Any Vegetarian Mom here?

Irene, I'm staying in AMK. So far my area, no vege stalls open at nite. Can only head to AMK central...

Tongtong, yaloh, only food courts open at nite. Sometimes I feel so bad having to get hubby to all kinda places for vege food...

Tongtong, I'm not a good cook *Guilty*

And everyday I reach home quite late, my MIL also in the house, she doesn't cook all the times, once a wk only, and even so, she doesn't cook vege meals for me. So usually I tabao loh...
Nice to see u here leh. I din knw u are a vegan.. Me too. hehe. Lets share our receipes here.

U are vegan become of religion?
Jen... Hehe, nice to see you here...

Yah, me a vegan since in mummy's tummy. So very used to vege diet. Your hubby also a vegan? My hubby is not, but he respect my diet, only thing sometimes he finds it abit troublesome when I said I have nothing to eat at certain food courts.

I'm very guilty leh, I don't have any recipes to share with you all cos I dunno how to cook. I only cook those pasta, mee suan soup at home only. I dunno how I'm gonna cook for my baby next time...
Hey Kelcqi,

There's a store in AMK near Yio Chu Kang MRT. I think is Blk 628. The vege stall opens 24hours. Yes, no joke. You can go there to have supper or late dinner. The mee pok is very nice.

Oh btw, i m not a mummy yet. Hoping to be one by this year. Please wish me luck. : )

Hehe, thanks for telling me that, I don't even know got Vege store open 24 hrs one. Hehe. Next time don't have to worry abt dinner le. At least when I'm still staying in AMK till my Bedok flat comes along.

Kurn, good luck in trying for baby k. How long have u been trying already?
I have been trying for like 2 years already. Still no good news at all. Dun noe wat have went wrong. But we are seeking medical help already and I will be doing my HSG (xray dye test to check the tubes) test this wed.

You are very fortunate to be a vegetarian since young. Treasure it ok? Me and my husband just converted like 2 years plus ago.

How many kids you have now? : )

I went to find the Blk 628 but I think the hawker moved or something. I cannot find. In the end Hubby and I went to AMK blk 529 to eat.

Hmm, you trying for 2 yrs already? Ever thought of seeking a second opinion? Currently the gynea I'm with is one Fertility Doc also. Not sure you heard of him. You heard of Dr Fong Yang at Tiong Bahru? He's got another clinic at Paragon.

Some mummies I know of from this forum managed to concieve through him.
Oh sorry Kelcqi,

Maybe I got the Blk no wrong, but it is a coffeeshop (beside the recently burnt hawker centre). It is opposite the YCK community centre. Let me check out the block and let you know again.

I m currently seeing a fertility doc too. Hubby also went for the test. Will get to know the result this wed. Thinking of doing SOIUI or ICSI. See what's the result and will decide.

How old are you? Is this your 1st kid?
Hi Kelcqi,

I went there yesterday and realised that it's BLK 630. The coffeeshop is called Coffee Express which is beside the 7 Eleven. Opposite the coffeeshop is the temples.

Hope you can try once more : )
Hi Kurn,

See when my hubby free, we go explore the area again.

Me 27 yrs old this yr, how abt u?

Where are you seeing the fertility doc? I heard some gynea will advise u according if you will be more suitable for IUI or IVF?

Good luck for your test leh. Recently I'm having anti-baby syndromes. The thought of my baby coming out just makes me so unhappy. I even have thoughts like even miscarriage, nevermind, at most try again. Maybe cos this pregnancy abit tramatic for me... I'm missing my old life. Then hubby always have to remind me that baby is a gift from heaven... Haiz, dunno what I'm thinking also...
I m 26 now, also turning 27 this year.

How many months are u pregnant already? Please dunnnnn have such thinking. You see, you are soooo fortunate to be pregnant without having to go through all these like us. Yes your huddy is definitely correct. Baby is a blessing and a gift from Heaven! You must definitely treasure it ok? You know, baby can feel when you are happy or when you are sad. So please dun carry negative thoughts, if not baby can sense it too. Let the baby be a happy and jovial child.

Since this baby has been "assigned" to you already, the 3 of you must be fated in some way. Please treasure it. It's not as easy to conceive, like my case. : )

We're of the same age. Hehe. When is your birthday?

