Anyone uses delphin or rainbow vacuum


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a lady from delphin gave us a demo days ago. the vacuum looked OK but price was too exp ($3k+). wondering anyone has used this brand or its competitor brand rainbow? please share your exp : ) thanks!

I have rainbow.. Very good. Worth e price ESP when I have a baby at home. I made my maid vacuum the beds n pillows monthly.
me use rainbow too. gd investment i wld say. paid in instalment so dun really feel d pinch. used it daily to clean my bed. introduced 2 friends who bought it n love it too!
if i knw my bro bought n din use i wld not have bought a new one.
more imptly my sale person provides gd after service whenever i have queries.
hope this helps
btw i bough icology from osim b4 i bought rainbow. hate to clean it. but rainbow is very easy to clean
Juz bought rainbow last month, very good investment as my son have allergy.

Cleaning and maintenance is easy also. i paying installment so still ok although the price is .....

I had a Delphin Silver. The one you mentioned is Delphin Gold. If you want a cheaper range, you can ask for Delphin Silver. The only difference between this 2 is the control switch. Gold has level 1 and 2 for you to choose the power of the machine, while silver has only 1 (which means no choices available). One thing about silver, it is quite noisy when you use it. However, looking at the pricing, I don't mind the noise loh, just close the door when I use it so as not to disturb neighbour. Overall still a good machine to invest. Hope this info helps.
Hi Zergling,
I have just bought a Delphin Silve, but i feel that it is not suitable for me because i feel too expensive for me to spend on it.
May i know if i want to sell it at a cheaper rate with all the things included, do you think you can offer me a reasonable price?
Hope to hear from you soon
bought rainbow 3 years back.

now still working well and acts as air purifier too, gets rid of my bed bugs when I use the special vaccum to clean the mattress and pillow and bolsters.
Have a used rainbow to let go as maid is the one who do household chores all the time and do not bear to let her utilise it. Anyone interested, please PM me.
Do you mummies know of a lady who does home service using her rainbow cleaner to clean mattress?

can pm me her contact if you happen to know
I have bought a rainbow before but due to misconduct from the agent I returned the machine and got a refund. Basically, empty promises + non-contact for a long time and then many excuses that sound very drama and hard to believe. Since cannot trust the agent, we felt it was difficult to service the contract on long term basis so we asked for a refund. Very bad experience.

As for the machine, I think it's ok. Noisy at night when you use the air purifier function. Unless you dun mind sleeping with the noise of someone vacuuming in your room like that. I think it's able to clean the mattress well but disposing of the dirty water is a yucky icky business. The parts don't connect very smoothly so it's a bit of a struggle. Have to evaluate whether it's worth the $3K spent...
How much is the Rainbow Silver machine? They were very pushy and so I didn't allow them to have my address for free demo during one of the baby fairs. This is the brand that offers u free stainless steel pots right? Does it really kill the mites?
Do not buy a dolphin vacuum cleaner. the salesperson is very persuasive but the after sales service is really very horrible.

All the stuff that is promised is not being fulfilled and after complaining to the main office, they took a long time to get back and thereafter disappeared after promising to give whatever the salesperson offered.

Months after being promised stuff not delivered by the main office, despite calling a few times and them promising to get the right guy to call back, I am still waiting for a call...

DO NOT BUY A DELPHIN VACUUM CLEANER. Such a service for such an expensive machine is definitely NOT WORTH IT!!!

