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Dec 2019 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by Babydustf08, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Mzk

    Mzk New Member

    Congrats! Was yours a tummy US or a vaginal US? Asking cos your dates are similar to mine and my appt is next week! Anxious!

  2. jermjerm

    jermjerm Member

    Mine was a vagina US because Dr couldn’t see baby via tummy US (likely cos is still small). Thank goodness he detected the foetus with steady heartbeat! I’m going back in 2 weeks time for another check!
  3. Rainbowskies

    Rainbowskies Active Member

    Went for my first scan yesterday too! My Edd is actually 1 January 2020 lols but doctor say likely it will be a December baby. Praying that everything goes well and another scan in 2 weeks time!
  4. angela_chinny

    angela_chinny New Member

    Hihi, im new here. 1st time pregnancy and a dec mummy to be hehe. I recently down w cough and throat inflammation and was prescribed by the gp cough syrup and throat inflammation tablet to ease the symptom. Taken for a few days now and its not getting better. Im kinda worried to take med as im afraid that it will affect the baby. Anybody in the same situation?
  5. maggieoh

    maggieoh New Member

    Hi mummies to be, congratulations everyone! I am a first time mummy to be and my EDD is in Dec and would also like to join the WA group. Could you please add me in? Thanks a lot
  6. Rainbowskies

    Rainbowskies Active Member

    Ya my doctor says that when preggy women get flu or cough it takes much longer to recover
  7. angela_chinny

    angela_chinny New Member

    T.T together with the morning sickness, the cough is making me feel worse.
  8. Rainbowskies

    Rainbowskies Active Member

    Me too everyday feeling so sick and weak.. we all jiayou together
  9. sarah92

    sarah92 Member

    Hi Mommies, anyone keen to receive pregnancy & baby related items to try & review!

    No cost/selling involved.

    Generally basic sharing of post.

    PM me if interested, quote PREG
  10. Kailaa

    Kailaa New Member

    I went for a tummy tuck to a random doctor. A self claimed "beauty broker" Melinda Farina advised me him. Listen to me, do NOT go to different brokers, dont make my mistakes and choose wisely! My tummy tuck is a freaking joke, I dont see almost any results!
  11. Lynnong1101

    Lynnong1101 New Member

    Mummies I need advise pls help ... I’m at NUH now and they say that Oscar and harmony test cannot subsidies... Oscar $250 harmony $900
  12. angela_chinny

    angela_chinny New Member

    I going for oscar thou as recommended by my doc. Initially i wanted to do the harmony test but doc say based on my age (30yo), i should just go for oscar. So yeap, im listening to my doc’s advise.
  13. KK_Moon

    KK_Moon New Member

    Hi Damahome, I just PM you. Thanks
  14. Lynnong1101

    Lynnong1101 New Member

    So is no subsidies for Oscar also right?
  15. lucidity

    lucidity New Member

    Hi everyone :)

    First pregnancy here and EDD on 19 Dec! It’s been a trying 8 weeks both physically and mentally for me and time has never passed so slowly haha.

    Could someone kindly add me to the WA group too? Thanks lots!
  16. KK_Moon

    KK_Moon New Member

    Congrats! I am first pregnancy too, my EDD is 14 Dec, almost the same time with you. I just texted Damahome my HP for her to add into WA group. She should be admin. I am waiting for her reply
  17. lucidity

    lucidity New Member

    Congrats to you too! :)

    I also sent her a DM.. waiting for her reply too!
  18. xuanzxzz

    xuanzxzz New Member


    Is anyone in the wa grp chat alr? I've pm damahome twice but haven't been added. Would appreciate if someone could add me into the support group. :)
  19. porkypa

    porkypa New Member

    need to get referral letter than can get subsidy if not will be treated as private patient.

    from what i heard, the latest news is that there is not subsidy for harmony in KKH anymore, as of 1st may.
    i am confirming this with others. hope someone can clarify this.
  20. angela_chinny

    angela_chinny New Member

    Not that i know of.
  21. angela_chinny

    angela_chinny New Member

    Me too! Have msg her. But have not been added.
  22. Honeiidew

    Honeiidew New Member

    Hello! First time mum here with EDD 20th Dec so excited and anxious at the same time! Hahas! Congrats to all mummies here!
  23. YiyingJustin

    YiyingJustin New Member

    Hihi.. .. I went to kkh last week.. currently at week 10, Oscar is around 340, harmony is 750.. harmony no subsidy.. Oscar after subsidy is around 174..
  24. YiyingJustin

    YiyingJustin New Member

    Try to go before the golden period of testing is over.. referring to Oscar and harmony test which is around week 11-14.

    It also gives certainty that your baby is doing fine..
  25. Lynnong1101

    Lynnong1101 New Member

    Oh it use to have subsidies de right?
  26. Lybaby99

    Lybaby99 New Member

    Hi damahome,

    I've pm you my mobile no. Have you receive it? Kindly add me in the group chat. Thank you.
  27. Chubby Berry

    Chubby Berry Member

    Is anyone having bad morning sickness?
    Mine seems like getting worst this week. How you all over come it?
  28. lucidity

    lucidity New Member

    I have some but it isn’t that bad... but I do find that sucking on ice cubes help! Haha!
  29. kavitha20

    kavitha20 New Member

    Hi new mummies, any recommendations on private gynes at kkh? I'm Planning to switch to private at my 20th week. Do advise , thanks
  30. Alicetan85

    Alicetan85 New Member

    Hi all Dec mummy. My Edd is on 15dec19. Any WhatsApp group chat I can join in thanks
  31. cheery pumpkin

    cheery pumpkin New Member

    Hi all Dec mummies congrats!! My edd is Christmas period! I certainly hope my doc is ard and not on holidays! Would like to join the whatsapp grp chat! kindly add me! Thanks!

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