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Hi all,

I am tested positive this morning. Expecting my no 4. I am still bfg and latching my no 3 who is 15 mths old. Both no 3 and 4 are accident babies. Haven't see a gynae yet. I have not decide whether to keep this bb or not because financially and mentally very shiong. Hubby works graveyard shifts and I have no maid all along. All my 3 kids are 3 years gap except for this no 4 which will be 1 year gap. I wonder how to handle.


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i didn't know your situation well but i suggest you to have a good talk with your hubby. Don't be too rash in your decision.

I really hope you keep this baby as i don't want you to have any regrets in future... And this kind of regrets can come immediately after you lose the child. I had an m/c last year june, so i understand that kind of regrets myself. I blamed myself for not taking care of my body at that time to have caused the last year m/c.

Many couples tried hard to conceive but not able to, after so many years.... A baby is a gift from God. I hope you can keep yours.


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i strongly agreed with hui and pls keep your baby. You may consider hire maid or nanny if you are a working mum. You should not abort based on your own decision. Have a good talk to your hubby and let him know what bothering you.

To hui, i saw your post on a few threads. And pls dun blame yourself k and this kind of thing is not what you want or could control. Our body is smart and will reject any unhealthy things so now just take care and eat well. In time to come, you will be holding your baby soon...lots of bb dust to u!


Hi Mrs Ong,

I very much like to keep the baby but it is my hubby who wants me to abort it. We can't afford to have 4 kids both financially and physically. Even now with 3 kids their education expenses are already very high.


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hi serene,

Could you and your hubby reconsider seriously and think of a solution? I understand financially and physically it not easy esp now living standard is high and everything esp kid's things are so expensive. I not sure how to advise you but i deeply feel sorry for your baby...i really hope you could keep your baby. Financially maybe you could replan by putting them in less expensive childcare ctr, eat & live more economically, cut down on unnecessary items etc? Sorry i am not in your position so maybe you have your own and family difficulties and it really a tough decision. However, i still hope you and your hubby could keep it.
Hi Serene,

Understand that it may be tough to raise kids in Singapore.. But really hope that you and your husband can review the decision..

A life is a life, be it inside the Mummy's tummy or one already outside.. The value that one places on the living kids outside far outweigh that of the little life inside the tummy, why is this so? Life should be equal and since the life had already been created, who can deny the little life a shot at the world outside? As a Mummy, I view myself as merely a carrier for the little life inside me.. I do not see myself as the person who can decide whether it should be given a chance to live or not.. The life belongs to the little child inside and no one has the right to take it away..

2 wrong doesn't make a right.. If the main concern is on the financial aspect, would you seriously want to consider giving up the child for adoption rather than abortion? There are couples out there who will really yearn to have a little one to love and if one is blessed to be able to carry life, why not pass on the happiness to others, rather than ending it?

Really hope that you can re-consider.. Everyone deserves a chance at living, be it inside or outside..


Hopefully you can take the time to read through the following:

A Doctor's Wisdom on Abortion

A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said: "Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even one year old and I'm pregnant again. I don't want kids so close together."

The doctor said: "Ok, and what do you want me to do?"

She said: "I want you to end my pregnancy, and I'm counting on your help with this."

The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady:

"I think I have a better solution for your problem. It's less dangerous for you, too." She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request.

Then he continued: "You see, in order for you not to have to take care of two babies at the same time, let's kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the second one is born. If we're going to kill one of them anyway, it really doesn't matter which one it is, does it? There would be no risk for your body if you chose to kill the one in your arms."

The woman was horrified and said: "No doctor! How terrible! It's a crime to kill a child!"

"I agree", the doctor replied. "But you seemed to be ok with it, so I thought maybe that might be the best solution."

The doctor smiled, realizing that he had made his point. He convinced the mom that there is no difference in killing a child that's already been born and one that's still in the womb. The crime is the same! Realizing this was true, the woman withdrew her request and soon found the love and support she needed at a local Church and Pregnancy Care Center. The mother and child are both alive and well today.

"Love cannot remain by itself -- it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service." — Mother Teresa


Here's some links which hopefully can make you re-consider:


Abortion Regrets =>



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this is a nice story shared !! thanks for sharing... i cried after reading it...


why not discussed with your hubby again?
If both of you are working, maybe as what Mrs Ong suggested, hire a maid or nanny to take care of your kids for you, it could be cheaper than sending all kids to infant care or childcare... Please keep your baby... it is innocent, and it is fate that brings him/her to be your child... I really don't want any regrets in your life. Sometimes it is very easy for the hubbies to say "terminate". They are not the ones carrying the life in you... Discuss with him again. Maybe show him bewildered's articles....

