Any Vegetarian Mom here?


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I am a vegetarian 5 years ago. I am now still trying to conceive and would like to know what are the "food with nutrient and protein" that I can eat daily for my bb.

also, can anyone recommend a good gynae at woodland for my checkup ?

Hi Lina,

I'm a vegetarian for more than 10 years, i had normal diet when i was pregnant. My baby is now 22 days old, he is well and fine
Weighs 3.23kg when he is out, so no worries.

I heard from my dietrician that Anlene is better than Anmum powder milk, so i take Anlene for his calcium input daily, you can mix with Milo. Anlene is higher in calcium and low in fat, while Anmum or Enfomum...are higher in fat and lower in calcium, thus you intake more calcium with Anlene, and will not put on much weight.

Avoid coffee and cigars, take meals with less oil. I took alot of dark green leafty veges too, avoiding cooling white leafty veges like cabbage..try to take in 5 colors everyday. Black=black beans, Zi Cai, Mu Er... Red=Apple, Carrots, Red dates... Yellow=Soy bean, banana, some pineapples(later mths 3rd tri) Green=leafty veges, kiwi,... White=rice,breads...

I also took healthy snacks like Nestle wholemeal cereals, at least a section of fruits daily (no time then buy pure fruit juice) and just drink when thirsty. (Plain water)

and cheese...wholemeal bread...more of items you see at the bottom of the health pyramid. Its more of normal diet while i was not pregnant yet

And yes, i also took the vitamins my gynae gave me daily, i only avoid the fish oil (omega pills) that she recommend me. I did not find any replacements for this. Salads are also good.

Hope these helps, i feel happy for you that baby is already a vegetarian while inside you, baby will be very healthy
hi doy,

thanks so much for your input. i am still ttc so will be taking extra conscious on the food intake.

For proteins you may try NutriSoya Soyamilk as it has abt 10.5 g protein/serving. I am also a vegetarian so I found it quite a good source of protein as well as calcium as it is fortified with calcium. I am drinking abt 2-3 servings daily so no worries aabt protein intake...
hi lina, maybe you can try the bee product and aloe vera juice... i friend mum is into a health company and i learn from myfriend that the bee product have not only provide good nutrient to the body can also help many women to conceive as it contain alot of essensial nutrient for the lady and good amount of zine the is need to built up good sperm count....and aloe vera is that only plant that have vitamin b12 which only can be found in meat ... thus i think is a very drink for vegetarian....of cos the aloe drink need to be more than 60% in content for it to work.... i hope that all this information can help you;)
hi doy... actually fish oil id very important for the development for kid .... thus i will encorage you to take it.... actually myfriend told me that the fish oil that she is taking is actually just drewing the oil from the deep ocean fish and then the fish is put back into the sea alive ... thus i think as a vegatrian also can take.... as i read the magazine and newapaper i also learnt that fish oil not oly good for brain but also help to emusified the fat that clot the blood vessel thus very good for those people that have high blood .... and it can also help to maintain weight thus fish oil is very good for health thus i recommend you to take the fish oil;)

I'm a vegetarian too... my baby is due next month.

I noticed that currently there are a lot of milk powder in the market that contains fish oil (DHA).

Veg mums - can share with me which brand of milk powder is suitable for our babies??
i just turned vegetarian and my baby is due next year. i am wondering if anyone here knows any confinement nanny that cooks vergetarian food? i really don know how to cook if i do not find one. pls share your experience. thanks.
Hi all vegetarian mommy...
Hope all of u are fine.....
I've a bad news to break to u here...
I have just got to know that milk powder containing DHA for baby is not able to be consume if u wants ur baby to be pure vegetarian..
I have checked the internet & got to know that this is extracted from fish content ..

I am sad to know that even milk powder is being restricted too for our baby.. But hope my kind advise wont get u frustrated.
Hi Jenny,

i feed my son soy milk since he is born, combine with beastfeeding too. He is now 8 months old, very active and strong, weights 9kg. Only sometimes we will feed him milk when the powder is mix with rice (Nestle)..else he will solely be on soy milk for normal drinking

For heavier meal, will be porridge, again, we make sure there is 5 colors in his porridge, cook in slow cooker or pot on flame, with brown rice mix with white rice, Si Sen..barley to prevent heatiness.

