gynae used suction menthod, there is no scraping rite? I dun think they used scraping nowadays rite? *scary thoughts*

    can any1 shared your experiences? Will be most glad to hear from those who conceived after a miscarriage. need to hear some motivation & encouragement[​IMG]
  5. mae

    mae New Member

    linda, can I know how did your gynae check for cysts in the fallopian tubes? is it through vaginal ultrasound or stomach ultrasound? or blood test?

    hi rainbow, dun worry too much. I think you very lucky to have escaped a D&C. We all try again ya?:p
  6. ris

    ris Member

    I think D&C is good cos it really cleans off those things from the womb very well. I have heard some woman who can't conceive with no reason and dr just did D&C and finally conceived. Anyway, after giving birth, I think gynae also did D&C. Or maybe for c-section patient only....not sure.
  7. soft

    soft New Member

    Hi linda

    Thanks so much for setting up this thread.

    I too had a d&c last month. mine is not a natural miscarriage. mine is becos my baby is abnormal and will not be able to carry to full term. gynae advised me to go for d&c as it's still early. from the ultrascan, the baby does look abnormal. so with a heavy heart, me and my husband decided to go for the op.

    Hi mae

    i am worse than you. the bleeding lasted for 22 days. till now, my mense is not here yet. everyday keeping wondering when will my mense come. my gynae advised me to try after 2 months later but been so eager to have baby again, wanted to try it now.

    actually i have not been a good girl, i did not really take good care of myself after the op, only for the first week. after that, i even drank cold water. now i am so afraid that even i am pregnant, will i lose my baby again cos the womb is not strong enough after the d&c or will my baby be abnormal again.
  8. meg

    meg New Member

    Hi All,

    This is a useful thread, since I don't know of any local support groups[​IMG] Very often, such events are taboo subjects and little is discussed

    I started spotting at 7.5 wk, and no foetus was detected in the gestational sac...
    I was advised to wait and see, for d&c if cramping and bleeding was severe, and that at my stage, it was likely that I would pass out everything naturally...

    In the end, I did pass out the gestational sac the next day and bleeding stopped about a wk later.

    I think it would take longer for the body to recover the longer the pregnancy lasted
  9. rainbow

    rainbow New Member

    Hi meg
    Hw does the sac looks like when it passes out?
    so for yr case u see the sac but with no foetus in it? for my case is all cannot see I also don't know why
  10. catz

    catz Active Member

    Hi girls,

    Linda, I hope you're doing OK now. Wanted to post but didn't want to add any superfluous comments to what was already posted. Well, my mother had a D&C before. She wasn't pregnant but she was trying to conceive. Her D&C was the scraping type and she experienced heavy bleeding after that (tissues and clots coming out) but 2 months later, she conceived me! Her womb was a-OK, and she carried me to full-term with no problems. Just to let you know that you have to rest well after the D&C to build up your uterus again. Perhaps take dong quai to build up the uterus wall?

    Linda, as for cyst, well, I have polycystic ovaries (PCOS) and one 3.5 cm cyst in my right ovary. Most ovaries come and go.. your doctor should help you monitor any suspiciously large ones though. Anything above 4cm will usually be removed. If not, usually the cysts will disappear harmlessly. I went for cancer marker test though and luckily it was negative. It will be hard for me to conceive due to my PCOS and higher chance of miscarriage so I understand the anxiety that you girls feel too. [​IMG]

    Just wanted to share this with you girls, even though I've not gone through something as painful as a miscarriage. Take care.
  11. linda

    linda New Member

    Hi Mae,
    My gynae found the cyst by stomach ultrasound. And i didn't know if the d&c is by scrapping or suction.... All I remembered was the doc placing my hand on my stomach after the drip has been inserted.....then I feel asleep liao.

    Hi rainbow
    Most impt is tt you recover well from the op. Try to understand what went wrong. I find myself feeling better once I realised why it had to happen.

    Hi Soft,
    Dun worry too much.... as for your naughtiness... hahaha.... I also...but I didn't take REALLY cold drinks till after 2 weeks. I also fruits which some say no.. Sometimes you think abt it, those ang moh also eat and drink also cannot happen mah...
    As for the next birth, I think you just relax. These things cannot control by us. All fate lah....

