Anyone uses delphin or rainbow vacuum

huh?! another one?! walao! i already having a hard time choosing between roboclean delphin and rainbow. Nnw got another lura! dieeeeee
anyway, i have arranged for a delphin demo tomorrow night at 7pm. about time to get a mattress cleaning vacuum cleaner before my son's asthma becomes worse. got friends recommending me delphin, so maybe i should try theirs first. probably can get a cheaper price too maybe? hahahaa
and for that lura, i don't think i'll try their demo at all. i'd rather stick to the companies who have been in singapore for at least 10 years. more trustworthy due to their sustainability. why risk getting a lura when proaqua themselves close before hitting their 1 year mark. lol
exactly.. do consider getting a rainbow too. i promise you wouldn't regret. i have pm-ed you my number. call me to arrange for a demo :)
Sounds pressurizing. No worries! I'll try delphin first if you guys don't mind. Maybe if I don't get the delphin, I'll call your friend up to arrange for a rainbow demo alright?
Sure Sure~ Of course! But please give yourself time to consider. Don't act rashly and buy before comparing. It's always better to compare 2 different products before making a decision yea?
it sounds as though you 2 either work for them or you guys get a cut from the customer's purchase. tskk.. just saying~
nahhh rainbow after my roboclean and delphin. first come first serve. my roboclean demo on 18jan my delphin demo on 15feb.. can i arrange mid to end of march for the rainbow demo?
it's abit late but no worries, we'll make the necessary arrangements for you. my friend will drop you a call later? how about you call my friend now so he has your number? or u can pm me your mobile number so i can pass to him :)
Hi all. anyone heard of the brand Filterqueen? their Majestic model is selling about the same price as Delphin and Rainbow. Heard to be in the market for about 20 years. sells mainly by word of mouth and not so much of pressure selling like rainbow and delphin. I am seriously considering to get one good vacuum especially for cleaning bed.