BEDBUGS victims


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Hi Mrs Chong, The infestation started from my hubby's sis bedroom as she like to lay on her bed after work without changed her clothes, which i believed the bb she brought home from her work. Then she got rashes all over her body which i didn't think of bb at that moment. She sometime will sleep at our MBR due to my toddler. So I think she brought those bb to my MBR, it was already too late when I serached thru the website as my hubby mattress at the office also kana it, which sometime will bring it over to MBR to sleep as my toddler is sleeping with mummy.
That's how my MBR kana bb. I alway had to remind her to change clothes once return home and she alway like to lay at the living room sofa chair, when i told her that she will infest the living room, her face turn black. SO I guess it a matter of time I'm gonna engage a pest control....


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jess, miraclebebe, i had managed to send out the sample to you just now. hope you'll get it soon.

did i miss anyone else who had provided me with addy? sorry i was rushing thru email whilst wrestling with my 2 year old for the laptop.


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fyi, the bb don't need us to be the carrier to other rooms...they are capable of crawling around themselves...the more i read abt them...the more i find out how terror they can you know they can parachute down from ceiling to your bed to feast on you???
Yes, I am aware of that they can parachute down from ceiling to feast on us. Infact, they are also found in the living room, and every other room. They are not called bedbugs just becos they hide and feast in the bedrooms only.
Thanks JustMe for sample, will look out for it in the mail.


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Highvolt, i will keep a look-out of the sample you sent. Since those bb can parachute down from ceiling, will they crawl back to the ceiling? o_O


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Jus to share my exp, was battling these buggers for a yr plus since moving to my current hm. they r every where n i hav to say am really tired to deal with them. so far only managed to find 2 adult size bb the rest r mainly juveniles. they r often found on my walls as i used DE (diatomaceous earth) on my floors after i vacuum n mop the floor every wk. suspect these buggers from my neighbour cos even the walls outside my unit has them.

my strategy every since we got bitten terribly was to wash any laundry with 60deg warm water. the minimum temp to kill them n the max on my WM. nxt is puffing the DE over the rooms. so far, have not been bitten by them for coming to a yr. but i still c them everyday on my walls. btw i did an experiment with DE on bb. i captured one of the 2 adult bb n kept it in a container with DE. it died by 3rd day n turned into a hard piece of black stone. damn hard man. guess the DE dried up the bugger. another finding aft all these r that they often hide in the wiring conduit n travel thru out the whole hse under ur nose. its better to buy bed frames that r metal n empty below. mine is those with storage compartment below, bad idea.

fyi, i got relative who is in the pest buster industry. he told me i will b wasting my money if i employ him cos they will oni b effective for a while n can nvr guarantee bb not returning. long term strategy is the point. was recomm by other forumer in other forum on hw he succeeded. He throw away all wooden furniture n bought mainly metal ones esp with metal legs n rub them with oil. wash every clothes he has with at least 60deg water. Vacuum n mop his floor with detol (btw alcohol is deadly to bb but nt detol), spray DE on floors n mix with water to spray on walls n ceilings. use silicon n cement to seal up all cracks (esp the electrical conduits). for all clothings that r seldom worn, kept in zip lock bags. aft a yr with no more bb bites, he declared himself a winner. i really admire his determination but did not follow all of it. Oh one thing bb can survive at most 1yr without food aka ur blood.


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I think the only thing we can do is to be more hardworking than the bedbugs (using all the ways / solutions that was provided to us).

To all, JIA YOU n believe we will WIN the bedbug battle
May i know how much u selling that DE ting?
Tink probably i shld stock up a few at home lo

I sprayed my baby bed 2 weeks ago. Since then, no signs of bedbug.

Bt i tink i kinda of RESIGNED to fate liao.
I am trying to psycho myself tat they are majiam like ants lo... it is COMMON to see them once in a while lo. If they appear, just kill them and repeat the cycle again and again.


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Hello everybody

It seem like bb are now very common nowsaday, majiam like ants which goldfish mentioned.

Btw Adr77, you should let your neighbour know about the bb or it will be a never-ending battle... what do u mean by max on WM? Do u use hot water or normal temp. to mop the floor weekly. I rubbed oil on bed legs but no a good idea as after sometime it dried & difficult to remove, anyone has solution to remove the dried up oil? A forumer once mentioned to use petroleum jelly, eg. Vaseline on bed legs.
As for DE, is it still useful on bb, if mixing DE with water, as u mentioned that the forumer spray DE on the floor n mix with water to spray on the walls n ceiling. how often should i repeat the procedure?