Mrs Ong,

I am thankful for your encouragement... and i felt touched !!... i wish you all the best too !!!
hui: Tis a really nice story right? I felt so emotional aft reading it on facebook previously coz it makes total sense to me, a life is a life, what's the difference between where is it? Inside or outside, it is meant to be treasured..

Ya Jiayou and dun give up too, one day bb'll come and when it comes, it will be a sticky bb!! =) I have heard of real life stories fr a close fren and what happened with the fren is tt aft trying for 3 yrs and doing everythg, they did nt mge to get preggers, but aft they decided to give up, the bb came and it was a real sticky bb all the way.. so what the fren felt was the lesson taught to them was that there is always a time for certain thgs, when one is ready, the bundle will be given.. I was v amazed by this fren of mine, coz tis like instead of blaming herself or blaming all other thgs for her nt being able to get preggers aft 3 yrs, she was thankful instead..

When she got her 2nd child and the results showed a high risk of down syndrome, she was v down but her hb lightened her load considerably and made her feel tt she is nt alone when he said 'When God gives one this special child, He already knows that one can provide for the child..'

So, for Serene, like what hui mentioned, it is fate for your family and the child to be together and when the bundle is given to yall, yall will be able to manage with the child, just like what Mrs Ong said, some lifestyle adjustments may be reqd but in return, you get a life in your hand.. That's the most rewarding...

Jiayou to All!!


Just tested positive for #2 and feeling half scared half excited. SIgh. Seems that this thread isn't active though. Guess not many knows they are pg yet..
Hello all!
I was thrill to see that there is Year 2013 Mums (2013/11) November 2013 on Singapore Motherhood Forum, but quite disappointed to see not many here who's EDD in November 2013, and it has become a WTS thread too!
I just tested positive yesterday, will be a 3rd time mum, based on my last menses, EDD will be on 5th November 2013
Hope to see more mummies to be here, to share experiences
Hi all,

I just tested positive today. This will b my number 2. Hope things goes smoothly fr here. Third3timemum and Qyla's mummy, which gynae will u be seeing? Have u made appt? I feel like going to see ASAP. But on other hand, scared doc will v-scan me.


Just did the pregnancy test after I miss my period. Tested positive. We just got married in Jan and this is our first child! When we heard the news I was half worried half happy. From now on there is a dependent. I'm going overseas this Sunday and will go see doctor next week to confirm. Ever since I got the test result yesterday, I start to feel the symptoms like heart burn and backache. Didnt have it before yesterdat. think it's all in the mind! Understand that we cannot reveal to anyone before first 12 weeks, so I can only share it here with eveyone!
Hi xuan,

Congrats! when is ur edd? I guess it's normal to have mixed feelings. After all its something life-changing! Have u decided on ur doctor? I'm not intending to share w anyone also, esp my parents and in laws... Till its more stable. I can feel cramps esp when sleeping. Felt better when I sleep on my front. Is it bad to do that?


Hi bunny mummy, I've got no idea about the sleeping position. Maybe can google... But it's so young I don't think will affect? We went Polyclinic today and got referred to KK. Since its subsidized we don't get to choose doctor. The doctor at Polyclinic told me the pregnancy test is very accurate, so we will just assume so. Doctor also advise against traveling. But the trip has been planned for many years (family trip), and I read online it's ok, so I'm going ahead to travel. Today all symptoms are gone. So I guess yesterday could be mentally induced.
I went korean when I was 4-5 weeks preg last time. Quite ok. I took some medicine fr gynae b4 that for motion sickness and I also had some an tai yao fr gynae. Should be ok, but better to standby medicine? Have a good trip!


Hi mummies... I'm new here... tested positive... very excited now cos it's our first child.. my hubby said cannot tell anybody until after 3months... but I can't contain my excitement. I'm experiencing lower back pain. Anyone has similar experience like me?


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Hi mummies

Tested positive last Friday. It's my third pregnancy, and almost 10 years after my 2nd one. So I'm very out of the gynae/maternity scene, and would like to ask for some pointers.

My first 2 pregnancies were pre-term. Delivered at 31 and 35 weeks respectively, both at NUH. Although I was initially A class patient, I was subsequently downgraded to C class so that BB's NICU charges would be more manageable. As C class patient, I basically had no personal gynae to monitor my delivery or care.

I would now like the comfort of having one personal gynae throughout.

First Question: Do you know if it's possible to admit myself as a subsidised patient to the public hospital much later, like at 6 or 7 months?

