Anyone uses delphin or rainbow vacuum

yup i heard of it too. my uncle was at funan the other time and he took a free gift from them. he changed his mind in the end and wanted to cancel the demo as he might be out stationed to another country for work. so he went back to ask for his particulars back. instead of giving it to him, they scolded him for wasting their time, and sarcastically told him, ' uncle, if you here for free gift, say earlier la.. demo so good you dont want, later the dustmites bite you how? '
i have already complained to funan's management regarding this.. and the following week i went back, i didn't see their booth anywhere around already. maybe my complaints worked! ;)
yes yes! lura sucks! i hate them! came over to my place and hard-sell me! i had to call the police if not they wouldn't leave my house! crazy salespeople!
yup! i sure will.. have colleagues telling me about their bad experiences with them.. but theirs wasn't that serious until they had to call the police. their sales tactics were very aggressive and pushy! probably gave them a phobia into letting people into their houses hahaa. i told them if they wanted to buy a vacuum, just buy from me. i will arrange a demo with delphin, purchase it, and sell it to them. can get a free mattress cleaning along the way too.. win-win situation!
anyway, just wanted to share with you guys. my mom has traded in her rainbow for a delphin too! haha! my aunt is still using her kirby though.. but she has arranged for a delphin next thursday.. hahaa! maybe... another delphin trade-in? hahaha! i managed to convince my mom why delphin is better than rainbow when the salesperson was at the place doing the demo. we were watching together. haha! i bet the salesperson was really thankful i was there haha!
anyway for referring people to buy a vacuum cleaner from them i can get $300 voucher.. if anyone here wants to purchase one, let me know.. i can refer you and we can split the $300 :)
anyway i spoke to one delphin promoter at suntec today. it was outside giant hypermarket. haha he was really funny! i forgot his name, but he's definitely not singapore. looks like korean, but speaks like a chinese. kinda confusing! hahaa!
delphine people are very hard pushers.
to the extent that made me very unhappy.
sorry to all delphine supporters. found a lot bad reviews about them too.
We hv bad experience with delphine pp too. They (2 staffs) fr china came to our place for demo, hard sell & insisted that we buy the products. Refused to leave our hse till my hubby threaten to call th police. Then they apologise & left. Phew! What a night!
Personally I am using delphin.... Can't say if its better than rainbow or not as haven't tried rainbow or other brands. Kinda just bought out of rash decision.

Have had the machine for 3 years and has been good but I still find for those who lazy to change the water in the water canister after each vacuum... Best stick to normal vacuum cleaner. I find I am a bit lazy.....
personally, i have never heard of delphin hard-selling customers.. if you're talking about the past, about 5 years ago.. yeah i've heard it before.. but lately.. this past 2 years i have recommended my friends to try the delphin demo. all of them had different demonstrators and none were actually pushy.. i have no idea who came to your place @karoru & @jayjayqueenie.. maybe you can put their names down as a warning to others?
anyway i have a colleague of mine.. she actually had a china guy going up to her place to do a demo.. initially she was hesitant to even let him in the house.. HAHA! the poor china fella was outside, begging to come in to do a cleaning for her.. she promised her not to worry as he is only here for a cleaning session. in the end, she gave in.. she told me the china guy was really blur and funny and he tries his best to communicate in his somewhat-broken english.. HAHA! but overall experience was rather good.. and she didn't buy it. the guy didn't push her at all.. just said thanks for watching the cleaning.. and to recommend a few friends to him.
if uncomfortable telling the whole world, can private msg me.. my friends have demos coming soon.. if the same person, need to ask them not to let them in
my that demonstrator left the country for a 1 month holiday with his family.. told my friend wait for him come back, he dont want.. zzz he say he want see demo now because march busy month for him
haha still got people use rainbow one meh... i see so many relatives and friends using delphin when i went visiting hahaha! not a single rainbow in sight..

haha you 2 don't fight.. i have a spare delphin that i wish to sell.. any takers? i am moving from my terrace to a condo.. i dont need so many delphins sitting around my condo.. wish to sell one away.. serious buyers can pm me