BEDBUGS victims

If not this thread, then the other one which i think may not exist by now. In any case, I had shared that I 1st applied lavender lotion on my son and then on self to prevent the bbs from biting us. I do recall it was not 100% lavender yet it had worked on both of us.
Of course if one can afford it, I am sure 100% oil would be better, but I do not think it is necessary as we have used and self-proven

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are being invited to take part in a survey about bed bugs conducted by Origin Exterminators (website: acting as an external collaborator for a team of 5 Republic Polytechnic students in their Final Year Research Project. The students need to obtain data from the general public.

The purpose of this survey is for you to tell us what you think or recognise about bed bugs. We are also interested in knowing your opinion about available bed bug treatments methods.

Brief synopsis of the research project
Understanding the perceived levels and impact of bedbug incidence as a public health vector in Singapore.

In line with the growing trend globally, bedbugs seems to be a rising concern for globalised cities. Currently, pest management companies and homeowners are dealing with this vector in a variety of ways and techniques.

Understanding the current levels of awareness in the public about the pest and also the perceived incidence will give us a base level of the extent of presence of bedbugs in Singapore. We also hope to understand the baseline underpinning knowledge of the public in regards to the biology and control strategies available.

Please note that there is no right or wrong answer to any question, and we are only interested in your perceptions and feedback. This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

We assure you that the responses provided by you will not be linked to any personal identifying information. Your participation in this study is voluntary and you are free to quit at any time.

We thank you again for your willingness to participate in this study. Please feel free to contact us if you need any additional information.

Caroline De Hamel
Origin Exterminators
[email protected]
Hi all,

Is this thread still alive? Sad to say, no one is happy to join this thread but for some suay reason or another, we are landed here.

How has everyone been in dealing with the blood suckers? If u look at the time im posting this, u wld noe that it is not giving me a gd nite's sleep.

I hope to get rid of them fast, i tot pest control company is the best way coz i think my mental health and stress is worth more than the few hundreds of dollars. But then again, I hv read that it may come back 1mth after the pest company do their job.

Sigz..anyone tried pest company and is successful, pls share here or email me ([email protected]) - pls remove the sgg at the back, just to prevent spams. Many thanks.
Of all the various methods I tried, I find DE is the most effective method!
U shld try the DE method first rather than spending money on bedbug sprays etc.
Hi, I am also affected by bedbugs and chanced upon this forum. Can someone please teach me how to use the DE? Sprinkle on the whole floor or at the wall edges of the rooms only. I have small babies who still crawl at home, will touching and injesting DE be dangerous? Thanks for any replies.
been nearly a year fighting the long hard battle with bedbugs... sprayed hs for the 4th time already... threw mattress away. sealed the parquet skirting with silicone. crossing finger and watching n waiting now.
My bedbug is back again
Haha... seems like it is a never-ending issue
2mr nid to flip over the bedframe to hunt their nest if can find any.

Babyz, i sprinkled DE ard the bed area.
DE can be consumed i heard bt i think better dun let bb go near it.

Gpl, how issit going so far?
Gold fish Try Whote Vinegar -dont dilate. Wear gloves and face mask.. clean throughout. Then Buy sandalwood (red box-gold color).. smoke in the whole room, door windows-REMEMBER to Be AWAY from fabrics hoh <font color="ff0000">WARNING Wait FIRE</font>... Use torch light to flip up the corners of the bed to search for them..

Soak all clothes bit by bit in Dettol(white color &amp; hot boiling water)..

Lastly, I did this abt 2/3 weeks time.. All Migrated, and been living free from them for 5yrs liao..

The only bad part is they migrate to my upstairs neighbour house, And I did for them(not expecting anything in return) and they paid me $1k To silent me as they want to sell flat.
Hi all, been a long time since i last posted. My bb problem hv not returned (hopefully never again) since i got a pest company to spray the whole house.

In case anyone of u is keen to enagage a pest company and duno which is gd, i m just sharing my contact here. Im in no way related to him as Im just another mommy sharing infor in this forum &amp; I understd the misery of having bb ard the house. U can call Francis (hp: 96377702) for quotation, his charges is reasonable (after comparing a few companies) and his service is gd.
Hi all,

glad that there is actually this particular topic whh cld help me deal wif bed bugs..

Thanks to everyone who contributed here..

Today is the day helper found bed bugs in my 3 kiddos room.. my poor kids legs, hands, bodies are all bites from bed bugs and i din even noe its frm hm n i tot all along it was frm the childcare they go to.. Helper caught them and sprayed insecticide and dettol, and got mum to call me n informed me about it..

