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Dec 2019 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by Babydustf08, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. damahome

    damahome Member

    Best is at least 6 weeks then do ultrasound. Better chance of seeing the bb.

  2. Hippology

    Hippology New Member

    Hihi..me too sound like high sia.. which hospital u with? I got about 818. Anyway i pm u to add me in the dec 19 mummies chat too.:)
  3. damahome

    damahome Member

    I'm with KKh now. My friend says my beta very high, worry I get twins.
  4. cowie_bovi

    cowie_bovi New Member

    Hi, I tested positive on Monday 08 April but started spotting yesterday. Anyone has experience with this and how to cope with it? Am worried and stressed. Gg to doctor today.
  5. damahome

    damahome Member

    Go and see a gynae to check.
  6. Naomi Lai

    Naomi Lai New Member

    I tested positive on Sat, 6 April 2019. Already seen my gynae on same day. He gave me 2 types of jabs to stablised my pregnancy.

    My light brown spotting for 5 days liao. Emailed my gynae last night. He said its not uncommon & there are many reasons for spotting. He said to monitor 1st & if feel unwell, I will go & see him before my next appt is on Sat, 20 April 2019

    What colour is ur spotting?
  7. cowie_bovi

    cowie_bovi New Member

    It started yesterday morning and was red which scares me. Then it became brown pinkish spotting until now. Just got jab from doctor too. How much is ur spotting? Doctor told me also many reasons for spotting and bleeding. Just have to monitor and rest. Can’t help but worry. Did you do hcg test?
  8. Naomi Lai

    Naomi Lai New Member

    Sweetie, thankfully u seek help from Doctor fast. At least put ur mind on ease. My spotting is very minimal of light brown thats dry & observed from panty linear. Its similar to implanation bleeding that I experience. I experienced 2 days of implanation bleeding: CD 23 (very light pinkish) & CD24 (light brown). Tested positive on CD28.

    I know abt ur worry. Do u experience any other cramps / abdominal / pelvic pain / vomitting?

    1 of my injections influenced hcg. So its not accurate to test it now. I have to wait 10 days after injection. So will monitor for signs 1st. May consider to go polyclinic to do 2 blood tests on 16/4 & 18/4 to check on hcg level.
  9. pancakess

    pancakess New Member

    I had spotting too! Am at 5w2d today. Seems that spotting is quite common though I agree that it is best to seek gynae’s advice for peace of mind..

    I started spotting last Friday, on/off till now. Light brown in colour and quite little, only a bit on the underwear and mostly when I wipe. Was worried sick. Went to see my gynae on Monday - she did a scan for me which showed that the yolk sac was implanted in the right place (yay) which rules out ectopic preg, and there was no visible bleeding. I got prescribed more Duphaston to stabilize the pregnancy (was already on them since my IUI), and was told no need to worry unless the bleeding turns bright red and/or there is heavy cramping. Am supposed to take things easy also.

    Take care all mummies! :)
  10. sorbetmango

    sorbetmango New Member

    Hello. Can I check if any of you started feeling queasy already? I feel very bloated and I cant sit still.. sometimes no appetite and feel like throwing up. My gynae visit will not happen until end of the month which is like week 8. Will going to a normal GP help? Will they prescribe any meds to ease this morning (full day actually) sickness?
  11. lilpeanutxx

    lilpeanutxx Member

    Yes i started my sickness since wk4. There is no meds to ease this unless u headache u can take panadol, and i suggest u drink more and more water, rest more, on diet balance dont skip meal, continues your vitamin supplements... the more strong sickness means ur pregnancy more stablised as what i heard, my doc always very happy to see this.
  12. Naomi Lai

    Naomi Lai New Member

    Mango, yes there is medicine to help to ease the bad morning sickness according to my gynae. If its too bad that u cant handle, try to bring forth your mth-end appt. I am not sure abt normal GP perscription.

