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Hole in heart for child

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by rachelclk, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    My boy is 4 months+ old now and he has diagnosed a Medium to large VSD when he was 3 months old. That time he cough and got alot of
    phlegm so i bring him to see the pd and he detected the murmur sound in his heart. After that he admitted at KKH for echo scan and due to
    the bronchitis he has stayed in hospital for 3 times within a month. The follow up cardio doctor in KKH is Jonathan Choo.
    And I have brought him to Dr K Y Wong at Mount E to seek for second opinion. He has mentioned about the surgery need to be fix for my son.
    He recommend the surgeon Dr Shankar at NUH.
    I am so worry now and any mummy with similar experience can share? Beside that I need to know about
    1) how long is the recovery in hospital and after discharge
    2) the cost involve
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Jesmin0918

    Jesmin0918 Member

    Hi..I m so sorry to hear about this..
    All e above docs dat u mentioned r from kkh..they are all very good cardiologists..
    II would say that it not easy to go thru all these but trust ur baby in e doctor hands..
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  3. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi Jesmin thanks for your information. Do u have any idea about the cost of surgery?
  4. nyny

    nyny Active Member

    Hi rachelclk
    My boy had AVSD and was detected during pregnancy. His heart surgery was done when he was one month old by Dr Shankar from NUH. I couldn't remember the cost as the charges after subsidies were mostly paid through medisave. Please check with the doctor if your boy is under subsidised rate. If it's not, probably you wanna get a referral letter from polyclinic, ask them to refer your boy to NUH.

    If there's no complication, usually the patient can be discharged within 1-2 weeks.

    Take care.
  5. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi thanks for your reply. My boy is follow up by kkh cardio doctor now. Are you choose surgeon for your son's surgery?
    I understand if I want to choose dr sankra, I will charge under private rate. So not sure how is the procedure?
  6. nyny

    nyny Active Member

    sorry for the late reply.
    that time we were at KKH, at subsidised rate. then, we went to look for Dr Shankar at his clinic at Glen E/Mt E (can't remember) for 2nd opinion. After that, we trf our son to NUH. We were charged at subsidised rate.
    Is your boy under subsidised rate at KKH?
  7. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi thanks for your reply. My son is under subsidy rate at kkh now. I supposed to look for dr sankra at his clinic at glen E yesterday. Eventually I didn't go as kkh has make appointment for us to meet up with surgeon on 25/7 and intend to op 1 month later. They can't op now as my son just recover from bronchitis and discharged on 8/7.
    My husband just worried that if we go nuh now, it might be delay the surgery again as we need to go Polyclinic get referral letter and queue at nuh.
  8. nyny

    nyny Active Member

    you can always try the polyclinic route as sometimes you would not Q too long to get the earliest appointment. you can also tell the polyclinic on the urgency of the matter.
    hope everything goes well to your son and the family.
  9. starlights

    starlights Member

    Poly clinic has the service called "direct - access", which they will make really quick appointment (can be same day or 1~2 day wait) to see doc. I remember there's not many paediatric cardiologists in NUH so u may have to wait for weeks if they give u normal appointment...

    But urgent case or not that is up to doc decision... N being subsided class, u can't ask to see any doc by name la. They have any earliest appt they just give u...

    If not u go to NUH A&E directly for immediate attention.
    It should be subsidised, isn't it? But upfront they earn u $85 lo (?can't rem correctly)
  10. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi would like to update that my son has done his heart surgery at NUH by dr Shankar on 25/7/14. He has discharged from hospital on the 5th days after the surgery. I am so grateful received msg from a mummy and she asked me contact dr Shankar's assistant. Her name is Manjit, is a very helpful lady. She arranged our first meet with dr Shankar on12/7 at his private clinic at gleneagles. Thereafter she arrange the appt for us at NUH after a week. Dr Shankar is so excellent. I am so pleased he can arrange the surgery for my son in such a short period. He is really famous and heard he has done the surgery for premature baby as small as 1.6kg. He is really a kind and nice person!!
  11. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Yes Polyclinic now can make appointment for the same day only. Amazing that the waiting period was only about half and hours!! So efficiency now!! My son case is special arrangement by dr Shankar so we can always meet him at Nuh heart clinic for the last 2 weeks and they charged me after subsidized rate.
  12. Reenean

    Reenean New Member

    Am currently pregnant and detailed scan showed that my baby has some heart complications. Currently at kkh and looking to consult Dr Shankar.Very worried..
  13. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi! How many weeks of your pregnancy now? I totally can understand your feeling now but you must trust Dr Shankar he is a very famous open heart surgeon and is super nice person. He is no more at KKH. He has private clinic at Glen E and also visiting consultant at NUH. My boy is doing the follow up with him and Dr Terrance at NUH.
    Are you intend to deliver at Nuh? I suggest u go to Polyclinic to get referral letter first if u want look for Dr Shankar.