We threw away our super single bed divan n the mattress w rollers below it.. n b4 i got hm w the Potion A spray, she mopped the room w dettol too..and closed that bedroom door..

i got hm n sprayed another mattress which we believe was not infected badly wif the the Potion A spray, n hope it works.. N right now we are soakin all their pillows wif hot water too..

As my youngest girl's mattress has a pvc encasement covering it, she was not bitten by the bed bugs.. but it seems to hard to buy the same type of encasement since mum bot that when I was young..

I would want to buy more encasement for my 2 other kids new mattresses and also to get the DE.. So if anyone got spare DE to sell, please let me know soon..

Hello all,

I need help to deal with the bedbugs.
I have called for the pest control company to come and spray. It includes 2 treatments. The 1st treatment, as stated by the company, drives the bugs to come more a result, i got bitten even more. The 2nd spray is the upcoming Friday.

How should I deal with my house if bb are still seen again?

Can anyone tell me where to buy DE powder in Singapore? I appreciate all help in helping me overcome this battle! Thank you
Hello Dan ST, i cant PM you. Do you mind sending me your contact so that I can buy the DE from you?
Thank you
Hi all,

I have sold my spare DE to a nice lady.
Anyway, you can get DE powder in some pet shops located at Toa Payoh.
Hi, I’ve engaged for the pest company to get rid of the Bedbugs (BB) issue however it only help to kill the adults BD but NOT those hidden (like eggs and babies BB). Although paying about 400 for 2 treatments, there are a lot of things you have to prepare before their visit. They will be spraying some kind of water medicine. Therefore we have to cover all out electrical appliances, taped all the adaptors to prevent the “water vapour” leak into the holes. We have to stay outdoor for 4hrs after their treatment and after that it was a super tiring part we have to handle. Cleaning the whole unit, washing all the bedsheets, mopping the floor (as its kinda of greasy) and etc.. Basically need to CLEAN thoroughly as the medicine is harmful. I feel the pest services are temporary. If we want to get rid of the horrible BB, we need daily maintenance. It super tiring especially we have to work during weekdays and look after our 6mths baby during weekdays.
Hi all,

Anyone could advise when to buy to DE and Pest Pistol which is a great applicator for DE?

Thanks for advising!!!

Seldom check back this thread. In response to celtricia's question, u can get the PVC mattress casement from those furniture shops in neighbourhood area. I just bought 1 last year at abt $80 - $100 for a king size one. It is really good as it wraps up the whole mattress. I have it for all my mattress, but mainly to prevent leakages due to toilet training my kids, not for preventing bedbugs.

I think some of the old furniture shops are still selling.
hi... i juz bot the DE from the pet shop in tpy upon dan's advise. the shop is pet's gantry at blk 92 toa payoh lorong 3, same row as the ocean fish head curry. when u go into the shop &amp; ask abt DE, the friendly lady boss will teach u how to treat bed bugs.

i have spare to sell if you want to try some first, cos it comes in 1kg bottle. i am treating a wall with bugs only so dun need so much. pls pm me if you want.
I am testing one method which i modified and based on the fact that carbon dioxide lure the bugs out. Please feedback over here if you have tried.

1. you need a 2l plastic softdrink bottle, mixed 1l of water , 5 tablespoon of sugar, 1 teaspoon yeast.

2. Poured the solution into the 2l bottle, this will generate co2.

3. Punctured a few holes at the neck of the bottle to release the co2 gas.

4. At the middle of the infested room, coated a thin layer of DE on the floor .

5. Placed the CO2 bottle at the middle of the coated area.

6. Vacant the room and leave the bottle there for a few days.

The bottle will generate co2 gas, by theory will attracted the bugs. Once the bugs crawled through the DE coated floor, it will be killed.

Hope this will helps, in certain way.

More ideas can be build on ths co2 concept.
I recall ever goggle online, there is a prog that educates people on how to kill bed bugs. I think they also have a DIY bed bug trap.

Using dry ice and a dog bowl (if i recall correctly), as it also gives out CO2. You can try google on it. Hope it helps
ahh..., sexyloh had put up an individual post asking about how to rid bedbugs and I've replied to her thread, referring her to this thread w hope that she could find some helping tips and solace here.
For the info of "new comer", DE earth is slow killing . It takes 5 to 21 days to kill the bugs. The good thing is, it is non toxic, but not to breathe in too much.

One can also not breathe in the fumes of the garden spray and one would have to shut all windows and doors to do the spraying. Leave room as it is for couple of hours or when the smell goes off.

My hb was the one who bot the spray..I remember the wordings were all in Huayu but the spray bottle is white including the cap.

Our son was 5yo then, happened to be sick and so I left everything for hb to handle.

