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hello!! I pregnant and went to see my gynae on tuesday. Have to go back again 2 weeks later as it is still small to detect. But urine test tested positive for pregnancy. I am so tired.

This baby will be my number 2. My eldest son is 4 this year
so excited.


SN, i tried to but its not possible as he will be on leave. i havent had any professional advice so i'm kinda worried and nervous. what do they normally do on the first appointment?


this forum is going so fast... i can hardly keep up.

SN, haha.. no problem. i can see the confusion with so many of us posting at the same time.

OP Mum, don't worry, you will hear bb's heartbeat on your next visit. I also waiting for my visit with gynae on 1st apr, hope no april's fool day joke for me.

Happy Mummy, don't worry you will see it the next time round, i heard it's normal.
Qyla's mum & CZ, i hope so too... tml going to temple to bai bai... hopefully this will be a smooth pregnancy as i had a chemical pregnancy before... tested positive, and before going gynae, menses come already... =(

when i feel like zzz i go walk around... go toilet also ok...
i feel like vomiting... go toilet, saw a colleague, she keep talking to me... i have to keep my vomit down... arghhh.... now giddy liao... hate MS...


Happy mummy, aiyoh so poor thing. Now I still only have mild ms. But sooo very tired cannot stand. I hear ppl say if you have bad ms it means ur pregnancy is progressing well. So pray that you dont go through chemical pregnancy again.


Happy mummy... jia you. I pray that you will be healthy and have a smooth pregnancy this time.

Qyla, yah i heard about the having MS means bb is well. how true is it? My friend said take essence of chicken (those home made) can help to curb MS. don't know how true is it. can try it if you want.


Cz, I think its quite true. My sister had bad ms for both her pregnancy n both her boys turn out so healthy and chubby. But my #1 I have almost no ms but still turn out ok. Heheh.. But dctrs also say ms means bb is well. So maybe it's true.
Thank you mummies for all your care and concern. It has been most comforting to have all of your support and advises during our pregnancies. Guess that, im just too anxious in wanting a result. I believe my prayers will be paid off during my next schedule appointment. May God bless all of us. Cheers
Hi mummies, i just tested positive with Clearblue Digital indicating 1-2 weeks. I called gynae's clinic just now and the clinic assistant asked me to go down next week le. izzit too early to see the sac? I guess i m only 4 weeks now.

It will be my #1 and me and my hubby are overjoyed! Hope to learn from the mummies here

Btw, i have loose stools too. nipples starting to hurt.


Just came back from china. So far so good. It was a family trip. I feel like vomiting when I see chicken. My mother immediately suspect I'm pregnant. The whole family was at the table and everyone said snake is coming. I had to cover and say no la, my menses just came. Phew.

Now every evening I feel like vomiting. No appetite to eat. Waiting for my appointment at KK on 1 April.


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kitkat !!
yes 4 weeks will be too early to see something.... so don't scare yourself if cannot see anything ok? but it will be good to visit gynae early so that he can give you progesterone pills to support the pregnancy.... it is normal for nipples to feel sore... don't worry hehe
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hello mummies,

I was tested postive last week and went for my first scan yesterday. Based on my menses i am 5w3d pregnant but according to the u/s it is 6w2d. Still dunno my edd yet. My gynae said will know the edd only after hearing the heartbeat in 2 weeks time. but i asked for a guage and he said should be ard mid nov. BTW i am a 2nd time mom :D


Hey girls. Anyone of u experience cramps? Been feeling crampy since the start and got worse over this weekend. But no bleeding. Din experience this with #1. Isit normal?


Nileeyko, i cant access the fb page too.

Kitkat, congratss!! Its ok t go gynae for the vits tho. N like hui say might b too early t see the sac bt no worries ya.

Xuan, the ms has started already. So now u manage t still divert ur pgnancy. Hehheh..

This pgnncy very diff frm previous. Of coz diff baby is diff bt this time i have appetite t eat but cant seem t swallow food. So sad t see food wasted like that.

Qiuling congratsss!! Many second time mummies here!


