BEDBUGS victims

Miracle bebe, thanks for the tip of using lavendar lotion. I will go and get it manz! I saw that the bedbugs scar on my bb face is still there after like 2 weeks?!?

It came in a 2L container and i purposely bought the 'water-plant' spray container to contain it. I think it is better than the typical spray bottle cos the 'spread' of the waterplant spray is wider. So you get more coverage by spraying once or twice.

I spent 3hrs+ to hunt down the bedbugs at my masterbedroom yesterday afternoon. I armed with the 3-ply face mask cos' i dun want to breathe in too much potion 3 vapour. I armed with a torchlight to go through the mattress, the bedframe.

I am very focused to keep a lookout of bedbugs and eggs. The eggs of bedbugs are beri easy to identify on a non-white background. An easy indicator is you will find a cluster of white-grains together. And when u try to gently brush it away, IT STILL STAYS ON. So that is 100% bedbugs egg and not some dustspots! I used SCOTCHTAPE to tape them away with some constant rubbing to make sure it does not fall off to the ground. Previously, i was using wetwipes to rub it away but i feel that this will onie cause the eggs to 'relocate' to another location since some may fall off u see. This SCOTCHTAPE method is oso good in catching the bedbugs! They will just stay GLUED to the tape!!!

Yesterday hunt was a fruitful one cos' i found LOTS of EGGS underneath the bedframe!! I was hesititant to flip the queensize bedframe over cos it is heavy and i am doing it MYSELF. But i am glad to do that cos i foudn that the eggs are found on the underneath of the bedframe in between the folds of my bedframe velvet lining. And i also found 2 mummies bedbugs and i killed them away!!!

I cannot imagine how tings will be if these eggs are not found!! I think there are altogether like 30 of them!?!

After i found the egg, i start to vaccum away the dust and hopefully some bedbugs away. And den, i start spraying the potion 3 at all area.

I am still monitoring my MBR situation. I did not have any bites last nite which is a good sign but after my prevoius experience, i think we shld never let our guard down!

I am going to hunt bedbugs in my bb room later (however minus the potion 3 spray)
I'm quite sure you can also try citronella, lemongrass and cedar as per Tan Leng Leng's recommendation.

You are not using the Potion 3 (is this the name of the solution?) becos u do not think it is toxic-free etc? How then do you expect to rid and kill them bedbugs in your bb's room?

If the information/directions on the packaging says that it is eco-friendly, toxic-free and safe 4 chdn, there should not be any worries. Just ensure your bb is not in the room for a period of time, until the smell goes away. Anyway....

You are very strong to be able to do this on your own ie turning the bedframe over. I would not be able to manage it myself, as I get shortness of breath and tired easily. Physically, there is nothing wrong with me..
I have only been concentrating on looking for the bedbugs and not its bbs.. I didn't know they form clusters of white-grains. I thought the little dots crawling about are the bbs? Oh dear! all the more my hb would not be able to see them
oh my god.... this really send chills down my spine!

I was a bed bug victim too. For weeks, I was feast upon and would wake up crying (I was only 7 or 8 yrs old then). The bed bugs very weird... they only attacked me. I was sleeping in the middle of my parents but they left my parents untouched!

We didn't get any professional help cos back then, not so sophisticated and also, no money anyway.

I was sleeping on some planks (yes, we were that poor then). To find the bugs, my father used his lighter flame and run through the planks. THose tiny bast**ds began to escape out of the fillings but only to be burned to death. Sweet.

He also used dettol to wet wipe the plank and sun it for a few days. My pillow was also sun-ed and the pillow cases were thrown away.

There after, I no longer suffer from those tiny blood sucker. But each time I hear about them, I would recall those itchy red patches all over my body... *shudder*
Miracle Bebe, I am using Potion 3 in my MBR cos it is the main nest i believe. I sprayed all around the bed, frame, mattress everything. I wanted to use the same spray on my bb cot but my bb still in this stage of biting the cot etc. I find it abit 'risky' cos i am worried that he may mouth the edge of the babycot which was sprayed by Potion 3.

