Any Vegetarian Mom here?

i'm still quite new to this estate, haven't go to Gek Poh side before. is there any veggie stall there? i'm quite sick of the one in pioneer mall. hehehe..
the one opp my hse Gek poh shopping ctr is closed liao. sian. so wkend i hv to cook my own meal liao.

U can go to Boon Lay SHopping Ctr. U can take bus 99 just 3-4 bus stop away from ur home bah.. there got 2 stalls there open from moni till night. then hawker got one vege stall but not as nice as the other 2 in the coffeeshop lor. got 1 is at kopitiam - Eight Immortal vegetarian, else another one is at opp the coach parking coffeshop - Lu Cao Xiang Vege stall. This stall morning & evening sells roti prata.
last time before i preggy, my hubby and i used to walk to st. 91 where the city harvest church is, to eat at the coffeeshops. i think there are veggie stall in almost every coffeeshop there. but now very lazy to walk so far, haven't been there to eat for very long.

i only tried the eight immortal stall at boon lay shopping ctr. next time shd try the stall that sells roti prata. speaking of prata, reminds me of the prata at circuit road hawker. nice prata + nice curry.. now got cravings liao.. hehehe :p
Wow seems like mostly all here are mothers or MTB, so happy for you all. Hope I can "promote" fast fast too.

Kelcqi, sure! We can definitely meet someday for dinner : ).

Tong Tong, i think the clinic is popular wor, cos usually it's packed everytime I walked past, when I was young. Is your BB better now? Still got the blood streak?

Jessi, just want to let you know that recently I found a vegetarian shop in Bendemeer where the cheese prata is super nice. Will get you the address so next time when u all r around that area, you can try it out. : )
Tongtong, The clinic seems popular. But I read through this thread, seems like there are still negative comments on the clinic.

Jessi, I know which store u talking about at the Circuit road, I went there with my parents 2 wks ago. The cheese and ham prata she gave me all burnt below, I almost took it back and ask for exchange. But my dad scared of trouble, just tell me to pull off the bottom part and eat. Feel so cheated...

Jen, thanks for the advise. Me so lost, dunno wat to do and expect from confinement. My mum also lost. I hired a CL to cook for me during confinement, but she asked my mum for recipe. My mum said she also dunno tell her to cook wat for me. Faint...
Mum's name/Child's name n birth date/ area we stay/Age
1.Irene/Wenz 30-04-2005 & Denz 17-09-2007/ Bt Panjang/29
2. sunny/YX 11-01-2006 & YZ 27-02-2008/yew tee
3. Kurn/ Dec 2008 Baby : ) / Ang Mo Kio / 27
4. tongtong/angie/Shaun 28/01/08/khatib/30
5. jessi/sept 08 baby/Jurong West/29
6. Kelcqi/May 08 baby/Ang Mo Kio /27
7. Jenny/Selinna 19-12-2006 & May 08/Jurong West/29

hi tongtong
I dun use sterilising tablet at all right after my 1st child. I use the hot water method. After expressing the round, I wash the funnel with pigeon baby-safe cleanser and wash clean with water then pour lotsa boiling water to ensure the sterility. The bottles were sterilized at home b4 hand. FYI, i hv another set of pump at work but i do bring pump to and fro during my 1st time which i find it too troublesome.

Just now went to Serangoon North Ave 1 to have Vegetarian food with my hubby and in laws. My FIL so impressed with the food.

Then after that we went Bugis to get some stuff and settled for Gui Lin Gao. My MIL was saying that eating more Gui Lin Gao will give beautiful skin. And my hubby told her, if you want nice beautiful skin, eat more vegetarian food. Cos vege food is pure and not like meat, alot of bacterial. That's why alot of vegetarians all have very pure and fair skin cos our blood is very pure and clean.

My MIL like not really convinced but I'm so happy to hear those words coming out from my hubby's mouth. At least something he acknowledge about the beauty of being a vegan. He was like saying me and my family all have very nice fair skin to his parents. Really hope next time I can use this reason to ask them to let my gal go vegan, although hard lah, cos my MIL still not very convinced.

