Anyone uses delphin or rainbow vacuum

-hi i have a delphin s8 latest model which is used only 2 times. bought it in jan 2013 at 3800++++ willing to sell at $2500 still left 15 years warranty comes with complete set. price can be slightly nego.
-also have a delphin gold series complete set used for 3 years plus no more warranty but servicing have been done letting go at $800
-roboclean full set bought in june 2013 selling at $3000 left warranty 14 years plus
-roboclean full set bought in aug 2013 selling at $2850 left warranty 14 years plus
- roboclean full set bought in sep 2013 selling at $2850 left warranty 14 years plus
- rainbow e2 comes with main unit with floor brush and power nozzle only. no more warranty letting go at $350
do call me or watsapp me @ 96660194 if u need more info
i have been using rainbow for more than 10 years. i heard delphin accept trade-ins, but i'll never part with my rainbow for a stupid delphin!
wow take a chill pill gal.. did delphin offend you in any particular way? both machines are good in their own ways I believe. Let's not be too biased alright? cheers
i am using a delphin vacuum cleaner too. personally i have tried both delphin and rainbow before, and i have chosen delphin over rainbow because i find the filterless technology a more trustworthy investment in the long run. imagine having tons of maintenance fees chalking up for your rainbow vacuum set. i am not that rich to keep changing filters lol. anyway, to each his preference. go with your brain and choose. i will not psycho anyone here to follow me and get a delphin, as i don't gain from it also. hahahaha
hi everyone! just created an a/c to check out the war between rainbow and delphin. haha looks fierce to me. i am currently deciding on which brand to get. roboclean, rainbow or delphin. what a predicament. zzz
that's so lame. i'm using their product and i found it to be really awesome, that's why i'm promoting it here
Exactly! Now you see where this is going, Sodaice? Just because you like prefer a product, you should put down another similar product. Everyone has their own opinions. Just give suggestions, and not directly putting another brand down just because you are using a different brand.
Errr hmmm.. Pardon me but I would like to re-quote your earlier post.

-- i have been using rainbow for more than 10 years. i heard delphin accept trade-ins, but i'll never part with my rainbow for a stupid delphin!
Using the word 'stupid', isn't exactly a very harmless statement I believe. Anyway, I do not wish to start an argument here, just thought of sharing what's on my mind. Cheers to all!
hi everyone, I have a demo from roboclean and delphin coming up soon. I bumped into both of them exactly on the same day haha! It was on Saturday at suntec city mall. Starting I was approached by a lady at roboclean to take an eye massager, we arranged for an appointment to have someone over at my place to do a cleaning trial. I accepted the cleaning as my colleagues have tried such demo before and she actually bought the vacuum. I can't really remember what brand she bought but if I'm not wrong she said it was white in colour. Could be delphin as i saw their catalog displaying their machine, and it was white too.
Speaking of delphin, i took the escalator up after settling with roboclean, and to my surprise, another young boy approached me to take a free gift. Wasn't it my lucky day? hahaha so many free gifts. I arranged an appointment with them as well, as it was non-obligatory but of course, 1 month later. hahaha. must make use of their cleaning. no point getting them to clean right after roboclean. hehee i know i kiasu lol!
hi chingchongpang, can you please let me know which brand is better after trying the demo? I want to arrange for someone to come to my place too, but I have heard stories of hard-selling and I still hesitate when it comes to inviting a salesperson over to my place.
anyway, just to share with everyone, i am personally using delphin, my mom is using rainbow, and my aunt just bought herself a kirby. it's kinda funny how everyone is comparing their own vacuums with another. just buy the one which you like, as simple as that. no need to argue here and there. all 3 of us are using different brands, we have never regretted our decision to date. to each their preference. maybe just get the one that can offer the highest discount, because to me, they are all so similar! just get the cheaper one and you'll probably be happiest!
you must be prepared to be pressurised abit. but if you really don't want to buy, no one can really force you to right? probably their commission is really high when they sell one of the machines, but to be honest, all the other companies are using the same sales tactic. unless you wanna get a much cheaper alternative like phillips or karcher or dyson or whatever, you would probably give it a try sooner or later yea.. since you mentioned you wanted to arrange but don't dare. just for an experience, try one demo. i have chosen to buy the delphin because i feel it functions better than the others, but different people have different views. go with yours.
Hi Ginger! Welcome to Singaporemotherhood forum! :) I have pm-ed you the contact of the lady who did the demo at my place. She is really nice and she doesn't pressure people to buy. It's based on my own experience! If you're afraid of getting a salesperson whom might hard-sell you, you may wish to call the lady who did the cleaning for me.
haha yup! where have you guys been hiding all this while man? everyone here is beng blinded by the delphin supporters!! GO RAINBOW!
Because it's the 2 longest running company in Singapore. People trust only these 2 brands. Trust the others at your own risk. LOL
I also heard about 2 companies who tried to set up their own distribution and it failed terribly. ProAqua and sadly, Roboclean too. I have a friend who used to work in Roboclean. She told me half left their company to open another one called don't know what. So confusing. So many companies opening up here and there. And worst was the fact that ProAqua closed down totally already. What about their customers? What will happen to those who actually bought their products? Warranty? Poof! Just disappeared...
Yup. Go for brands like delphin or rainbow. At least they are in the market for a long time already. Sustainability is there, makes it more trustworthy, compared to the others who have only just started. If the newbies close down, that's it. No more warranty and servicing for your vacuum cleaner. If you ask me.. I would say half-fight la. Both also good. Delphin slightly better, because no maintenance cost xP
money is not an issue. my kid has asthma and even my family practitioner has advised for this kind of vacuum cleaner to help my child.
I have researched on all brands through friends, family, and even on the internet. It looks to me that delphin is the better choice. But who knows... Maybe rainbow is not too shabby itself. But delphin have quite some advertisements and sponsors. Especially Jack Neo. Delphin have appeared in his movies before and even the ah boys to men cast was seen playing around with the vacuum cleaner in one of the ads in a newspaper article.