    Feel free to pm me if you want to get more info.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2014
  14. nyny

    nyny Active Member

    glad that your boy is all well now. my boy is also seeing Dr Terence for yearly follow up. Handsome doctor, ya? LOL

    If you are seeing Dr Shankar, but the scan was done in KKH, do request KKH to give you the record of the scan saved in the CD, and let Dr Shankar look at it.
    My boy's heart condition was detected during 20 week detailed scan. After consulting Dr Shankar and specialist in KKH, they commented that they couldn't do much during pregnancy stage 'cos the heart conditions might change, probably will be improved. So, when he was born, another scan was done to decide what's next for him. That time he had 2 holes in the heart, after born, the doc detected that he also had co-arctation problem. he was 2kg when 2 surgeries were done. Both were done by Dr Shankar.
    take care!
  15. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi nyny,

    How old is your boy now? Yes quite nice looking huh!! And Dr Robert will sometimes join in also.
  16. ahnuaz

    ahnuaz New Member

    Hi.. I myself have vsd since birth and I underwent an open heart surgery by dr Shankar 15 years ago.. He was intro by my then cardiologist prof cheng from kkh as he was too old to operate for me. Doing fine since then till now. He is really good. Don't worry too much if ur bb is under him.
  17. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi ahnuaz,

    Great to hear that you are doing fine now. I think u were still very young that time when underwent the surgery?

    Yes indeed. Dr Shankar is really nice person and I'm so blessed to meet him and he did the intervention for my son.
    He went through the surgery on July this year and so far he is coping well.

    Will really appreciate if you could highlight anything that you encountered after all these years or any issue when you go sports activity?
  18. ahnuaz

    ahnuaz New Member

    Rachelclk.. I was 15 when I did the open heart surgery. Not say very young. I was diagnosed with a complication from hole in e heart where my blood vessel was narrowing due to building up of muscle as my heart requires more pressure to pump enough blood thru out my body. So maybe u can ask if ur boy will face with such possibility of complication or not since actually he already got his hole patched.

    As for exercise wise.. I was advised to exercise only after my surgery. Before that I totally no exercise and I don't even need to attend those physical lesson in school. As of now as I do not have much stamina end up I only do yoga. Jogging or other strenuous exercise I can't take it.. Haha. But since ur kid so young as long as doc give green light to exercise just let him play with e rest. Else will be like me no stamina.

    I was told that with hole in e heart.. It might affect puberty. Either reach later or shorter period. But this is not applicable to every patient. Just a chance. I do see 190 people with hole in e heart. Hee... I'm e unlucky one or I simply got e short genes in e family. Haha..

    As compared to my siblings, I fall sick more often and take a longer time to recover. Doc say can be due to my pre existing illness or I'm just born weaker. U can take note on this and make sure when seeing any pd or gp. Do let them know his medical history.

    Well.. After so much.. I'm still fine and just gave birth to a bb girl this August.. Don't worry about ur boy too much.. We are all fighters!! :)
  19. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi ahnuaz,

    Really appreciate your information and advice. Never heard from the cardio doctor about the other complications for my son. Will check with them in next follow up.

    Congrats to your new born baby and welcome to the parenthood!! :) look after the new born baby is never easy but I believe you will enjoy the time with your baby and do take good care of yourself.
  20. ahnuaz

    ahnuaz New Member

    No problem. Take care too!!
  21. Kangpy88

    Kangpy88 New Member

    Hi, can you share or pm how much the surgery cost with subsidize rate?? My girl recently got diagnose with heart murmur... I'm quite freaked out and wanna know as much as possible to be prepared of anything that might come...
  22. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi sorry to hear about your baby gal. If you choose subsidy rate, mostly the medical cost will cover up by medisave after the subsidies. But has your baby's conditions is confirmed? How old is she now? Other than heart murmur, does she develops any other symptoms?

    You may pm me for any details.

    Take care.
  23. qqer

    qqer New Member

    Hi, my son is 1 month old and diagnosed with VSD. The hole is considered large and may need to go for surgery. We just see Dr Shankar yesterday at Gleneagles and the cost is about 48k! We can only use about $5000 from Medisave. I'm going to call Manjit so see if we can change to see Dr Shankar at NUH without referral letter. How much after the subsidized rate at NUH? Is the facility at NUH ok?