But at least my FIL and my hubby agreed on the skin part. Really hope this can be use as a reason next time to let my gal eat Vegan. Rather than my MIL they all always say never eat fish, children will become stupid. Never eat meat, the health not strong etc... At least next time I can say, Eat Vegan, my gal can have nice skin. But provided next time my gal's skin really nice lah, and not have eczema like me when I was young.
i also long long time never go circuit road for the food liao. anyway their standard dropped also la.r not as nice nice as few yrs back lo the standard.

the Boon lay prata is also not bad lor. but rem hor oni moni 7-11am, then evening 6pm - 10pm something like this.

St 91 there got veg stall every kopitiam meh? i dun see that leh. Oni knew now got 2. one is the eight immortal & another one further dwn i think is a newly opened stall. Near to the temple one.

Bendemeer got cheese prata meh? hw come i work thr for 4yrs i din knw leh? haha

u mean the CL u engage dunno hw to cook vege dishes ar? aiyoooo sian leh. U knw what. I hate pple talk & talk say eat vege where got nutrients cos they are not vegan themselves lar. then nag & nag. i most hate one. i wish ur CL is not lidat lor.

I dun mean to scare lar.. if parents have history of eczema, most likely the child will have also. cos my hb also hv. my MIL also have..
jessi, i usually eat the nuts raw, seldom cook it but during confinement,my mum did cook dishes and put nuts like walnuts, pinenuts, etc.
i din buy packeted nuts leh, i bot those raw one, unflavoured.

kurn, yea i went to the SBCC liao, it opened at 6pm that day when i went,but already got a few ppl waiting outside at 5 something! one of them was me la hehe.the doctor said my bb is not allergy leh, it was becuase his anus tear that caused bleeding. i hope it's really this and not allergy!

kelcqi, if you have no idea what to cook, your mum might want to call my mum since i just finsihed confinement. and she can share with u some recipes la.
Jen, The CL asked my mum for recipe, cos she said the past few confinement she did, the food she cook all quite standard, like the black vinegar add mocked meat and the "Shu Chang" and egg. Then dunno what veggie with ginger.

I also hate those who always put down vegetarians also. Like sometimes we fall sick or what, they start pointing fingers say, see lah, nv eat meat, thats why so weak, fall sick. Like when I sick, my MIL also said all these. But hor, since married, Hubby sick more times than me loh. She instead of ask me for my well being or cook something light for me, only know how to talk. Thankfully I always recover after a few days. Thats why I worried next time if baby sick, I'll get the blame also. Blame me on my diet. But please leh, I read up on some books, they said 0-2 yrs old, the child usually fall sick 6-8 times a yr.

Eczema hor, hubby said leave it to God's hand. He told me to avoid durians cos alot of mummies complaint that they eat alot of durians during pregnancy, baby have eczema after that. So dunno if durian is the cause. He always tell me, I do my part, if suay suay baby still have eczema, we have no choice. But I already kinda mentally prepared. If eczema, my MIL surely blame me one...

Cos she said hubby no eczema. But my BIL have Eczema. So their side not totally clear also. But I still do my part and avoid loh. Hopefully my gal will be blessed without eczema.

Tongtong, your mum won't mind sharing recipes? So nice of her, really appreciate it if she can advise me and my mum. Cos all blur blur one... My mum dunno, I also dunno. I went to those confinement food tingkat website, I see the food they use, dunno can juz copy and try to ask my mum or CL to change here n there abit or not. But I also dunno what are the herbs to add in.

Tongtong, ask you hor. I no experience so if the question I ask very stupid, don't luff at me ok? U know hor, they said some ppl allergic to nuts all these, but at which age can we test the child to know if they have any allergies? And those food we eat like eggs and nuts during breastfeeding, if our baby allergic, will it affect the baby?

BTW mummies, do you all take bird nest during pregnancy? Cos I know some vegans do not take bird nest but some do. My parents are ok with me taking, they only told me not to take Xue Yan. But actually I did read up, Xue Yan is not blood, it's just the minerals of the caves that turned the bird nest into reddish colour. But since mum said that, just avoid loh. Anyway Xue Yan I read also no good, cos we don't know if the minerals from the caves are good for human bodies or not.

Also, tongtong and sunny, ask you two. Do you use "Shao Jiu" during confinement? My mum was talking about Shao Jiu to cook Hong Zhao dunno wat... She said her Fotang friends told her one...
Hi kelcqi

I do take bird nest during both pregnancies not juz for bb's complexion but also for 潤肺.

