(2013/11) November 2013

Wow, have not login since the 1st time I posted a message, and happy to see that this place has become very active since.bunny mummy 82 , like yourself, I was worried about V-scan, that's why I have not seen my gynae, I have just made an appointment, and will be seeing him on 20/3/2013 or after , as my hubby will be travelling and back on 19/3 only. I will be seeing the same gynae who delivered my 2 boys, Dr. LS Lim from Tow Yung Clinic at Tanglin Shopping Centre. Have been feeling bloated since the day I know I was pregnant, back ache once(few days back), nausea in the morning, but have not really throw out after foo, just feeling tired often, and don't feel like doing anything, having trouble sleeping as well, take a long time to fall asleep. My EDD est. to be 4th November based on online calculator, so I should be in my week 6 now. heard that heartbeat can be heard at week 5, first 2 pregnancies, I started seeing gynae around week 6, had to v-scan, but can hear bb's heartbeat. my 2 boys are already quite old, 12+ & 4+, so i think they should be fine. So far, only hubby & myself know about it, I do not plan to tell anyone, maybe after 12 weeks.

Wow, more mummies joining us! Yeah! Qyla's mummy, yeah ill stick to sat then. Meanwhile will just test w cheap strs for the thrill of it. Haha... By then ill be 6 weeks 5 days.

Did ur colleagues ask if U r preg? A few of my colleagues asked and I'm like thinking, can be showing at 4 weeks plus right? Duh.....

CZ, I'm also farting more often. I dunno why too!

So many second time mummies! Hope we can learn fr one another.


Bunny mummy yes, don't make yourself worried if you can avoid it. My colls ask me if Im pregnant then have to tell them lor. Coz my office small so must inform them so easy if want take leave in future. Hehehe.. But still too early to show right. SO sad. Means now def much much fatter then before. Lol!
Hi mummies, I tested positive last Monday and went to gynae on sat. Gynae say should be 5th week. But the problem is unable to see anything in ultra scan...was schedule for another scan on 19/3. Anyone have the same experience? Is it common? Will I be able to see at least something on next scan? I'm still experience pregnancy symptom and no menses. Do hope baby will appear...
hi meowmeow123 , if the scan is through Virginal, should be able to hear bb's heartbeat, but if its done on the tummy, then maybe cannot hear or see anything.
Hi 3timesmum, check is by ultrasound via tummy. Hopefully it's just too early to see... And will be able to see on my 2nd appointment.


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Wow! More Nov mummies! Yeah!
I went to my gynae yesterday and did a tummy scan, saw the sac which is about 8mm big only, but also saw a blood clot, so doc kaisu and gave me a hormone jab, ouch! Painful!!
Have to see her next weekend again..pray all's well..
Any mummies thinking if traveling in 1st trimester? I'm scheduled to travel twice next mth, so getting worried..
wow Peanut,
thats great! at least you got to see a sac on ur 1st visit. i hope to see mine on the next visit too.

are you going to travel on 1st tri? you do not have morning sickness? thats really good... but i think gynae dont recommend travel on 1st tri... as it is high risk... do re consider.


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Happy Mummy, your gynae doesn't have v-scan? usually if the fetus is still only a few weeks old, will need to v-scan to see it.
hi SN, this is my 2nd pregnancy, from the 1st till this i have nv done a V-scan before...

not sure if this is Dr Lawrence Ang's practice?
so you mean few week old very hard to see fetus?


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happy mummy, yah, usually few weeks old fetus can only be seen clearly by v-scan and the measurements of how big the fetus is etc, can be done more accurately. the v-scan can also tell which side of your ovaries actually released the egg for fertilisation. but i think it is probably your gynae's preferance to do the normal scan. most likely 5 weeks too small to be spotted. so dun worry so much!


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oh really? cool! were you in Feb 11 Forum? have you sorted out the childcare arrangements for #2? My #1 is in CC now but i hope my mom could tc of #2 at least 1 yr before i send him/her to IFC. i think to send to IFC at 4mths is quite poor thing. but problem is that we are not staying very near and my mom's age is catching up as well.


Happy mummy, congrats! 5weeks is still to small to see I think. Oh my! Seems like everyone has been to their gynae and I am still slowly2 taking a look around.

SN, i hope my mom can take care of my #2 first also. But shes also taking care of my nephew so I don't know if she have the strength to. My #1 is in cc too. N true, poor thing if want to send baby t ifc at 4 mths. Still so young and dunno anything.