Goldfish, what solution did you spray on the baby bed?


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Hi highvolt, do you find the zipped mattress cover useful? I realised that the seams not sew tight and some seams even tore easily... scare that the bb can crawl thru seams.


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jess, my parents advised me to contact town council for spraying but if neighbour dun co-op then oso no use. my neighbour lives there for 20+yrs while in oni moved in last yr n we r not really on gd terms... my max temp on washine machine(WM) is 60deg which is the temp bb will die or cooked. I oni use norm water with either detol or kleen solution. petroleum jelly is gd enough u can try WD 40 to removed the oil. use double side tapes oso works. btw bb r not swimmers so they do drown. inspected my bed frame two nights ago, wor so many young bbs. so i gather a wet cloth to wipe the frame n immed dump it in pail of water to drown them. feels great.

my experiment shows it works but nother experiment on ticks from my fren's dog did not. the ticks only died aft nearly a wk. i did the DE spray on the floor after the floors is vacuumed n mopped. ard weekly basis.


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oh DE r very effective in killing ants. saw numerous dead ants on my floor. so the ants now do not cross the floor but on the walls.


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Smart ants hor... since it know that DE on the floor.. Adr77, WD 40 is a brand of the product, was it? And I can mix DE with water hah, to spray on the walls n ceiling... hmm... wonder can i spray on my bed frame???


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aiyoh...our lives are really ruined by these bugs. so dreadful reading the posts...its like we can't enjoy life normally...

jess, i got the cover but all the treatment and covering off the mattress done by my sisters..dunno lei whether it is actually covered properly. if got loose seams then you should get it mend.

goldfish, just pm me on the DE thing can?


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jess, yup WD 40 is a brand of aerosol grease. eh i nvr spray my walls b4, its wat i read from other forum. do tell me if it works, cos i really doubt it as DE kills by mechanically.

bought my food grade DE at this pet shop. Blk 338 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 #01-1643.


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adr77, my thinking is the same as you.. I don't think DE able to work if mixing with water as it will disolve together with the water...


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Chanced upon this thread last night after being woken up by itchy bites which I assume were caused by bedbugs.

Seems the general consensus here is that DE is the most effective form of treatment. May I know how should it be applied and how long should I wait before reapplying it again?

I also noted that some of you mentioned that It is a good idea to dilute the DE in water and mop the floors, etc. does this affect the efficacy of the DE treatment?

Does anybody have some extra DE that I can buy off from??

Thanks. :)
Thot this thread was ‘dead’ cos last nite I think I was bitten by bedbugs and decided to drop by!
Haiz… it was ‘inactive’ for months and it is now back

It is never out of my life manz!

Algena, I have not tried DE method as yet cos I bought 1 litre of bedbug solution from HOME FIX… will try to finish it before trying other method cos not cheap lo :p

Now I wonder whether mine issit mossie bite or bedbug bite cos the bite has subsided… after few hrs later … abit diff from my past bites
Hey Goldfish, how are you?

A few days ago i was bitten by something that itched me terribly, while I was lying on the sofa in the living room. I too thought it was them vampires again, but thank God they were just mossie bites which left red bumps behind.

The bite of bedbugs leave a white bump and will itch for a long long time..

Haha guessed what? I too have not used the DE which funzy so kindly mailed to me.. By time I got them, I found the bedbugs in my bedroom had died down (disappeared), so I just stuck to my hb's garden spray which seemed to work.
DE is expensive, so keep 1st.

I do not think DE is to be diluted with water but used as it is ie to be sprinkled or scattered around the house.
1 can actually source more info on DE and its application on the Net.
HI Miracle bebe!

For once, I almost forgot u are also part of the bb victims!
U heng leh. .it is mossie not bb. For my case, I am still ‘unsure’ bt it is always the right side of my body that was bitten (as I sleep on the right side of the bed).
Example right arm, right side of shoulder.. bt it is not linear lo.. as in I can feel the itch on my feet, den my shoulder, den arm etc… unless there is more that 1 bb out at one time .

Bt e itch goes off after 6hrs liddat.. diff from bedbug bites rite?? And I dun see the side-effect bumps… u tink it is mossie???