Sorry, I am unable to share more on it..we simply can't remember the quantity nor the price but it is affordable and we used it once every day for our 1st crucial days, and there after we used it every alternate day. It has been 2yr+ and we thank the One Above for his protection!

I think any garden purpose spray would do the work..there is one with a green bottle. No may wanna check DIY stores, common sundry/household or even your regular grocer.
If I had to deal with this, I would have gone for something organic!

Just a re-cap, I used Lavender lotion (any brand) and applied it on son's and my body b4 sleep. Strangely, my hb had no reaction to the itch. Maybe that's cos he has experienced worst - suffered from a severe rare skin disorder called, bullous pemphigoid. Doctors then didn't know how to help him. He was used as a guinea pig with doctors drawing blood from him so often, so they could do trials experiments and research. He nearly died becos they doctors gave him the wrong meds.

Of course we cannot take ourselves as guinea pigs to find out what works best against bed bugs, but this is one which consumes your time and patience to find something that would work for you.

Recently, my hb agreed to buy a Bamboo Charcoal Mattress Protector which the salesman said will help ward off bed bugs and dustmites.
Bamboo Charcoal has lots of good natural properties that is good for health and I had to get it to help my son have calmer sleep.
I thought it was a good buy since it gives an all-rounder preventive measure.
I have asked here b4 and don't recall any1 sharing...

BIO-X 3in1 , BIO-X Lullaby
These products have been sold by a BP organiser here many times. I cannot find her latest closed BP but her nick and full name is - Tituteo aka joelle.

I think these products work. In any case, it is worth the try!
hmm, miraclebebe. thanks for your info on the garden spray. It would benice if you can find out the name and type of the spray.

But then we have to be extemely careful when using these garden spray. Especially for young children and pregnant woman.
If we look at the stated chemical content in the insecticide, most of them are pyrithrin , or pyrithoids ( synthetic pyrithrin ). synthetic one last longer effect, as the pyrithrin break down faster.

Like JT Eaton bug spray, is deltamethrin, one type of pyrethoids. Commonly used, so chances that bugbugs might have resistance.

BIO-X, active ingredient is etofenprox, also one of pyrithoids. I would go for BIO-X lullaby as it got double strength of etofenprox of 3 in 1 .

So, most of these branded stuff are selling too expensive.

Most of the water based insecticide dont kill instantly. how long ? i also dun know. If you spot the nest, use steam , kerosense, thinner . instant kill.
i have already given as best a description of the garden spray that we used which seemed to have worked for us. I think you should not have problem looking for it. Otherwise, a common (nothing extraordinary) garden spray should work!

I didn't know Bio-X and JT Eaton are branded stuff. I won't consider them expensive brands just becos they may be good and works for those who have used the products. Bio-X is sold in our local super and hyper markets.

Some1 told us to use kerosene, a method from the old days but becareful, as it burns. Same with thinner I think.
Steam? Very very high temperature.

My parents's time, one would sun their mattresses and pillows etc. These days most of us live in HDB housing, where is the convenience to sun our belongings? If drop from tekko, some1 might get "killed".

I hope you have gotten rid of your mattress? U must dispose of it!
hi miracle, thx again.

I have to agree that if the spray works , then they are not expensive.

Again, kerosense, like the insectide, we have to handle them carefully. If used correctly, i think it is very powerful.
i m here miracle bee. My friend hse got bedbugs due to one of her neighbours whose is chinese transmit the bedbugs to them.Use a lot ideas and brought a lot killer bugs insectide and power, still there are bugs moving around. I suggest to them to complain town council.
nice nick, sexyloh

you mean the chinese from china invaded your friend's home with these bedbugs when he/she arrived from china?
is it only ur friend's home that has the problem? hmm.., must be immediate neighbour is it?
well, no matter where you had come from..even if your friend had just touched down from airport hours ago and returned home, the bedbugs could have followed him/her into the luggage bag.

i really dunno what your friend should do, but yes, do inform the town council.
i personally feel it should be the town council's concern..they should not throw the "baby" back to the residents, esp if the issue concerns not just 1 neighbour to another neighbour. Maybe try the MP? Or ask are to sell you some of the DE
At this point, i am not very sure whether the bugs has been removed. i dont have any red swelling now, but my body feels itchy everynow and then. Also, some of the smaller bites i not sure are old btes or new bites now.

very depressing . very evil.

sexyloh, difficult to proof that the chinese neighbour spread the bugs to yr friend.
Gd mornin

Pardon me if I do not browse thru' archive to see if this has been shared..
Was reading a featured article and chanced upon Origin Exterminator. Has any1 heard of them?
This company uses Sparky the BedBug Detector to find the bedbugs and accdg to featured writer, her home is begbug free.