Talking abt hong zhao, hv ur mum started making liao cos need 3 months in order to get the output. btw i dun use shao jiu cos i dun take alcohol even it's minimum usage for cooking.

sure no problem, you can come to my house to get the recipe and photocopy. let me know when u wanna come over then. i'm now still in KL and will be back to SG mid Aprl.aiya i also first time mum, no experience at all. and when i first took care of my bb, i broke down a few times and i think cried few times liao . now i still dunno whether my son is allergy or not becase one doc said suspect yes the other said not. so i got to monitor first. one doc said what we eat will affect bb and the other said no. so i dunno who to believe leh.

yea i do take bird nest during pregnancy.

my mum use ginger alcohol, black bean alcohol to cook la. dont think she used shao jiu.. yea hong zhao is good, but my mum doesnt know how to cook leh.
what's shao jiu?
i took about twice of bird nest during pregnancy only. some said take too much not good for bb. 'cos might have asthma. they suggest to use white fungus to replace the bird nest.
when bb starts solid, normally doc will advise not to gv nuts to bb first 'cos more prone to allergy. some would suggest give after 1 yr old.
when we breastfeed, whatever we eat will affect bb. so, if bb is allergic to nuts and we are taking nuts and gv BM, bb might get it, too.
kurn, yes please let me know the address of the cheese prata at bendemeer.

jen, i agree that the standard of the circuit road stalls had dropped. over the wkend, i went there and had the oyster omelette and it was really bad.

at ST 91, in the middle got a smaller coffeeshop with only 2-3 stalls and 1 of them is vegetarian but i think only sell in the morning/early afternoon. i haven't try that stall before.

those who took bird nest during pregnancy, when is the time that i can start taking? i heard cannot take during early pregnancy right?
Irene, need 3 mths to make Hong Zhao? How to make huh? My mum talking abt it but I dunno how to make leh, dunno she knows or not?

Thanks Tongtong, Mid April no pro Hopefully I haven pop yet. Really hope what the nurse said is true, that steriod jabs can buy baby another 8 wks.

Sunny, Shao jiu is a kinda alcohol. I also dunno what it is actually, but it's like very popular with the older generation, alot of them use it for cooking. Anyone can share with Sunny wat is shao jiu? Cos I also dunno actually.

So what we take during BF affects baby. So should we avoid nuts? Seems like nuts very nutritious for us, but wat is baby is allergy? What are e signs of allergy?

Anyone can tell me what is "Fu jok tong shui"? Wat is inside? Some one told me to take, claiming to be very gd for baby skin?
Hi kelcqi,

Yup need 3 months to produce the quality yield. Procedure quite alot. You need glutinous rice and hong qu mi aka hong zhao, which u can buy from medical hall.

1)Soak glutinous rice overnight
2)Steam the soaked rice till cooked the next day. 3)Mix hong qu mi and cooked glutinous rice evenly and leave to cool (Note: must cool down completely.)
If dun wanna mix then cool down the cooked rice 1st.
4)After cooled down, place the mixed evenly rice into a glass container (must be very big and must be GLASS)
If earlier u didn't mix the rice evenly, you have to place a layer cooked rice then a layer hong qu mi and a layer cooked rice and as follow till finish in the GLASS container.
5) 10 days later, use a long chopstick to stir evenly then leave it till 3 months then open.

Must rmb making hong zhao is very pantang one, better do it when u r alone and make sure when u do it there will not be any visitor. After the 10 days, juz leave it alone, dun go and peek. Hong zhao is 'shy' by nature.

Diet is very related to the milk. I rmb i cannot take nuts and chocolate for my gal cos after taking my milk she got a lot more wind and pass out painful gas when farted.