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Hi Goldfish and Miracle_bebe,

Goldfish: maybe your nites are just mozzie bites since it's different from previous bites?? Give yourself the benefit of doubt lor. Monitor the situation and see how 1st?

Mirable_bebe: Lucky you...

Spent hours wrapping up my spring mattress last nite with disposable plastic table cloth and masking tape. Couldn't find suitable mattress encasement at Spotlight and so had to improvise. Funny thing is, I couldn't find a single bed bug at all!! I did see a couple of dried up skin, you know the casing they leave behind when the grow bigger? But not a single bedbug!!

I also sprayed all my bedding and mattress with eucalyptus essential oils. and I mixed some eucalyptus oils with my body lotion, can repel insects and sooth bites at the same time. Am pleased to report that I only have 1 new bite on my leg. Hahaha.

Was going to steam my thinner mattresses and sun them out today but rainy weather put plan on hold again.

Anyway, have looked up uses of DE online: DE can be mixed with water to aid in application, such as in nooks and crannies where dusting might not even reach. However, since DE does not dissolve, the bottle has to be agitated constantly to make sure that the DE is applied properly. Since so, the efficacy of the DE will definitely not be affected.
Oic..I guessed I didn't read everything lah..thanks for the info

Wanna take a foto and post here or mms me?
Chay, like as if am an expert..

J2s the fears of others when it comes to bb..

My friend who lives up the road finally allowed me to come over for CNY visitation, after 1 year ie since I started having these bb problems.

Her son and my son were classmates during Kindy and they are still classmates in the Pri school they attend. So far, my son has only gone over 3 xs to play, the last where my friend actually bathed my boy and changed him into new clothing when he arrived at their home.

MY friend did not know much about bb until she mentioned to her mum for purpose of asking for a solution for me. At once, her mum advd her not to let me into their home. Some people fear the bb will travel with carrier unintentionally.

I was pretty upset, but I considered her a good friend, so I accepted her wishes. Wow, it was such great feeling last Friday. We stayed for 3hours
I confirmed my bites are bedbugs cos last nite i looked at the mirror and found my shoulder have cluster-bites... so it is confirmed bedbugs

Algena, i din wrap up my mattress wor.. cos i thot it shld be safe since it is brand new and the bedbugs are not able to drill a hole inside and nest but most likely at the edge.

Have u checked ur bedframe. I think they may be hiding underneath ur bedframe. Try to flip it over and shine a torchlight and inspect. They love to hide at corner... check out for tiny rice-grains (in clusters). It is the egg of the bedbug and they shld be quite hard to remove (which is a clear indication it is not white speck of dust but eggss!!)

I am going for DE treatment after my bedbug spray this coming sat. Hope it helps!!!

Miracle Bebe,
Wow.. finally ur friend let down her guard after so long!!! Bet u must be very happy!! I will haf jitters if next time someone tell me his/her house is infested with bedbugs... it is so hard to eradicate for my case somehow


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hi all,
I STILL GOT A BIG PACK OF DE!!...hubby thinks it is just taking up space in the house. Algena, do let me know if you need some.

anyway, fyi, It seems that I still do get weird bites but not much just 1 around neck or waistline like once a month. all during night time, fully dressed during sleep. not sure if I should worry if its BB. With the current hot/wet weather, i can't rule out mosquitoes. I really wish its mosquitoes. this weekend will try to look underneath the bedframes.


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Hi JustMe,

I'm suffering from a bedbugs problem and I'm really worried about it because my one year old nephew is staying with me.

Could you advise where did you buy your DE from and about what price is it?



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hi jess,

thanks so much for your kind offer! Can I find out will I be needing large volumes of the stuff, and also is it as effective as it is made to be? How do you apply the DE? Sigh just got bitten at 3 different places last night again..

I stay in the Upper Boon Keng Area near Kallang MRT! I work in Tanjong Pagar.. Thanks so much Jess..


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Hi Kenny,
Frankly you don't really need a large volume unless your area is infect with bb. That's why I still got leftover ( I brought 1lb of DE).

There's the link of info of bedbug which i find it useful

For my case, I sprinkle DE around my mattress and b4 that, u need to buy a sealed mattress cover. Noted that the DE is not harmful to us human so don't worry.

