Any Vegetarian Mom here?

tong tong
so far, i think my supply still can meet my boy's demand. he's on 2-3 hr feeding interval, too. only when he's awake, he would want to ask for milk almost every hrly. but i think he's more towards comfort sucking loh.
i direct latch him so, dont' know how much he's taking. i seldom express unless i feel that the breast was not emptied by him. yesterday i expressed once 'cos he only drank one side after abt 3 hr of sleep. when i expressed the other side, i could get 70ml. not sure it's that the amount he normally takes.
how much your boy took when he's about 3 wk old?

so far, i didn't take any supplement to increase the supply. just drink lots of fluid e.g. red dates tea and soup. i saw from jan thread, you order goats rue to take to increase supply? what's that?

i think continue latch on when bb wants to drink milk will gradually increase the supply to meet his demand.

after maternity leave, my mil would be taking care of both my kids. i hope she can cope. else, the elder one would be sent to childcare liao.

you found nanny? or sending him to infant care?

Hi All,

So much posts over these few days! : )

COngratulations to all who have become mum and wish those mtb to have a smooth delievery and a healthy baby!

Thanks for your encouragement! Certainly hope to be on the journey as mother very soon.
Which temple are u from? Wanted to know what is the book called?

Sunny & Tongtong,
So where are you ordering your full month cake? Also did you all feed baby with formula milk? Recently my sis just gave birth and saw that the formula milk contained fish oil. I wanted my bb to be pure vegan.
i have decided where to order full mth cake. mayb bengawan solo or choz.
i total breast feed my bb. i think similac is on veg oil.
Irene, thanks for informing me. Meaning to say if during confinement I need to take the DOM before I sleep, I'll have to throw away my next milk supply issit?

My parents are full Vegans but my mum kinda insist told me I need to take the DOM, esp my health prior to pregnancy already very terok, if I still don't nurse it back to health during confinement, I can prepare to suffer during my older years. She even tell me best if I can finish 2 bottles during confinement period wor. Guess I'll have to supplement my gal with more formula during confinement le.

Ask you ladies something. If milk supply never establish well during the 1st mth, issit still possible to increase it by the 2nd month?

I am thinking if confinement period becos of the food I'm taking, I may not be able to BF that much, but 2 mth onwards I can forgo the DOM, den I increase in BF. Can that be done?

Irene, 1 big box of ginger? Cook or uncook? HOw to cook the ginger?
Hi Kurn,

Share with us the good news when u conceive. I read the book few years back when i was looking for material for lesson. That time I wasn't even a mom yet. Can't rmb which book so I can't provide you with the title. I'm from Fotang, not the Buddhist type of temple.

Hi Kelcqi,
I'll suggest u bf at least for the 1st week as this is the time where ur milk is the most nutritious since colostrum only present for the 1st few days.

If u really have to drink DOM then u bf ur bb 1st b4 drinking, like that u won't have to throw ur milk away which I find it too wasteful. You only need to drink once a day right? If that's the case u can still bf for the 1st mth isn't it? Dun wait till 2nd month to establish supply, more tedious.

1 big box is meant for the whole of confinement. My mum need it for boiling the red dates drink and she will put ginger in all the food that she prepared for me. Even the fried egg she prepare got ginger bits in it.
agree with irene. at least for 1st wk, bf your bb with the precious colostrum.
thereafter, if you want to maintain your supply, you need to consistently express the milk else, the supply will go down and eventually stop even before you reach 2nd mth, if i am not wrong.

i bought 1 box (10kg) of old ginger from sheng shiong. it's cheaper in buying big box. almost all kinds of food that you take during confinement need ginger. in terms of how to prepare the ginger, it's all up to the one who cook the food for you. but, during confinement, sesame oil is used for the food instead of the normal cooking oil.
agree with Irene & sunny. 1st wk the BM is the best nutrients liao. I also not sure abt 2nd mth the ss will drop if 1st mth demand is not much. If pump & throw is definetely a waste. cos during 1st mth signal is not send to brain to ask for more mah if u din latch & din pump... also u will feel engorge.