If you will like your baby to take milk, i got a vege friend who mentioned S21 is suitable and contains no DHA. You might like to double confirm this information before feeding your child.


hi jenny
some brands of milk powder containing DHA are extracted from plants and not from fish. Eg. Enfa family product.
Hi Doy & Jastan,
Thanks for both ur info...

FYI,we vegans lacks of Vit B12. So how do u supplement urself & baby with this? Cos my hubby is not a vegan he saw in news that scientist or what in US say that children cannot be vegans when young cos they will lack from Vit B12 .. We adults can take medication for it but how abt baby?
i am not a mother yet lar.. but hoping to get infor to force my hubby to let my baby be vegan mah. heehh
Hi Jenny,

i know seaweed is very rich in B12
Eggs also
Nowadays egg is produce by hen only so cannot produce chicks so is considered vege.

For 1 mth to 6 mth, your breast milk gives baby all the nutrients that YOU ABSORB when YOU EAT. So mother must be very well nourish so baby is healthy. So no worries on B12 since you took these natural products too

And my baby is now taking a kind of liquid B12 given by the pharmacy, specially formulated for babies only.

Hope these helps..!
i am also a vegetarian and looking for a confinement lady who knows how to cook vegetarian confinement food. anyone have good confinement lady to recommend?

how did you do your confinement? do everything yourself?
For those who want ur child to get DHA.
U can try Seaweed which is "Hai Cai" it contain high amt of veg DHA equally gd as fish DHA.
Hi, I am a vegetarian mum too.
I bought S26, Promil, Progress, Promise from Wyeth for mu children as the DHA is from vegetable source.
thanks rene.
any other cheaper brand which is from vegetable source? friso? isomil?

you also vegetarian?
Hi sunny,

Ya i'm a veg too. I'm using both Isomil and Similac but more on similac. Isomil is oso veg source but need to check on friso. I noe dumex Mamil series is from fish source.
The new Friso has fish oil to it. Even all Nestle cereals has DHA (taken from fish oil) added to it now.
Now, cracking my brains to find new cereals for my children
The new Friso has fish oil to it. Even all Nestle cereals has DHA (taken from fish oil) added to it now.
Now, cracking my brains to find new cereals for my children
Hi trying to help, I heard that the Frisocerm cereal dun hv fish oil but formula has. Maybe u wanna try look out for tat. U can consider gerber and heinz. My gal like the Nestle ones initially but ever since change pkg she dun like it anymore. Initially I dunno y then aft one feed i took a look at the tin and found out got fish oil. I guess must be the reason. U can try those chinese type of brown rice cereal too.
how long have you been a vegetarian?
me have been for about 10 years.

my mil said can grind brown rice into powder and cook it for bb. it's very good for health.
Hi sunny, I'm a veg since birth cos juz happen my mum becomes a veg when she conceived me then. Tat is to say my mum and dad are veg too.

Tryingtohelp, u can chk with medical hall for the brown rice cereal. Some medical hall will grind, dry and pack to sell in 0.5kg or 1 kg. Tat's my gal first food when she was at 4mths.
wow... rene. you are fortunate to be a veg since birth!!! envy... i hope my gal will choose to be veg when she grows up.
how did your parents convince you to be veg when you grew up and could make your own choice of food outside?
Hi, I have been a vegetarian for almost 9 years now.
Rene, u are fortunate to be a veg since birth.
I see my fellow veg friend, housewife mostly waking up at 5am, preparing veg breakfast and lunch for their children to bring to school.
Yup, I used the brown rice with chinese herbs (ie the one in Supermarket).,,as baby food for my son when he was less than 1 year old
My children like to have cereals added to their milk. My son don't mind the Nature Brown Rice Powder, my daughter want Frisocreme....**sigh**
hi vege ladies here,
understand that all are vegetarian of own will. i'm also.
but can i ask is ur hb also vege??
Reason i ask is becos my hb is not & he aldy tell me that he wont allow bb so small to be vege like me.. i dunno how to convince him.COs he saw some news be4 that if child since young w/o meat will lack of cetain nutrients. Any way & idea & method to teach me?? i heard be4 my mom's frd kid all are senstive to meat since birth one. once eat will vomit. i also hope my child to be lidat altho very bad heart but i think this for my child good. dun want since young aldy accumulate sins. ehhee
Hi Sunny, I think I was not given a choice as my mum oni cooks veg food @hme, so i kinda used to it. And since birth I wasn't able to take meat and fish, i'll either throw up or feel guilty while eating. I am glad I was born this way after understanding all the karmic facts.