    I am not experiencing morning sickness yet as its still early now (4wks 4days). Every pregancy is different & for different women. I have friends with no morning sickness at all & have their full terms served. Their kids are already 2 - 5 yo liao. Heard women with no morning sickness is said to have stronger body constitution (in TCM theory).
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  13. lilpeanutxx

    lilpeanutxx Member

    Isit? Whats the medicine?
  14. damahome

    damahome Member

    Yes I have same feeling since week 4 also.
  15. Naomi Lai

    Naomi Lai New Member

    I am not too sure the name of the medicine. But once I overheard the clinic manager at my gynae clinic saying their folic acid is special to help overcome bad morning sickness (if I rem correctly).
  16. lemongrasstea

    lemongrasstea New Member

    anyone experience fluctuating symptoms? yesterday i was nausea all day and today i wake up feeling fine. last week i went to doctor and he mentioned i am about 5 weeks.
  17. lilpeanutxx

    lilpeanutxx Member

    Ya sometimes the sickness are on off... did he do a scan for u?
  18. cowie_bovi

    cowie_bovi New Member

    I did have intermittent cramps or tugs and pulls which are predominantly left side and sometimes right. No vomiting. The spotting stopped yesterday morning. But my hcg test didn’t seem to double between 08 April (cd28) and 10 April (cd 30) although still increasing. Worrying..
  19. Naomi Lai

    Naomi Lai New Member

    I am experiencing the same. The tugs been 6 days are primarily at left side. Dull lower backpain too. The tugs can move from lower back from left & then to right. 2 nights ago, I felt a small movement at my lower abdominal area (near uterus). I also dun noe whats gg on. I wanted to do blood work to test hcg but the hormones injection pregnyl 5000 iu that I was given 6 April 2019 would give me inacurrate hcg results if I test now.

    My dry light brown spotting this morning is like half of 5cents coin. Already reduced.

    Can I know what injection ur gynae gave u? I did google research one of the side efftcts pregnyl injection which I was given is pelvic pain.

    I have attached standard hcg guide for u. U take a look. You are not alone. 20190410_115553.jpeg
  20. cowie_bovi

    cowie_bovi New Member

    Am just given progesterone support jab. Praying hard and trying to stay positive. Also had some dull backache and intermittent headache. Feeling hot constantly and perspiring when in non air con environment. which other jab did you take beside pregnyl?
  21. Naomi Lai

    Naomi Lai New Member

    One more jab is proluton depot. Gynae said both jabs are meant to 安胎 stabilising pregnancy. He mentioned he also used for his ivf patients. My pregnancy is natural (not ivf) but he administer the jabs for me on the day of bfp (cd 28).
  22. trish7

    trish7 New Member

    hello ladies, congrats to everyone! tested positive and due in Dec :) would like to join the whatsapp chat but am not able to PM :|
  23. ctkl

    ctkl New Member

    Hi all! I have just tested positive today! would like to join the WA group too! also, any recommendations for a gynae?
  24. AR001

    AR001 New Member

    Hi Strong Beautiful moms to be! I just found out I'm positive and EDD is in Dec, I had a first visit to gynae ytd due to some spotting.
    Doctor gave me some Duphaston and vitamins and put me on rest. Since the day I know, work was stressful due to the last minute tasks, and the fact some colleagues didn't know too. But I am still staying positive and strong for my bb !
    How do I join the WA group? Kinda of need a support group to share experiences.
    Have a Good Day Dec Moms!
  25. sorbetmango

    sorbetmango New Member

    How do I join the WhatsApp group?
  26. Idrene

    Idrene New Member

    I'm new to here. This is my second pregnancy. My first one born in Mt A. I would like to go for TMC for this pregnancy. Any male gyane recommended at TMC? I prefer pro natural gynae
  27. damahome

    damahome Member

    Pls PM me your name and mobile
  28. scarletskies

    scarletskies New Member

    Hi everyone... I was tested positive from a blood test on 8 April because the pregnancy test messed with me. So what happened was I missed my period for a week and I did a pregnancy test which gave me a negative result within the effective time frame, and then 2 hours later when I went back to the bathroom I saw that it turned positive! Then I was so confused because I dunno if it’s false negative or what.
    As I’m going on a 2 week trip I needed absolute confirmation if I’m pregnant or not so I went for a blood test at a gp and it came back positive! I have booked an appt with the gynae referred by the clinic next Tuesday (just before my trip). He is Dr John Yam.
    Have been having some cramps on the right side I hope things will be okay... it’s my first pregnancy so I’m rather anxious
  29. Sandybaby

    Sandybaby New Member

    Hi Damahome, I PM-ed you my number, thank you!