I can assure u that vegan kid shld not give u much pblm. So far my bb gal is healthy & dun me alot of silly illness that makes me sick & worried. but nw u hv to "tai jiao" lar. tell ur bb cannot eat meat lor.. cos of what reason & so on & so forth... my 1st gal when i am preg she auto will makes me want to puke when i smell meat like nice nice KFC or chicken wing.. i will want to throw out one leh. then heart very tight also..

tong tong,
i thot all hosp dun realli serve us confinement food. rather the normal dishes.. even serve us plain water. omg. mY mom say during confinement mth cannot drink plain water cos will generate wind in tummy thus tummy dificult to slim back.

wow the BM got so many many benefits which i dunno leh. I rem my gal drink my BM until whole face got rashes got was on lying position. She drink & i contnue to slp. so the milk dry up on her skin causing her to develop those elderly pple called "ni-xian" (hokkien).

I think Enfalac A+ shld be ok for vegan. Cos my gal was on that & I called to enquiry with Enfa Consumer & they told me the DHA, AA contents are animal content free one. hehe. But enfa mama we cant take cos it contain fish oil.
Jen, I smell fish I also wanna vomit. I also believe Vegan child will be less prone to illness, but my hubby and MILs don't believe me. I've been a Vegan since bb, my health better than my hubby, my MIL still say I'm talking nonsense, say I never take fish, next time my bb very stupid.

Think I'll go "Tai Jiao" my bb like you suggest. Tell her to dislike meat and fish. Haha... By then if my MIL force feed her, she puke out, den make my MIL angry. Keke... Then I'll tell my MIL say bb meant to be Vegan. But then hor, she'll blame me again say bb dun like cos I never take it during pregnancy, den if bb sick or anything, she blame me again. Even now she keep saying my bb next time sure unhealthy one, cos I never take meat blah blah blah...

Sunny, Irene, Jen
I think 1st wk dun take Alcohol is ok one rite? I BF first wk, den after that those milk I express out after I take DOM I throw away ok one rite??
sunnym, i cant remember how much my boy takes when he is 3 wk old, maybe abt 90ml liao. i only latch him on when the EBM not warmed up yet, and only at night. becuase i cant tahan havint to latch him on all the time like hourly leh. somemore he doenst want to sleep during the days, he sleeps very little, and awakes easily. what about your boy? does he sleep much during the day?

irene: wah you can get more tahn 360ml every 3 hours!! now i think i can only get 130ml nia.. if i din express for 6 hours then i might get more, dunno why. did you still continue to latch on? i wonder if i total EBM can i get 360 or not.

poo with some blood streak: now i worried because my bb 's poo got blood streak, 4 times liao since last monday. dunno whether he is allergy to FM or the milk intake that goes into my BM. i seldom give FM (tried similac and isomil) unless we go out where i'm not able to bf him.

first month cake: i bot bengawan solo voucher and ordered cakes from melrose, without the glutinous rice. they can do vegetarian one if you got 30 boxes.
sunny: how many times do you need to wake up to latch ur bb at night?

u know my boy stays awake yesterday from 3pm to night about 10pm. so busy with him during this interval cuz needs to play with him or stay around him. and since he is awake, i need to feed him every2 hourly instead of usual 3 hour.
tmc veggie food: yea they served cooling vegie in some meals, so my mum asked me not to eat. ended my my hubby ate all my confinement food, hehe
irene, your bb on tbf? does he take FM?

i will be sending my boy to infant care centre when i go back to work , so definitely my bm not enuff one and they got to top up with formula. now tautia cuz dunno whether he allergy to soy/cow's milk or not since his poo got blood streak. my mum suggest to get the organic milk , will go and look out for it when i'm back to msia.
sunny: yea, i'm afraid my supply not enuff so i ordered goat's rue. i had bot one bottle from TMC and already taking it. think it helps increase my supply though still not much..
my boy is normally awake at around 7am - 10am, then 6pm - 9pm. during these hours, he will want attention, and he would want to drink every 1 hr. so tired.
my cl normally will sing song to him if he keeps yawning but couldn't fall asleep. i wonder what i should do after cl leaves.