    I'm very worry about my newborn baby. His jaundice level comes down very slow. Pediatric said she worry about gallbladder blockage. But Dr Wong at MountE said it might due to his VSD. Now I stop total breastfeeding to make his jaundice level come down faster. Dr Shankar said must clear his jaundice first before surgery....
  24. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi I am sorry to hear about your boy's condition. Have you call Manjit and seek for her advice? She is a helpful lady and she can provide some guidance for you.
    But if you wish to go NUH for subsidy rate, I think the referral letter from Polyclinic is a must. We chose the C-class wards, which offered the highest subsidy level.
    My son's hospital bill all charged to Medisave account after the govt subsidy.
    For me, the most important is the surgeon and medical team. We're really appreciated the team 's effort, the service and treatment was professional, caring and outstanding. We felt very confident and assured my son in their hands.

    If you have any more queries, feel free to pm me.

    Take care.
  25. snoopyj

    snoopyj Member

    Dr Shankar is very good and friendly. We had received his help for our girl's op in NUH as well. Facility at NUH is good. Important to choose class C, especially when it comes to ICU, the cost will be much lower but level of care is the same.
  26. qqer

    qqer New Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, we called Manjit to help and has got the referral letter from poly. Is your son ok now? Active? My baby always very sleepy, not sure is it due to 1 month old only. He cry mostly when he poop or hungry....

    I very worry about him. I feel guilty about this... Not sure whether I didn't rest well or eat well during pregnancy cause him to have VSD... My hubby and me do not have VSD.... :(
  27. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    My son is all right now and is a super active boy..
    Do not blame yourself. It's nothing related to parents and even Doctor can't explain the caused of congenital heart defect.
  28. qqer

    qqer New Member

    Thanks Rachel.... Doctor Shankar will do the surgery for my son 2 days later.... Hopefully everything will be fine and hope he will be an active boy after that.
  29. qqer

    qqer New Member

    Hi Rachel, my son has went through the surgery and now back to home. There is still small leakages near the nerve so Dr Shankar didn't patch that portion. But he said shouldn't cause any issue. Today Child Development Unit called to ask my son go to the clinic to review his development when he is 6 months old. Did your son go through the review before?
  30. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi hope your son is getting well now. Yes accordingly to Dr Shankar they will leave some 'space' for the heart tissue to grow, the hole will heal by itself.
    The child development unit from NUH called you? I couldn't remember it but I didn't go for review at polyclinic and also delayed my son's vaccination until the cardio Dr give the green light & confirmed he is fit for all the vaccination.
    Last edited: May 23, 2016
  31. qqer

    qqer New Member

    Yup, the child development unit from NUH called me so just worry whether any potential risk to son's development...hopefully just a normal routine.... But Dr Robert said ok for vaccination now, so I'm going for vaccination this weekend. Dr Shankar said the small hole should close in 2 weeks time, hopefully next scan will give me good news.
  32. wenhui1981

    wenhui1981 New Member

    Hi.. Would u give me ur email address? I would like to ask you something regards to the surgery. Thanks.
  33. qqer

    qqer New Member

    Hi, pm you already. :)
  34. pigletkitten

    pigletkitten New Member

    Hi... I am new to this thread. Baby was diagnosed with small to moderate VSD at 20 weeks scan. Am with SGH for pregnancy checks and will follow up with pd cardiologist at KKH at 34 weeks. But was a private patient so baby will be considered pte too.

    I am afraid of future medical cost and heart surgery after birth. Any one can advised how to get subsided rate ?
  35. Rubywuqs

    Rubywuqs New Member

    Hi reachlclk,
    I'm new to this forum, and my daughter is having a pda. So worried about this, luckily I found this forum , could you please pm me the contact no. of Manjit? I'd love to see Dr Shankar as well, thanks a lot!
  36. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi had pm you.
  37. Asdmomma

    Asdmomma New Member

    Hello All, I'm comforted to have read your posts. I too have just found out that my 4 month old has a congenital heart defect. He needs surgery within the upcoming few months. the news comes as a surprise and still trying to get my arms around it all. I would like to create a FB support group for parents that have experienced and/ or going through the same. If you are interested, please let me know and I can add you. Looking forward to connect with you!
  38. packingmaterial

    packingmaterial New Member

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  39. Tyna

    Tyna New Member

    Hi, I currently on a private clinic at Kkh n they said that my baby will need a surgery due to heart defect.. Either early intervention which is after delivery.. Or later on after 12 months.. May I know is it possible for private rate to get subside for the surgery?

    Thanks for ur help
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  40. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    Hi sorry to hear about your baby may need surgery after delivery. You may want to get the referral letter from polyclinic in order to get the subsidy rate from now. If you want look for the surgeon Dr shankar at NUH, then you have to switch gynae to NUH at subsidy rate. I heard many cases like you and they switch gynae to NUH whereby the cardio team can stand by in any situation after the baby deliver at the same hospital.