I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant. Tramatic pregnancy. I just had contractions 2 days ago, now home resting, bed rest.

Anyway, the pregnancy wasn't really in plan. Baby came earlier than expected.
Jun. N you?

I have went thru the test and have gotten both the results for myself and husband. Guess what? We are fine and normal. Haizzz. Not sure why is this happening to us. But anyway, we are trying harder too.

U must take care ok? Rest well. R you working? If working, dun worry abt work, just have good rest. : )

How i wish my baby can come without planning. : ) Anyway i think it's all fated.

Me in Aug.

Hmm, you and your hubby still young lah, since your results turned out fine, guess God has a timing when your baby will come.

My hubby and I never went for any test before. I also dunno if I'm fine to carry a baby or not, cos my pregnancy so complicated. Sometimes I dunno if the problem lies in me or the baby also.

Anyway I met the CL yesterday,she said she can cook Vege meals for me during confinement. She seems ok but cannot comment until I used her. Will recommend to you ladies if she's ok next time.
hi all, i'm also a vegetarian mtb. my gynae had told me to take those fish oil pills but since i can't take fish oil, is there any other supplements that i can take that is similar in benefit from the fish oil?
for me i totally din take any fish oil supplements. for 1st pregnancy i also did the same. but i eat flaxseed oil which is for Omega 3,6 & 9 lor.

sorry.. i seldom log in to this forum. hehe.
my hb is not a vegan lar. i myself & my family are all vegan lor. so sometimes when goout or go holiday very ma fan also lor. my hb will not eat if he cant find a vegetarian stall for me to sit & eat with him. then if he hungry he will be very angry & showed his anger face. idiot one lar.
Hi Jen,

I had bought a bottle of flaxseed oil pills and showed to my gynae. he said that it didn't state it's for pregnant women and the omega 3,6 and 9 is only beneficial for the mother and not the baby. That's why i dare not take the pills. my HB had been asking me to take the fish oil pills from the gynae, he said to eat for baby's sake.

Do u take any particular brand of flaxseed oil pill?
huh.. i eat thruout my 1st pregnancy & now leh. i told my gynae he dun even knw what is falxseed for leh.omg.

but ask u all ar.. u all ever see neurogain for vegetairan one? last time i saw be4 leh... now i cant find in the website le.
hi all,

havernt logged into this thread for long time becuase have been busy with my bb! i have delivered my bb on 28th jan.

i did not take fish oil too. i think should be fine. i did not take flaxseed oil but i take lots of nuts, like walnuts.

glad to know so many veg mummy now!
Tongtong, long time no see. Busy ah?

Jen, we in the same ship. Hubby not Vegan also. But he's ok with eating with me vege sometimes. He doesn't take alot of meat, so vege meals are ok to him, but he'll not convert cos he feels that he needs the meat for protein.

Sometimes he got nag lah, say I very ma fan. Last time he got give angry face also, then after I saw it, I said I don't wanna eat liao. I go home cook instant noodles.

Ladies, I not that strict leh, I had to take Fish oil cos if not hubby angry with me. He said I cannot be so selfish never think for baby. So bo bian.

Jen, ask u hor, your hubby not vegan, does he expect your baby to follow you or him? My hubby refused to let bb go full vegan.
jen, are u refering to neurogain vegicaps? i think that is not vegetarian also, is only the exterior capsule made from vegetable ingredients but the inside content i think is still fish oil leh.

hmm.. so i guess i must include more nuts in my meals to replace not taking fish oil.

hi kelcqi, my HB also non veg and he also told me to take fish oil cos for the baby. dunno if i should stay firm insist not to take or not. :p
hi ladies
long time nvr come to this thread liao. my boy just born on 27 feb. now confined at home.

during pregnancy, i didn't take fish oil. occasionally, i will take flexseed oil.
hi ladies,

I din take fish oil for both my pregnancies and i guess should be fine. My both kids are normal and i'd say developing on the right track.

I'm a veg since the very moment my mum conceived me cos tat year juz happened she converted to veg. If u r talking abt veg 30 years back, I'd say ppl has little knowledge and nutritional info on veg diet. I'm still born to this world fine and healthy as she oso din take special food beneficial to me.