Ryan and Sexyloh, maybe you might wanna give these people a try?

I seriously recommend you apply lavender lotion all over your body. That was what stopped to reduce the itch and prevented us from being bitten by the bedbugs.
hi miracle, thx for the tips. For thebites, i am trying to see any new bites, to judge whether the bugs has been eradicted.

BTW, sharing this, for those more serious bites, you all can use tiger balm. it is anti inflam and stop itches. quite good.

I have came across origin on the internet. I think very wonderful to have a detection dog. The only thing is, price on the high side. But will consider if really cant stop it .
I had an infestation of bedbugs coz my new Indon maid brought them over with her in her luggage.>___<

Anyway, both hubby n me panic coz its all in the bed frame. We wanted to throw the entire bedframe n mattress away but they cost alot. A bit heartpain. Hubby bought one of those vertical steamer n I got my helper to use dettol to wipe over the frame and mattress n then use the hot steam to kill the bugs n the eggs. Then, my friend recommended the rainbow vacuum cleaner. I was already thinking of buying one coz my kids r allergic to dustmites. Together of repeating for about 4-5 nites of wiping with dettol, steaming n using the vacuum cleaner, we managed to kill the bedbugs. Not pleasant but it worked.

Now, my helper vacuums the mattress and bedframe, including the folds and nooks every week with the small suction compartment, n we've been bedbugs-free for almost 3 months now. Phew...

I would advise for family with young kids not to use chemical stuff to kill the bedbugs coz dunno the sideeffects it would have on the kids. I was fearfl of spraying anything on the mattress coz my daughter would come into close contact with it. I think using hot steam to kill them is the best, n then use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck the dead bugs up.

Was at a household shop near to home the other day and noticed they carry a couple of garden and bug spray. One had the words, "Super Bug Spray" on it's white label/body and cost about $16+ w picture of a bedbug.

For the record, we did not use the garden spray on the mattress, but just onto the sides and corners of the bedframe, the cracks in the wood as well as those in the wall. We ensured we were not at home, not even in the living room at time of spray process so our boy would not have to breathe in the chemicals

The Bio-X brand is organic and safe for bbs/kids.
miracle, thx for the recommendation. I got that super bugs spray also. It seems to be good as i saw a few dead bugs after spraying.

i have throw away the bedframe, now my room is quite empty.
Hi all

My house is also infested with bb.  All started in Jul 2011 when the Malaysian confinement lady got bitten on her 7th day of stay and we immediately threw away the bedframe she slept in.  Not sure who brought in the bb as she shared the room with my new filipino helper who came in end May 2011 but she has not gotten any bites from bb thus far.  Ever since the detection of  bb, we have been thorough in our cleaning but we could not detect the source of e bb breed.  However, we spotted live bb (usually 1) crawling on the sofa (3 occassions) n my mum found one on the parquet floor in the maid's room. To ensure mattresses r clean, I bought a UV bed vacuum from a spree in SMH n get my helper to vacuum the mattresses, pillows and bolsters and clean the bedframe every week when we change linen.  So far, none of us got any bites <touchwood>.  

However, I think the bb are invading or have invaded my MBR as I spotted one crawling on my leg while patting my 3mths old bb n stood next to my bed on Sun night. Shortly, my hubby spotted one on the wall.  Since then, I could not sleep well n been feeling uneasy when I lie on my bed n sit on sofa. Hence, this explained the post at this hour.  Really causing mental stress ESP The detestable bugs are not easy to kill and eliminate!

After the unpleasant experience on Sun night, i decided to engage Origin and Sparky dog to attack the bb especially the source of breed has not been identified n I have 2 young children at home. Yes, not cheap. The package will cost me S$900 + GST and according to Origin, this is a promotional package.  Not sure how true.  But, I really hope the $$$ will b well spent. The 1st session is scheduled this Friday.  A lot of work need to b done prior to the session.  To ensure effectiveness, we need to clear clutters n to keep the house clear on best effort basis.  Details of the procedure can be founded on Origin's website. Will update u all again after Fri.