In e end, i have to use Potion 3 sparingly on bb bed. Onie at the underside of the babycot and the base nia... haiz.. i do not find anything fishy in the baby cot. No signs of black dots of faeces evidence etc. Jialut.. dunno where those little freaks are hiding.

Wah Samantha, the burning part is such an ENJOY!!! Ermm.. can lighter flame be used on velvet material?
You all might like to iron the mattress on a weekly or daily basis. this helps to kill the bed bugs rather than using all those sprays.

Yeap yeap.. i did tried ironing the mattress too.. If the bedbugs are hiding at the mattress, then it will be effective...

Miracle Bebe, do keep a close eyes on the bedbug eggs as locating them will be easier for u to stop the population spread.

I was googling abt bedbugs stuff and stumbled onto this link with all the bedbugs pix. And i find this pix so gruesome :S

YAWN... i am going to my bedbug infested bed soon... hope i dun kena any bites later!
Hello goldfish. wow wat a satisfation that u managed to hunt them down! So glad for you. The boxspring is not the mattress. I put the mattress on top to elevate the height. A box-spring (sometimes referred to as a bed base) is a hard sturdy wooden frame, covered in cloth. I think no one goes for it now. Cos last time we plonked the mattress on raised platform and when i got pregnant the height too low and difficult to get up so got boxspring then. Spent a few hundreds on the simmon boxspring now pending fate in the living room. Hee. I hope u have gotten to the last of bed bugs and never to see them again! Ah the scars is fading. Thank God. I did not do spraying. I think the bedbugs was confined to the boxspring thanksfully.
Gpl, yeapyeap! I feel like striking lottery to find a strings of eggs at the underside of the bedframe. Think it is worth the energy to push the frame up afterall!

Ah.. can understand wat u mean by box-spring. I believe u did wrapped up ur boxspring in the living room rite? Otherwise, bedbugs may just migrate elsewhere

GOod to know tat u bo see any bedbugs since then! But dun let ur guard down which wat happened to me 2 weeks ago!! I am now on constant watch and will continue to do full scale inspection on a weekly basis
are you sure it is safe to leave your boxspring in the living room?

i found this site which has an indication that the bedbugs may be found in boxsprings.

be it lighter-flame or kerosene oil, you must be prepared to spoil your home - the furniture, the sofa, the parquet flooring etc.
Remember I had shared that I used to sleep very late into the wee hours of the morning just to escape the bites or try to escape from them? Well last night I applied my lavender lotion and went straight to bed. Woke up arnd 5 not becos I had been bitten, but cos I had to relief myself.

My dh don't like using cream or lotions on his body eventho it may benefit his very dry skin. But I can see he is not itching as much too, but that does not mean the bugs are less. So tho the spray we are using is only $6 or so, and it is a garden spray, I do believe it helps but not enuff to eradicate the whole problem.
Lengleng- yap yap aka divan.

Golfish/miracle bebe- Opps ur right i should clear wrapped it. Cos i still do not know if want to dump it.
Miraclebebe, haiz.. I am so unprepared to go down the route of kerosene or lighterflame. Sounds majiam like burning down the whole flat liddat leh :S
U know wat? Though I have done a massive killing last sat, I still have some fear of going to bed!!! And before I actually dozed off, my mind is twirling with images of bedbugs crawling silently on my leg w/o me noticing it etc. ARGGGHHH!!!!

Good to hear tat lavender lotion is working for you! However, do not let ur guard down still leh! I don’t mean to sound like a wetblanket to you but no bites for a few nites does not mean they are gone. Bedbugs do not need to feed on us everday wor. So, keep monitoring wor! I have been watching out for small dark spots on bedsheet etc which is also a clear indication that they are still ard.