But most important, u need to be hardworking, During the battle period, i use hot water to mpo the floor, if u don't want to throw away the bed frame n mattress, use bed bug spray, u can get it from the pet shop, DIY shop or flower shop. Spray on the bed frame and corner of the mattress, that where the bb hide, but u still need to buy the sealed mattress cover. Wash the bedsheet, pillow cases n bloster with hot water. I also find bb dislike Lavender Essential Oil, buy the 100% pure. Drop 2-3 drop around the mattress before u sleep, quite helpful. The brand i brought is Asolute aromas, cost $69 for 30ml, it also come in 10ml, i can't remember the price, est. below $40.

I stay at clementi area, Why not i mail to you since it pretty far for you to travel here and pick up.


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Hi Jess,

Thanks for the information, I will definitely work hard to get rid of the little buggers.. I always loved my sleep and now I fear going to bed at night!

My area is not infested yet because however much I flip up and down the matteress, I only found 3 in the last two weeks..

Could you advise what is a sealed matteress cover? Is it kind of like a big zip lock bag for matteresses? Where can I get them and for how much?

How much of DE should I sprinkle? Thanks so much for your offer Jess! I would like to private message you but you disallowed private messaging so could I email you my address instead? Also could you advice me where did you buy the DE? Thanks!
Hi Jess
Cn you pass me samples of the DE. We kenna for 2 weeks, throw way allll matrress, pillows but no avail. Enaged pest control to spray yesterday but today still found 1. My poor son have so many bites on his leg so sim tia. I live at Buona Vista and work in Raffles


Hi All

My mom's plc has been infested with bb for quite some time now. We had engaged a pest control to come last year and it stopped for awhile but recently bb came back again. We actually thrown aways all beds, mattresses and wardrobe before the pest control came. I cannot imagine i have to throw away all these new furnitures again! This is so frustrating. I am so worried that my hubby and i will bring back the bb to our own plc.

Can someone advise what is DE?
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Hi Miracle Bebe,

Thank you for your detailed explanation and patience! I have followed the steps accordingly. So you will send me email is it?

Sorry to disappoint you Kenny..but what stuff are you referring to? I may be wrong, but it looked like AP missed out on JustMe posts somehow, so I am just emailing what JustMe had to share with all of us.
There is a product in the market tho' sold by Cold Storage called, Bio-X. I first read about them in one of the recent Simply Her mag I think.

About 1-2 weeks ago, there was a BP on it. You may wanna search thru' the closed threads to look for Joelle's closed BP.

Personally, I would try this new product since it is eco-friendly and safe.
My home has been blessed becos we have not seen a bb for months, but that does not mean I can relax. I am always on guard!
Dear AP,
I only got a chance to check emails yday and saw your email.
I shall return your email later this evening. My apologies!


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hi miracle bebe, understooded! I thought it was info on where to buy DE in sg etc.. will look out for JustMe's reply.. I emailed her a few times but have not gotten a response.. hope she will respond soon.. Damn sick of bb's..
Actually these parents who have contributed in this thread have infact shared the wherabouts to purchase DE.
Infact if I am not wrong, one can find them in pet shops or do a search in the Internet for more info.
JustMe was very nice to have mail some to me


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i tot i was the only one with bbs . i think my bbs came with my new maid

my gal & my master room are infested tho mine is still not that bad, but the bites are itching me to death! Just to share, mil has been spraying baygon each & everyday hoping to suffocate them which does helps abit, i bought the bbs spray from ntuc dont really works. did some research online and understand that DE works.

For those who wants to get DE, i got it from

I started using DE 2 days back, this morning I saw a few corpses on the floor, I guessed DE works.

Can anyone tried dabbing lavendar oil and advice if it work? My poor gals & I have bites on our arms & legs dunno whether they will leave scars behind


Hi joey

I hv been using lavender oil on my mattress these few nights n bbs hv not appeared! U can try!
However I will still want to try using DE as lavender oil is so ex!


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i hv been using DE for the past about 3 days, noticed bbs reduced but still have some on my mattress. My gal is sleeping with me hence tot of dabbing some lavender oil so that they wont come near to us.

I did an experiment, i caught 2 live bbs & put them in a plastic container with some DE, the nxt day both died & they seems to have shrunk so i think probably the DE has dehydrated them. The effect on them might not be as fast as chemical but hopefully in long run can kill these bloodsuckers!!

Btw, i tried the durian methods as well :p half an hour after i put the durian husks in my room, a few were seen crawling out hahaha..