Hi trying to help, then u can buy both since children are diff. It's better to let them eat what they like rather than they dun eat at all, but oso children cannot hv too much freedom in terms of choice. Choices shd be made available gradually when they grow up.

Hi Jenny Tan, my hb oso not veg. I think it is near impossible to force someone to be veg but can convince someone to be one eventually (takes time loh). Like I can c a change in my hb, he used to be a person can't live w/o meaty stuff but i can c he cut down a lot oredi. Dun force him but ask him to cut down, tell him the bad effects of it esp when u come across news like bird flu, mad cow disease, etc, @least can get 50% of the info into his mind. Sometime advice him on health aspect like may increase blood cholesterol, HBP, which in turn leads to other chronic diseases like heart failure, diabetes as well. U can try all means but the bottom line is it takes time loh.
For my case it's diff since my mum is looking after my gal for me so definitely he has to abide to wat I say or he has to find some other ways to take care of my little one. Initially he oso disallow our gal to be veg b4 i give birth, hvg the same theory as not enuf nutrients but I told him I'm a full time veg since birth and he's a full-time carnivore since birth, but in comparison I'm healthier than him. @least I'm not always down with flu and other common illness as he did. If u say veg lacks nutrients then does that mean meat eater won't fall sick??? I breastfed my gal for full 10 months and I can c she's receiving gd nutrients and antibody from my milk.
Hi Jenny, I think to convince someone to be veg takes time and we must set good example by eating healthily. By seeing how healthy we are then they will understand why we want to be a veg. I agree some veg stalls may sell unhealthy stuffs but as long as we choose the healthy ones over the deep fried ones, and eat a variety of food, we shd be able to stay healthy., @least illness free. 2nd step is to be able to cook as well cos if hb is the lazy sort that dun wanna buy outside then he no choice but to eat what u cook loh. U mention that u hope ur child to be sensitive to meat, actually i oso hv this thinking. I was born meat-sensitive so I oso hope my gal is lidat too. But of course I din tell my hb this. @ least if the child is lidat, it solves 50% of the problem liao.
hi rene
your 'basic' (gen ji) is good, i would say!!

and you hv a good and understanding hb.

hi jenny
my hb and his whole family is vegetarian and i must say this makes life easier for me.
i agree with rene that it's impossible to force someone to be veg. just have to convince him.

you can tell him how you balance the diet and make sure that bb is getting enough nutrient e.g. taking 5 colours of food every day (black, yellow, red, green and white), and all those diseases that ppl are suffering from nowadays. try not to convince him from religion angle if he totally doesn't believe it.

my own family is all non-veg. when i just started to convert, they objected it esp my dad. but after a while seeing that i am as healthy as others, he got nothing to say. so, i keep telling myself that i need to stay healthy and eat healthy so that i can set an example to them.
hi rene & sunny ,
thanks for both your precious advice.

my hb parents also was vegetarian.. untill few yrs back my FIL got duno what fever.. then this MIL go cook fish for him say he nid nutrients or what. then he "po jie" liao lor.. i also cant say anything lar.. cos when they both came my hse for GDL negotiation my dad ask him why he back-out after eating more than 10yrs. he himself say finding vege stall in sg is diff esp at night. wow kaoz... ok lor. this is his own decision lor. he have to bear the consquence lor. hehee