I read that bedbugs do not like hair. So that’s why they dun bite us at our scalp or face etc. And that probably explains why our husbands escapes the bites cos my husband haf hairy legs!!! Maybe it is time for us to stop shaving our legs! LOL

Gpl, try to wrap it up though I wonder how are u going to do it though. If the divan is the prime suspect, better wrap it up to prevent them from migrating to ur sofa or whatsoever.

We must continue to support each other emotionally in this battle of bedbugs!!!
If you want to rid them vampires, you don't have a choice BUT to dispose of the boxspring. Do remember to do it in the correct and proper manner, lest some1 else unknowingly brings the vampires home with them

I do not let my guard down..infact, I do keep a lookout everyday without fail b4 our son takes his nap or b4 retiring to bed in the evenings.
The lavender lotion is just a precaution which also deters mossies from biting us, and of course, it helps to moisturise our bodies.
Unfortunately, I do not shave nor will I ever becos hair actually protects our skin. The only hair that I remove are those uneven out of place ones on my eyebrows, and those on the underarms.
Hi mums,

I just chanced upon this thread, like you all i have suffered for more than 6mths.
Resort to buy a steam cleaner (Advante big model-from Homefix), insecticide, painting the walls , cleaning,etc.
The only thing i have not done is to engage a professional pest control yet.

My enquiry to pest control thru' email is around S$240 to S$500+ . Most provide 7 days guranteed, come 2 times and must wash all clothings with warm water.
(Example at footer below.)

My main concern is I wonder if pest control can gurantee that the bedbugs (bbs) will not return after 2 or 3 mths since the bbs are very tough and can hide in places where the chemical spray might not reach. And i suspect the bbs could have come from one of my neighbour.

I have seen them hide in books , spanners, tools, etc. So diifcult to find them and get rid of them.

Like Goldfish, I also bought Potion3 (2 litres) from Jurong Point B1. I v been using it for about 2 to 3 nights.
I sprayed P3 around my matress and spray liberally all around the walls/ floors of living room, bedrooms and utiltiy room which i suspect have bbs.
Till now almost 800ml to 1 litre used up but not much result, I still have bites after the 2nd nite. Maybe did not spray direct on the bb body, thats why they came out at nite.

i do noticed that one of the adult bb's body shrivel up when sprayed directly with P3 but what about if P3 only spray randomly around the room when bb are not out, wonder if Potion 3 is effective when bbs crawled past the solution ?

Hope you folks have solved your bedbugs problem.
Its really sleepless nites and torturing sometimes....

Yours sincerely,

Example at Footer:
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to quote for the above mentioned pest. The cost of work for conducting bed bugs control and elimination work at a 3 room HDB Flat is S$2xx (Before GST) per complete service..

Type of Treatment for Bed Bugs

First Treatment: Chemical Application

(Day 1)
Carry out chemical application by spraying NEA approved pesticide to flush out and eradicate adult bed bugs at the infested location. The residual effect of the chemical shall eliminate the new born bed bugs when they are hatched.

Gas Application
Upon completion of above chemical treatment, we shall release NEA approved pesticide gas to eradicate bed bugs to complement the chemical application that might not be able to reach at their hideout.

Note :
1. This gas treatment required the premises to be vacated for a period of not less than 4 hours.

2. The premises is required to be ventilated for at least 15 minutes before occupying.

Follow-Up Treatment: To inspect and verify complete eradication of bed bugs.

(Day 7) The spraying of residual chemical may be required if there is present of live bugs...

+ Things to take note Before and After the Treatment for Bed Bugs +

·Please ensure all food stuff and utensils are properly covered/kept before we commence the treatment.

·Cover all electrical appliances with newspaper / trash bag before our treatment.

·Wash laundry at laundry room with warm water after our treatment.

·Remove clothes from wardrobe prior to the commencement of treatment and wash them with warm water after our treatment.

·Do not carry out wet mopping (unless it is required) for 7 days after the first treatment. If possible, just carry out dry sweeping of floor

·Kindly secure your valuable items during the treatment work. Would prefer present of a representative during the process of work until the premises is locked after the work

· Air-con or fan to be switch off before the commencement of work.