at night, i need to wake up average 3 times to feed him loh. really hope that he can be fed every 3 hr.

if you drink DOM, the next feed, probably you wanna express and throw away. for the subsequent ones, you can actually express and store. don't waste it.
danggui: heard can reduce BM supply, did you all take during confinement?

sunny:: yea when he is awake, he wwould want to drink nearly every 2 hr. yea my boy always yawn too but cant fall asleep.
sunny: i salute u leh, you can still come online eventhough busy latching him on hor? now your bb can sleep thru every 2 or 3 hr? yesterday i was so busy and no time to even come online.
dun bother to brain wash them. they will never understand. Sometimes i realli wonder how will god punish someone like my hb, one who will forbid me to go for religious class & always say things that hurt me on my vegan diet one..
fish will never makes one become clever lar. i realli hope one fine day god will make all this animals become in-edibile. see how those meat eater can survive. all animals are harmless but they love to eat them..

Not oni must taijiao ur bb dun eat meat & fish leh. Must not eat anything that grandma or daddy give except what mommy eat .. what mommy eat is safe & what others eat is unsafe. haha. I think somehow bb will knw bah. all will be god's will liao. but sometime my gal too greedy liao. see daddy eat she also want a mouthful. my hb was eating chicken wing... then lucky my hb will tell my gal say go find ur mommy, go eat ur vege. haha. i go home tell my parents they also laugh. I even tell my gal when in tummy. whatever meat u eat must puke out.. I realli do have fo tang frd their kid realli force by grandparents to eat meat, either puke out or later have bad stomache leh. not one time leh. is EVERYTIME. so the grandparetns give in.

I can understand hw u feel when ur MIL everything blame u. keep quiet for nw. GO back to room tell ur bb to prove to them that bb will be fit & healthy even w/o meat. We can do nothing to convince them unless god tomolo let all fishes die, or fishes contact some illness, same apply to chicken & other animals. I dun wish to curse but then all this pple think meat can be healthy meh? all aniamal have took jab to make them grow one leh. imagine they also took the medicine in them..

let me check with u on the DOM part. I have vegan frd also drink DOM. i ask her hw she handle the 1st pump of BM.
if u want to try boost up ur milk ss. please try ANMUM BReastfeeding milk powder. i tell u ar. drink liao power come aldy ar. haha. Try that. i use that to add on my ss. I recommend to my another thread mommy. they all prove what i told them. haha
ya, i heard dang gui can reduce BM supply. i still take. but abt twice a week.
if he drinks enough, he can sleep thru 2 hrs +. and provided no one disturb him lah. 'cos sometimes, when we change his nappy, he would wake up loh. sometimes feel so sian to see him wake up 'cos meaning need to feed him liao.. :p

really? hmm... though i don't like milk powder, i think i will give it a try. :D thanks!
jen: anmum ah, but it's like made from a lot of chemical like that leh? dunno good for the BM or not?

papaya soup: anyone can give me the vegetarian papaya soup recipe?
my bb makes strange noises and moves a lot eveyrnight and seems that he coudlnt sleep well , but with eyes closed. dunno whether there's anything wrong with him?
Sunny, That's how I think also. But dunno how diligent will I be when it comes to BF. Haiz.

Jen, thanks for your encouragement. So glad to find someone in similar situation as me. I'll go Taijiao my bb on that.

My hb also very much on my PIL's side in regards to the diet. COs he said his relative on vege diet, the boy very weak. Always look very pale on the face. I can only take everything on my own or go back and complain to my parents.

My parents said I have no choice one. Since his mum will be the one babysitting. Sometimes when I know my mum refused to bbsit my bb for me, I feel so angry and disappointed. Cos I dunno who can help me with my gal's diet in the future.

I reAlly hated it when my PILs say I never take fish my child will be stupid or not clever next time. They're always so ego. But I don't see my hubby and his bro having fantastic health under my MIL's care last time leh. Till date, my hubby fall sick very easily. My MIL always think she so gd in babysitting and hubby also tell me no matter what, it's his mum who brought him up, so she definetely have some skills in her.