    Hi everyone, I tested positive today and will probably be due in Dec 19! I understand that many gynaes will be away for holiday during that period :( do y’all have any recommendation for gynaes who will typically be around to see thru the delivery? Thank you!
  30. sorbetmango

    sorbetmango New Member

    Not sure if this has been asked elsewhere... is there a checklist on what to do/buy for first time mums please? I'm reluctant to tell friends/relatives about the pregnancy until 1st trimester is over... I was "reprimanded" by my GP yesterday for not eating folic acid supps
    I was like I thought i would wait till I see the gynae.... but apparently I should have eaten before conception..oh well
  31. Choco123

    Choco123 New Member

    Hello, I'm new to this and just tested positive not too long ago, likely in my 6th-7th week now... Gonna see gynae next week, hoping everything will be okay!

    Currently I have not much symptoms, just very very tired and some cramping once in awhile.. Is this normal? A bit worried about the lack of symptoms!
  32. Naomi Lai

    Naomi Lai New Member

    Hello, congrats. Its normal. Different women have different pregnancy. Hence dun worry too much abt lack of symptoms now. Most impt, can confirm viable pregnancy in ur next Gynae appt!
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
  33. icg

    icg New Member

    Hi! I'm a newbie here. Tested positive and I'm at 6 weeks now. Planning to book an appointment for ultrasound so we can check the heartbeat for the first time. Thinking I should be around 8 weeks when I book that appointment. However, I'm still undecided about where to go. This is my first pregnancy and I'm also not familiar with the obgyns' around and I'm just relying on the reviews online. Anyone here would have a feedback for Dr. Choo Wan Ling of Mt. Elizabeth Novena? Thanks!
  34. YvoCel

    YvoCel New Member

    Congrats all mummies to be! Tested positive last Saturday too, havent book gynae appt yet, anyone has any recommendations?:)
  35. della_s

    della_s New Member

    hello all fellow moms-to-be, we are very excited when we tested positive last week! Can I know how do I join the WA group? TIA!
  36. Hagirls

    Hagirls New Member

    Hi i would like to join the WA group too!
  37. scarletskies

    scarletskies New Member

    Hi, just went for my first appt today. How to join the WA group?
  38. damahome

    damahome Member

    Hi, those who wants to join the WA group, pls PM me your name and contact. Thanks.
  39. Naughty Angel

    Naughty Angel New Member

    Tested positive last Sat and just went to Gynae to confirm the result. Had brown spotting for the first time just now, very worried, went back Gynae for a jap. Feel much better after knowing it’s not uncommon, heng!
  40. Tickles_piggles

    Tickles_piggles New Member

    Hi whitecolour! I tested positive on 1st April and I also went to polyclinic to get referral to NUH. My first appt is on my week 12, which I also feel is quite late! They sald that's the earliest appointment date they have for me. :/
    I'm thinking to book an antenatal appointment at the polyclinic before my appt at NUH. Has anyone done that before?

    Congrats to all! So excited! ❤
  41. Hagirls

    Hagirls New Member

    Hi same for me too get referred to NUH at 12 weeks! Ya quite late though. I would also like to try to book for the antenatal care at poly also
  42. summerbelbel

    summerbelbel New Member

    Hi all mummies i tested positive last week waiting for gynae appt next wed
  43. summerbelbel

    summerbelbel New Member

    Hi i would like to join if u create a dec mummy group
  44. Tickles_piggles

    Tickles_piggles New Member

    When was your LMP? My app calculated edd 8th Dec, what abt yours?
  45. yinghui87

    yinghui87 New Member

    Any Whatsapp Group ?
    Week 5 pregnant, EDD should be 12/12/19. ( from app )
  46. damahome

    damahome Member

    Pls PM your name and mobile. Thanks.
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  47. damahome

    damahome Member

    Pls PM your name and mobile. Thanks.
  48. summerbelbel

    summerbelbel New Member

    Pm done
  49. Psiro9

    Psiro9 New Member

  50. surreal

    surreal New Member

    Hi all, I just tested positive today!
    Congrats to all Dec mummies!

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