My bedbugs problem is back!!!
Victory to bedbugs!!

However, this time they are lurking at my baby's playpen cos bb was bitten last nite.

Argh!!!! What is so irritating is i cannot track them down....
Ai.................I thought it was good news

You should go back to DIY Home-Fix to ask them about their no chemical, toxic-free solution.
It's also manufactured by the same company as Potion 3 and the packaging of the spray looks more like the repellent body sprays, in a small bottle but it does not come cheap.
Sorry Goldfish, can't remem the name but i recall it's in the section where plant and flower seeds are located.
Miracle bebe, i shall check up the HOME FIX again. But i think it is harder to spray bb playpen cos mine is the Latido version and there are sew seams ard the 4 corners of the playpen which i cannot reach to inspect unless i tear open the seams. I have a feeling that they are hiding inside there... Otherwise, i may haf to soak the playpen literally in sprays which oh well.. we all know those sprays dun kill the eggs

Oledi told hubby if the bedbugs strike again, the playpen will have to be thrown away cos i do not want to visualize how many eggs could be oledi been laid in between the seams! I saw strings of eggs found in my MBR bed and it is a horrifying discovery and if it is going to be similar in the playpen, gosh, it is just so unthinkable...

Guess this bedbug thing is such a tuff creature to deal with...

Never ever got it cos' once u got it, hard to eradicate it
My bed has been infested by bed bugs too...Ahhh so gross!!!! I sprayed bed bugs spray and ironed my bed but it still didn't kill them. I did wrapped my bed with plastic but last nite I still got bitten. I wanted to buy zipped mattress encasement ( I heard that this mattress encasement could trap the bed bugs so they can't go in and out but I couldn't find any in Singapore. I tried to contact the Singapore dealer without much success. Anyone knows where to buy zipped mattress encasement in Singapore?
try to use those industrial clear wrap,
those used for wrapping cargos on forklift crates.

We got my dad's friend making sofa to make PVC covers for our mattress,
with zip.
Not sure if it will work for bedbugs.
Wah.. glad to see the thread alive!

Nita, if u are keen to get encasement, u can try this website. I called up before bt not cheap leh. I think ard SGD200+

But no guarantees oso loh cos tat is if the bedbugs is from ur bedding. If there are hiding at ur bedframe, it makes no point to wrap up ur bedding.

For my case, the bedbugs are laying eggs on the underside of my bedframe. And i foudn new eggs yesterday bt cannot find the mummy. Haiz.

Try to locate their nest. It will bring u one step closer to elimination, bt from past experience, it is going to be a long battle

Hi All,

Just want to mentioned that i bought the $88 Advante Mini Steam Cleaner from Home Fix (HabourFront) yesterday and that gadget's quality is absolutely horrendous (metal parts are rusty, plastic covering for light indicator dropped out, etc) The steam is so "comfortably" warm that i can spray it directly onto my hand without fear of getting burnt. Forget about killing any bedbugs with it. Those bedbugs captured were just enjoying the nice sauna steam bath of which is highly likely less than 60 degreeC - a far cry from the advertised max 135 degreeC.

Sigh, back to drawing up a new battle plan...
Ah.. i did thot of getting a steam cleaner back then but was doubtful of its effectiveness in bedbug elimination.

Perhaps u can bring back the steam cleaner to Homefix and kao bei for a refund? :p

Let me know if u have any new batttle plan for bedbugs. I am running out of ideas except probably pasting double-sided tape all ard my bedframe to ‘trap’ the bedbugs. But abit kua-zhang liddat loh…
Oh, i don't mean that all steam cleaners will be ineffective, though i am not too sure of that. The much more expensive bulky sets may be better but they are too expensive at about $200+ upwards?

Anyway, i did captured a few bedbugs in a little container and drop that container into almost boiling water. The effect is instant. The bed bugs immediately starts running about frantically and died within seconds (i have yet to repeat the same experiment with an insecticide though). So i was hoping a steam cleaner may achieve the same thing. haha!