    I tried to pm you but I can't. If you have more queries feel free to pm me.

    Take care.
  41. Tyna

    Tyna New Member

    Hi, thanks you for ur reply. Can I request for your email? I tried to pm u also but can't leave any message for u :(
  42. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

  43. j0anne

    j0anne New Member

    My Daughter was diagnosed with ASD & VSD when she was born. Her hole was moderate to large hole. Now she is already two months old. Her feeding is getting bad now. I am struggling whether to go for op or not. Cardiologist was saying if the hole still the same size then she will advise to go for op. Any advice?
    We are under subsidies at NUH now.
    How Long is the recovery after surgery?
  44. rachelclk

    rachelclk Member

    if the hole size is still remains the same, think it could be getting more and more symptoms to appear including poor feedings, sweating often, easily getting tired, respiratory infections, bronchitis, etc. My son had the above issues before surgery. Initially the cardiologist told me to wait and see if there is any chance for the hole close on its own. But my boy conditions was not allowed and we afraid it might affect his health in long terms and we went to look for Dr K Y Wong, he advised us the first 12months is crucial for baby development and we also do not want to see our boy missed any of his milestones due to his heart defect.

    I have pmed you and feel free to contact me if you need support or any others queries.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  45. Crysta1

    Crysta1 New Member

    Hi, may I know wad heart defect ur baby hav?

    I also have pm you.. hope u hav received my msg..
  46. iwantahealthybaby

    iwantahealthybaby Well-Known Member

    Hi anyone got Dr shaker assistant no. I can call to seek 2nd opinion? I need to go nuh for subsidies rates to see him.
  47. Crysta1

    Crysta1 New Member

    Hi all,
    I finally had a diagnosis from pd cardio Kkh last week.. now currently at the stage of acceptance.. doc say most likely need a balloon procedure in 1st 2 weeks of his life..
    Also pondering abt the risk of chromosome anomaly, cos I didn’t opt to do amnio (by the time results are out, I’m over 24 weeks. And anyway I really Wan to keep my baby). So far I only did panaroma test which came back Low risk for all, just that gynae at Kkh keep saying it’s not enough cos only Amnio can check all the other chromosomes eg Noonan Syndrome.. haiz
    Is that any platform i can find some support online?
  48. Pokey82

    Pokey82 New Member

    hi everyone, don't know if there are any other platforms (support group etc) for asd. my girl was diagnose with hole in heart from birth. im under kkh now but was thinking to seek 2nd opinion from dr Shankar as discuss. he seems to be an experienced doc on cardiac issues. currently my girl do not need medication nor need to surgery anytime soon. doc suggestion was wait till she turn 6 years old. hers was asd issue and that it will cause her heart to fail at an earlier stage if we do not close up the hole. the thing is before that doc was saying got chance to close on its own but last visit doc confirm hole got bigger and chances are slim. the other sad news is doc say cannot do endoscopic surgery as her location is near blood vessels the danger is there if do endoscopic which means she need to do open heart surgery. I feel so sad that she need to have a scar 1/3 of her chest after the surgery and of course the risks and recovery of open heart surgery. m quite lost and so I thought maybe can get a 2nd opinion at this stage thou operation is like few years from now if I stay with kkh.

    anyone got similar case before or anyone got any other platform where parents have similar issues with their kids.

    I see older post that you can get subsidies rates even if you see dr Shankar at nuh (since he goes there as visiting consultant). but how to chose him in nuh n still get subsidies rate. from what I know if susidies means cannot chose yr doc.
  49. Pokey82

    Pokey82 New Member

    hi sorry to hear that, I am not sure about your case but after the balloon procedure does he still need to schedule any other surgery when time to come?
  50. Crysta1

    Crysta1 New Member

    Hi, I’m sorry to hear abt ur Daughter case too..

    Doc say if in the case the balloon procedure can’t be performed successfully, he will need a open heart surgery (ohs).. if successful, the possibility for future ohs is very Low.. cos baby still in me, it’s really hard to say right now, doc did tell me to take a step at a time.. when I ask abt the possibility of the condition to “self correct” or become better, doc said based on his experience, 50% maintain 50% worsen. I can only pray at this stage, since doc also mention nth I do/eat will help in any way...

    I support ur decision to find dr Shankar for a second opinion.. the wait is really torturing and the future is also unpredictable, & since u also mention the operation will be few years from now..
    Sry can’t help u regarding how to find dr Shankar with subsidied rates. Hope the other ladies in this thread reply to u soon..

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