(2011/06) June 2011

Createjoy> Alamak... I also dun know... pray than my bb dun come out so early.... I due on 22 June.

I got a call frm his Mt E clinic cause am surpose to be at his clinic on the 25th Mar.. than the nurse say he going on leave so I switch to 24th Mar. I think his leave is suddenly that kind... cause I book the 25th Mar date on my DS on 25 Feb than got a call fm clinic 1 week later.

But what happen if Dr Ong not around har... he will assign you to other dr is it? Hope that your bb come out on 12 June as what gyne mention.

My friend's wife gyne is Dr Suresh Nair and there is one time Dr Nair is on leave so he assign Dr Douglas Ong to them... maybe Dr Ong will assign Dr Nair to u again?

Vic> I understand how u feel and at night cannot sleep well. I was also like that the other time.. feel very bad and dun want to take medication... afraid it will affect bb.

Finally I gave up and took medication and feel better... but am still having cough but not that bad now.

I am wearing mask most of the time if its windly.. cause I found out that if its windly and blowing against my direction I will cough badly. I have to sleep the mask on at times... its ture but also at odd position just to make myself better.



Thanks for sharing for the maclaren stroller. Im gg taka fair this fri.. I will take a lookout =D

As for the shower gel/ginger, i will order from the bulk purchase in motherhood. .. =D I think we can use even after c-section execpt the ginger cream shld b ltr on after wound heal, waiting for reply.

Hope yr gal recover soon, my boy his cough last for 2 weeks.. weather not v good, try to let her drink more water =D


Hugz!.. dun b upset.. Relax.. Hope u recover soon..take care n drink lots of water ya.


I try to shower but also cant help unless after shower, I must b in air con room .. hee

GATHERING - update/reminder

hey girls, do remember tonight is the gathering! 7pm @ Iluma Manhattan Fish Market. sms me by maybe 5pm if u cannot make it yeah? so that i can get the restaurant to rearrange their seating. my number is in fb. thanks!

a few mummies cannot make it due to sick etc.. do get well soon!


Pianojazzy (TBC)

Syrah (TBC)



JJ(marchbb) (TBC)






shymz (TBC)








Taka fair someone ask me to see trade in ya pigeon got trade in 50% off but only for ppsu bpa btl. Got 2 type bpa free this apply only for the more ex ppsu one . 160ml 7+ 240ml 9+. I didn't buy much things not nec to go unless u nearby n nothing to do wanna shop

Createjoy> U are at Taka ah... I so wanted to go today... oh... the ppsu bottle is it a bit yellowish one? Cause I want to buy the small bottle.

Ya the ppsu bottle big one is about S$18+ for normal price.

I want to buy the pigeon steamer [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] Friday faster come...

Jay> Hahahha I just told hub I so wanted to go to taka fair.. than he say go tonight *Ohhhh GOOOD* After work hub pick me up and I chong down to taka... LOL

I tell hub to bring the bottle along thou I only have one.

Hi Victoria,

Oh dear, dun feel so down. Hugz hugz!! When I was down with my really bad cough, I visited a GP first who only gave me panadol which I did not take at all. Then my cough continued so badly that I hardly sleep at night. Went to my Gynae as I was concerned for the wellbeing of my baby. My Gynae assured baby is well protected in my tummy and no amount of excessive coughing will really affect her. My Gynae gave me very mild antibiotics and cough tablets which are both meant for children. I have no choice but to take them and gradually did get better. No good to let the cough continue so long too as it could develop into a lung infection.

The humidifier by my bedside did also aid to reduce my coughing at night. I cannot remember the brand now, I have to check it out later when I get home. But I see many types of similar humidifier selling in HDB hubs and they are not too high price I reckon maybe around $39+. As it can get very dry sleeping in an aircon room, I have been sleeping with the humidifier on ever since and it improves my complexion also.

Do take care and dun let those insensitive remarks from your colleagues affect you. Try drinking slips of warm water all the time too.. it helps to reduce coughing.

Christy I switch fm dr nair to dr ong leh becos I wanted deliver mt a n hoping dr ong cheaper his fee nt much diff frm dr nair but still mt a will mk a diff frm mt e..his nurse did mention dr nair if he available n I chose mt e.. Hb say nt nt switch bck to nair. I say crazy lah even if dr ong here refund me half dr nair there I need to pay full package Bo wah lah

Createjoy> Ya I know your story... I think better dun switch (its so messy later)... if ur bb is really meant for Dr Ong to delivery time will tell and she will sharp sharp be deliver on 12th June by Dr Ong.