Maybe this Mini Steam Cleaner is defective. Hope to exchange it for another one first. If still no good, then maybe can kb liao... :s

Haha, was thinking of running masking tape along the permimeter of my cupboard. Yeah, a bit kua zhang but what to do? Hope your double sided tape technique works and u wake up to see all the bedbugs stuck there! haha!
Just wanna update that i exchange another Mini Steamer and this one works much better. The steam pressure is good and for a 200ml tank, there is surprisingly significant amount of steam before i need to refill the tank again. Temperature wise, it is still not hot enough to kill a bed bug instantly but the steam manages to scare the bed bugs into running and thus i can then spot them and physically kill them.

Hope this description helps if you are planning to use a steam cleaner yourself.
Hi Carebear

Good for u! So they are mostly hiding on the mattress itself? I am curious to know where else can they hide cos I din reallie pay attention to the dressing table or side table next to my bed.

Bt the steam cleaner does not reallie ‘cook’ them alive rite? It is not a steam vaccum kinda rite?

Don't think it's in my bed frame as my bed frame was made from metal. Hmm, i heard that the double-sided tape can't really guarantee 100% trap them, it's only slowing down the bb.

Btw, ever heard of Diatomaceous Earth?? I read from the forum that it breaks down the protective wax bugs have on them to keep them from dehydrating. they walk thru the fine dust, clean themselves and completely dryout. it works on larva and eggs. it kills roaches, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, u name it, its dead! you can apply it directly on your skin, pets, any surface.
HI all, I too have this problem with battle of those bed bugs. My MIL brought a liquid solution from a flower shop & the solution was pretty strong which I can't spray at MBR as my 21 months toddler is sleeping with me.
My battle with those bug have been couple of months... sigh.. when I thought I won, I saw them(bed bug) again. Argh.. I told my MIL to get rid of the infect furniture but she doesn't want to as it still in a good condition.. sianz.. So any of you has tried calling Landon 98477633 which 旺旺mummy(Wwmum) had recommend?
I'm gotta try the essential oil; Cedar, lemongrass & Lavender which Leng Leng recommended. But do I have to buy all three to mix & how? Or just buy either one... Leng Leng, kindly advise

Also gotta try lavendar lotion recommended by Miracle bebe.
Today I do spring clean for the MBR, turn the bed upside down and wow... darn lots of bed bug... yuck! squeeze them all for drank my blood >.< cause me so many mah fan! I wipe with dettol all over the bed, bed frame and wall. Then i also wipe bed bug repellents all sides of the mattress, spent about 3hrs plus, so tired... Hope this will end everything.
Opps, sorry for the late reply! Well, problem here is pretty bad as bedbugs could be hiding under the bed (frame), under the side table or cupboards or even cracks along the wall.

Nope, the steam, though hot, may not be able to cook them alive. I tried spraying the steam about 2cm directly on a bedbug. The insect just squirmed about for a while and then pretend to drop dead. After a while, it starts to move again. However, there are times where a direct steam blast appeared to kill a weaker looking bedbug.

But i still find the steam cleaner useful in 'flushing' bedbug(s) out from its hiding place of which may not be accessible at all (e.g. cracks in walls) Moreover when the bedbug is running away from the heat, i can easily spot it and move in for the kill physically.

hahaha, is the Diatomaceous Earth expensive? It sounds good.
Nita, good for u!!!

Carebear, yeap.. u are rite.
It is so hard to spot the bedbugs loh. Dunno where they are hiding and moreover my floor is parquet, lagi best.

My bedbug issue in both rooms is under control. No bugs or signs of them for close to 2 weeks. But knowing them, i think they will re-surface once again. Think i kinda of resign to fate that they are majiam like 'part-of-the-family' liao.

Now just waiting for their eggs to hatch into bedbugs for their next attack. Yawn
Cheeseacake, good for you. Hopefully bb wouldn't disturb you.