Second question: Anyone has any feedback on NUH vs KKH delivery experience?

Thanks everyone!
Good afternoon mummies,

tested positive over the weekend!!! very excited and happy, this shall be our 3rd baby.

wishing all mummies a healthy and safe pregnancy and look forward to receive our joy in November.
Welcome Candice, phoebe and bbwoofie! Happy to have company.

Candice, I'm also having backache. Dunno why too... I tried wearing high heels today but somehow I feel my legs are very tired n gotto change to flats...

Are u all still wearing heels?

Phoebe, what I heard was the hospital will give priority to those who have been seeing them since preg.. Not sure if its true though.

Bbwoofie, when is ur edd? And how old are ur kids? My gal is 19 months now.


Thanks bunnymummy82... I'm not wearing heels but I am just experiencing aching... now it's worst... my whole body is aching... it's affecting my night rest. hope everything will get better after a few weeks...
Hi bunny mummy, my two girls are 4 and 3 years. My edd could be around 11 November, based on the website calculation. Will be visiting gynea this Saturday. 19mths is a exploring stage, your gal must be having fun cruising around
when is your edd?

I am still wearing heels and felt that my feet have expanded. Time to change to flat soon.

Look forward to see more november mummies


haha... i think it's probably just bloated cos' i read that during this period you will feel bloated.

bbwoofie, your feet expand so fast? is it a norm? I already have v big feet, i don't want to have a bigger feet in the early stage...


Hi All!!! Congrats for your pregnancy. As this is my 2nd, feels quite pro already! Lol!! Haven't seen any gynae tho. Tested positive at gp aft I came back from hols. Lol!! Bunny mummy which gyane are you taking? And the rest? As my first pregnancy I was under subsidised coz quit work when in first trimester intending t take private this second time round. Coz wana close factory liao! ANy recommendations? Prefer to give birth at KKH though.


For 2nd or 3rd time mummies, is your older kids more clingy? My 27months nowadays very clingy. Only want mummy. Keep asking for mummy. But good thing when send her to childcare she go in without crying. Otherwise keep on wanting mummy. Any of you experience that also?


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Hi everyone!

Tested positive 2 weeks ago, and this is my first time being a mum. I'm still in a bit of shock, to be honest!

DH and I had more or less given up b'coz we're in our late 30s, and we went through 1 round of IUI and 1 round of IVF and nothing happened. Ours is a case of unexplained infertility - nothing wrong with both of us.

So imagine my shock and surprise when I got the BFP on the HPT! Went for my first scan and saw the egg sac and yolk. So surreal!

Anyway my EDD is 1 Nov 2013. Glad to join you all here on this thread!


Hi lachesis! That is called miracle baby! :D Your edd is same as mine 1 Nov! Praying for all our pregnancy to go smoothly.
Bbwoofie, my edd is 18 nov. which means I'm likely to be one week behind you.

Qyla's mummy, my dr is dr Benjamin Tham. He used to be fr Kkh, now at tmc. My number 1 has always been clingy, I dun find any difference in her behavior. I asked her if she likes didi or mei mei, she doesn't seem to know.

Lachesis, congrats! U n hubby must be over the moon! Take good care! Have u told parents?

Gals, need your advice. I called up the gynae clinic today. Was told to make appt aft 6 weeks so as to be able to hear heartbeat. If u were me, will u go at exactly 6 weeks Monday but risk not hearing the heartbeat n get ur self scared since its only at exactly 6 weeks? Or go later at 6 weeks 5 days just to be safe? My hubby can only make it on mon or sat, so I dunno whether to go on mon or sat.....


Hi bunny mummy. I would rather go on Sat. Don't want to scare myself if never hear heartbeat. But would be excited enough to want to go on Mon. Your gal may be still quite young to tell. But im sure she would b happy when she see baby.


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Hi mummies!
So glad there's a Nov'13 EDD group here to share the hush hush news!
I had just tested positive last week when I return from my hols and this is #2 for me. My #1 had just turned 2, so it's a nice gap and a great surprise! Going to see my gynae tomorrow at Gleneagles, so crossing fingers all's well!
Everyone take good care!!


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Qyla's mummy - my #1 has been super clingy to me these past 2 weeks, and everything also mummy mummy, and like to throw wild trantrums if i dont sayang him. weirdly before I found out I was tested positive, he was never so sticky...
Then my mum & helper both say its normal when you expecting the next one - it's as if they know they ain't gonna be the youngest anymore..