Keep talking to your bb to come out on the 12th June [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]


wow good chong at the 1st day.. i cannt [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] have to wait till friday. Update us if any good deal.. Thanks ;)

But christy 12 is a v long wait 40 wk v heavy v xinku I hoping to pop 38+ 39wk since I b on ml frm 37 wk... [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Wah... u want to pop early ah.. first time I heard mum want to pop early...

Hmm personally I think better to pop on full term than early...

U dun worried too much... later Dr Ong decided to come back early le... U also can pray for that de ma [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

If u keep on thinking no good for u also bb must relax.. I told my hub that Dr Ong going on leave and he say "wah than u must tahan cannot deliver early" Personally I target to deliver on 20th instate of 22nd cause my dad's birthday.

I attend church and listen to one of the pastor's wife deliver experience... she can talk to the bb and get what she what (big eyes, long eye lash (just to mention she is carrying a bb boi), bb's brother ask for early delivery as its their school holiday, mummy as for a smooth & easy delivery which she deliver at home in her bedroom the medics come in time just to cut the cord & in the end she paid $300 only no doc fee)... so envy... u know after attending her talk I got preggy and I keep talking to bb most of the time and sometimes I think myself am I crazy... but I believe bb will listen to us cause we have a special bonding with them in short "we are connected"

Dear Jay_Mum (jay_mum),Christy, Evvie

Thanks you so much! I try to stay positive..i know my baby will feel my bad mood too if i am too depress.

Actually i started the GP medication yesterday after getting the approval of my gynae as i really cannot take it already. Maybe because my cough is so bad, till now the medications dun seem to helps at all at the moment. But i will continue to take and see how..

I never experience such cough before..the itch is totally unbearable and superb irritating..as there are thousand of ants at the bottom of your throats. I been drinking warm water..but sadly it doesn't seem to ease the cough at all this time round..which i know last time it work wonders for my cough! Really duno what kind of god-damn cough bug is this.. Haiz..

Ok..shall walk around my shopping mall today..see if i can get any humidifier.. Thanks Evvie.

Back from the taka fair and it's sure crowded ! I spend close to $1k and they hv delivery for more than $150

I bgt Philip avent sterilizer set with 2 small milk bottle, 3 bigger bottles, 2 bb lotions n wash, 1 food Warmer is at $188 and buy $200 and above is a v cute play comforter look like blanket

The Maternity pads are cheap at $1.60 for 10 pads so I grab 3. Bought the bath tub $15.90 and anti slip mat

Pigeon wipes also big pack and around $7?

I also bgt the grace playpen at $199

Madela items also on sale

HapPy shopping mummies!

fen, the maternity pad is kotex brand? string or stick on? coz i dun think stick on one r so cheap.

createjoy, my gynae also going on long leave in Jun fr 7-21 Jun so I am also praying my boy will not come out too early.

Back fm Taka Fair

Ok not so wonder cause I feel Robinson are better...

I got the following:

1 x Rapid Steam Sterilizer S$95 (do not need the S$199 package set)

2 x Pigeon Small Bottel 160ml S$7.95 ech(trade in offer) I tell aunty that I have a old bottle big size and I show her... she say oh no need show me just give to cashier can already. I thought its 1 for one trade in but it look like I got 1 for 2 trade in :p and during payment cashier did not get from me the old bottle... Hahahha

1 x Rubber Mat S$11.12 (those one side pink and other side blue)


- 3 sample breastpad (very good I do not need to buy just use the sample wait until got leak than buy, very useful)

- 3 sample nipple cream

- 3 sample bb wipes

- FOC 1 Nail Scissors (I have this already and the same one.. will sell off the one I buy)

- FOC 1 Nose pincer (It look like a nose pincer.. haha cause I not too sure if it is)

- FOC 1 Motherhood March 2011

Lastly, 2 lucky draws slip and after writting our name on it we run the paper on my tummy for good luck... Hahahah


thank you to all the following mummies who came today! i had fun meeting all of u!














too bad the group was big and the seating arrangement doesnt facilitate chatting with everyone.. didnt manage to talk to some of the mummies at all [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

hope to meet again soon, but realistically, i think the next meeting would probably be maybe 6 months after we pop since some of the mummies are quite big already! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

qiuen suggested that after we pop can have gathering at some condo function room where we have space to put all the baby strollers and booster seats haha.. and that might be better for mingling around also! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Just a ques about taka fair. how to take all the bulky items along when you are still looking at other items??? Cos i intend to get quite a few big items there

qiuen > i went and have a peek today. they got baskets in 2 sizes i think.. so you can put ur stuff in them.[IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Went to the sale today. nothing much. also 20% off on avent stuff..

btw, anyone knows the robinsons' nursery sale still on or ended? want to get the avent steriliser package that comes with the bottles. this package is not selling at taka fair. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Sorry to disturb

I have brand new Avent small bottles ans size 2 and 3 teats

I have plenty to sell.. Willing to let go avent bottle at 35% discount.