Fu jok tong shui is actually beancurd dessert. Inside got bai guo, yi mi, beancurd sheet aka tau kee for dessert and rock sugar. Very good for baby. This is my house all time fave dessert. If u can't hv it, drink soya milk loh.
hi mum,

sice we are veg and bf, is our bb's stool watery? i find that my boy's stool watery most of the time leh. only a few times creamy. issit something to do with our diet since we eat veg and fruits a lot?
i thought fu jok tong shui also got barley inside? i read that it's better not to take till 3rd trimester. 'cos barley is liang. but this dessert is really good for bb's skin like what you say.

my boy's one also watery. i think bf bb's stool are tends to be more watery than those FM bb. it will be harder when bb is older.
irene, oh.. i'm just into my 2nd trimester. i think i better wait till another month later before i start taking the birdnest.
hi tongtong,

bfed baby's stool are usually watery or creamy. Look at the colour, if u suspect anything, then go see a doctor better, else shouldn't be any problem.

I love my gal's poo when she was being bfed, it was always very creamy and alot. My boy's poo poo varies, sometimes watery, but most of the time mashy.

Hi sunny,
My recipe for this dessert always have barley. I took even I was 1st trimester. Barley is liang but still okay cos we oso got eat heaty stuff. At most I noe I did take heaty stuff. I took a lot for my gal and boy not as much cos my mum used to cook frequently last time but now busy tending to my gal, she has lesser time cook when I conceive my 2nd one. I notice my gal's complexion better leh. I dunno got relation bo but we always boil barley water for bb once a week when they start solid or FM.
yup, those fu jok tong shui selling outside got barley unless u boil your own. i was also told that barley is liang so better only take in the last trimester. heard that taking green bean soup in the last trimester also good, can't rem why but only rem that it's better than drinking coconut juice as many people had said.
Hi jessi,

Birdnest should be quite safe for consumption. I took alot for both pregnancies but not at one go of crse. Space out the consumption for ur 3 trimester3. For my gal I took as frequent as once a week, where got so rich to take everyday, hahaha.

For my boy I took as and when I rmb but also got 1-3X a month loh. I went Malacca when I was 2nd trimester and took their boiled bird nests there everyday. I'm a bird nest's drinker. I drank even during confinement.

Other than bird nest, I oso take white fungus dessert and the beancurd dessert on days where I dun drink bird nest. Our family has sweet tooth, sure got dessert to eat. My ML loves cooking green bean soup which I oso drink even though I noe it's cooling. Must always rmb, drink in moderation not over. The reason why can't eat too liang is bcos afraid u might have leg cramps when u hit 3rd trimester. So avoid veg like kang kong and cabbages.
I drank coconut water once a week when from 34 weeks onwards. Baby will be very clean when come out and some say easier to give birth but there again dunno how true. Both I drank weekly loh from 34 weeks onwards.

Abt green bean soup, better drink in the morning and noon but dun take too much at night.
Bird Nest can be taken after wk 20.

Is fu jok tong shui = bao guo fu zhu yi mi??? i see the ingredient machiam same leh. Yes drink liao bb skin will be nice nice & fair fair leh. Heard my mom frd say when preg eat bb tend to be stronger or what lar. dunno nonsense anot? but bb skin nice is TRUE. cos i took it very frequently during my 1st pregnancy. This one my MIL take care of my gal no time to cook. I lazy to cook la.r haha.

Actually 1st & 2nd trim not advisable to take barley lar. according to medical hall the sinseh told me. by taking too much barley can cause the womb dunno dilate faster or what i forgotten. must ask again.

Ya i agree with Irene. eat in moderation lar.
Thanks Irene for the info. I copied it down liao, ask my mum to see if she can cook for me?

Seems like I should start taking fu jok tong shui since highly recommended for pregnancy. I also want my gal to have nice n fair skin next time. Best don't take after hubby n his mum's genes. They very hairy. Hope my gal don't take after that, else next time grow up she'll start complaining le.

I'm taking bird nest everyday leh. Cos my hubby bot those bottled concentrated bird nest, every morning n nite 1 teaspoon. My MIL still angry with hubby for buying me bird nest since last thurs. She everyday slam the door and gimme black face. I never done anything wrong wat...
i think what we took during pregnancy will affect bb. so, your gal's good complexion must be from the dessert. hehe..
i also notice the difference between my 2 kids. 1st one, during pregnancy, i ate outside food most of the time and her skin was not that good. 2nd one, mostly ate homecook food, his skin condition better than the 1st one.
Juz to share....

suddenly i rmb, there are 2 types of barley. One is Chinese barley and another is a smaller grain of barley. Beancurd dessert usually use the smaller grain of barley which is not so liang compared to Chinese barley, which is why it is quite safe and mild during pregnancy.
Sunny, got such effect one ah?