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Hi mummies,

I just confirmed my pregnancy with a blood test on fri
Would like to check, my hubby uses quite a bit of medicated oil and yoko yoko for headaches and neck ache everyday, especially at nite.. Is it alrite for me to be smelling all that? Don't wish to be paranoid, but i had an m/c a yr ago, and now finally conceived again with ivf, just a little worried.. But i also feel bad to tell him to stop using, cos it's not like he's feeling good with the aches..
Qyla's mum, im feeling crampy too... gynae said its normal. Lookinh forward for my 2nd appointment on tues.

Nileeyko, I can't access fb page too... do u need to add us?


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hey min....

i think smelling it should be okay, as long as you do not apply on your own body... I remember someone in this forum mentioned before axe brand medicated oil contain a chemical called methyl salicylate which is harmful to baby. But then again, I also read before a few mummies been using Medicated oil throughout their pregnancy and nothing happened. Maybe you can ask your hubby to change brand? maybe change to those that Children can use such as Ru Yi You? To play safe, better to check with Gynae again.


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Thanks for the reply.. My hubby uses only 'bai hua you'.. Anyway i just sorta brought it up just now.. And he doesn't believe they are so strong to harm a pregnancy as he can't find anything on it on the internet abt that.. I don't wish to get into an argument, don't think i'll bring it up again.. Will just not stress myself abt it..


Hi mummies, anyone experiencing constipation? After that initual stage of loose stools and smelly gases, now I'm suffering from constipation. A genuine qns can gek anot?


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Qyla's mummy, I also had very very mild cramps at week 4-5, and also don't remember having it with my no. 1. Maybe with no. 1 I was distracted at work, and never noticed. Supposed to be the uterus expanding. But if it worries you, can always give gynae's clinic a call and ask if u need to see gynae. Of cos if bleeding and cramps occur together, go see gynae immediately.

Another reason for cramps, erm, ok, a bit gross la. Cos I had constipation for four days, ytd when tried to do big biz, half way thru started having horrible cramps, broke out into cold sweat and vomited. Hubby n I rush to TMC and even call my gynae in, cos it felt like uterine contractions. Diagnosis is purely constipation. Cure is use suppositories to ahem, unload. Baby safe. Moral of the story? Dun get constipated lol. Sooooooooo embarrassing.

Min81, so happy to see u here! Eh, i was doing ivf a while back too, so remembered your nick. Congrats! About your hubby's aches, my GP ever give me some sticky thingy to stick on my strained shoulder before, safe for pregnant women. Can he source for something similar? Also, I have a friend who stopped having bad headaches after cutting out caffeine from his diet ie. No kopi and teh. Dunno if this applicable for your hubby.


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CZ, now I expert lol. I gek a little, then got the cramps eeww. Go use suppositories before it gets too bad haha! At the same time, buy LACTUS over the counter. It helps soften stool and regulate bowel movement. I got it prescribed by my gynae ytd. Very safe, PD used to prescribe it for my no. 1 when she was small. Check the dosage with your gynae's clinic cos dosage prescribed by my gynae is different from what's stated on bottle. And I guess drink more water and eat more fruits and veg


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Hihi! Thanks for the well wishes
So you conceived with ivf too? Congrats! I was reading up on the medicated oil and yoko yoko thing.. Seems like there many moms who use it and all's ok so i guess i won't think and worry too much abt it since i'm not the one applying.. My hubby's aches are from work stress..He doesn't drink coffee or alcohol at all, only a rare cup of tea occasionally so i guess most prob it's not that.. Still, thanks for the tip

I also have Lactus! Cos i kena constipation after ER.. And nurse advised me to get it all out before ET so doc prescribed to me.. I also had loose stools and the smelly farts (overpowered hubby's medicated oil smell.. Hehe) last wk.. But now i feel like i might start getting constipation.. Taking lotsa fruits now, if possible, i'll try not to take the lactus yet..


Think you might wanna ask your doc abt Lactus.. Can help to soften the stools for a start and start the bowel movement again.. If not, will be quite painful and strenuous to gek..