I know if next time my own mum give any tonic to my gal and if my gal in good health, my MIL will sure claim credit one. Somehow I just keep hoping some miracles will happen so that my MIL will ended up not caring for my gal next time.
my cl just put the mocked meat and some goh gee to boil together with the green papaya.

my boy also makes all kinds of noises and do lots of stretching during sleep. we just ignore him since he continues sleeping. my cl said it's common for bb to do that.
Hi Jen,

Of course cannot apply milk on bb excessively, the theory is juz like we use any beauty care pdt, a little will do. If too damp then become rashes.

Hi tongtong,

my boy is on Total EBM till now. I don't latch him already, only for the 1st 2 mths then I express out. I have cut down expressing to every 4 to 5 hourly liao cos too tiring and my benchmark is 6 mths. Now my boy turn 6 mths so can so call relax le.
He has not been fed with FM yet. I'm hoping to give him EBM till abt a year if i hv the stamina.

U r right, dangui will cut down ur milk supply but still can take. I do take them during confinement but eat in moderation. Most importantly to build up supply is to latch ur bb as frequent as possible or pump at least 8X a day. By doing so I can guarantee u sure hv ample supply.

I agree with Jen, I do take Anmum milk for breast-feeding mother in the 1st 2 mths. The chemical chemical thing added are actually all the goody nutrients and eventually will be into the bm that u going to give ur bb. I dun take now but do take iron supplement in the morning and calcium at night as prescribed by gynae to ensure the quality of BM.

For the papaya soup, choose the 70% ripe type and cook with anything u like with some red dates, gou gee, ginseng also can for revitalise.

It's normal for bb to make noise at night when sleeping. My gal oso lidat and my boy slightly better than the gal.

I have a blog for my 2 kiddos where u gals can visit @

All r welcome to visit ;)
irene: wow, you really got stamina leh.. are you working mum? i think i could manage to express once in office nia, which is during the lunch hour..
Hi tongtong,

Yup i'm a FTWM. I express twice in office. I'll express 6am at home, abt 11am at work and 4pm at work then reach home then express. I'll slowly cut down expressing to abt 4X a day then slowly 3X a day till totally to a stop.

Do let me noe if u gals hv a blog too, then I can link u up to mine. Thanks!
Hi Irene,

Saw your blog. Your ger is beautiful and ur boy handsome. : ) So happy for u.

Yup i m from fotang too. : ) Is ur hubby vegan too? Where r u staying?

Just to update you, I failed my mission this month again. No worries, will try harder. Hopefully with all of ur blessing, I can share with all my good news in Apr 08.
hi kurn,

nope, hb not vegan though i do hope he is. Well, at least he dun obstruct my path of cultivating can liao and as long as he agrees to children being vegan too. I stay at bt panjang. Wat abt u? Is ur hb a vegan too?

Do take royal jelly and folic acid. If possible do some 'homework' when u r ttc-ing. It works for cos both my pregnancies were planned.
Wow Irene, you woke up so early?

I believe 1 day your hubby will too. Actually, it is already very good that he respects your choices. Did you mention before that your parents are vegan?

I stay at AMK. Yes, my hubby is a vegan too. In actual fact we both convert together.

Where do you buy the royal jelly? And how to do homework? Pardon my qns, but really wanted to make full use of each month. : )
good morning everyone,

been a few days never visit this thread. didn't know there are a few of you from fotang, me too.

kurn, so good that your hubby also vegan with you. my hubby is carnivorous, don't think can convert him. at least he never object me going to fotang eventhough he doesn't want to go with me.

irene, i had visited your blog. your girl and boy very cute! i enjoyed reading the posts
i'm also planning to set up a blog, but haven't get to do it yet. will link up to yours when i set up mine.
its true leh. Pls give it a try to the ANMUM BF-ing milk powder. drink liao i ever can hv twice the ss that i expressed out. results can be seen by 1hr later after drinking.

chemical?? Then i not sure leh. I thot all the milk intake contains DHA,AA ingredients which is good for children?
for the papaya soup receipe.. u can put in veg mutton, dried longan, red dates and gou kee and some dangui. Shld taste sweet & nice...