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Oh ya, mummies..can find out from you all if it is recommended to take folic pills now that I have just tested myself positive? Hubby read somewhere that it is good but I am not sure if those at guardian pharmacy off the shelf is good enough or OK to take?
Wow,this thread moves really fast.

Looks like quite a number of mummies here also having loose stool.

Qyla's mummy: im seeing Dr Lawrance Ang from Thomson Medical. His clinic is @ Sembawang Sun Plaza.
Apart from Dr Ang speedy conversation and the long waiting time. Everything is fine for me.

bbwoofie: remember to drinks lots of water to keep yourself hydated

Tomorrow I'll be going for my gynae checkup Le.
I have prepare a list of questions to ask Dr Ang. Will keep you mummies updated again.
hi SN, yes i am in Feb 11 forum. but not very active, haha.. currently my#1 is taken care by my maid... i am still looking for a CC for her, as i dont want to send her off only if this baby is deliver (keep finger cross). i dont want her to feel neglected.

so my maid will take care of my #2, its more convenient in a way... i feel so thankful of her for being such a great help!

going IFC at 4mth really poorthing.. heard some many bad story... am too afraid.

Qyla's mummy, maybe can employ a maid to help ur mummy?

Thinking Gal,i start taking folic acid as soon as i knew im preggie... i saw online that it is recommended to take during ttc.

OP mum, i am also having loose stool... and went toilet for this many times in a day... dunno how come so many poo... lol...
Dr Lawrence Ang is also my gynae =)


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happy mummy, which country is your maid from? it's really difficult to find a good and reliable maid. i have heard of so many horror stories of maid. as for IFC, i think gotta send to a better one even if it's more expensive cos the teacher to child ratio will be much lower.


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qyla's, have you discussed with your mom yet? I haven't told my mom that im preggy, i think her jaw will drop. she thought my son was the last grandchild already haha. she already has 4 grandchildren and told care of 3 of them. i think she really wants to take it easy and only come by a few times a week to visit rather than tc full time. she's already 69 but still very heathly and strong. will discuss with her tonight. praying hard.
Aiyo happy mummy. I just return from pooing too. Lol
Only a few of my colleagues knows that im pregnant. Majority still not updated.
Nowsaday im taking longer than usual in the washroom. Often by noon, I will feel tired and sleepy.


Op mum, yar.. The thread really moving fast nowadays. AT least it stopped bneing a wts thread. Heheh..

Happy mummy, I was thinking along that line also.

SN, told already and my mum did say she will take care. But I just feel bad coz her hands also now not so strong. So cannot imagine if my #2 like my #1 always wants to be carried, she will b so poor thing lor.
hi SN, my maid is from philippines. She is really a good helper. of cos when she was new there are many thing she does not know how to do, example cooking and cleanliness lvl is not as good. but she have good learning sprit. and i also dont pressure her as much and we accomodate each other.
Anyone thinking of getting a day time confinement lady?my mum is helping my sis to take care of her 3month old baby now, so by the time I delivered, my nephew is less than 1 year old, so I doubt my mum can cook for me. MIL is already 72yrs old, will be too tiring for her.Thinking of daytime as I do not have extra room for her to stay in.Any recommendation, I heard have to book way ahead for one.


Just finished lunch and feeling soooo sleepy. The most trying time of first trimester I think must be the ms and forever tired and sleepy feeling. How are you girls doing today? Have you guys started on your folic acids yet?
Qyla's Mummy: im currently taking the New Obimin Vitamins and minerals supplements.

Tomorrow i will switch to the usual folic acid that my gynae prescribe me.
yes, feeling tired all the time, sleepy, don't feel like doing anything, had problem trying to fall asleep at night. have not started with folic acid/calcium/fish oil, will see gynae on 22/3/13 first.


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Happy mummy, ya no ms yet. 1st one also dun have. Pray same same!
Happy mummy & SN, my #1 also born on Feb 11!!
So qiao!
I know some mummies from feb 11 forum but not active cos too busy working and coping.
Maybe we already hear of each other's name! Are u in the Facebook group for Feb 11 forum?
Peanut, wat is MS?
Ya im in the fb for 2011 feb, also not very active... haha.. but if peace is mention, I will usually be remembered... lol


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Happy mummy - ms = morning sickness lol
I remember peace! Heeheehee, but I didn't participate.
Ok, did you announce on that FB? I didn't, and hope to keep it that way first cos only told family.
Here's our lil secret...;)


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When's yr 2nd apptmt?
Yesterday my gynae said these 3 things:
No caffeine, no exercise, no sex.
Oh no! There goes my Starbucks coffee everyday and I get a dull looking hubba...;(
Oh,I am still taking my black coffee everyday!I also drank coffee throughout my 2nd pregnancy. And just went to a Zumba party last Saturday. And about sex, I remembered my gynae told my hubby to be gentle with me, when we went to see him the first time for my 2nd pregnancy.


