Highly recommend confinement nanny - Aunty Janet

Katie lau

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I have to say that my confinement nanny Janet foo who is from ipoh, malaysia is a very friendly ,easy going and good cook. When I first got back from hospital , my parents and my sister family were still in my house. She was very nice to prepare dinner for them separately on top of my confinement food and also attentive to my baby.

Besides that, everyday she will ask us what we feel like eating so she can prepare beforehand and I don’t like to eat breakfast , so she will blend different healthy drinks for me in the morning as breakfast. Every night I got different herbal soup to drink before I went to bed in order to build and strengthen back my body. Both my husband and I were really enjoy her restaurant quality dishes!

She is also very experience in taking care of baby. She doesn’t mind to share her experiences and also recommended me on what products are good to use for baby (depends on baby’s skin). She also willing to teach my helper how to take care baby so that after she left , my helper will know what to do.

For those who looking for good confinement lady , please contact her at +6012-5930298. She can travel to oversea like australia , London, Singapore etc. She can speak English , mandarin , Cantonese , Malay.

I am sharing my experience to all the mummies out there to get a good confinement period and being taking care off well.


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