If you need more evidence of bad service, can refer to this site that I found online. I'm not sure of the validity of the content because I'm not involved but at least I believe them because of my personal encounter.
we have bought the delphin vacumm cleaner few years back as my son was having very bad sinus problem. He was on daily nasal spray but that din help too.
we bot this vacumm cleaner thru my bil's introduction. my maid used it weekly to vacumm the kids mattress, pillow bolster. We also used it to purify the air at night b4 we slp.
my son's condition improved alot.
as for the sales person, he was persuasive, i must say.
but then of cos, our objective was to help our son's sinus problem hence this machine really helped us.
so though this machine is really very ex, but we are happy cos my son's sinus condition is so much better
Hi to all, I have just sign a servicing package on Sunday 23/9/12 with Delphin---my butt!!! Pardon me.. But I'm so pissed.. The equip during demo is of cos very convincing. I don deny tht. But think abt it, when u come to do a demo in order to acquire sales, wouldn't it always turn out to be a success so tht u will be convinced?? Anyway, the prob with this is the whole closing deal took this sales rep by the name of Jasclyn( who by the way talks like a bullet train) 1hr and 8min to do so. What I didn't like abt the company is the way this product or service was being sold to me.. It began with a roadshow on Sat 22/9/12.. A lady named Lena was giving out these vacuum glass jars for free and said tht the condition was to hv a demo done at my place. She mention tht they r not selling the jars, they r a cleaning service company. So after hearing her sales talk, she said tried to make an appt for the demo, having appt made, I checked with her how does this service work and how it's charged, and I quote frm her honey-lips.. When U feel u need a cleaning service, just give this number a call. It's Thts simple! My butt!!! She failed to mention it was a package type of deal. And she ended off saying an auntie will come on sunday(My Black Sunday) to do the demo. It's tht simple! My butt!!!! So Sunday came, at 4pm, the so-called auntie.. Not one but 2! Turn up at my door, when I saw them, they came with the equip. Said they r frm Delphin but didn't know how I got to know abt them.. So this is where my nightmare starts, (ladies, one lesson I learnt frm a dear Frd, when u know tis person talks on and on and on, u don talk, just listen and ask a Q occasionally and u will find all the loopies) the sales rep start to set up the Vac, and did the demo in my rm, explained abt the Vac, of cos not to mention my kids who r the victims to these dust mites... She said tht they don encourage consumers to buy the Vacuum otherwise they will be out of business cos they run their operation mainly on providing cleaning service.. Which turn into trying to push the sale of buying their vacuum after my hubby just ask abt how much they sell their Vac. ( whatever happen to her initial principle) then we weren't at all keen on buying the machine just probably the service which I nvr knew I had to commit to a package of MINIMUM of 12 sessions excluding GST.. Nvr mind.. When I ask payment mode, she only said they accept Visa or Master which offers interest-free instalment as long as its Visa or Master.. My BUTT!!! She failed to tell me it's selected banks only. Cos when I thought I Cld use SCB to pay instalments, she only chose to tell me tht SCB was not part of the bank to accept interest free. Then she told me Harvey Norman and Best Denki sold their vacuum as well but at a higher price 4K++.. Which is not true cos I googled for Harvey and Denki, they don carry Delpin products.. Then I ask her when they r gonna collect payment, she was so assuring to tell me tht she don't collect cash at all only cards, and told me not to worry cos I don't ND to pay her today, I'll only pay on the First appt set which is bullshit! Cos in less than 20min, a man appeared at my door step, no introduction, no name just a sweaty looking man who's here to swipe my card which I didn't even know even when he was inside my house till the sales rep says so. Do u rmb I mention there were 2 person who showed up at my door, ya.. One was the sales rep Jasclyn, the other woman, NEVER made a sound. (I think she's a mute!) I'm sacarstic.. Pardon me! But seriously I don know who the hell she is, no introduction. No talk. A sale tht was so obviously closed in a chop chop way.. 1hr and 8min.. Setting up equip, demo, explanation, relentlessly using a Parang to chop me into pieces. Well, I'm not happy to hv signed the package, so I'm gonna cancel my order or contract by tmr. By the way, Karcher water based Vacuum cost only $659 ! In conclusion, don't get anything frm Delphin.
The salesperson (a china lady) who came to my house was rude and bitchy.

She scolded us when we did not want to buy. She called us misers and was very impatient when answering our queries Please! Buying a 3K vacuum cleaner just by a demo. We told her we need to do comparision with other price and she scolded us. It is so obvious she wants to make me and my hb carrots. Because based on my residential address, she recommended me the most expensive model. She said it was the only model they have. When my hb and I hesitated, she started introducing other cheaper models to us.