    <FONT COLOR="ff0000">PS. A doctor told me that a miscarriage is God's way of quality control. </FONT>

    Catz, [​IMG] Thanks. You leaving for States soon? I hope you will conceive soon... I think in States they are more supportive of pregnancy and birth. Will do yourself good when you are there. Furthermore, if you dun work, then can relax and a baby will come to you soon!

    Girls, after your d&amp;c or m/c, when does your period come again? I have been having funny discharges..... Like white stretchy ones (an indication of fertility) abt 1week plus after d&amp;c....and now creamy ones (like when i first discover i pregnant) [​IMG]
  12. hopeac

    hopeac New Member

    hi gals,
    I have not read all the posting in this thread, but would like to post some encouragement. I did have a miscarriage in 2001. But I went on to conceive again. My son is now very healthy 4 months old.

    Will post somemore later, when I have time.
  13. confused

    confused New Member

    hi meg,
    can u explain how did ur gestation sac looked like when u passed it out ?

    during my last menses, i passed out a huge blop of tissue(whitish with some blood clots ard it) and looked like a sac thingy. M still wondering wat it is tho' I wasn't pregnant then (at least i don't know if i was). But i did test myself sometime before that and the test was inconclusive, meaning no line appeared at all which made me pretty confused.

  14. okeanosmao

    okeanosmao New Member

    hi catz,

    me too, hv PCOS. till now, my menses hvn cm for 2 months liao..i'm worried also, cos know tat will hv difficulties having BB in future..but my gynae told me that i will not b prone to higher miscarriages..so i'm confused now..
    shld i take hormones pill to increase the menses??
    previously, i took hormones pills (from 2 gyanes) but now i've stopped..
    did u take any pills?
  15. catz

    catz Active Member

    Hi Linda,

    Just to add, yes, your gynae is right. Do not blame yourself for anything, OK? All the best.. take it easy yah? Yes, I will be leaving for US soon. Hope to be able to conceive over there (less stress, cleaner air [​IMG])..

    okeanosmao, there will be a slightly higher risk of miscarriage with PCOS. So far, I have not been prescribed any hormone pills.. as far as I know, you will be prescribed oral contraceptives to regulate your period flow. I have been on pill for quite long so my gynae recommended to stop so that I can start trying for a baby. She says not to panic first.. PCOS does make it harder to get pregnant but it's not the end of the world. If after 6 months cannot conceive, then she will prescribe fertility pills. Right now, are you trying for a bb? If you are, then do NOT go on oral contraceptives.. if you're not, OC is good for regulating menses so it's not so unpredictable. Hope this helps.
  16. soft

    soft New Member

    Hi linda

    A very good way of describing : god's way of quality control.

    me also concerned abt when the mense will come. you are better than me, you already have white discharge one week plus after the d&amp;c. mine was one month later after the d&amp;c, then i have that.

    dun worry, the mense will come soon.

    very funny, when trying to conceive, we pray that mense dun come. now is the opposite, praying that mense come quick so that we can all try again.

    when do you intend to try again? me very confused, wanted to try asap but on the other hand, have my worries. by the way, did you go for any checkup or test before you plan to get pregnant?
  17. mae

    mae New Member

    hi all

    just like to recommend a link for more info on miscarriage.just use the search function at:

  18. linda

    linda New Member

    Hi soft,
    So the clear discharge is an indication of normality? And that my menses will come soon? Okay...I didn't really know....

    What's stopping you from trying again? I mean other than the fact tt doc advise us not to till 2 months later. I didn't go fo any body test prior to pregnancy. I only did my hep B jabs and thalassmic test - cos hubby's family have case history.

    I intend to try next month. I will let one full cycle come first. What you think? Doc advise 2 though....
  19. soft

    soft New Member

    Hi linda

    me actually not sure if its the norm but should be so lah.

    me did not go for any test or jab, so wondering shld i be doing that.

    hey, you same as me [​IMG] maybe becos what we have gone through, we so eager to be pregnant again. me also thinking of trying after one full cycle. does it mean that if my mense is here this month, i can try on the CD14?
  20. happygal

    happygal New Member


    I've my D&amp;C done last weekend... was told tat my menses shld b here by end June....

    I'm really glad Linda started this thread. Hv some uncertainties and hope to hv some advises. Some of u mentioned tat the womb will b weak after D&amp;C n might affect the future pregnancies, is there any possiblities we can strengthen tat and wat r the things to do?? Wat are the food tat it's advisable to take??? I really hoped to build up my health again so I'll be able to conceive a healthy baby next time...

