(2011/06) June 2011

Hi Victoria,

I am also nursing a cough-esp bad at nite.Dun worry,ur bb may enjoy the mini "earthquake" whenever u cough..wooo oo...like sarong! Gynae advised to prop up head to 45degrees to sleep to minimise coughing-it helps!

Nipple Cream

Went for prenatal class last time,the instructor said no need to buy cos ur breast milk is the best nipple cream! And it is soo true.

Braun Ear Thermometer

U may wan to get from spree,i got it for abt $70 only.


Hi mummies,

Just to check for those gg to taka fair.Do they sell the stroller pad / head cushion which is something like the attachement?Cos thinking of changing them as I got pass down stroller and carseat from relative.



angelwink, i no c these if remember correctly. Do u noe the brand of stroller u inherit? maybe can check w the booth person there. kiddy palace might hv btw..

Really feel like going to taka fair..but i really do not wan to spread my coughing bugs to the mummies there. I will try to see how if i can go next week! Sob!

Cough was still bad........and i think i might have hurt my stomach muscle when coughing hard...now whenever i cough..i feel the muscle pain at my tummy! really really miserable!! Worst cough i ever experience in my life!


These are what i've been using for my 2 older kids:

Thermo flask for binging out - TIGER Sakura 500ml, now i using TIGER sakura 350ml cos only my gal is drinking milk occasionally when outside.

Thermo flask @ home - i'm using TIGER flask to keep the hot water.

Food jar - I love TIGER food jar, good for keeping soups, red dates water, porridge, used it for my red dates and bb's porridge, can keep long hrs, i have both sizes, can serve 2 or 3 bowls of porridge depending on the capactity of the food jar, good for long hours of outing. I'm also using THERMOS foogo food jar if we only go out for 2-3 hours.

I'm a great fan of TIGER pdts, :p

angelwink35, u can find at taka, isetan, kiddypalace, or any kids departmental stores. i ever bought these 2 from these deparmental stores b4.

victoria, i'm also having bad cough, been coughing few nites already, then ytd i got cough med from gynae, feel bttr now, not so much phglem and can sleep much bttr.

E'leen Lau & JJ thanks for the information.

Really help me alot cause no I know next time food jar also need to buy :D hahah cause I never think so far LOL..

Ok I think for thermo flask 500ml should be alright for making milk when on the go.. top up hot water can get anywhere [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Home use one will take the one without the metal tubing in the flask cause sound dangerous. 2.5L should be enough right? According to Junez :p

Hi experienced mummies,

Would like ask those mummies who had delivered via natural birth before, how long will we typically bleed before we clear our after birth menses?

np, christy, [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Evvie, for the 1st 5days, usually super heavy, thereafter, it will bleed for another week or 2 depends on indiviual, my first one was bleeding for 3wks or less, 2nd one duration is shorter abt 2wks.

fbm: got to b thaw at least 24hrs at normal fridge. So usually wat i do is today i will bring the stock i wan to clear tomolo to the normal fridge.

hi mummies check with u all ah..do u intend to use nappy diapers??

alot say troublesome..hv to wash..

then i found this..is this the new era of nappy diapers??


BABYLAND CLOTH DIAPER - 1set = 1cover +2inserts = $9.50 per set

100% brand new

Brand: babyland

Strong absorbent material with breathability

Outside material: waterproof TPU membrane, breathe freely

Insert: 3 layers of super absorbent microfiber

- Fits babies from 3kg -13kg (new born to about 2 year old)

- One size fits all (adjustable)

- Super absorbent 3 layer inserts and inner fleece

Wash Instruction:

- Wash a at least 3 times before use. This will ensure the absorbency of the cotton and will make the diaper "fluff up."


Evvie, no need to stock up too many super long pads, cos super heavy usually during the first week, then subsequently can use normal pads, for me la, i bgt 2-3 super long pads and the rest are normal pads.

ting, no, i sticking to disposable diapers, too leh chek and time consuming to wash cloth diapers.

agreed w linda, prefer disposable diapers. my gal oni use it when she sleep to wipe her sweat or occasionally catch her vomit stuff when sick / when her butt got nappy rash.

JJ, do u keep the cloth diapers / the powder puff / bath towel seperately between your kids?

My mom will be using cloth diaper.. I tell her if she wash than use lor... cause during the 1st mth I think I will be tired... so I rather use disposable one.

If no one take care of bb and only me I think I will switch to disposable..

chil, my kids have their own bath towels, even water bottles/cups used at home oso seperate so they have their own cups, towels, plates, etc.

ya i also its troublesome..usually is MIL suggest one..so she has to wash it..hehe

but no choice if bb kena rash on the butts rite?? hv to use cloth diapers..

if nt hv to change every 2 hrs using normal diapers??

ting, usually i change diapers every 3hrs or when the diaper is starting to be heavy or soiled, some diaper brands do come with pee indicator.

If you are taking care of the bb alone, u really don't have the time to wash and hand the cloth diapers.

jj, ic. gd, more excuse to buy new stuff. keke

ting, need to scrub them (if kena watever),soak, rinse, hang, dry, fold.. *headache! normally one day is one whole pail, n that smell. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

bb_jo21 > thanks for the info. will go and take a look during the weekend. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

john little sale is every $80 spend u get $18 rebate except for promo items, they cap at the max of $800. members get 5% rebate in ur statement

JJ ~ now then I realize applepie edd is same as mine ;) And we are both boy ~;)

I wonder how doc sim handle if we give birth tgt. We prob can hear the screams of each other. My next visit is 17 mar. 10am. Anyone same date?