For me, I'm a lacto-ovo veg which means can drink milk and take eggs so i drank lotsa milk containing EFA, GA & AA proven to be beneficial for baby's brain thru-out my 1st pregnancy but took NONE for my 2nd one. I felt so guilty for not taking it for my 2nd one as I worry he might not be as intelligent and blah blah but i juz couldn't tolerate the smell of the milk suitable for mamas, thus I juz make sure I drink those normal HL milk. Now I realise my 2nd child is much intelligent In comparison to the 1st one whereby I 'invested' almost 12 big tins of milk powder.

Initially my in-law kept saying veg bbs not as healthy and clever than non-veg bbs but after seeing my kids has really kept her quiet abt this issue.

Dunno whether u gals believe, i think everyone's life has already pre-destined.....whether he is healthy, wealthy, lucky, who he will meet, how much wealth he will have and even how and when he will leave the world, all these are already predestined. So I guess god has his way and plan for everyone's life.

Wat I want to say is juz make sure u eat a variety of healthy veg food and dun be picky but of course u outta avoid those 'cooling' stuff too and leave the rest to god. Though I din take fish oil, I make sure I do take 5-colors food and variety of healthy foods during my pregnancy, all these not necessary need to be home-cooked for mummies who can't hv the time to cook or anyone to cook for her, u can exercise this option even when u r ordering food outside.

Hi kurn,

u mustn't be too stress when u r TT-ing. Try counting ur fertile period then u do, that will increase ur chance of conceiving. Wish u luck
kelcqi, yea long time no see! had been really busywith bb .. busy latching, pumping,changing diaper, had my meals, dry his clothes, etc.. tiring! had been really stressful during the first month.. now slowly getting used to it liao...
Tongtong, how big is your baby now? I kept thinking your baby is a toddler now, didn't know yours is still an infant. Keke, think I'm more forgetful nowadays, esp now pregnant. Anyone have any remedies for that. I feel so stupid at times cos I'm very very forgetful and blur nowadays.

Sunny, you popped already? Congrates congrates! Where you deliver?

Irene, Jessie, Tongtong, Sunny,
I feel very guilty taking the fish oil leh. And I don't even dare to let my parents know cos I had been Vegan since birth also, they'll sure feel that I'm like polluting my blood by taking in fish oil. But to avoid conflicts with hubby and my in laws, I had to take fish oil capsules cos they kept saying I vegan, never eat red meat and fish already very bad for baby, if I even don't take the capsules, I dunno what happen. Sometimes I find it so hard when hubby is not a full Vegan cos he can't seem to understand.

If you can stand firm and not have conflicts with your hubby, that would be the best scenario. For my side, they wouldn't let me off cos they keep thinking that I'm shortchanging the baby on the necessary nutrients. Haiz. But have you discuss with your hubby on the diet for bb next time?

My hubby refused to let bb be full Vegan. He said when I take care of bb, or we dine at my parents place, he's ok with bb on Vegan diet. But other times when his mum is taking care, he said let bb eat what they eat. I feel kinda sad, but I really have no choice. I can't possibly let my family fall out becos of a diet. I should have been prepared for this before I married a non vegan.

Irene, I really hope one day I can prove my in-laws wrong also. But now, I still can't do anything yet. Crossing my finger now bb will be born normal and healthy. Else, I dunno what blames will be on me if bb is not healthy.
sunny, congrats for your new born boy

irene, i'm also ovo-lacto veg. i've been trying to take those formula milk for mummies but after that will always feel sick and feel like puking. guess i must really look into my diet, haven't been eating really healthily lately cos of my poor appetite.

kelcqi, my HB so far haven't really insisted that i take fish oil. so i don't think i will take it for now. i guess it's more difficult for you as you are living with your in laws.

i didn't really start on the subject with my HB of what bb's diet next time. :p i got a feeling that dun think my HB will want bb to be full veg. but my mum will be helping me to look after bb and she's a veg so i guess while she look after bb, she will feed bb with veg diet.
kelcqi, jessi

just do what you think it's the best solution for you and the family. but if possible, probably you can show more info on flexseed oil to your hb. and during the gynae visit, you can ask your gynae if it's ok to get flexseed oil as substitute?

i delivered at TMC. which hospital are you going? got your confinement nanny already?
kelqi, i delivered on 28th jan, before sunny! now we both busy taking care of our bb hehe.