    And also my gynae told us tat we shld hv taken pre-marital health tests prior our wedding...did any of u went thru tat b4 ur wedding???
  21. vera

    vera New Member

    Hi gals,

    I had my D&amp;C done in April when I was about 8 to 9 weeks pregnant. I saw the sac but no foetus is found. 2 weeks later after my OP, I had the sticky discharge but is a bit more yellowish. My menses came last week. First 2 days was pretty heavy. I will be seeing my gynae next week.

    I intend to try 2 months later. I drank DOM and Yomeishu alternatively but so far 'tang quai' I only have them 4 times.


    I also heard that cysts and fibroids will reoccur even after it has been removed. So long it will not affect conceiveness or endanger pregnancy or not very big, normally gynae will advise not to remove it. Anyway listen to gynae should not be wrong.

    I have a friend whose cysts have been removed thrice. Wherever cysts develop, her gynae will advise her to either get pregnant or remove her ovary (not sure it is ovary) completely. For her case, she develops cysts easily.
  22. linda

    linda New Member

    Hi Soft,
    Technically if you wanna start trying after one cycle then you can start baby dancing on CD 14. [​IMG] And I heard it is easy for ladies who m/s to get pregnant again within the first 3 months.

    Hi happygal,
    in the chinese traditional way, you must do a mini confinement.... Exactly like how it shld be after given birth.... So eat more heaty stuff, no cooling things for you like coke or green tea. Refrain lor... I discovered that I get cramps when I did that.... And refrain from doing heavy chores like mopping and scrubing or carrying your fave niece...I did that and it went crampping again...bleeded too.... [​IMG] I didn't have any checks done except for thalassmic.

    Hi vera,
    Hmm... I was thinking to ignore it lor... Until my next gynae check in July.... How are you these days? You are about same timing as me....I did my d&amp;c on 30 April..... Think I will try in June....

    Will you all change gynae? I thot of changing to one experienced in handling pregnancies after a loss..... But yet want near my house...aiyoh....

    Have anyone said things like: " You shouldn't have done this... you shouldn't have eaten that" to you??? I am kind of sick of it.... sigh....
  23. vera

    vera New Member

    Hi Linda,

    I believe I am back to normal now cos initially I do have slight cramps whenever I carry heavy stuff or even running after a bus....

    I do not know whether I have fully recovered till my next visit. BTW, it was my first visit after the D&amp;C.

    There is a possibility that I might change to a gynae who is more experience in so call high risk pregnancy. I'm not sure if the current gynae is good in this area. I might check with him what is he going to do if I'm pregnant again like will he test my hcg level or probably monitor my situation more closely etc.

    Oh, did your gynae give you a green light to try in June ? Can so fast try har ?

    So far only my family know that I had a M/C hence nobody said anything like that. But you know, pple tend to say things after incident has happened. I'm not a superstitious person. But after this incident, I believe I will try to avoid as much as I can...now then to be a bit paranoid....

    Hi happygal,

    I did some pre-marital test but can't remember what they are. Have to check my file. Let you know again.
  24. happygal

    happygal New Member

    Hi Linda &amp; Vera

    Thx for the feedback. For the past few days, the bleeding not so bad (not exactly bleeding, but brown discharge)...but today abit more... n got slight cramp, so rather worried.... I think I better give the gynae a call to check.

  25. vera

    vera New Member

    Hi happygal,

    No worry, we are here to support one another. I also got very bad cramp about 4 days after the D&amp;C. If you don't feel comfortable, check with your gynae.

    Take Care.
  26. soft

    soft New Member

    Hi happygal

    like what the gals said, dun worry. if you have seen my posting earlier on, my bleeding actually lasted for 22 days!! but finally its over. i do experience cramp once in a while. have visited my gynae for my checkup and everything is ok.

    just have to take good care of yourself now and never be like me, drink cold water.

    Hi Vera

    it's good to hear that your menses is back. we all try together.