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hi mummies, in my last checkup with gynae, she saw a blood clot in my uterus, after seeing my sac, and asked me if I get cramps, I said yes and she told me that cramps can happen when uterus is expanding or if any loose blood tissues are around, but are generally harmless if away from sac/fetus. but she still gave me a hormone jab and put me on hormone pills for 2 weeks to play safe...scared!


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errr, anyone can access NileeYko's facebook group?
I kinda browse through this forum and didn't see any other posting from her, so am wondering if the facebook group exists?
NileeYko, if I misunderstand you, sorry first!
just wondering.....


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Sorry ah, lor sor again. CZ, to avoid constipation, can take:
1. Very ripe bananas. Skin should have black dots
2. (ang moh) pears. Ripe until soft enough to scrape easily. Only ripe pears work.
3. Ripe papayas. Must be RIPE. Unripe papayas can cause miscarriage
4. (ang moh) spinach. What Popeye eats aka puay leng.
5. Yogurt/probiotics (works for my dad!)
6. Prune juice. Maybe start with quarter a cup first. Too much will lead to diarrhea
7. Ripe peaches

Of cos consume all in moderation. Too much papayas will turn a person yellow lol. Hope this list helps anyone else in same boat!


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Min81, hi! This time managed to conceive naturally. Finally after so many years my half baked ovary must have released a nice egg thru unblocked tube. Was about to explore other options again after Feb.
Hi morning gals,

Qyla's mummy, I'm also having cramps. ESP at night when I lie on e bed b4 sleep, can feel it even more. I find that lying on my front helps cos there's pressure applied.anyone knows if we can sleep on our tummy at this stage?

My tummy is so bloated and I think I have put on one kg! It's seriously too early to be putting on any weight for preg! I went shopping over weekend to buy some maternity wear. Spent a few hundreds! Is it too early to buy? I dun wanna jinx it, but my bottoms are really getting tight!

Have u gals put on any weight?
Hi hui & qyla, thanks thanks.

Wow this thread is going fast! I like...

Btw, anybody feeling pains in nipples on & off? I do not feel so painful in the morning. Izzit it normal?
Qyla, I dun hav cramps, onli kept burping at anytime & wet discharge.

I tested with guardian hpt & it showed a veri faint line. I got nervous & went to buy clearblue digital again. It showed me pregnant 2-3 weeks. Den I m more relieved.

Congrats to all mummies again!


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Good morning mommies! wow, suddenly this thread became so active. I noticed that NileeYko posted on Oct thread as well regarding the secret FB page. not sure the purpose of that cause Oct thread already has an existing FB page. so not sure how genuine is NileeYko.

Congrats to all the mommies who just joined us!

Really peifu those of you who went through IVF. I heard it cost $10k a session and requires you to do injections everyday. MS for you now must be a small thing compared to what you went through.
Goodmorning All,

min, i used medicated oil throughout my 1st pregnancy, and thereafter... it give me a nice feeling just to snif snif it... haha.. like adiction.. and i am still using now...

Kikat, i know i am pregnant when i feel pain while my #1 is having her night latch... pain till i wake up.. as usually she is on buffet style during night feeding... nipple pain should be normal due to hormon change.

i got wet discharge too... i remember the last pregnancy when i told gynae about it, had to do a test to ensure no bacteria growth or something. maybe need to check with gynae?

SN, ya i heard about IVF too, seems very very painful for the mummy... mummy are great! especially those need to go through IVF!
btw, mummies, i am very curious on the Chinese lunar calendar prediction for baby gender... anyone have experience with it?

my #1 is correct according to the calendar... how accurate can it be?


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Qyla's mummy - sorry didnt reply you last Friday. haha. i dunno how to fight the zzz monster. today will have to fight again.

Pink - not sure if anyone else replied you cos the thread is gg so fast. During the first appointment, doctor will scan for sac, fetus and heartbeat. if you have any spotting or itch, dr will give you some medicine for the itch and advice if there's anything you need to watch out for if you have spotting.


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Gd morning, mummies!

