Confinement Nanny


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We would like to share our confinement nanny experience here so that no other parents will go thru what we have gone thru. If any of you all came across this nanny, please be careful. Hire her at your own risk. In July 2023 we engaged a nanny name (Lily Yeoh Lin Da) estimated about 54 years old. On of the occasion, the nanny handles my newborn roughly (roughly is an understatement, to be exact she hit my newborn who was only 3 weeks old) and was caught by our cctv. We are unsure if this is only one incident or how many instances this has happened for which the cctv did not manage to detect. When we confronted the nanny, she explained that the newborn was choking on milk and she was do a life saving act. Which is not true, we have review and replay the video multiple times, at that time the newborn was not even drinking milk. This is a very distressing episode for new mothers like myself and it has been on my mind ever since until today, and I hope no other parents should go thru this.

This nanny has the luxury of not cooking, as we order confinement food. There is not even much household chores to do as we have robot vacuum and dryer for clothes. Despite lightening her workload, she failed to care for my newborn. We gave her ample rest with daynaps, she can sleeps while the baby sleeps. However, she is always on her phone 24/7. During her work, we even allow her to go for interview for her next assignment and she even hand over our newborn to ask us to take care while she goes for an interview. In addition, during her course of work, she requested to take time off in the afternoon to go to the temple to register for her upcoming chanting without ensuring the wellbeing of my new born. As a new mother instead of focusing on my recovery, I must try ways to reach out to the temple to register, but to no avail. She even demanded my mother to go down to the temple to register for her since we don’t allow her to go down. Not sure if this is common for nanny to take time off during the course of work. Ever since of not allowing her to take time off to register for her chanting, we were forced to live with her black face attitude daily.

When she left, my kitchen was in a mess, and I had to personally clean up. We also notice our sofa had a deep cut in it, we analyse that the cut was a fresh cut use by sharp objects. It is not wear and tear because we moved in the house just over a year ago, and the sofa is brand new set and the cut was located at the side not even on seating surface area. There were no other visitors during my confinement period. Of course, we don’t have solid evidence that she was the one who spoil our sofa. We will leave the judgement here.

Overall, this nanny display unprofessionalism, irresponsible and a bad attitude. We finally pluck up the courage to share our experience so that no other parents should go thru what we did. Fortunately, my newborn is still surviving and did not die because of her handling. For that we are forever grateful.