    Hi Linda

    me too. thinking of changing my gynae as well. any good recommendation?

    dun bother abt what they said. just treat them as they are singing. one of my friend also like that. i am so fed up with her and you know what, she even asked my other friends why. so buay tahan.
  27. mae

    mae New Member

    hi all, nice to hear from you.
    just let u know that for the mini-confinement, can drink red date soup ( boiled with dang shen &amp; black dates). My hubby went to Eu Yan Seng to buy the herbs. The sales there will advise you what to buy. Just tell them it's for after miscarriage. It's advisable to drink them instead of plain water.

    also, DUN take cold drinks. take hot milo and sleep adequately. very impt..

    as for those un-constructive comments, just take them as they farting.. hahah.. think in positive sense, it's better to hav our own internal body quality control rite?

  28. rainbow

    rainbow New Member

    Hi ladies
    i missed out so much as i can only access internet in the evening

    so envy that u gals can pick up the courage to get pregnant again
    bt i still cannot
    nw we are taking precaution
    i do nt know when i am ready
    pls advise what shld i do
  29. linda

    linda New Member

    Hi vera
    Sorry but I thot u had a d&amp;c earlier than me?? I was scheduled for a check 2 weeks after my d&amp;c... luckily I had not much cramps except in the intial period when I ke-kiang and carry my niece for abt a 10 mins walk.... After that I tell u, wow lau!!! I had to lie in bed.... *scary*

    Hi Happygal,
    Yah, like what Vera says, we are here to lend a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear for complaints and a head for positive thinking!!! [​IMG] So no need thanks lah!!! If u feel bad, call the doc and ask!

    Hi soft Hi Mae,
    Yah... at first I feel like they are accusing me of murdering my baby..... Sigh, the way they put it...I was quite apologectic abt it for a week and kept saying sorry to my hubby...he says i siao.... Think abt it, cannot be I lie in bed for that whole 9 mths and not do housework right???? Now I learnt to just nod my head lor.... but I reckon this 'fear' and being paranoid will ride into my next pregnancy....

    Hi rainbow....
    Dun worry...I log on also in the night mah!!! [​IMG] Your case I am not too sure if it is etopic pregnancy....Did you ask ur doc for an answer? Maybe it cld be tt the embryo did not attached properly to the uterine wall... since u didn't undergo d&amp;c, you are at a better end than me!!! At least you dun have to worry abt your womb being damaged accidently....
    As for trying again, ALWAYS remember tt a m/c is NOT your fault.... remember <FONT COLOR="ff0000">Miscarriages are God's way of quality control</FONT> ask yourself if emotionally are u ready.... You must try to learn to let go and acknowledge the fact of the miscarriage.... If it comforts you, for your case, it wasn't even a baby yet, it has got no life....like mine.... When I read abt this, I felt better.... cos intially I always felt tt the doc took a life out of me... but it wasn't the case....
    Talkto your hubby....let him know how you feel abt this and how u like things to be different when u next get pregnant.... For me, i told myself tt I am going to get part time maid, no smoking, no jumping around, no sex.... [​IMG]
  30. vera

    vera New Member

    Hi Linda,

    My D&amp;C is earlier than you but my first checkup is only 6 weeks after the OP. They did advise that if I don't feel well, go to them immediately.

    Hi happygal,

    The test that I had involved,
    Hepatatis B Antibody
    Rubella Antibody

    They may ask if you want to check for HIV, is optional.

    Hi Soft,

    We shall jia you !

    Hi rainbow,

    I was like you initially but I started to read up books on M/C, high risk pregnancy etc., as you know more, you will feel more comfortable and prepared.

    We shall constantly encourage one another, ok.
  31. happygal

    happygal New Member

    Hi ladies

    Yesterday night was terrible for me... can't sleep well the whole night. I had slight cramps at first, but was awoken at abt 2am n tossed ard liao, at first thot the pain will go away, but for more than 1/2 hour cannot "tahan", pain got worse n hv to wake up grab something to bite so I can take the painkillers. Probably only managed to go back to sleep after 1 hour plus later.. [​IMG]

    Tis morning woke up quite ok, juz uncomfortable feeling, but still, the pain goes on n off.. n even legs also feel abit crampy.

    But for the past few days since the D&amp;C was ok leh, till yesterday night, very bad....dunno is it due to me bending up n down at my workstation to take files n stuff...