I fully understand ur frustration.. Ur mom maybe dun want to snatch to take care of ur child cos the grandchild belongs to ur hb side as priority.. thats what my dad thot & told me. COs my dad last time also very scare my MIL will let my child eat meat as their whole family not vegan.. My FIL since few yr back got fever & was hospitalised.. dunno why suddenly eat back meat liao. he was on vegan diet for more than 10yrs but dunno why withdraw since then...
Dun nid to argue back one. they sometimes very idiot one. let god punish them for letting the kid eat meat when they are not supposed to. cos nw all the babies who come to this earth is to "do big thing - to save the world one." not to comit more sins by eating meat etc.. I ever have 1 dao qing kid.. since small he will puke out meat one leh. but parents insist him to eat meat.. then ok lor. nw big liao want him to turn vegan is very very diff liao. cos he cant live w/o meat liao. all becos of parents teaching last time lor.
My MIL also say to my hb be4 if bb dun eat fish or what lar.. bb will be stupid. I tell my hb back.. u ate last time & NW.. he very clever meh? qualification for him & his bro also not high what. very clever meh? realli talk rubbish oni. No logic..

dangui can cut dwn ss ar? i dunno leh. I thot its good for mom during confinement mth leh. then i dunno isit my ss is lacking due to me drinking dangui everyday anot leh. omg.

U all during confinement got eat "da bu' & xiao bu anot har? the xiao bu is to be taken within 10days after birth one.. i can tell u all also awful cos i hate tonics since i am small. but for my own health also force myself to drink at least 3/4 bowl of it lor.
me too from fo tang.. i think most of us here are bah..My hb also not in the same religious as me. he also not a devoted buddhism lar. anyway his mom keep pestering us to "an shen" at home but i REFUSED.. wow lucky i managed to brainwash my hb not to do so.. imagine chu yi & shi wu i also nid to go back my parents hse to pray liao. I where got the time to do offering to goddess at home. wait offend the god also no good what. somemore i knw my religious is the best of the best liao. My hb wanted to "an shen" but i tell him not an & put one side hor.. then i tell him wher got money lar. buy table also exp.. few hundred then invite god also exp.. but status of god also nid money. nid to ask shifu to come to kai guang also exp lar. hhaaha. So save all up..
jen, my hubby also not same religion, he is catholic so more difficult to convince him. that time when we just got our house, we also got similar issues. his parents wanted to put a catholic altar in our house. then i very notti :p i tell my hubby if he put an altar in the house, then i put guan ying goddess beside his mary. but anyway, we end up not having the altar cos we decided that it's quite a hassle to maintain it.
Hey all,

Feel a sense of closeness with all of you here. It is really a big family that we have out there.

Jen & Jessi, that’s really a good excuse to push the matter behind. : ) Great way!

How many children do you all have? How old are you all?
Hi kurn,

I woke up to feed my boy then pump milk. After which get ready for work.Yup u r not wrong, both my parents are vegan too.

It's good to cultivate together with ur hb. Can go temple and attend activities together, at least one more topic to talk.

You can buy royal jelly from nature's farm. You hv msn? Add me [email protected] then we can chat more on the 'homework' part.

Hi jessi,
Thks for popping by my blog. Do let me noe aft u hv created one for ur kid.

Hi Jen,
I dunno whether dangui will reduce but was told of by the staff nurse of TMC when i attended their antenatal class years back and I rmb it. It's good for moms during confinement and I did take as well but of crse not everyday loh. I didn't eat da bu and xiao bu leh, only take qing hua tang once after came home from hospital to cleanse and clear away dirty blood in our body before taking all those tonic.
Why not we update a list of the no. of children we have and area we stay? Perhaps can org a gathering too. I will start the ball rolling in the following format:

Mum's name/Child's name n birth date/ area we stay
Irene/Wenz 30-04-2005 & Denz 17-09-2007/ Bt Panjang
here's mine:

Mum's name/Child's name n birth date/ area we stay
1.Irene/Wenz 30-04-2005 & Denz 17-09-2007/ Bt Panjang
2. sunny/YX 11-01-2006 & YZ 27-02-2008/yew tee

Didn't know so many of you from Fotang. Actually I grew up in Fotang environment and my parent's place is a Fotang also. But I very notti, I never really follow the religion because of some things I see from the Fotang ppl. Alot of them are very hypocrite, I dunno how to say here. But just feel that at fotang, they are very nice, but outside different person. So in the end I never really participate in the Fotang activities anymore. But I still maintain my Vegan diet, cos I never ate meat before. I feel that they are very disgusting and never wanted to touch them since young.