sunny, wanna ask u, once we warmed up the EBM, how long can the milk stay at room temperature? cuz sometimes after i warm the EBM, my bb fell assleep. so when he wakes up i dont know whether i can give him the EBM which was warmed maybe 1 hour ago?
kelcqi, i dont take fish oil, and only take flaxseed oil sometimes. cuz read studies that said flaxseed not suitable for pregnancy. so i stopped liao. anyway i think should be alright not taking fish oil? cuz my bb was borned 3.33 kg. doesnt look like losing any nutrients.. anyway that's just my personal view la.
my hb also got show me the "idiot face" when I cant find a vege stall in hawker when he wishes to eat his fav stall lor. then will turn over & scold me i eat shit lar. i realli feel like killing him manz sometimes for being soooo biased against my diet. I feel he shld feel sinful for saying that but i doubt he does lar. haha.
You are a vegan becos of religion? I did not take fish oil at all for my 2 pregnancy. Dun feel sad that u hv to take it & keep it from ur parents. I knw u are sad in ur heart also. Dun go back argue with ur hb saying ur forum vegan frds also din take.. they will never understand. end up quarrel oni. My 1st child nw going 15mths is on fully vege diet since she start on semi solid & nw solid. All vege.. my MIL take care one. of cos i am a bad DIL and all i says valid & she say not valid lar. haha. she dun dare oppose me. So far she is creating good deed for making my gal vege also lar. My hb also disagree to let my child be vegan when she is not born yet. but my hb is not taking care of the child, i cook & I feed so far he says nothing abt it lar. my gal also hv pretty skin & healthy what. no lack or whatever mah. also leg very strong what.. can use her legs to push my dad dwn the bed. My MIL did ask me in future go sch how? see frd eat KFC then hw? i say in future future then say lor.

oh isit?? iis the ext capsule which is veg nia ar. then i dun want to find liao. anyway last trim liao. hw many mths are u preggy nw?

tongtong & sunny,
congrats on ur delivery and mama is a wonderful career nw right?

same as u leh.. 1st preg i dunno took how many tins of ANMUM maternal milk leh. somemore 1 day 2 cups ar. moni & be4 slp. end up always leg cramps. this preg seldom drink no leg cramps problem until recently once or twice. I also very worried my no2 will be "ben ben"(stupid) due to mommy din take DHA, AA for brain growth..nw i got ur assurance i am more "fang xin".. haha.
I agree with u life is pre-destined. As long as healthy is most impt. wealthy anot can use own hands & legs to work for 3 meals is gd enuf liao.

where u read that flaxseed no good. dun scare me leh. i been taking all this while leh.
jen, flaxeseed is good la, just that i read article stating that flaxseed not suitable for consumption during pregnncy.. anyway, no proven studies yet la

i'm still in my 1st trimester, now going to 12 weeks only.

i googled about flaxseed oil and pregnancy, also found a few websites stating that it's not recommended for pregnant women to take flaxseed cos it will effect hormones.

yesterday i found a brand of DHA supplement pills not from fish source, was so happy till i read the ingredient that the capsule is made with gelatin. so sad, why don't they come out with something that is suitable for vegetarians.
within 2 hrs can gv bb. if warm half way, bb zzz, just let the bottle remains in the warm water to keep it warm.
if you are worried, try to smell and taste the milk before giving to bb.

ya, it's wonderful career. but really tiring.... haha...
Tongtong, from what I know from one friend. Her breastmilk she leave it on the warmer to keep it warm till bb wakes up to drink. That's why I keep thinking warmer is a must for me.

Jessi, so envious. I miss being at my 12 wks. I feel so heavy and clumsy now. Today just argue with my hubby that he not understanding. Everytime expects me to rush, he thinks I enjoy walking ard with this big bump meh? I miss those days I feel so light and free. Can sleep on my tummy somemore. Haha. Now even sleep also very uncomfortable.

Jen, my hubby last time did that to me when he finds it hard on me locating food, till alot of times I angry, I refused to eat and insisted I go home cook instant noodles, he bo bian liao. At most say I ma fan, and when he said that, I rebuke him say don't eat loh, I buy potato chips to eat, u happy now? Don't say I eat rubbish can liao...