    Anyway, I called the clinic today, supposed to hv my checkup tis Saturday, 1 wk after the op, but can't stand the pain n also, painkillers finish liao... brought fwd the appt n will see him after work today. Hope the checkup result is ok.
  32. kis

    kis New Member

    Hi Linda,

    Hee, actually, i ask my gynae why my baby is "gone". He said there's a lot of reasons. May be becos of problems in sperm or egg, or becos there's infections. And whether there's baby anot or baby growing anot is determined when conceived or when implantation takes place. Not when we runs or jumps or carry heavy things. Or not becos of the things we eat. Otherwise doctors do not need to conduct abortions liao. These are what my gynae told me. So, dun care abt the others who put the blames on u. Its not ur fault or ur hubby fault.
  33. autumn

    autumn Member

    Hi Catz and okeanosmao,
    I also have PCOS. But I managed to conceive and I am now 7 weeks into my pregnancy. Everything looks good, the gynae detected heartbeat and foetus is growing. But for people with PCOS, our hormornes must be closely monitored during the first 3 mths of pregnancy as PCOS ppl tend mot to be able to produce enough hormornes and thus resulting in miscarriage. I am getting jabs everyday and will have to be on it till the third month. My gynae is quite strict and careful with PCOS cases- no sex and no excercise for first 3 months. Perhaps Catz would be more fortunate as PCOS is very well-studied and there are many experts in the states. Unlike Singapore, my previous gynae didn't even detect my PCOS!
    Hi all,
    Even though I never had a d&amp;C done or m/c before, I know the fear that all of you have about the same thing recurring the next pregnancy. Like I have explained, PCOS ppl have a higher chance of miscarriage so the fear is always there and worst still I am so early into my pregnancy. My advice to all ladies with m/c before is to find a good gynae with is experience in high risk pregnancy during your next pregnancy.
  34. catz

    catz Active Member

    Hi girls,

    autumngal, wow, first of all, congratulations! i know that PCOS puts ppl at higher risk for miscarriage but i didn't know that we need to be jabbed everyday!! what kind of jab is that??? so scary... do you jab yourself or go to the gynae everyday?? sorry so many questions. yes, in my case, i had the typical symptoms - hormonal acne (along cheek, jawline), slightly hairier than normal, very irregular periods etc. But heard that some ppl no symptoms also can have PCOS. which gynae do you go to? I'm with Dr Yvonne Chan of TMC.

    Kis, happygal, Linda and rainbow.. just wanna say that it's NOT YOUR FAULT. Forget about the rubbish those ppl say. Take good care of your health and good luck to you on your next try! [​IMG]
  35. vera

    vera New Member

    Hi Gals,

    What is PCOS ? I heard of this term but not sure what exactly it means.

    Pls enlighten me.

  36. catz

    catz Active Member


    PCOS = PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome
  37. sad

    sad New Member

    Hi Gals,

    Linda, read about what happened at "trying" thread, and happy that you are back to yourself and prepare for another trying, all the best!

    How do you find Dr. Yvonne Chan, is she(he)good?

    I have tried for a few months but all failed, have tried all methods including charting, OPK, bottom up with pillow, pray to Zhu sheng niang niang, touch pregnant women's tommy... though I didn't enounter any m/c as some of you, but consider my age, I will be prone to a high risk pregnancy if any... I'm now more anxious as time goes by, so decided to seek help from gynae, any good suggestions?

    and autumn gal,
    May i know who is your gynae? Is he(she) good?
  38. autumn

    autumn Member

    Hi Catz,
    I am having progesterone jabs. The nurses in the clinic does it for me and if the clinic is close e.g Sunday I will buy the jabs and go to the GP or A &amp; E at hospital. During the first trimester, have to be jabbed everyday and bloodtest done alternate days to check on hormorne then gynae will decided the dosage for next jab. So far my situation has stabilised and I take blood test only once a week and see him only once a week. Actually it varies from ppl to ppl then he will based on your situation to treat you. Although I conceived naturally and PCOS condition not serious (actually I don't really fit into the typical PCOS description - regular period, not hairy, normal weight and no acne but he diagnose me PCOS based on ultrasound od ovaries), he says that he will put me on the hormorne jab to play safe. How did you diagnose your PCOS, ultrasound or blood test? Anyway, don;t worry it seems that many woman have such condition and many of them don't even know about it and some even conceive and have many children. Actually my gynae say that if you throw a stone down orchard road, you will hit one PCOS woman. It is that common nowadays just not many people and even gynae are not aware of the problem.
    Hi Vera,
    PCOS is a condition where your ovaries produces egg every month but they are not released from ovaries due to hormonal inbalances. So it will result in ovaries having cysts-like appearance. PCOS people tend to have problem conceiving and also it is related to alot of other diesease like diabetes, heart problem. Actually sound quite scary in the beginning when I do my research on PCOS. If you want to know more, search the website. Since you have conceived before so the chances of having PCOS might not be that high. but I am not an expert, if you are worried, you can visit my gynae. His name is called Christopher Chen at gleneagles. He specializes in high risk pregnancy, fertility problem (both man and woman) and he is a pioneer in IVF.
    My gynae is christopher chen at gleneagles. He is very experience and well known in the O&amp;G field in Singapore. But just a word of cautiion, he is very expensive. If you have a non-complicated pregnancy, no need to see him, can go see other gynae.

