Mummies in Pasir Ris


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Me too, so sleepy.......Zzzzz

BTW my girl loves to be in the ergo carrier!
I put her in, walk around the house until she also gong gong and feeling sleepy. Juxta thanks for recommending it to me and Dsii thanks for renting it to me.

Both of you are my life saviours!!!


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my bb coming to 4mth and am thinking of giving her cereal.

Can I check should I buy the normal organic cereal or brown rice cereal is better? is brown rice heaty?

Or should I wait when she is 5 or 6 mths then introduce cereal?


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Hi nuah,

Actually PD recommends to feed bb from 6 months onwards because of the digestive system not fully developed.

But my bb was getting very interested with what we are eating, eyes glaring at our food, mouth opens and salivating big time like a greedy monster.

We started feeding her at 4 months old.

Started with porridge with the Eu Yan Sang Si Sen Brown Rice Powder and also Nestle Gold Cereal.

I don't think brown rice is heaty but I do know it's very healthy.
We will still feed her water in between her meals and throughout the day.

Some of my friends mix brown rice powder into the milk for thier bb to drink.

But it didn't work for both of my kids.


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Wenlim, juxta
Aiyo...u all hor.. Too full issit tat y sleepy Hahaha.

Ergo is my saviour too.if not dunno how to get out of the hse with akid, a baby my big barang bag and a stroller. glad ur gal loves to be in it. U will sure enjoy ur trip.


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4 mth and u started off with porridge? Nestle Gold Cereal is for 6 mths onwards leh..

Saw the healthy Times brown rice cereal..any1 try that on their bb?

My eldest gal she took Heinz rice cereal that us suitable for 4mth onwards bt now they dun sell this in the supermarket liao....and my eldest gal hate brown rice!!!

Yes, my bb also salivating big time and hv to keep changing her bib ;)


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Hi nuah,

Yes, gooey gooey, lan lan de porridge mixed with the Eu Yan Sang Si Sen Brown Rice Powder.

Yes, Nestle Gold Cereal is for 6 mths onwards, erm......she also whack ah......very tum chiak like her mummy lah :p
Basically feeding her is a breeze, she's very adventurous to try all sorts of food.

I have not tried Heinz Rice Cereal or maybe you want to try Frisocrem rice based milk cereal?
Can't provide any comments as I have never tried them before.


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Aly is on Healthy Times cereal and Frisocreme.
FYI, Frisocreme is sweet. U may not wanna start with that.


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i attended a talk by mrs wong boh boi from TMC and she said although brown rice is very nutritious it is also heavy and difficult to digest for young babies and they may get constipation as a result. her advice is that we need not be too eager to feed young babies brown rice yet but i forgot at what age then suitable to give. plain rice cereal is the better choice.
other nutritious things you can give is mashed potato/pumpkin.


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Hi nuah, If you want, I can also rent you my green bumbo (no tray table) @ $8 per month.

I can meet up and pass you at White Sands.


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thanks for the welcome mummies!

maybe can join you next time after fasting month for gatherings. im meeting up with june mummies on thursday at polliwogs.

went to view a few cc and some of them really look very depressing. i'd be sad if my mummy left me there! carpe diem looks nice and clean but abit far for me to fetch her when im on my own in the evenings. im looking at pitter patter childcare but currently no vacancy so im on waitlist. plus Alya is only 14months plus so must appeal to mcys some more. sigh.

i also liked the ntuc little skool house at sengkang when i was staying punggol that time, looks so new, nice and clean! so today gonna drop by the one nearest to pasir ris mrt. i figured since im not driving and taking mrt back from work then maybe can consider those cc near mrt.

sigh so tiring to keep up with her now. just bought her a doctor playset and she seems to engage in it on her own for about 10-15mins, then i'll play with her. pretend im the patient. haha!

any teachers in this thread? im a trainee teacher


caramelle, hope u can join us soon!

CD is also quite far fr my place. But they hv school bus if you dun mind. But 14 mth maybe a bit too young for sch bus? Why u wan to start sch so early?

Seems like all children like doctor set! How abt cooking set? U ever let her try? My kids are always "cooking" and "baking" for me! keke


hi caramelle, welcome to the thread!!!

My girl will most likely enroll with CD in Oct... now she's staying at home with me till she starts school in oct..

can know how old is yr child? we can form a playground if u all want...


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Dsii, my neighbor will know when Sean is home cos can hear my shouting! Lucky his classmate came and play with him for half a day, nobody nag at me for few hours


mummies, any1 selling off your child's motorised motorbike? if yes, pls let me know as i looking 1 for my girl.

Thank you.
Aurora : I hv a motorized car but battery sploilt Liao . Exact same model as what was posted on the bp thread. I can't find the replacement battery anyway n there is no warranty for the car.. Quite a waste of money if the car can't last long

apparently must be v v careful with charging n must use the car regularly


hi dsii, thank you...

btw, saw the link wrote "no remote control"... erh, what does it mean? no battery charger?

hi yami, your kids still can play with it ... need to "manual" ... my girl used to hve the little tikes car.. she enjoyed running ard with it till the wheels cracked...


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nowadays motorised car comes with remote the parents can control the car..the kid just need to sit in it and relac...then the car will 'auto'move...thats for younger kids...

when kids older..they can 'drive' the car themselves...


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hi hi to all

I will b sending my girl to First step childcare at Blk 553 (i know... many might not even know its existence as it's not a popular option) in Oct for only 2-3 mths, anyone have or know where to look for lobang for 2nd hand s-size uniform? my network in paris ris is very the short la :p