Hmm can any mummies share with me on baby movement cos mine is rather mild and I hv no food craving but more dislike to eat. I gain only 6-7 kg so far of the 6 months. Still worry baby too small and people advice me eat durian to make him bigger. But bigger means difficult to give birth

Anyone start to read books to bb?

life is beautiful> i called robinsons to check. they told me till 20th lei. unless they decided to end it earlier?

angelwink> i saw this at taka. but i cant recall whether it's the fair at atrium or the nursery dept upstairs. the nursery dept upstairs having sales also. can pop by to take a look [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Fen> dun worry la. some mummies here put on lesser than u *lucky them* But as long as gynae says ur baby is healthy then can ald. If gynae says underweight, then u might wan to consider drinking milk. those can make u put on quite a fair bit of weight

Hi fen,

You shouldnt be worried bt ur weight gain so long as ur baby is gaining weight. Some mummies here are gainin little weight (i'm super jealous btw) but their babies are within the healthy range. However if u want maybe u should tak mummy's milkshake instead like Materna instead of durians cos the durians are quite heaty.

Regarding ur cravings, u are similar to me. Find some foods i love horrible now. Some say it's what the body is trying to say is not good for our baby. If u r still unsure bt ur baby's healthy ask ur gynae NeXT time u see him/her

fen, hahha, seriously i dono how dr sim going to deliver the 3 bbs out, but judging from experiences, i shld be due in early jun cos my #2 was born 3 wks earlier.

fen, don worry abt u gaining not much weight, i gained only 3kg but bb is 708gms! Dr Sim say if bb is growing, mummy gain too much or too little is secondary issue, you'll be worried if bb is not growing. But if the bb is too big, you will have problems delivering and may end up csect, also mummy gaining too much weight also not too good. If Dr Sim nvr say anything abt ur weight, it shld be fine, knowing her, she also nvr say i gained too little, she just said bb is growing well, so that all i'm concern abt. be a HAPPY MTB, ok? in 3mths time, the little cutie will be in our hands le.

JJ, time flies la... so fast and in 3 mths we are all popping already.. one had excited and another scard.... hahaha mix feeling.

I was looking at Overspree just now and was wondering if we should get Braun Thermometer now or later... and also the Desitin Original - 2oz per tube...

Morning Mel ;) doc nvr says anything but I note his weight is slight below 50 percentile of the 20 weeks report. I can't drink milk and Milo and soya bean cos will vomit ;( it's v choosy in eating and anything dun like, after one bite, the stomach will bloated up and I can't eat.

Thanks JJ and Mel for the comfort ;)

I ll ask dr sim the next round ;) I hope to deliver in jul ;)

JJ ~ I also wanna get the thermometer cos cheaPer and GAIA items. I bgt a tummy wrap abt $30 from the shapewear spree .. The overseas spree is so interesting ;)

Hi Fen (white_african_flower),

Not to worry. My baby movement is not alot too...only once a while..she will kick non stop...then no activity again. Still couldn't catch her movement momentum. I am now at 25week too going 26 week and so far i only gain around 5-6kgs too. To be positive, it is good to maintain a 1-2kgs weight gain per month so that baby won't grow oversize making it difficulty for nature birth & it is easier for us to slim down after birth, so long we eat healthy and balanced diet and during check up..baby is developing well and is healthy and growing,should not be of any concerns.

Although sometimes i will look in the mirror to "inspect" my own tummy growth..like not much difference every week/month...will get a bit paranoid..but i guess that's normal. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Now i just wanna be recover from my bad cough...and really pray i will be well soon.

i m trying to control my weight too. now at week 28, baby is 1 kg and i m like gaining almost up to 8 kg already. i notice there are many different models for the braun thermometer. i wonder which one is good to buy.

oh yah for those who needs reference. my gynae mentioned that at week 28 the baby's expected weight range is between 1-1.3 kg.

Hi Victoria ;) at least bb girl kicks, my bb boy not that active yet.. I suspect he is still v small in that wOMB space is bigger than him ;( can't wait for ultra scan to see bb.. Always so cute!

I hope I can tahan without epidural ;) if too big then v hardto push.

Hope you can recover soon ~~ ;)


Like what the others say, as long as bb is growing well, all is fine, don't worry [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] for bb movement, when we reach 3rd trim, need to start counting-10 times in 10 hours. Are you taking calcium supplements? If cannot take milk or Milo see if u can stomach beancurd.

Re: thermometer

Better to get ear thermometer coz it's faster but need to use it correctly coz incorrect usage will result in wrong readings. But note that bb temp is higher than for adults.

I getting this fm the overseas spree.. my friend is organsing it [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Braun Thermometer irt4520 @ US$37.69

Diapers -> www.diapers.com

I'm ordering from here. Should be ordering the Goon diapers for newborns. My friend told me newborns could use up to 10 pieces per day. I think one pack is 52 pieces. I should be ordering some newborn and some small sizes.

Braun thermometer -> I ordered mine from overseas spree too, should be receiving next week.

Thanks Shymz. Y do we need to count the kicks? I dun like beancurd too so I take calcium everyday ;) ya I intend to get the Braun one from the spree ~~

JJ And applepie~ did u go for the anenatal class at TMC? I thought of gg but my fren says u sure forget everything ..

Anyone gg for the annum talk in apr? I wonder if it's gd...

Recently got a cir