The product is good no doubt but I am not going to purchase it. Because I am not sure what customer service I will get after I pay my money. That woman who came to my is so obvious she will MIA after I pay her

For those mummies who are looking at vacuum cleaners, you can do more research on the brand Raycop. I saw them being sold at major shopping centres, like Robinsons, Harvey Norman. Can sterilise using the UV lamps, get rid of dust and bedbugs etc. It costs only $379 for the latest model.
The sales rep from delphine who came to my home to do the demo was also very pushy. She talked n talked non stop for 1hr plus. when we decided not to buy (firstly its too heavy n bulky, secondly the price), she turned her words coz at first she said she would help us to vacuum baby's mattress for free. Then she also said things like 'u can afford to use SKll , why can't u affort a vacuum cleaner'. apparently she noticed my facial products when she used our toilet. she also said abt our windows, if we can have such nice reno, why can't we affort the cleaner. I was rather piissed off with wat she said, as these were different issues, as to why I din wanna buy. Then she started to compare us with my sis in law who bought a set from her n who referred dephine to
us. The china lady said we r stingy unlike my SIL. Anyway, before she left she told us to refer a contact to her so that she could proceed to the next household to do demo. we gave her a fake name n number. Heehee. btw, my SIL has regret buying the cleanner as she seldom use it as its too mafan n bulky.
Anyway to all who bought Delphin very very recently.. Go chk the web for ur Consumer Rights. U hv 5days to cancel off with no Q ask as their sales tactics r all based on unprofessional and pressure. I just gave them the letter to cancel. When the so called new relief customer relations manager Lester got back to me, said he needed to refer this to his boss. When I ask of the name, so as to know who to be aliasing with.. He answered me back," why do u need to know my boss's name?" I told him there's nothing wrong with knowing the name of the boss in the company, it's not like I'm asking for the direct mobile no.. Just as when I ask his staff, a China speaking lady, she gave me the name Lester as her in-charge. When I ask what's the surname so as to avoid having ppl with same names in the company, she told she doesn't know his surname. When I explained this Lester, he sounded anxious and told me back," in this company there's only 1 Lester, there's no other Lester" ... My God! Can u believe it! What the after sales service will be like if I closed my eyes and went on with the cleaning service package. FYI, I chk tht company out at ACRA web and seems like their Annual Acc filling hasn't been done since like April 2008.. So better don get involve with this company. It's really questionable!!
It's no wonder why they nd to close deals super fast! And why they r pushing so hard to sell the Vacuum. Think abt it!
hi mummies, juat thought i'd share that my experience with Delphin hasn't been that bad. Our older kid has sensitive airway since young, so we decided to give the demo a try. I think it's a good machine, but at 3k, it was way above my budget for a vacuum cleaner, so we only signed the cleaning package and call them up once every 2 months or so. So far, they have been prompt with the service, and the same guy would come by to clean our mattresses so he knows the routine so-to-speak. We signed the package more than 1 year ago, and I think their sales staff have changed cos none of the names mentioned above sound familiar. Probably they need to look into their customer service... but I'm quite happy with the results on my boy. He seldom has running/block nose these days... when the package finishes, i'm hoping to find a cheaper machine that can serve the same purpose... like all mummies, we just want our kids to grow up healthy, within our means.
I also had bad experience with Delphin sales.
I was approached at that time and was given a free gift, so the sales man came and did a demo, but i am still considering to buy or not as it is not cheap, but when he learnt that i will not be buying on the spot, attitude and behaviour changed 360 degree which I really detest and pissed off. I do not care whether he like or not, i just said a big NO and ended up spoiling my day.

For this high range product, i believe that we should be given ample time to make decision.

Finally, we had decided to buy RAINBOW vc and we are still using it happily. The China sales lady was nice and although a bit pushy, but she is not as bad as the previous Delpin guy.
The delphin sales person is horrible. the lady compared us to animals and made several sarcastic remarks about us being ignorant and poor -_-" i was not even in that area of expertise, why should i know about this kind of product. from the accent, i can roughly tell that she is chinese lady. granted, she is very persuaive and knows facts. however, due to her horrible attitude and sarcastic remarks, i would NEVER buy that product. she even stated that she would not do ' small' business in 'small' areas and would only do business for people in taka...

Lets be real, how often u see men buy Delphin or Rainbow?