Oh no, I ate alot of outside food cos MIL nv cook any Vege food for me. Only once to twice a week I went back to my mum's place to eat. Rest of the meals all settle outside. Jia liat liao.

Alot of dessert shop don't have that dessert leh. But this pregnancy, I developed a liking for Soya Milk and Beancurd. Took quite abit. Hopefully that helps...
ermm... i thought the big one (chinese) barley is less liang?

that's how i feel lah. mayb during weekend, you can boil some soup to drink?
Dear all,

The address is 71 Kallang Bahru,#01-529A, FeiCui Vegetarian Kitchen. I thou it is at Bendemeer, ahhh realised it's near bendemeer. : )

Tongtong, Great to hear that your bb is ok. Let bb drink more water and do monitor the condition. However, I think all will be well.

The dessert is very nice. Usually they will prepare to serve after lesson at fotang.

Irene: How frequently did you drink the bai guo yimi dessert during your pregnancy? I have added you in msn. Thinking whether you can agar agar tell me how to do the "homework" part? Thanks in advance!

Kelcqi: Is the CL lady staying at your place for 1 mth to take care of the BB? Can I know approximately how much it cost?

I usually heard pple saying that they counld feel that it when they were pregnant even before testing. Did you all have any special feeling n know that u r pregnant even before testing?
Kurn, The CL is from Malaysia JB. So will be staying at my place for 1 mth. I'm paying her 1.8k excluding the welcome n leaving Ang Pow. And my mum will be buying those Vegetarian ingredients for her to cook, but she'll need to buy fresh veges from the market lah, and claim from us later loh.

Kurn, it's true for my case. I missed my period for 2 wks and had very bad cramps. I keep feeling that something is not rite. So went to test, the positive line very faint. Went GP, the GP said I'm not pregnant, but I still feel pregnant. Only when I went Ultrasound to see my womb, then the gynea say there is a sac. But her first response very negative. Say she's likely to deal with a miscarriage. Hmph. Made us sad for 2 wks and almost went for abortion cos hubby thought baby abnormal cos the gynea said so due to me having cramps, when the cramp was actually caused by a cyst and best of all, she never tell me I have a cyst...

We went to seek a second opinion and the gynea explained that I had late ovulation. Thankfully we went to see him, else we abort an innocent life for nothing.

Btw, if you suspect you are pregnant. PLEASE DON'T GO TO THERESA CHENG's CLINIC AT AMK CENTRAL. SHe very unprofessional and her rates were scary. And she'll make you take unnecessary test even you had taken it somewhere else claiming that unless you have the results with you...

She was the first gynea I went to btw.
Sunny, what soup to boil huh? Can teach me? Thanks alot...

Sorry leh. Me really very lousy when it comes to cooking. I'll make a poor housewife material...
dun bother abt ur MIL.. U are eating for bb sake & ur sake. she old liao still nid to "yang yan" and "zi lun" for what? Want to eat buy herself. or ask ur hb buy for his mom lor.

Outside shld be common mah. its called gingko nut with barley and fu zhu.. But quite costly one. 1 bowl is above $2 lor.
Hey i think preg cant eat alot of beancurd(tau kwaY) leh. Cos it contain "shi gao"..
hi sunny,

heard from my mum the chinese type more liang leh.

hi kurn,

hv added u in liao. when do u normally log-into msn? As for the dessert, i drank weekly or as and when my mum and ml cook

beancurd wif shi gao is very liang thus not advisable to take alot but modern technology like Mr Bean and similar type does not require shi gao only those u bot from market contains shi gao. Correct mer if i'm wrong
Jen, Irene,

Just now I went to Bugis and saw this store at Bugis Junction selling dessert. I asked the auntie got Fu Jok Tong Shui, and I bot 2 bowls. One for myself and one for MIL. Else not very nice she sees me eat and I know all these while she always like that dessert.
But hor, the Fu Jok Tong Shui inside dun have barely leh. Only beancurd skin and ginko nuts leh. That one is the rite one?

Those Soya Beancurd I ate mostly either from Rochor or Mr Bean. So far thoughout pregnancy haven taken Tau huay from anywhere else. Btw, wat is Shi Gao?