Wish me good luck! 
Hi manuka, that's very exp price from origins. $900 for how many treatments? I had engaged their services about 2 yrs ago about $400. Just as you hv mentioned, many preparation work prior to their treatment. And more to come after when they are done. Hope they can really eliminate the BB for u. Make sure they destroy the eggs as well, if not it will come back few mths later like mine case.
Do keep us posted of everthing.
Many thanks!!!
Hi Joey

Yes, the service is not cheap. Total 2 treatment sessions. Prior to each session, Sparky dog will b brought to the house to sniff n search for infestation area. Decided to pay for the service cos we r unable to locate the source of the infestation so far no bites yet and only spotted live bb (usually one)
crawling in the house in several occasion. There shld b many many more but dun know where. Personally, I think Sparky Dog can do a better job to hunt down the infestation area. Sure, will update u all. Really hope it will b effective!
Hi Manuka
I hope you killed the 1 live bb when you spot it?
It's not just the bedframe that one has to dispose of, but the mattress also becos these "vampires" would hide in the seams.
I think the price depends on the effectiveness of the treatment. If it can eliminate the bugs, i am ok with that. ( But i have doubts, how dogs to detect on ceiling, electrical conduit ? )

I think most people wanted to diy, to see whether can clear. Actually, best to bomb the bugs as early as possible.

For me, as my house are messy and many old stuffs from the past. Now i also dun know wat to do!!
Hi miracle bb

Yes; we KILLED the live bb that we spotted.

Hi Ryan

My grandma advised me to DIY first (dun be so gan chiong) and assess the situation before calling the pest control company.  However, I dun want to risk it given the biology of the bb.  This couple with the followings factors, I decided to act now before the situation aggravated although I know the fact that bb may not be totally exterminated:-
(1) parquet flooring with chipped holes in all rooms which is a good hideous place for bb.  We decided to mend the parquet flooring after the session - need to spend $$ again. 
(2) wooden skirting around the whole house - dangerous cos good hiding outlet for bb.
(3) my bed is customized n a fixture that it is impossible for me to dismantle, clean and kill the bb thoroughly. See what the consultant will advise on Friday.  If need be, we will tear the bed down.
(3) 2 young children at home.
(4) the thought of the bb creeping on my body and feast has been causing mental stress to me.  I have not been sleeping and eating well for the past 2 days already.  hubby finds me too paranoid over this bb issue but he must also understand that bb infestation is not an easy task to deal with; unlike killing an animal - once killed and I am sure of its non-existence.  Furthermore, we cannot just walk out of the house unless we sell it n it will take time too. 

I hope catching bb infestation at an early stage will help to increase the success rate of eradicating them from a specific area esp we are still unable to detect the actual source of infestation. Origin will give a specific treatment on the area detected by Sparky Dog and we just can pray and hope that the undetected hiding location of bb will b exterminated by the blanket treatment that covers the whole house.  Hiazzz, this is so much I can do...  Feeling very suay to have such detestable pests in my house...

Took this chance to spring clean the house - we cleaned n kept our items in trash bags n intend to keep items in trash bags until we are sure no return of bb. This will also help for DIY maintenance after the extermination session or more extermination sessions <touchwood>.  Agreed with Joey, alot of work. Fortunately, I m still on maternity leave but gg back work soon.

BB go away!!!! 
Hi Ryan, Joey and Manuka-Chan

Yday, I was at the eco-garden located in Science Centre assisting as a volunteer to my son's form teacher and his classmates for a learning journey.

There were different sections of the eco-garden eg water plants, aquatic plants and when we came to the herbal plants section I remembered the BBs, and decided to see if I could find information on herbal remedies on the Internet.

These herbs apparently help to prevent BB bites. I do not know if they will work in our environment and moreover, some of these herbs may not be easily found locally.
Anyway, for knowledge its a good read and these are just 2 of the websites..

BedBug Bites - 3 Common Herbal Remedies

Did you see the photo of the BB on front cover of the author, Abhishek Agarwal's book? Scary!

Herbal Remedies

When we suffer constantly from cuts and bruises, supposedly we lack Vit C. Yet I note that on the 3rd paragraph, Vitamin C (ground 8-10tabs into paste form)can be applied directly to the hurt area that will help in healing the inflammation of bedbug bite. I assume it's the same with other bites and cuts.

When I was using the lavender lotion for my son, he slept per normal and was never awakened by the bites or irritation.
As for me, I was very afraid of the bites so altho' I too applied the lotion on my body but I only slept about 4am every morning, becos I noticed by around that time,the BBs would have disappeared under somewhere away from one's body. They don't come running and biting me.
I lacked lots of sleep then, but I took afternoon naps to replace the hours lost.

By the way Manuka-Chan,

my nick is not miracle bb becos there is already some1 else with that nick. there are other nicks similar to miracle bb also, but uniquely,my "bebe" is spelt the french way.

Call me particular BUT seriously, no apology needed as I know it was innocently erred. I just felt I should let you know, so I wouldn't be mistaken for some1 else. J2share, 2 of my good forum friends to my surprise, made that mistake