I myself is a very healthy person. not i boost. wow realli i never fall sick leh. purposely go under the heavy rain also wont get sick.. & maybe i am born to be in vege family.. since young i been on meat-free until i go sec sch to choose on home econ as my main subject.

my hb is the lazy type to go buy one. so he will quietly eat my dinner which i cook for him everyday. no bad comments so far... i will chg the dishes to suit him also lar. i also must cook the dishes to his liking lor also. this no pblm so far. is that the children ar.. aiyoo i so bad heart, child havent come out i aldy hope child can be meat sensitive liao.
ur hb same as my hb leh.. cannot say my hb cant live w/o meat lar. he can eat my vege as i try to find nice vege ingredients to make soup or dish for him to make him tempted.
also my hb thinking is dun let children to be meatless as sure lack nutrient.. my frd children also fit & healthy leh. i think sick is becos that mommy dunno how to look after child one. early moni let them drink cold drinks.

I am also healthier than my hb.. he always down with flu also & he have sinus also.

but then if realli have kid liao. sure die. sure his Mother take care. cos she is full time hsewife mah. somemore soooo near my hse.. realli sian leh stay so near to IL.
Hi gals,
I am trying to become vegetarian for health reasons. I am currently pregnant at 28 weeks. My baby if going to be formula fed, it ginna be soy milk like Isomil, Prosobee , etc. Not gonna be milk from cow
I am facing a challenge... that is how to cook nice food. Any of you have any secret recipes to share?
I bought a vegetarian confinement food which I hope to follow during confinement...

Hi sunny,
Nice to see you again
What did you eat during confinement? Can share with me?

Hi Jenny,
It's indeed not easy to be vegetarian in Singapore. For me, I eat for health, so even if I go to vegetarian stalls, I will select the healthy kind. Most of the time, it's very oily. Not easy to find...
It will take time to convince your hubby
. My hubby last time cannot live without meat. Now he cut down a lot already
Sometimes at work, he will eat fruits for lunch when he feel very tired.
hi lyn
my confinement food is mainly vege, some mock stuff. but cooked with ginger and sesame oil. 'cos actually the most important ingredient during confinement is ginger and sesame oil.

and there's a famous recipe to increase breast milk is the green papaya fish soup. to me, i just bought green papaya and boil with some vege and mock stuff and drink. so far, my milk supply still ok lah. hehe...
cook nice food? hmmm..... my cooking is not very good. normally just cook vege, beancurd, mushroom and sometimes put some mock stuff. hehe... so far, no complain from hb.
remember to take 5 colours of food if possible,daily.

and bear in mind, when you just start the diet, you might feel a bit weak, that's normal. 'cos the body is doing the cleansing process. but, some ppl won't feel that. (at least, i don't. keke...) so, dont' worry ya?

jia you jia you...
when's your EDD?
Hi sunny,

Is there specific vege we gotta eat or avoid? Actually, I read from a book by "Makoto Shichida", it is stated that the beliefs of eating more meat, eggs, milk for more breastmilk is not so true. Sometimes, might make the milk supply worse. It states that eating more "wu gu mi" and vegetables will give more breastmilk. You will know who Shichida is if you are interested in right brain development of babies
. Another flashcards education thingy with slight difference from Glen Doman.

Hee... I know about eating 5 colours and 6 types of vege daily, but I did not follow sometimes cos I eat alone at home and I buy so many types, I gotta end up throwing away food.

hmm... I think I cannot take mock meat. During this pregnancy, I feel like puking when I eat mock food. I take it as my body telling me that I am going through detox after taking mock meat. I went through a thorough detoxification before my pregnancy
. So, usually, I will take only the vegetables. Does mock meat add flavour to the soup? My friends told me to add walnuts, lotus root, mushrooms for more flavour. I have yet to try that though...

My EDD is 18 Jun
Thank you

How long do you intend to breastfeed?
Actually I wonder if I am eating right for the pregnancy. I eat red bean, black glutinous rice, green bean soup. Or boil barley with fu zhu. Or white fungus. Or boil "wu gu mi" with unprocessed rice. Sometimes, I will add gingko nuts, bai he, red dates, dried longan, and/or lotus seed. For the "wu gu mi", I will dump all the colours of vege and mushrooms I have in my fridge, plus red dates. Sometimes, lotus root also.
I dunno if it's enough... cos I am anaemic. My gynae told me to eat lots of meat, but I limit my meat intake...