Everyday i can't help worrying a little cos i don't have much symptoms, except maybe for sudden hunger pangs.. My boobs have been swollen since my ivf and it could just be because of the progesterone supports i'm on.. And i'm still so energetic, no fatigue at all.. It's quite a nerve-wrecking wait to my 1st scan.. Any mummies here scanned yet?

Happy mummy,

Relieved to hear medicated oil is fine.. Will tell my hubby so he won't have to stress abt not using it.. But ah, i think it's just become a habit for him liao.. Haha..


Actually i'm also worried everyday but i'm trying not to test and just tell myself it's ok.. Can't wait for my 1st scan on 26 mar..


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I 've been coughing for 2weeks,finished my medicine n gg to buy from the clinic but this GP is always packed. always feel goggy in the day n find time to nap, wonder if it's the pregnancy, the cough n my no. 1 sometimes fuss in her sleep. At this point, really no company will employ just pregnant mum?


Good morning ladies,
Was tested BFP late last week.. Digital kit with 2-3 stated at the window.. So probably I'm 4-5weeks now.. Seen gynae last fri and have hormons jab.. It will be my #2... Both me and hubby are really overjoyed!!!

Congrats to u all too! Let's all enjoy our 9mths with our sticky & healthy rainbow beanie! ;)


This coming may June got motherhood fair at expo. But I'm trying to see which friend or relative got maternity wear don't want want just gimme. Haha...
I use to have cramps during the first 4 weeks. I thought my menses coming that kind. But now ok Le.
Yesterday thought about whether to go class A or class C of KK. planning in advance. Class A hubby can stay over, class C I can save more money and buy more milk powder.
Read about the bad service at KK, but I don't really brother cos my ex colleague mention before its a specialized center so if pregnancy got complications they'd give priority to existing patients. So I better be safe.
Got to cancel my June overseas trip to Loas. Looks like the beginning of loss of freedom.
It's our first child and my parents first grandchild. My sister is getting married in may. Not sure if she'd allow me to attend cos chong Xi. But I really want to go. Dilemma.
Can't join the Facebook too. Can someone add me?
Good luck and stay happy all mummies-to-be!


hi everyone, I'm expecting my #2 due on 4 November 2013!

Experiencing bad ms now, feel so lethargic everyday :< sometimes i can't wake up in the mornings for work
hi xuan, i m going to bkk in june. I asked my mum if i can go bkk, she say should b okie just tat will b tired. will treat it as babymoon!

Which hospital u all decide to deliver in and which gynae??


morning mummies...

thanks ankh &amp; min81 for the tips... feel so unhappy being constipated.

I can't login to the fb page too...

every morning is so difficult for me, in fact i feel v lethargic the whole day. don't know where did all my energy gone to.

kitkat, i have made my appointment with Dr Chen Han Lin, and planning to deliver in Mt A.


kitkat, i'm a first time mum and didn't share my pregnancy with anyone so i've no clue. must i go to a gynae? i just went polyclinic then they refer me to KK.
xuan, i m oso first time mum. but i went to this gynae before so i m comfortable with him. My hubby prefers me to deliver at Parkway East Hospital cos its quieter and nearer to my parents in law place.
I made my appt with Dr. Wong Heng Fok on the 26th Mar.


Hi mummies.. My due date is 3rd nov... I onli have super bad MS till I was hospitalized.. Other than that no other symptoms lei.. Not tired at all... I can still feel very energetic even if I'm lagging in sleep... =x

This thread is moving super fast, took me some time to read all the threads, from the last thread i posted. Congratulations to all new mummies who just found out that they're pregnant, especially the 1st time mum.

Phoebe S (sukigirl) >so you are into Zumba too?I read &amp; saw youtube of pregnant women at 9 months doing Zumba, seems ok, but it all depends on your instructor i guess, but I am temporary stopping it, until I see my gynae on 22/3, will ask him if it's ok to continue with Zumba. I do know that if it is conducted by health promotion board, they usually will not allow pregnant women to join in the exercise.

EDD calculated based on the 1st day of your last menses, in case some 1st time mum still do not know how to calculate your EDD.

Mine's 4th November, i think I saw some mummies to be having the same EDD.

Will be going back to Mt Alvernia, where I delivered my 2 boys.