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Dec 2019 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by Babydustf08, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Mable_mplee

    Mable_mplee New Member

    Hello, I’ve pm-ed Jessica. TIA!!

  2. JoeyChua

    JoeyChua New Member

    Hi can add me at 92399165 thank you
  3. Shahnas

    Shahnas New Member

    Hey guys! Dr. Suzanna isn't available until my edd and i was wondering if anyone's heard of any recommendations for Dr. Kho Chye Lee (Lily) at KKH?

    My first referral visit, I'd met her and she seems nice and all, but I wanna be sure that she's gonna be a really great gynae throughout my pregnancy :)
  4. Yan*

    Yan* New Member

    Hi 2nd time mum here.. hope to join the gc..
  5. Toheart

    Toheart New Member

    Hi Jessica

    I have pm u my contact , wish to join the wa group .
  6. Sav_life

    Sav_life New Member

    My EDD also 1/1, but most likely will fall in Dec19, as my first baby is c-sec.

    hey all, any groupchat can i join? my number is 98384210.
  7. plainmilk

    plainmilk Member

    I love my confinement nanny Auntie Jan
    She took care of me and #3 baby well during confinement.
    She cooks simple yet yummy dishes and in experienced in breastfeeding advice.

    If you are looking for a nanny in December this year, she is still available. Do send me a WA 96484322 and I will check with her if shes available.

    Do note I am just offering to help and not an agency or take any referral fee because I know how hard it is to find a good confinement many these days.
  8. happybear12

    happybear12 New Member

    Hi, i'm a new mum here too, EDD by the 6th week scan is 29 Dec.
    How do i join the whatsapp group?
  9. Qiqilow

    Qiqilow New Member

    Hihi everyone my Edd is 1st Dec. But I think for my pst experience should be in late Nov. So I just join Dec too hahaha.

    I'm keen to join the WhatsApp group too!
  10. Lebeaute

    Lebeaute New Member

    Hi, can share how is dr jasmine packages?
  11. GeekyGal

    GeekyGal New Member

    Hi, I don't mind being in the group chat too!
  12. pillowbao

    pillowbao New Member

    Hi, my edd is 27th dec. Most likely I will deliver ard 10-15th because I'm opt for c sec. It's my 2nd pregnancy though.
    Pls add me in what app, 96671371, thanks!
  13. priscilla62

    priscilla62 New Member

    hi my edd is 15/12. i am interested to join the whatsapp group too. my number is 91999560. thanks a lot.
  14. okmtakk1986

    okmtakk1986 New Member

    hi, i paid 1200 for panorama test. and the doctor said harmony also 1200. its Mt.A
  15. HappyMum_NIC

    HappyMum_NIC New Member


    My 1st pregnancy EDD 03/12, I am interested to join the whatsapp group my no.96574482. MANY THANKS :)
  16. Julie19

    Julie19 New Member

    Hi everyone!

    My EDD is 17 Dec and I would like to join your whatsapp group :)

    It's my first pregnancy and having some tips and moral support would help.

    So excited for all the new mummies!!
  17. Onequeencess

    Onequeencess New Member

    Hi! I would like to be added into the wa chatgroup too! Will be expecting delivery late Dec.. Feeling excited about it.
  18. Xyelin

    Xyelin New Member

    Hihi, pls add me!
  19. Jean (Mummy-to-be)

    Jean (Mummy-to-be) New Member

    Hello! We’ve the same edd, 14th December! :))

    Anyone on the WhatsApp group chat alr? Can add me too, thanks! 96849582
  20. Jean (Mummy-to-be)

    Jean (Mummy-to-be) New Member

    Hi Jessica,

    Please add me to the WhatsApp groupchat, my number is 96849582. My edd is 14th December. Thanks!
  21. Jean (Mummy-to-be)

    Jean (Mummy-to-be) New Member

    Can add me? 96849582, thanks!
  22. daisy_85

    daisy_85 Member

    Hi. My Edd is Dec 4 . Would like to add in the whatapps group if have thanks

  23. Engel

    Engel New Member

    are there 2 whats app group here?
  24. jellybun

    jellybun New Member

    Hi Jessica ,

    Cld you add me in too ? 91820080
  25. jellybun

    jellybun New Member

    Hi all ,

    Just want to seek an opinion. My EDD is 16/12/19. Got a call from the gynae maybe 2 weeks ago saying he might be on leave. 14-18. I know alot of people say first baby is usually 2-3 weeks ahead.

    Shld I change to a gynae or take the substitute during delivery if it does follow edd accurately ?
  26. MichNg

    MichNg Well-Known Member

    Hi, I feel it depends on your reasons for going to the current gynae. Have to weigh the same pros / cons on the substitute and on any other gynae you may choose.
  27. jellybun

    jellybun New Member

    My current gynae is Dr Ben Tham . But I kinda feel weird if my delivery doctor turns out to be someone else. We like Dr Ben Tham very much but this thing makes us uncomfortable so I am really contemplating. Oh anyway the substitute doctor is gonna be Dr Ong xiao Hui. Anyone has heard bout her before ?
  28. Onequeencess

    Onequeencess New Member

    Hi, my number is 87218118! Second pregnancy.. Hope to be added into Dec mummies chat ❤️
  29. Rabbit1116

    Rabbit1116 New Member

    Hello, I’m first time pregnant (EDD is 9th Dec) and interested to join the whatsapp group. My no. is 94518073. Thanks a lot ! :)
  30. pixelsnoopy

    pixelsnoopy New Member

    Hi, I would like to join the WA chat pls too. Have PM you :)
  31. Anisah2424

    Anisah2424 New Member

    Hi, I would like to join the WA chat pls. First time mummy. Due in Dec 2019. Number : 96156773
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  32. GeekyGal

    GeekyGal New Member

    Hi, I've tried to join the group chat but I think maybe my msg was not received. have you been added yet?:)
  33. Carrie T

    Carrie T New Member

    Hi , I would like to join the group chat . My Edd is 29 dec and a first time mummy . My contact is 92381892 . Thanks
  34. june627

    june627 New Member

    Hi :) My EDD 31st Dec 2019. Second-time mummy here.
    Please add me 98277115, thank you!
  35. Jerjer123

    Jerjer123 New Member

    Hihi , congrats on all mummies in Dec edd! I would like to check is there any WA grp for support ? I’ve very bad HG and cramping in my first tri, Glad it has passed , but I’m sure some other problems arises like bloating or heartburn occurring ... would like to be in the support grp to knw I’m not alone suffering here, my number 97874687.
  36. shopperpepper

    shopperpepper New Member

    Hihi can advise how to join the WA group? Thanks so much!
  37. @Wendy@tan

    @Wendy@tan New Member

    Hi. Any Watapps group chat to join? My Edd is 8 Jan 2020, but would most likely be early based on experience. Do let me know who to contact to join the group chat. Thanks

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