Carebear_1, I got thru a website selling Diatomaceous Earth at $15 for 1 pound (453g), you can either self-collect or get them to postage to you but currently they out of stock but still able to order from them.

Goldfish, I had a battle with the bb last night, woke up 1.30am and saw those tiny bb and big bb coming out from one of the folded mattress, wah lor.. I quick sealed the folded mattress into the rubbish bag. Then woke up at 5.30am and saw few from one pillow, under my bed and some coming from my side tabel... sianz.... &amp; my toddler kana bite. darn!!! I squeeze those bb to revenge for taking my toddler's blood.
Btw any of ya been told that pine tree leaves can prevent bb as my MIL told me the the florist mentioned b4. Goldfish, we jia you but don't resign your fate to those bb.
Jia You ALL!!
I just found these people.. and they are also selling Diatomaceous Earth at $38.30/3lbs.

I've not called them to enquire further... Moreover they are located pretty far away from where we live..don't think dh would wanna visit, eventho our chd may enjoy the visit, since they have been voted favourite pet shop by teachers.
Anyway, just sharing..
miracle_bebe, the website link you provided, they locate at Ang Mo Kio which too far for me, as I stay at west area. And they only have stock for 3lbs which I find it too much... Did you see my link which you can try as they sell 1 pound which i find it reasonable and have to collection place (Bedok &amp; sixth ave) or they also can do postage should you find it too far.
Hi all, tot i may be lucky and won the battle but the bb are back. Sigh alot.. The itch are killing me and no amt of scratching seem to relieve it. I am thinking to let the pro do their job as bugs refuse to butt. What a sore pain. It was after i moved hs that gotten bugs. So maybe the movers transportation was the source or the new hs.
Hi Gpl, when did the bastards resurface again?
Like a month later or wat?
Sometimes i wonder how much lead time do i nid to give them before i can throw a celebration!


Oh.. i tink i got mine from my neighbour who have moved out mths ago. One day i saw the HDB officer came and pulled out a mattress that is SO INFESTED with bedbugs shit loh.. can tell one lo.. those black dark spots. Haiz.

Professional not cheap and no guarantee they will not return. Moreover, i got baby at home. I cannot imagine they fumigate everything.. haiz
Aiyoh.. sianz rite? Ur situation quite similar to mine in the past. I have to wake up in wee hrs to catch bedbugs! Bt u more daring than me! i dun dare to squeeze them loh.. i scotchtaped them!!!

Yah.. usually bedbugs are more than 1 loh.. cos i saw their eggs before.. it is in CLUSTERS one lo.. like 8 or 9 tiny rice grains... so if they all hatched, it will be an additional 9 new bedbugs added to the existing population.


Bt if anyone tried tat soil ting, let me know if it works. I intend to use finish my POtion 3 first lo...
Wow.. yesterday was such a wonderful night, no bb when i woke up to relief myself and at the same time to inspect the MBR. It might be the lavendar essential oil which applied on my bedsheet &amp; lavendar lotion on my toddler body &amp; mine did some help. Hopefully tonight will be the same for me.
Any comment regard the zipped mattress encasement? I can't buy as I don't know the denmension of mine mattress.... Btw is there any side effect for toddler to breath in lavendar essential oil as erm....
i applied quite alot on my bedsheet.
Leng Leng, how should the essential oil be apply? Should I apply on the bedsheet/ mattress direct or should I mix with water to dilute it?
You see, these few night my hubby have been complain that the essential oil(lavendar) is too strong for him, that he end up sleeping in another room.... Less than a week, I almost gotten finish the 10ml lavendar oil. Am I using too much???
Hello Goldfish. Ur a real fighter.

The bedbugs resurfaced 2-3 wks. And it is not contained to the mattress! I got my husband to catch 4 bugs on the ceiling! I found 1 big bug and 2 bb on my mattress on sun... And there was spotted brown stains on the wall beneath the window grille. I shudder to think their excrements are all over the wall.

Nx time buy resale flats must really check and spot for bb!