    I hope I don;t sound as if I am advertising for him, just sharing my experience here. Actually I think I owe alot to him to be able to conceive now.
  39. vera

    vera New Member

    Catz and autumn gal,

    Thanks for the info.
  40. catz

    catz Active Member

    Yes, I am very comfortable with Dr Chan. She's very nice and very concerned. I don't think her charges are very exorbitant either. [​IMG]

    Vera, I've heard about Christopher Chen but he's really overpriced. What put me off was that he was charging people for some $10k surgery or referring ppl to this particular Chinese sinseh to conceive? Dunno, but I don't feel comfortable about that. I'm glad that you're comfortable with him though!!! [​IMG] My PCOS was confirmed through ultrasound. You're right, PCOS is very common and lots of ppl don't even know they've got it 'cos they have regular periods (but might not be ovulating regularly). Wah, your jabs sound really painful. :p
  41. sad

    sad New Member

    Hi autumn gal,
    Thanks for the info. Currently I want to seek help to get pregnant, not that i'm pregnant and search for gyane... i'm 34 this year, that's why I'm really anxious for pregnancy, do you think Dr. christopher chen can help? and how is his charges like(consultation, scan...) thanks. [​IMG]

    Thanks too...Do you think Dr. Chan can help for my case?How much does she charge? I'm also worrying if I turn to specialist like Christopher Chen and should any surgery or treatment recommended, I'll be in a dilemma...hope u understand what i mean, sigh... [​IMG]
  42. autumn

    autumn Member

    Hi Catz,
    Yeah, you are right about the fees, really expensive but so far from my experience with him he does not ask you to do test or ultrasound without valid reason. I have not heard about him refering ppl to chinese sinseh but heard of chinese sinseh referring ppl to him. Also think he won't do that as he is very confident about his skills, most ppl get pregnant with IVF (the final resort) if all else fails. But glad to know that there is another gynae knowing about PCOS. You are right the jab really hurts.
    Hi Sad,
    I think that if you have been trying for more than half a year and still not successful maybe you should see a fertility expert. My gynae has a lot of patient that looks about 30 plus and it seems that if you tell him that you really want to conceive fast, he will most likely put you on fertility program like clomid then injectible hormornes and finally IVF. His first time consultation is $140. subsequent consultant is 40 and ultrasound is $50. He got no packages so basically pay until deliver! Hope my infor helps.
  43. soft

    soft New Member

    can we actually exercise after d&amp;c, not immediately, but say around two weeks after the op? need your views or did any of your gynae mention that.

  44. rainbow

    rainbow New Member

    Hi ladies
    thks for yr encouragemts
    the reason i phobia abt pregnant again
    is that i read too much on etopic n heard
    too much abt tht,
    i was told if its etopic, the tube may burst
    &amp; the operation involved is dangerous &amp; may spoilt one of the tube
    I am nt sure abt my first pregnancy hw it ended
    the gynae just told me its chemical pregnancy &amp; tht's it
    &amp; i read the tendency of m/c will reoccur
    i still cannot forget the stress i have during my pregancy
    My husband doesn't understand me, he will only scold when i cry
    he will say i not strong etc etc
    &amp; he's nt as caring as yr hubbies who would treat you better when pregnant, he treats me the same

    Hey ladies, I hope all of us here can overcome this &amp; be happy always [​IMG]
  45. linda

    linda New Member

    You take care of yourself eh? Rest more and may you have a smooth journey ahead of you in your pregnancy!!! [​IMG]

    When you leaving for States? So you are going to have a made in US baby huh? Good leh, lower stress level and esp if you are going to be a homemaker there, you will have more time to enjoy your pregnancy and the early stages of your baby's childhood unlike us. *Envious*

    Hi Vera,
    OIC.... Mine was 2 weeks after my d&amp;c and then 2 months later. Now for this past two mornings, i hv cramps like aches when I wake up in the morning to pee...after pee, lagi more pain.... Wonder what's wrong....could it be my cyst? [​IMG] Tomlo must monitor if pain is more right or left...

