Dec 2019 Mummies


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Hihi.. .. I went to kkh last week.. currently at week 10, Oscar is around 340, harmony is 750.. harmony no subsidy.. Oscar after subsidy is around 174..
Hi, did they tell gender of the baby too ,as I want to know the gender ? How was the result


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Hey guys! Dr. Suzanna isn't available until my edd and i was wondering if anyone's heard of any recommendations for Dr. Kho Chye Lee (Lily) at KKH?

My first referral visit, I'd met her and she seems nice and all, but I wanna be sure that she's gonna be a really great gynae throughout my pregnancy :)

I hope u can still find my message. Just want to ask ur feedback with Dr.Lily Kho. Thank you
Hi mummies,

Any baby born on 27Nov19? There is a lady who customised an art piece gift for her friend's baby but she got the date wrongly. She is giving the view of the galaxy on that particular day. It is a very meaningful gift. Hope she can find the child born on that date. You may share in your group chat or with friends.... Thanks.

Link on FB:
FB Group: Art Don't Throw (SG)

Kindly PM her directly in FB messenger. :)

*I am just helping her post on motherhood group so don't messenger nor PM me.. Thanks.


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Hello, I'm new to this site. Pretty late to this but my baby boy was delivered on 25dec 2019. Could someone please add me into the WhatsApp chat? Thank you
My number is 91051085