The reason is because these 2 products have much cheaper alternatives from Philips and Karcher. Water based filtration is not that uncommon.
Well my wife bought a Delphin Vacuum cleaner on 14 july 2013 and I try to get a refund on the next day.
And true enough the bad after sales effect kicks right in. Saying that if the machine is not defective we cannot get a refund.
This is another warning, please reconsider carefully if you are interested in really buying dolphin products
We are going to CASE and definitely will fight to get back our full refund. Anyone with information can text or sms me at 94304249
@precious.jess... OMG! I was at bookfest today too! I took from that guy as well! Bet he has lots of customers. Very good at sweet-talking. Haha! My appointment is scheduled on the 28th of December. Please post the results of the demo alright? If it's bad, I'm not risking myself to do it. Hahaha! So many reviews here. Some good, some bad. Hard to decide which to believe. precious.jess please give me your honest feedback alright? I'm so interested to see how the vacuum can clean my mattress but at the same time, afraid they are gonna pressure me to buy.
OMG! Really?! Is it a scam?
Anyway, have you tried the demo? Is it true that the cleaning isn't as wonderful as the promoter made it sound to be? Please private message me or post a reply as soon as you can. Thanks.
hi everyone, i just bought a new vacuum cleaner. i have tried both rainbow and delphin vacuum cleaners, and i personally would prefer delphin over rainbow. it's filter-less and comes with a longer warranty. i don't know about you guys but i love my delphin :) haha just my 2 cents
hi ashley, actually they do have celebrities advertising for delphin. they have ah boys to men advertising for them plus i remember seeing them appearing for short moments in movie from jack neo. wonder if anyone else took notice. haha! they are not exactly famous internationally but pretty well-known in singapore.
My demo is scheduled at 2pm later. Kinda excited to see how it'll turn out. If it's good, maybe can get my hubby to pay for me. Hehe. It would be a nice x'mas gift! Hope he doesn't see this post! Hehe.
hi marg, i believe you'll like the demo. i must let you know, the price is really steep. you must be prepared to part with 3k+++ hahaha! if you have money, shouldn't be a problem laa.. i bought it because of my kids. he having this bad sinus problem. jialat.
Haha! Guess what... I bought the delphin vacuum cleaner! It's not as expensive because there are installments. Rather cheap actually. And you know what, it wasn't me who wanted to buy. It was my hubby! Hahaha! I agree that this vacuum is abit too expensive but when I saw what it could do and how much it would hep my kids, we didn't hesitate long enough before purchasing this gadget.
Happy Buyer :)
And for those people online who posted nasty stuff about delphin, the lady who came my house actually told me that they were posted by rival companies. It could be true to a certain extent as I didn't feel that the salesperson was pushy or very lacklustre in her demo. She actually cleaned my bed and one of my kid's, as promised by the promoter at bookfest. Just wanted to let everyone know that delphin is indeed an expensive product, but it's certainly useful. Might want to consider getting one if you are financially stable. And especially when you have young ones at home, like me! Hahaha!
see i knew it. the vacuum really good laaa especially when you have kids. end of the day they asked me to recommend a few friends to them, i gave them like 5 of my relatives.. they say got voucher siaa if they buy. hahaha!
Haha yup! I gave them 2 contacts, both my sisters. I don't think they will purchase this vacuum cleaner because their children are old already. All in their mid-20s. But it's good to actually get them a cleaning demo trial, since it's FOC! Hehe. :)
wowie~ i just took a free gift today at takashimaya. came online to check for their reviews. looks like the earlier posts were super negative and the latest ones are rather positive. my demo is coming soon. and i'm only looking for the servicing package. was told we have choices to service, rent or buy the vacuum and the promoter assured me there will be no pressure-selling. actually what he said was kinda true. he said for companies who only sell the damn expensive vacuum cleaner will hard-sell because that's the only way they earn. but delphin is doing services and rental, so what's the point of hard-selling to ruin their reputation, which will definitely hurt their servicing and rental opportunities due to bad reviews.
anyway i forgot to add, i have also tried the rainbow demo before. it was horrible! i repeat... horrible!!! came in to my place, demo on one small area of my kid's single bed. single is already small enough, still so stingy bloody clean that little bit. after that started talking about the vacuum and its price. the salesperson was seriously annoying and kept repeated how great the vacuum is and i should really get one, as though i will die if i didn't.. maybe i was unlucky, maybe the sales guy was new. i don't know. but once bitten twice shy. rainbow is a no-go.. at least delphin has other options other than just selling the whole vacuum set. if the delphin experience is as bad as rainbow's, i'm never trying such sales stuff ever again.

hi everyone. i am done with the delphin demo. overall it went well. definitely better than rainbow's, 100%!! i signed up for the 1 year contract. initially was really tempted to buy the machine, but i won't have the time to use it as my hubby and i are both working. the sales lady was very patient with me although i didn't express any intention to buy the vacuum cleaner. anyway i would rate my overall experience at 9/10. pretty good if you ask me :)