My MIL will NEVER be so nice to cook vege meals for my gal next time. She always insisted she's rite cos later she'll say I shortchange bb of nutrients... She likes my idea, she say I'm rite, she don't like my idea, go tell my FIL and both of them thinks I talk rubbish. I had eczema when I was young, she go blame it say becos I was on Vege diet since young. But young apart from Eczema, I was very healthy. On the other hand, my hubby and his bro under her care, both have asthma. If my gal have asthma under her care, she dare to blame me, I'll insist bb to be remove from her care.

Sunny, I think I'm going to TMC also. Hows the vege food over there? I was admit to Mt E last time. Tell you hor, their vege food looks very appetizing one.

I met up with the CL, still ok, but I cannot comment much until she start work. If she's gd, I'll intro her to u ladies.
TMC's veg food is ok. but not really suitable for confinement. for non-veg food, they have menu specially for confinement.
so, i suggest you bring some ginger which already fried with sesame oil with you when you admit to hospital. i added the ginger whenever i take the food provided by the hospital. and ask your hb to boil red dates tea and bring to you after you deliver.
jen, i think maybe still can take flaxseed but in minimal and not in high dosage.

kelcqi, you won't miss being 12 wks if you are still having morning sickness. :p i'm still having bad headaches and feeling nauseous till now. hope they will go away soon. now i already can't sleep well at night, can't imagine at the later stage how i'm going to sleep at night.

i think still quite early to ask.. hmm.. when is the time to inform the hospital that you on vegetarian diet?
you can tell them when you admit. and after deliver, the nurse would let you choose the meals from the menu. then you can let them know again. :D
Sunny, can we take ginger if I intend to breastfeed?

I dunno what to do, I already had contractions even though I took ventolin liao. This weekend have to go for steriod jabs to mature bb lungs, my gynea said hopefully we can buy time for bb until she's at least 35 wks old. Now hubby so angry that I'm still working, at least till end of this mth. Haiz...

Jessi, haha, I vomit till 5th mth. My MS is something you wouldn't want to go through. I vomit the whole day and even sleep halfway, I can wake up to vomit. I woke up every 4am to vomit. Imagine that. And my MIL can still tell me my MS nothing to compared to hers. She talk easy nia.

Now MS coming back again. It's easier at wk 12 than now other than the vomiting part.
Just to share....

You can still eat ginger when u r breastfeeding, even those herbal soups and stuff for confinement.

I have checked this out with PD after delivered my 2nd one cos to put everyone at home at ease and PD said there's no harm for bb only dun take alcohol. If ur concern is afraid might affect bb, then he suggest u bf bb 1st then drink or eat ginger and herbs.

Hi Jen,
Dun wori, ur bb will still be smart even if u dun drink maternal milk.

Read from a book at my temple that there is a reason why bbs are born to mother who is a veg. These bbs are the pillars for future. We depend or rather we need them to save the future world. So god will bless veg mums with smart and healthy babies for this reason. Of course there are still a lot of factors to determine this.

Hi Jessi,
Dun wori of not eating healthily. U r in ur 1st tri and this is the most difficult time esp if u r hvg MS. Puking is juz a norm thing everyday. Be sure to eat well aft ur MS episode which i think will go away soon when u move into ur 2nd tri. Stay relax and happy.

Hi sunny and tongtong,
Congrats on ur new addition to the family. Happy Parenting! Sunny must take good care esp now still under confinement. ;)
sunny, oic! so no need to tell them way beforehand. hope hospital veggie food will be appetizing. hehe..

Kelcqi, woah.. your MS so powerful ah, all the way till 5th mth. are you in your 3rd trimester now? how come still MS? my MS usually happen more often during the evening time, then i won't have appetite to eat dinner already.

Irene, now i'm just trying to eat whatever i feel like eating else like no appetite to eat, so even those fried unhealthy food i also will take. hope my appetite will improve by the next few weeks then can start to eat more proper food.
Thanks Irene for those info. What if those DOM taken during confinement. Can we take them?

The CL told me 1st 2 wks cannot take ginger cos scared bb have jaundice. Issit true?