    Soft, think exercise is fine after 2 weeks. Stop when you feel pain or faint. Exercise is good for you too!!!
  46. linda

    linda New Member

    <FONT COLOR="0000ff">Rainbow,</FONT>
    [​IMG] Silly girl... Dun think so badly of your hubby. Diff men have diff way of handling stress and tears in women... My hubby though never 'scold' me but he also say I silly and think silly thots. men are like tt one...maybe they scare also but dun know how to express and just scold u not to anyhow think...I feel tt in a way thet are reassuring themselves. [​IMG] My hubby didn't treat me any differently too.... In fact the night b4 I discovered BB was gone, I had a HUGE quarrel with him.... [​IMG]
    As to the fact that m/c tend to occur, you are wrong. In EVERY first-time pregnancy, there is a 15% chance of miscarriage. For us who m/c once, our next pregnancy is still at 15% m/c, 85% success. Only after 2nd m/c then it is at 30% m/c, 70% success.
    After a m/c, many women found it easier to get pregnant cos of the surging hormones on our body.
    I think you are not informed by your gynae what actually happened right? That's why you are so scared. I feel that the more i knew, the less worried and scared I am.... Read abt m/c in the Internet when you have time. I think your case wasn't an etopic pregnancy...since you didn't undergo a major operation..only d&amp;c right?
    U cannot worry abt etopic pregnany... nothing you can do to stop it... and to discover it early, go for scans when u know you are pregnant. drink LOTS of water b4 the scan and shld be able to see baby. If not do a vaginal scan.
    Dun worry okay? Rest well and I am sure we will succeed again.
  47. catz

    catz Active Member

    Hi rainbow.. Linda is right. Different men react differently.. my husband hates tears.. he gets really frustrated 'cos he doesn't know how to deal with a crying woman. It's not that he doesn't love and care for you, ok??? As for m/c, it is very very common so please don't feel like there's anything wrong with you, yah?

    Linda, yup, will be in the States shaking leg. Hopefully can get pregnant but I seriously doubt it will be so easy lor. I do cherish the fact that if I can have a kid over there, I'll be able to spend more time during his/her formative years. In fact, I'd be willing to give up my career! Will be leaving in mid-June, not too far from now!
  48. linda

    linda New Member

    Hi Catz,
    I guess with the relax environment there, it will increase your fetility level and furthemore in States, the medical informative is so much more abundant than locally... [​IMG] Mid-June....Pretty soon, have u done almost everything already? How long would u be there? Do keep in touch and let me know how you are over there. In the meanwhile, in case I fail to "see" you again,
    All the best and I hope you will carry a big fat healthy baby back to S'pore! [​IMG]
  49. catz

    catz Active Member

    Hihi Linda,

    Actually I'm not very stressed out.. hehe.. [​IMG] I think it's more of the imbalanced hormones that need to be sorted out but hopefully the fresh air and shaking legs will help too. [​IMG] Have not done much except my medical check-up for US immigration. Will be there for slightly over 1.5 years. Don't worry, will be popping by the forum to see how everyone's doing. Thanks for the well wishes.. Same to you.. I really hope that you'll be able to conceive successfully really soon. Take it easy.. don't let it become a 'procedure'.. rather, enjoy the time you have with your husband. Hehe.. then I can also see you with a big fat healthy baby. Actually, fat not good.. slightly chubby can already! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  50. rainbow

    rainbow New Member

    Hi Linda &amp; Catz
    i did nt do d&amp;c so i am thinkin of going for a pre-pregnant check
    wht do you think? or can i try again w/o checkup first....
    bt i still nt get over yet
    so i hope u gals will spread GOOD News soon
    Catz, enjoy yr stay in US &amp; don't forget us.

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