Leftover unused/unopened IVF meds - Clexane, Progynova, Duphaston


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Hi all, I have left over of the following medicine which I have not opened. I am letting them go as I no longer need them and I had overstocked the medication. All medication have been kept in a cool, dry place.

Clexane was purchased from CGH. Duphaston and Progynova were purchased direct from a pharmacy supplier in Bangkok. Exactly the same as the ones I purchase from my IVF clinic in SG :)
  1. Clexane - 0.4ml. 14 boxes (each box has 2 syringes. Total 28 syringes). Expiry 30/09/24 - $8 per box ($4 per syringe)
  2. Duphaston 10mg. 20 tabs per box. 4 boxes. Expiry 05/2028 - $18 per box
  3. Progynova 2mg. 3x28 tabs per box (note: each box contains 3 panels, total 84 tabs per box) 5 boxes. Expiry 08/09/24 - $20 per box
Pls PM me if you are interested. Location - Bedok.

IVF meds.JPG