Ladies, can you all share with me what are the herbs and food I need to prepare for my confinement period?

Jen, my MIL always thinks her sons very smart one. Maybe cos hubby self-employed, and now can still support them and their spending habits. Haha, you can still say your Hubby, I cannot on my side. But I hate it that she or hubby sometimes critised on my diet. My FIL always claimed to be a devoted buddist, that he'll definetely pray every morning and he's meant to be a buddist cos he learnt all the "jin" very fast etc. But then you say you are buddist, even chu yi or shi wu, I never see him on Vegan diet. Those devots although they never go full vegan, at least they bother to eat vegan diet every first and fifteen of every lunar mth, for them, they never do that leh. All words nia. That's why I never really respect or believe their words one...
Mum's name/Child's name n birth date/ area we stay/Age
1.Irene/Wenz 30-04-2005 & Denz 17-09-2007/ Bt Panjang
2. sunny/YX 11-01-2006 & YZ 27-02-2008/yew tee
3. Kurn/ Dec 2008 Baby : ) / Ang Mo Kio / 27

Heee can we add our age too? : )
irene: i wonder how to express twice in office? how did you keep the sterilised pump and bring to office? buy storage bag? then after pumped once, buy sterilising tablet to sterilise again ah for second pump?

papaya soup: need to cook for how long ah?

kurn, is there a very popular child clinic at AMK? if yes where issit? my bb's poo got blood streak, thinking to go for second opinion.

fotang: i'm not from fotang but buddhist la. but i know there are 2 fotang here at my block hehe.

Mum's name/Child's name n birth date/ area we stay/Age
1.Irene/Wenz 30-04-2005 & Denz 17-09-2007/ Bt Panjang
2. sunny/YX 11-01-2006 & YZ 27-02-2008/yew tee
3. Kurn/ Dec 2008 Baby : ) / Ang Mo Kio / 27
4. tongtong/angie/Shaun 28/01/08/khatib/30
Mum's name/Child's name n birth date/ area we stay/Age
1.Irene/Wenz 30-04-2005 & Denz 17-09-2007/ Bt Panjang
2. sunny/YX 11-01-2006 & YZ 27-02-2008/yew tee
3. Kurn/ Dec 2008 Baby : ) / Ang Mo Kio / 27
4. tongtong/angie/Shaun 28/01/08/khatib/30
5. jessi/sept 08 baby/Jurong West/29
Hi Tongtong,

Yup in AMK central, there are about 2 children clinic. I have forgotten the block no. Let me find out and let u know. It is near Courts, opposite Singpost branch. Should be block 72X plus.

Is it bcos too heaty for baby? Let bb drink more water for the time being. : ) Dun worry, bb will be fine.

I m just thinking, cos we are still human, so there might be times when pple shown their other side but it's very normal as all are still learning. : ) Anyway, I think now your main focus should be your BB. I wish your BB healthy and smart, so that you can prove your in laws that they are wrong.

You should be 3 months pregnant now? So happy for you too. Is ther anything you are avoiding to eat already?

Have added you on msn. Yup really need to learn to do some homework. : ) Thanks in advance!
Mum's name/Child's name n birth date/ area we stay/Age
1.Irene/Wenz 30-04-2005 & Denz 17-09-2007/ Bt Panjang
2. sunny/YX 11-01-2006 & YZ 27-02-2008/yew tee
3. Kurn/ Dec 2008 Baby : ) / Ang Mo Kio / 27
4. tongtong/angie/Shaun 28/01/08/khatib/30
5. jessi/sept 08 baby/Jurong West/29
6. Kelcqi/May 08 baby/Ang Mo Kio /27

Kurn, realized we same age and staying in AMK. Next time we can meet up for dinner?