Hi mummies.. my edd is on the 3rd Nov.. have you all experienced MS yet? mine hit me during end of week 4.. cldn't keep anything down for long.. =x..


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Hi All,
I am expecting no.2. My no 1 at 28mths now, was born in Nov too. She always prefer her daddy than me.She seems to be in terrible 2 and always kill my patience.


Peanut seet, same2! I tested positive two days aft I came back from Bali. Was quite surprised and worried coz I did water sports there. Hehehehe.. My gal also the same. Usually can play with her cousins but nowadays cannot kena disturn abit will cry and ask mummy syg her. My mom also say the same thing. Guess they know they have to share mummy soon. Makes me so sad when I think of that.
Morever shes born in dec. So eventho she is 3 this year dec, I always think of her as still 2.

Winkle, my ms is hitting me now also in my 6 weeks. But eversince #1 my ms very mild. No throwing up so hoping that #2 follow suit.


Sifamily, congrats!! Seems like most of us are #2 mummies..

Really thinking about how to leave #1 when I give birth in Nov though it's still so far. Coz never separated from her before since birth.
Hello Mummies,

Currently im expecting my no 2 baby and only 6 weeks thru my pregnancy. If based on the due date calculator, my EDD will be on the Ist of Nov 2013.

I have bad diarrhea for the past 2 weeks le. I also experiencing nausea but never throw up.

Unlike my Ist pregnancy, I will throw up almost everyday and till my 5th month before i then gradually gets better.

Does any of the mummies here experience only diarrhea and not vomitting.

My appointment with my gynae will be on this coming friday 15/03/13. Hope all will be fine

Cz, for my last two pregnancy I became so bloated by the third months, expand very fast lol

Op mum, me too I am into my 7weeks and kept having bad loose stools. Can't wait too see gynea this sat and to know all is fine.


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Hello mummies! I just tested myself positive last week and went for blood test on Sat and got the results!
) Very excited and happy because this is our first child! The doc said it should be about 1 to 2 weeks now

Yes yes and I agree that after I know i am expecting, I have been feeling very tired and faint-minded...haha not sure if its just my own thnking.

Another thing is because for these few weeks I have been working in Tuas area, and one of the days they did fogging (those that is intended to kill insects/mosquitoes) in the area just outside the building I was in. And think the fog went into the building (probably sipped in)even though it was enclosed, because we could smell the fog and my colleague was coughing from it. Think the fog smell stayed in the room for maybe 5 - 10mins? Not sure whether it would affect baby's development, since its like pesticide...and baby is like so small now....really very worried....


bunnymummy, i haven't make my appointment with gynae. cos i heard only around 7-8weeks then will hear heartbeat.so will probably do so when iim at 7/8th week.

op mum, i had a few diarrhea and gave out super smelly gas, almost suffocate myself and hubby. no vomiting yet. i read usually vomiting will starts around week 7-8, i hope i am the lucky few who dun have MS cos i am going oversea..

thinking gal, congrats to you. I am also expecting my first...


Cz, I remember from my first pregnancy for the first trimester, I keep on giving out very smelly gas. So not looking forward coz now Im working unlike for no1. Lol!! Just imagine if let out in the office! The smell will contaminate the whole office lor..

Thinking gal, congrats!! Hope that the fogging doesnt affect baby.

bbwoofie, my colleagues notice that my tummy very bloated already. Could it b due t subsequent pgnncy? My #1 I didn't show until I'm in my 6th mth! I hope I dont gain too much this time round. But looking at how fast I'm expanding, seems that it's wishful thinking.


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Hello all. I just saw my gynae yesterday. Coming to 7 weeks this Friday. EDD 1Nov. This will be my second child. My #1 just turned 2 years old last week. Quite unexpected as I would have prefered a larger age gap. But all in God's timing, I suppose.

Nausea seems to be less than #1's time. I'm not worried since every pregnancy is different and I'm actually very thankful as I can't imagine how to take care of #1 with horrible nausea.

I was having very bad loose stools before i suspected that i was pregnant. I read that this could be due to our digestive system changing.


Hi Sn! Congrats. Me too edd 1st Nov. I havent seen a gynae yet coz still thinking of which gynae to get. Whose your gynae if you dont mind? Seems like a number of our #1 are almost similar in age.

I agree that I can't imagine how to take care of #1 if we suffer from bad ms. Will be very trying. Morever now is the period when we get tired very easily. Hope that none of us suffer bad ms.


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HI Qyla's mummy, my gynae is Dr Chan Kong Hon at Gleneagles, been with the same gynae since #1's time. He's very good.