I bot Rochor beancurd for my parents and my mum nv tell me cannot take leh. In fact she told me to take more esp now pregnant. And I gong gong listen...
Kurn, btw just to share. There is one Vegetarian store at Blk 159, and the food not bad leh. My dad told me and hubby to try there and no regrets, the kway tiao very nice. You may wanna try there since not too far from your place also rite?
haha.... think i better double check.

i put whatever stuff i like to boil the soup. here are some of my favourites, quite boring one, hehehe...:
1. corn + lotus root + mocked stuff + red date
2. black bean + black fungus + mocked stuff + red date
3. packet herbs that ppl used to boil together with chicken ('ji1 tang1 liao4) (can be bought from NTUC)+ mocked stuff
4. beancurd + seaweed
5. miso paste (Can get from organic shop) + beancurd
maybe nxt time u buy this desert u ask if got barley inside anot lor. this trim can drink barley liao lor. I always eat outside one have leh.

I dunno hw to explain to u on the shi gao.. pple say i also listen. exactly what isit i also dunno. haha. oni knw is v v v liang. cannot eat too much.
Thanks Sunny. I'll take note of those soup. My mum always cook alot of soup but she anyhow throw in ingredients one. Haha. But still taste nice leh.

Jen, I found it today at AMK hub, had another bowl. Dunno at this stage take this dessert got effect or not?
I think no effect one la. We now can take barley liao also mah. then drink liao bb skin will be smooth smooth & fair fair. hehe.
Hi mummies,

I need your help urgently. I am a vegetarian mum to be and is looking for a vegetarian confinement lady for the month of Aug 08.

Initially thought of just catering vegetarian food and get part time helper to do household chores for the month of confinement. But hubby not in favour cos I will need rest for the period. As hubby will be on business trip during my confinement period, I really need someone to stay over at night to help me with looking after baby.

Really vexed over this.

Would appreciate your recommendation. Thanks in advance!
Hi Kelcqi,

Thanks for your help.

I am vexed cos this is really a last minute arrangement. I really wanted someone who is a vegetarian to do my confinement. Somehow I think they can understand more on why I choose this diet over others.

However, if I really cannot find one CL that can cater to my diet, then I will just order confinement food from a caterer and CL just take care of other duties.

Come to think about it, I have yet to buy anything for bb. Heehee.... went for detailed scan liao but me too lazy to shop around.
can i knw where do u stay ar? I do have 1 aunty in mind who last time always help as CL one. But i wonder she still got the energy anot lar.. if u keen, i can help u to ask lor. she is a Sporean. She is same religious as me. from fo tang one. Full time vegetarian.
Hi augdarling,

Definitely, u will need someone to look after you during ur confinement. Did u PM me abt veg mum? Someone drop me a msg asking to recommend a veg CL but i have accidentally deleted the msg hence did not reply. For my case, my mum did my confinement for me. She's a veg as well so no prob in cooking for me.

Whether u r veg by religion or choice, u can start asking ard ur pool of veg contact, c if anyone veg keen in doing confinement or cook veg food for u during this month.

Dun be too vex, try to relax esp u r expecting right now. Hopefully u can solve ur prob in this few months.
Hi Jen,

I just pm you. Thanks!

Hi Irene,

I did not drop a msg to you.

My mum is not a veg and thus unable to do confinement for me. Also, I do not want to tax her with the household chores as her health not so good lately.

I have tried to ask my friends and aunties but most of them are not available during the period.

Yah, I try not to worry too much. This is my first pregnancy and I might be having GD. Somehow I keep telling myself that I must stay healthy cos I do not want anyone to say that I short-changed my baby with all the nutrients due to my diet.

My relative even asked me to just give up my diet for 1 month during my confinement!! How can! Well, I became a veg 5 years ago and hubby followed suit 3 years back. Lucky my hubby shares the same religion as me. Otherwise very very tough.
i have replied yr msg please check ur inbox.

For easy reference, yes the aunty (who is also a full vegan) can help u out during ur confinement. Pls let me knw if u are keen.


my mum did veg confinement for me. if you are keen to know what to eat, my mum can share with u. you can call my mum and we are willing to share all info or recipes we have for doing a veg confinement.