Jessi, me at my 28 wks now. My MS started with evening also, later stretch to morning. ANd all the way whole day except ard 2-4 in the afternoon I feel a little better. But I partically threw out everything I ate and had alot of gastrics back then. I lost 4 kg all together. But once morning sickness over liao. I eat like an elephant. So very fast pound back the weight.
I took ginger since day 1 i go home leh. haha. Jaundice is not realli from ginger one lar. is the what birubin(sp) dunno cant breakdown or what lar.
My religious cant drink alcohol one. so i din take DOM at all even thou my MIL hse have 2 btl. haha.

wow @ least you threathen him say eat mee / potato chip he keep quiet. if my hb he will showed me a idiot face machiam want to slap me lidat ar.

My MIL heng will listen to me lor. Even tho she sort of not willing. but no choice lor. my hb din say anything so she got no supporter lar... earlier my hb always say NO to my gal being vegan lar. but nw my gal is still as healthy.. fit.. & strong ok.. not i how lian. is the power of god and for my gal own good. She nw 15mths liao, oni sick for 2times, 1 time running nose (6-7mths) and recently fever. & very fast subsides liao. I dun wish her tummy to be the grave of the animals. hehe. But last time when i was a meat eater, i love KFC, etc leh. haha.

I love the quote which u read from the book.
ya, still can take ginger. don't worry. even the PD said can take, just take moderately.

normally jaundice level will go up fast during the 1st 2 weeks. probably your CL worries that the jaundice level will go up during that period. but, not to worry, just make sure that whenever there's sunshine, sun bath your bb for few minutes. the sun around 8am or in the late afternoon is better. if adult even feel hot until the sunshine, it's too hot for the bb liao.

thanks! can't wait for the confinement to finish.
sunny, did you take anything to increase your milk supply? do you have enuff ss for ur bb? my supply cant cope with my bb's dd. now he is comingto week 7 and already drinking 130ml at 2 to 3 hr interval.. who will be taking care of your bb and kid later when u go back to work?
Tongtong, what kinda food TMC serves? Cooling food ah?

Jen, I not scared to show my hubby attitude outside one. I black black for him to see and he's one who cares abt image outside one. So sometimes when I don't get my way, I dare to give him attitude. Haha...

My MIL will not be so nice one loh. If she bo bian have to follow what I said, anything wrong, she'll push the blame to me one. I'm very confirm towards this.

hi jessi,
no worries....i do take deep fried stuff even when i was pregnant. It's perfectly okay, juz eat in moderation will do.

hi kelcqi,
wat i heard from the staff nurse during antenatal class was no alcohol if u wanna bf cos the content will get into ur bloodstream very very easily and bb will get the 'alcohol milk' when u bf so not so ideal. For me, i dun take alcohol due to religious reason even though got lotsa relatives gave that as well-wishes gifts during hospital visit. Some even gave me chicken essence when they know very well that i'm veg....nearly fainted

As for the ginger, I took it right from day 1, even at the hospital. Wat my mum did was to buy 1 BIG BOX of ginger and keep at home the moment i delivered and every meal will sure to have this ginger thing, even the red dates drink.

Apart from sunbathing for the bb to bring down the jaundice level, u must ensure bb drink enuf to flush out the toxin as well.

hi Jen,
Thks. I love quoting all these to my ML to ensure her my children, her grandchildren are gaining sufficient nutrients.

Hi tongtong,
U may wanna try taking in sufficient fluid, a lot more than usual and drink plenty of soup esp the papaya soup.

Another thing is latch ur bb often to increase milk supply cos when bb suckle, it's telling ur body to supply more. if u r solely espressing milk out, then u have to pump 8X a day.

I did all these esp the 8x a day. It's tiring but this is mandatory to build up supply. Now bb coming to 6 months and i'm still expressing. Each time can express not less than 360ml, even enuf for my elder one to drink esp she goes to sch whereby children will fall sick easily. Thus she can get extra immunity from my milk.

My children dun eat medicine not even the younger one. It's difficult to feed them medicine so their illness usually will go for 'self-cure' rather than medicine cure.

Another info to share....
Breastmilk is really wonderful and miracle. My friend told me breastmilk can be used as eyedrops to cure eye infection in babies especially newborns are very prone to eye infection due to blocked ducts but u must ensure clean and sterile condition b4 dropping into bb's eyes.

I used it to treat their skin whenever I see a small little red dot on their face and the little red dot will go away fast.