Since pregnant, I seldom go out liao, cos cannot walk alot. My gf also never really meet me to go shopping anymore cos we're looking at different things. Guess she gets bored shopping with me meanwhile. Only entertainment I have now is to meet ppl for dinner and movies only.

I always pray and hope bb will be well and healthy, cos in fact I feel so stressed up esp my pregnancy so complicated. I was informed that I might have preterm bb so yesterday went for Steriod Jabs to mature my bb's lungs. I hope bb turns out well, if anything happen, I'm very sure they'll pt finger and said it's due to my Vege diet one.

Tongtong, I think the clinic is call Singapore Child's clinic or something like tt.
Hi Kurn,

I just reached 4th mths
Yup, there are quite of things that i avoided eating since i know i preggy, like those cooling fruits and veggies and also those caffeine drinks. i also try not to drink cold drinks now, they said it's no good for bb's lung development. but occasionally i will drink abit to curb my cravings. hehehe..

lately i just read an article online that evening primrose oil may benefit when ttc. it will make you produce more cervical mucus to better aid the sperm to the egg and survive longer. don't know how true this is, but i used to take evening primrose oil everyday before i preggy cos of my eczema problem but dunno if it had helped me in my bb making or not. :p
hi mtb,

since preggie i'm eating a lot of nuts like walnuts,almonds, pecan, etc, and drink plantbased ( oat based) milk plus "san bao fen" and also black and white sesame powder. and also my mum will cook organic veggies for me. and thruout pregnancy i never fall sick and still can walk to and from mrt everyday until the day before i delivered. So i think you all must eat healthy ok!! oh yea i eat fruits too, of course, and yoghurt, and soybean. if can try to take molasess too, for iron.
hi hi. so many postings liao. Yday went back half day cos suddenly felt giddy..
Lucky went back slp cos fetch my gal go home, at nite she cry almost eveyr hr leh. sighz... dunno what happen. dunno isit play too much Han-ming lor. or teething lor.

Mum's name/Child's name n birth date/ area we stay/Age
1.Irene/Wenz 30-04-2005 & Denz 17-09-2007/ Bt Panjang
2. sunny/YX 11-01-2006 & YZ 27-02-2008/yew tee
3. Kurn/ Dec 2008 Baby : ) / Ang Mo Kio / 27
4. tongtong/angie/Shaun 28/01/08/khatib/30
5. jessi/sept 08 baby/Jurong West/29
6. Kelcqi/May 08 baby/Ang Mo Kio /27
7. Jenny/Selinna 19-12-2006 & May 08/Jurong West/29

which blk are u staying at? we stayed so near.

I am expecting my no2 and my no1 aldy 15mths yday. hehe.

actually ask me for confinement food / receipes dun hv lor. just anyhow cook lor. but of cos must have ginger, red dates, dried longan etc. cos during confinement period we can eat as heaty also ok. I think oni can use sesame oil to cook leh. also mommies pls note hor.. confinement food CANNOT put SALT one. if want flavouring oni can put light soya sauce hor. Dun ask me why. i dunno. hahahaha.

then for me morning my mom will cook mee sua lor. with vege ingredients lor. soup one lor.
Pls also eat all meal hot hor. cannot wait till cool then eat ar.

then buy "zhai liao" to cook lor. then add in ginger lor.. also can cook sesame oil with egg adding in ginger.. also can cook sesame oil with ginger. quite nice lor.

Also best is the black vinegar dish lar. outside pple call zhu jiao chu lar. of cos we cant put pig trotters, we put vege ingredients liao mutton lor.. then eggs lor. and also throw in ginger lor. I think be4 bring it to boil nid to cook ginger with sesame oil until fragant.

tongtong, do you usually cook those nuts with the normal dishes or do you eat them raw? cos my mum usually only boil the nuts in soup for me and if i buy those packeted nuts to eat, they are rather salty.

jen, oh.. u also living in jurong west.
me at block 629. how about u?