You gals got any other suggestions to share?
hi lyn...
hi hi.. i saw that u turning vegetarian for health reason. i shall congrats u at my point of view. but then i have frds suddenly from meat eater to be veg eater makes her body cannot take it. like easy giddy lar, low bld pressure lar.also anti-body might be lower also.
i dunno why lar.. cos i also since young aldy eat veg. although i not very pure veg last time i do eat meat but my main dishes are still vegetarian dish if i am at home or going out with parents. my body somehow can "Dong" lor.

I not asking u to say eat back meat lar.. but then there will be some changes in your body when u suddenly switch esp u are pregnant now.

Lyn, our dish for confinment mainly are "zhai liao" (made from gluten type). we sort of use this to replace the "zhu jiao chu" mah..

I am not a very health conscious person. whatever food i like i just throw into my mouth. eat liao then decide what to do. i do cooking for hubby for dinner everyday . i also din realli care for health.. but then food that he likes.. else i dunno whether he wants to eat anot. of cos got vegettables cos i love veges more than anything else.

I think "chao mi" shld be ok lar. although wu gu mi more nutrious lar. during ur pregnancy u also dun eat too liang lar. those like green bean or barley also very liang one.
i only know that during confinement can't take liang type of vege i.e. bitter guard and bai chai

wow... your diet seems good to me.
i took brown rice almost everyday during pregnancy. it's a bit heaty, so, you got to drink more water.

my mil said green bean and barley are considered liang, too. so, i seldom takes these 2 stuff though i really love it. keke...
to increase iron intake, eat more green leaf vege.
hi lyn,
wow, your diet sounds really good....if u are anaemic, u can try to eat more spinach and mushroom...suppose to have "bu xue" function...

barley is ok, although it's liang, but it's mild so good to drink esp when preggy, we are rather heaty is not good for baby mum always encourage me to drink barley and chrysanthem...but in moderation lah
Hi Jenny,
I have been eating very very little meat and mainly vegetables even before pregnancy

When I was in the UK, I have indian friends who are vegetarians and they eat the dried soya chunks which taste very nice with soup and curry, or even stir fry with vegetables... But I dunno where to get them in Singapore.
kekeke... Now, when my neighbour cook deep fried chicken, soup with pork, etc... I find the meat smell very strong... dunno is it becos pregnant or is it becos I dun eat much of those already. I can differentiate whether my neighbour boiling chicken soup or pork soup... hahaha...
I cannot say I am 100% vegetarian already cos I still have temptation for nasi lemak with ikan bilis, ice-cream and cheese. And my parents are kind of against it. I am conscious of not taking deep fried vegetarian food. Even the deep fried, and then stir fried dishes, I try to avoid... kekeke...

Hi sunny,
Wah... You took brown rice everyday during pregnancy... Your baby must have very good brain development. I can't achieve that, cos I eat out with hubby during weekends and most dinners. Plus all the sugars and the chemical salts are no good... hee... I do read about diet and baby's brain development.
I do drink lots of water... Yesterday, I think I drank more than 4 litres of water. Now, I only drink filtered water or Evian mineral water.
You baby is about 7-8 weeks already rite? So far how's your milk supply? I also hope to breastfeed for at least 6 months.

I do realise one thing during pregnancy. When I anyhow eat, eat "too much" meat, I will get significantly more vaginal discharge for the next few days. Do you have lots of discharge during pregnancy?

I actually bought a Taiwanese vegetarian confinement recipe book. I am still thinking of which are the food to follow...
Hi spreemum,
I used to eat spinach often cos I love it and read about it. Then my mum said cannot eat too much spinach
. I try to eat broccoli also. Sometimes when eating out, very difficult to eat lots of vegetable... So far, I like the vegetarian stall at Suntec foodcourt and Indinine Cafe at Suntec Skygarden or Neil Road. The others have mostly deep fried or too oily food.

