My Molar Pregnancy


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Hi everyone!
So on 23/12/2020 i received my histology report and diagnosed as partial molar pregnancy. During this 2 months, i was googling up and down for everything, hoping to find some information on internet. However i realised its kind of hard to find information from Singapore (or maybe my googling skill is not there:p). So i think i would just post my story here to raise awareness of molar pregnancy in Singapore or in case somebody needs information and can look up to it here, so she wont be so clueless like i was.

**Disturbing photo ahead**
Please let me know if i will need to remove the photo.

7/11/2020 - tested positive with pregnancy test kit at home.

11/11/2020 (6w1d) - went for ultrasound and we saw a gestational sac in irregular shape. My gynae then was claiming that this pregnancy may be non-viable but we shall wait for another 2 weeks to confirm.

19/11/2020 - had brown discharge. Went to see my gynae for u/s. Still an irregular-shaped gestational sac with no yolk sac and heartbeat. My gynae asked me to go home and wait for natural miscarriage.

2/12/2020 (9w1d) - bleed and went for u/s. Saw grape-liked cluster through u/s and was referred to Prenatal Diagnostic Centre for a proper u/s. the findings from the u/s as below:
However the senior consultant from the Prenatal Diagnostic Centre said it was not a molar pregnancy. So i was diagnosed as a failed pregnancy by my gynae and given cytotec.

3/12/2020 (9w2d) - took cytotec and passed a large grape-liked mass (photo as below). Sent this photo to my gynae and was asked to see him in his clinic the next day.

4/12/2020 - went for u/s and gynae claimed that womb is quite clear. BetaHCG level - 112170

8/12/2020 - passed out a lot of blood clots and a lump(photo as below). Heavy bleeding, soaked 2 pads (24mm regular pad) in about an hour. Gynae asked to send the lump for histopathology. My gynae told me he should've just send me directly to do D&C when he felt something was not right, and now i went through drug-induced miscarriage so its abit not up not down.o_O So let's wait for the histo results.

11/12/2020 - passed out blood clots and a lump again. looking about the same as 8/12 however smaller in size. Gynae mentioned i may need to do D&C.

16/12/2020 - been having bleeding for days and finally having brown discharge on this day.

17/12/2020 - BetaHCG level - 2327. Gynae said that was a big drop in HCG level, so no need to do D&C, but follow up with blood test a week later.

18/12/2020 - proper u/s at prenatal diagnostic centre, findings as below:
Gynae claimed that little tissue retained in the womb and i was given 2 courses of antibiotics (5 days per course, Enhancin 625mg & Ciprofloxacin 500mg), hoping the tissue will come out naturally.

23/12/2020 - BetaHCG level - 2543. Got the histo results back as below:
was diagnosed as partial molar. As my BetaHCG level went up, my gynae refers me to go KKH to see another gynae on 29/12/2020.

I am going to see another gynae in KKH tomorrow. I am guessing i may need to go through a d&c or she will wants to observe my BetaHCG level one more time?
Is there any one here has the same or similar experience? If yes, probably you can share here.