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Hi everyone! Wow, the thread's really hopping. Glad to see everyone here.

Like everyone else, I'm having loose stools, and feeling really tired , sometimes just after breakfast...lol

And my friends spotted my tummy and immediately asked if I was pregnant, so I guess I'm showing early

Are u folks exercising? I'm wondering whether to continue with my Zumba.


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Peanut Seet, im surprised your gynae said that cos during #1's time, my gynae specifically told us that we don't need to be monks during this period of pregnancy.


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I'm trying to follow the rule of only announce the news after 3mths. Only hubby,my mum n a girlfriend knew.
I had c sect n bf 4mths, I haven't lost my weight n tummy 2yrs after No.1 so if after No.2, after I get the traditional massage, am I likely to slim down beyond now?


op mum... look forward to hearing good news from you...

phoebe i've been told by my dr not to do any rigorous exercise cos my left ovary is bigger than normal and it's causing me pain and discomfort.

is it too early to start ms? i only just started week 6. but whenever i walked past bakery shop, it makes me want to throw up.


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sifamily, honestly, i find the traditional massage doesnt help in slimming down. It is only for feeling good. Bf is the one that really helps in slimming down. If you can, persevere in bfing for around a year. sure to lose all the weight.

OP mum, waiting for your good news!

CZ, honey is a nono for babies younger than 1 yr old. for pregnant woman, it is debatable whether the mommy is able to already digest "whatever it is called" before it reaches the fetus. so it's up to you but i wont eat it lar.
CZ. Hmmm. Saw the sac. Dr Ang confirm my pregnancy le. Sadly heartbeat still cannot detect. Still early only 5 weeks. So wait for next round of appointment on the 30th march. Haiz. Kinda disappointed
OP mum... dont be sad... at least u get to see the Sac at 5week... now i am even more worry liao... why mine at 5wk no sac at all.... T.T


Op mum.. Don't b sad ok. Maybe still to early to detect heartbeeat.

Phoebe, I'm showing early too. Or maybe it's just my fats. Lol. Coz colls asked and I had t admit so easy for me to take leave to see gynae in future. Heheh..

Happy mummy, are you still at 5 weeks? I remember last time my gf also cant see the sac at 5 weeks. So hoping its the same for u.

Sifamily, I'm trying t keep hush hush until aft 3 mths too. Now, only my 4 colls and close family knows. I hope it stays like that. Heheh..

Peanut seet, no sex? Oh my! That's very surprising coz I read its ok to have sex during pregnancy. I really should get a gynae quick and pour my worries. I din take coffee during my first pregnancy but nowadays have t take coffee everyday coz soooo sleepy and can't concentrate at work.


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hi OP mum: i also only see sac at week 5. doc cant see hb at week 6 thru tummy scan..gotta do v scan then we see the blinking dot.

dont be so worry. u will see HB next week!

Happy Mummy: maybe u got the week wrong..maybe it is not week5 yet?


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Hi everyone, finally decided to report here. Was all along in Oct thread, but gynae confirmed my no. 2 has EDD 3rd nov today, but think I'll straddle both threads cos if my no. 2 like my no. 1, he/she will be oct baby.

Today my gynae told me first trimester no sex, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, even no coke! Maybe because I had miscarriage, bleeding in first trimester of first pregnancy, and possibly bleeding in this pregnncy, that's why she laid down so many rules.

OP, 5 weeks toooooo early to detect heartbeat. Give your bb time to form heart first la.

CZ, my ms started in week 4+, week 6 on the dot vomit yucks! yesterday pluck some green veg also felt queasy. Amazing. It's worse than for my first pregnancy.

SN, hi!!


hi all mummies.. im expecting my first baby and should be around week 4-5 now. have scheduled to meet my gynae only in early apr. should i wait till then or visit another gynae for the time being?


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ankh, hi!!! It's quite confusing to toggle between two forums. haha I just posted a reply at the wrong forum :p

zzz monster attacking me now.


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pink, try to bring forward your appointment with your gynae? cos it's good to start on folic acid/ DHA as soon as possible.