Got other recommendations for eating out?
pls tell me the good of not eating deep fried food & go for so simple food? i also want to know the reason be4 i can stop myself for not eating them. cos for most most vege food they are to be deep fried or stir fried one although they are edible aldy lor.

oh by the way, since u are not strict vege, no nid to restrict any vege that u cant eat. we as strict vege one we cant eat spring onion & garlic. but we can take dairy pdts.

what is thr dry soya chunks?

i thot wu gu mi is better than brown rice. i also like brown rice. know the carbo level not that high also mah.. if brown rice realli good then thruout my pregnnacy i will consider that liao.
i think mineral water is no good for esp ladies. i know once i drink mineral water oni esp if drink alot i sure to have discharge liao. duno why. cos mineral to us is consider "liang" according to TCM lar. i think filetred water still ok. i dun think is realli the "meat" casuing u to have discharge bah. u monitor again see lor.

do u engage confinement lady.. dun nid think so much lar. ask the CL to do for u lor. cos as being vege we dun have much thing to BU bah.. DOM cant drink, meat cant eat.. i think mainly drink tonic isit? this i not very sure. but i know for food variety not much lor.

If u want to eat out u can try eating those organic vegetarian ood stall lor. Organic this word aldy tell u sort of healthy lifestyle liao. but then for me i see organic i wont step in so i cant tell u the food nice anot/ i saw 1 stall in fortune ctr. that bldg alot of vege stalls one lor.
have u try the stall at the food centre opposite bras brasah complex? very nice...

last time, there's this ru lai zhai near sim lim sq area, food nice and cheap...but they no more there liao....

why your mum say cannot eat too much spinach?
deep fried food, whether vegetarian or not, are unhealthy....nowadays, people try to eat less of deep fried food coz such food are high in cholestrol....and also increase the risks of obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, coronary heart disease, diabetes and some cancers

Deep fried food is very oily. As most people know, oil is no good for the body. The science behind is when food are deep fried, there's chemical interactions of the food with the oil which is no good. When oil are heated to high temperature, there's already chemical reactions. In the long run, can cause cancer if taken too much. kekeke... maybe you will be bored of the science... I need prove to belief so I search and read lor...

Stir fry vege for me is still ok, as long as not so oily. There are many stalls that have stir fry vege, but the vege "coated" with lots of oil.

I dun take dairy products for health reasons. But I still cannot get rid of my crave for cheese though I already cut down a lot. When I come across the cheese section in supermarket, I will think twice. I have stopped drinking milk, and replace with soya milk. I dun wanna consume the chemicals, extra hormones and antibiotics the cows are getting.

Ask yourself some questions:
Which species on earth drink milk of another species? hahaha... it's only the humans.
Which animal drink milk till their old age? Answer still the same...

The soya chunks are in cubes and made from soya. It's the meat alternatives. I think I ate this in vegetarian Indian stall before and taste very nice.

"Wu gu mi" is better than brown rice. White rice is the worst. I only know how to cook "wu gu mi" porridge. Dunno how to cook in another way... everytime eat porridge very boring...

I do not intend to get a confinement lady.
I bought a confinement book for vegetarian. I might follow two herbal drinks recommended inside. It sounds like a "protection drink" for people who might not do a good confinement... kekeke...

Oh, got organic vege stall one ah... Where? Hawker center? Or restaurants?

Hi Spreemum,
My mum listen to the famous FM972 lor... I also dunno why cannot eat too much spinach...

oh, i didn't know that brown rice is good for brain development. i took it 'cos it gave me more energy and less sugar so that i won't get diabetic. hehe...
my gal is into 11th week liao... 2 more wks i will be going back to work, sian...
during pregnancy, the discharge was ok to me lah... i won't say it's a lot loh.
my milk supply so far ok.. thank god, still manage to meet bb's demand. hehe...

you can go to this link to find out nice vege stall.
circuit road hawker centre has lots of vegetarian stalls! i love going there. keke...