Nu Skin's TRA vs HerbalLife Products


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Dear all, I have the following for sale.... PM me if you are interested

1) Trimshake - Chocolate
2) Lifepack
3) Diene-O-Leen
4) ageLoc Body Shaping Gel

Thank you


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Dear all, I am selling my R2 AgeLoc at $110, per set.
Expiring on 21sep13.

Please Watapp me at 91124088 if u are keen. Thanks.


Letting go the following :
1) R2 expiry Jan 2014 at $90 per set (better price if purchase more)
2) Trimshake (tin) chocolate expiry Apr 2014 at $45 per tin

Pls email : [email protected] to discuss on the price.
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Brand new unopened ageloc R2 for sale at $90/box/set.
Expire 20th Jan '14 .

Buy FOUR free ONE!
- While stocks last

Can email me at [email protected] thanks!

Also have following TRA items left:
- Duolean x 1 $55
- Dermatic Effects x 1 $50
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Dear all

I am selling branded new AgeLoc R2 set for $80 . Expiring 21/09/13...

Buy 2 get 1 free.

Kindly text me. Thanks


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I have nuskin AgeLoc R2 set for sale at $80 ... Brand new, never open before.

Expiring 21/92/13

Please contact Joey 91124088 if u are keen . Thanks



Tr90 global launch is just around the corner... am so excited about this new product. The first in the market which can reset our genes..Our Fatty Genes!!
This is our last month to become executive and be able to sell 10sets of Tr90 next mth. . let's 加油!!
feel free to pm, whatsapps or wechat me @ 9336 1918 if u want to know more about Tr90 or TRA .. :)))
let's slim down ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

health & Wealth


I mean a good after sales service consultant who is responsible and has profession ethics.
Thank you
hi ele,
rosylnn here... im not staying near serangoon area but singapore is not big :)
i can share more with u on tra if u want.. whatsapps or wechat me @ 9336 1918..


good health and wealth


Reduced price :

R2 at $80 per set (exp Jan 2014)

Trimshake (chocolate) at $40 per tin (exp Apr 2014)

SMS 91524801 to deal.


@@@ Left 3 sets of R2 selling at $80 [email protected]@@
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Am quite confusing.
There is a 3 month programe. What is it?

And R2 and AgeLoc R2, are they the same?

Please post here to share.


Hi star,

The three months program is called TRA, which stands for the right approach. In short, it is a weight management program which aims to encourage fat loss and increase muscle mass ;)

As for ageloc r2 n r2, they r referring to the same. R2 is a supplement that aims to help you to be young (internally n externally), look young n feel young by resetting your youth genes. N this breakthrough technology is termed as ageloc (lock your age).

Hope this brief explanation help you. If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact/MSG/apps me at 97995467 ;)




Three items to clear :-
1) Duo Lean (exp Nov 2014) @ $50
2) Dien O Lean (exp Aug 2014) @ $75
3) Life Pak (exp Jun 2014) @ $100
Collect at Punggol/Sengkang/Tampines areas with Delivery to Void Deck of your blk.
Purchase all three will give some discount, otherwise is best price.

EMAIL to me at [email protected]


Im in my 7th week of the TRA program. I tried it cos I couldnt shed off the excess weight of 7kg from pregnancy despite me breastfeeding, eating less carbs and exercising. So far, I have lost 3.5kg, 7.5cm off my waist, 5cm fr abdomen and 2.5cm from hips. Im still 4kg away from my ideal weight of 47kg...but am very encouraged by the results so far. For those who r considering, i think its a worthwhile investment. Those who wish to know more can pm me for discussion.


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Hi everyone,


1) ageLOC R2 (exp Jan '14) @ $80
2) ageLOC R2 (exp Mar/Apr '14) @ $110
3) Lifepak (exp Jan '14) @ $85
4) Lifepak (exp Sep '14) @ $100
5) TRA Complex (exp Jun '14) @ $100
6) Diene-o-lean (exp May '14) @ $75
7) Duolean (exp Apr '14) @ $55
8) ageLOC Dermatic Effects (exp Dec '14) @ $45
9) Dermatic Effects (exp Nov '14) @ $40

Contact me @ 97457094 or email me at [email protected] to deal

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hahaha a few wks ago, i was posting in the thread.. asking questions..

now in the program for coming 4 weeks..

weight dropped from: 70.4kg to 66.5kg (3.9kg)
actual fats lost is 1.97kg :)

wanna join me to lose weight together?
we can help motivate one another.

drop me an email at [email protected] :)


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Hi all!
I am a satisfied TRA customer turned distributor. I have always been on the fleshier side and I have tried many methods to slim down. After my pregnancy I put on 25kgs!TRA has helped me to lose weight and keep it off! Can call me at 96807044 or email me at [email protected]. Cheers!


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good to see you back in here! You are making good progress! Jia you! Jia you! :) All the best!

TRA does work and gives us a healthier lifestyle.
Anyone looking to lose weight effectively and more importantly, in a healthy way, can drop me an email at [email protected]. :)


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yep yep. i told u i wanna do the program mah .. just finding the right consultant to follow through the next few months.. Appreciate the meet up that time ;).. we got a few colleagues doing the same program with me now.. quite motivating ;)


So glad to hear of that smurf ling ;) it muz be fun yeah to go through the journey with ur colleagues, just like me n a few of my sisters taking it together :) n Yes the power of tra is of no doubt :) imagine the upcoming tr90 that tackle fatty genes???really can't wait to set my hands on it :)
For those who are interested, feel free to drop me a msg or call at 97995467 :)


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smurf_ling, yup. It is quite fun to do the programme with colleagues. You can remind each other too., time to take the supplements...hahaha.

cute_mok, yup yup...TR90 is exciting horh. Can't wait too...kekeke.


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What if besides these two brands there are better options? A clinically proven product from USA which is listed in the physician desk reference. You can eat and still slim and there is no need to control diet too much and at the same time it helps to maintain glucose level, blood pressure and cholesterol.
Curious? Please PM me or email me at [email protected] to find out more.


Juz sharing my tots :)
Solutions, there r plenty outside. I m glad I have found the right one - one that is safe, effective, lasting n enjoyable. Dieting has never been pleasant for me, having to deal with hunger pangs! I m one who put on easily n to lose it off its tough. With tra, I understand why was it so - my body fats was higher than muscle mass. N when this was reverse, n couple with the right diet mindset ( I still get to enjoy nice food ;) but of cos all things muz be in moderation), my prob has been solved. Am glad that I found the solution :)




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I took TRA and lost 5kg of pure fats within 3 months. :)
I still have quota for a few sets of TR90.
Anyone looking to lose weight effectively, reset your fatty genes and in a healthy way, drop me an email at [email protected] or PM me. :)