Recommendation for a super nanny: Anni


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Please read this review if you are looking for a confinement nanny with 10+ years of experience, great chef, non pushy, reliable, highly sensible and able to travel anywhere and adjust to any situation whilst taking care of you and your baby with love and knowledge.

I met Anni in Singapore where she helped me take care of my daughter for two months after which she travelled with me to my home country (the temperature difference was from +30 to -30) and was with us until the baby turned 4 months plus. She steadily took care of the baby and me under most dynamic circumstances. She capably undertook any task which would assist us without complaint and cooked us most nourishing dishes which were also restaurant level yummy. When I was looking for a confinement nanny I was full of doubts about entrusting a stranger with my baby but inviting Anni into our home was one of the best decisions I made, she really changed my motherhood journey and impacted my baby’s first few months and hopefully her foundation in a immense way. So I am writing this very detailed review in hopes that Anni can help any future mommy (especially first time ones) looking for help as she has helped me. I would recommend her wholeheartedly, with full confidence to any family.

  1. Able to adjust and accommodating: We not only moved from Singapore to Mongolia with an infant we also moved within Singapore three times. And because of my need to be overly prepared and shopping habits we had more stuff than one van could handle with each move. Anni helped us pack, move and settle in without any complaints. I was very worried about the temperature change and the long flight but everything went seamlessly thanks to Anni. She not only made sure the baby was safe and healthy she put the whole family at ease thanks to her “can do attitude” and experience. She really is a trooper able to adjust to any family and any circumstance.
  2. Experience and knowledge: Anni has been a nanny for more than 10 years. She not only knows how to feed, massage, shower and soothe the baby after vaccinations or similar experiences but also worked with her on daily basis to develop her cognitive and motor skills. But her knowledge or experience was never domineering or pushy as she always asked and respected the way we wanted our baby to be. She has been training my daughter to be as independent as possible so that it would be easier on us after she left. Furthermore as a mother herself she understood everything I was going through and was rock I could rely on especially since I was away from family.
  3. Cooking skills: Anni’s cooking skills were praised by everyone who ate her food. She even cooked for big family gatherings alone on several occasions. She not only prepared delicious and most nourishing foods in Singapore but continued to do so in Mongolia with completely new ingredients. Without us asking her observed what foods we favoured more and cooked them. I still cannot understand how she whips up such delicious dishes on such short notice. I really will miss her cooking for sure.
  4. Demeanour: As you can see from this lengthy review Anni has been amazing and alot of it has to do with her demeanour. She is a very calm and understanding lady who always did everything with love. Seeing how she greets my daughter every morning with beaming love saying “good morning” even after the longest night warmed my heart. My recovery process was hard and I wanted to be alone alot. Annie understood when to give me space and when to support me. I never felt burdened as I often do with strangers. She not only cared for my baby but also for me as if I was her daughter.

Here is her phone number 82237661 if you want a highly capable, accommodating, responsible confinement nanny who will set you and your baby up on the best course.