I have 3 piece.. For the teats at 30%.. I bought too much and bb using pigeon ..pm me if interested

Ratatouille> dun recall the pads r kotex brand. but it's the hook kind, not the adhesive kind.

qiuen> just throw evythg into the big basket n leave w cashier then go walk around n come back to pay later. they will give u a slip to put ur name n ph no.

life is beautiful> if u look at big items, the offers r better. N if u get certain brands lik babysafe, mustela etc, the discounts r quite good. Cos robinsons sales excludes them. The robinsons sales will end on this end.

Gynae on leave: hey will u all chose to stay on w ur gynae knowing he likely on leave wn deliver? My hb nt comfy w it but then I think nw too late n troublesome to switch

Hw's dinner yday? Got alot of ppl stare or nt haha. Was service better seeing all preg? :p

Yday I ask dr abt my tummy cramp he say 26 wk abit too early wor ask me to monitor n note hw long each time n hw oftn. U all hw many wk got cramp feeling ? Like menus cramp...

Today my bb cot coming. Bought all the nec things n corned already. This wkend shift back my Sis cot to her feel a load off my mind. Yday also sorted the clothes see which r the smaller ones to wash end of next mth.realized I got so much clothes for first 6 mth! I still buy yday :p

Today I switch on my hot iron and waiting for it to be hot so I can start using it. I was holding onto the hot iron suddenly there is a big spark and a loud "park" sound.. I shouted "ahhh" than throw the hot iron on a nearby stool. Gosh... so dangerous [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Now have to look for a new hot iron, anyone can recommend me a hot iron (for hair strightener). Thanks in advance.

quien> U can get the sales person to writh you a memo and they will tag the price on the paper than u pay... after paying it bring that paper & your bill to the sales person to collect your item.

Createjoy> Hmmm I will still stick to the same gyne and do as told by gyne (refer to which gyne when he is not around) and maybe there is instruction given to the specific dr who will attend to you during your initial dr absents.

Do what you are most comfortable so you will have a restful mind, cause in short u will be delivering the bb and it you got to be comfortable.


Thanks for organizing the gathering! Was fun seeing all in person. Sounds like a great idea to meet after we pop. But prob next gathering would be short coz we will be running off to change diapers or feed the baby, keke.


Thanks for the photo!


Thanks for organising the gathering. It's a pity I couldn't join all of u yesterday. The function room idea sounds great for after we pop. Wonder who will be the first to do so...

Nice to meet up with u ladies.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Altariel, thanks for organising.. and another suggestion for next gathering is BBQ.. can mingle ard too.. =)

Qiuen, thanks. i add u tonight.. cant access fb now.. ;p

The gathering do sound like lots of fun. Will sure attend the next one.

Any MTB is suffering from bad Hemorrhoid? Mine is very bad before I was pregnant and its becoming worst now. Clearing my bowel system is a nightmare to me. I am thinking of having it removed before delivery. Any advice on that? Home remedy no longer works on me.

christine - my sis & bil share with me, they tried a few brands & models before buying braun ear thermometer. this ear thermometer is used in kkh, she say watever used in kkh is sure good cos they need to serve thousands of kids.

morning. sad, cos i missed ytd gathering as my gyane postponed my appt till 7+pm last nite.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif] can you imagine my original appt time is 2pm!

thermometers, agreed w winniepooh. get those pro type like the hospital use. better than struggle w those cheaper that make u wonder the reading correctness.

share u gals one joke on the thermometers. my 2+ yrs old gal one day use her toy water guy and point at my head. i was thinking "wah, y she so voilence." then i realsied she tot that is those gun type thermometer the teacher used in the childcare. so this mama got to cont the pretending game by saying "Beep!" then she happily walk away. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Like to check with moms on Termo Flask... how many ml do we have to buy from your experience?

Termo Flask for Home use (Looking at Tiger or Elephant Logo Brand)

Termo Flask for outdoor use

christy. so far i hv

1 x 2.5L tiger brand flask for home - hot water.

1 x 1.7L Thermos brand hot flask to put those confinement red dates logan drink (i brough it along w me to hosp too)

1 x Zojirushi brand food container http://www.japanbargain.com/media/0d/a20791b128c3bc9a0e811e_m.jpg (i bot tis frm SMH WTS section at $40+, original was $56 or sth). This is gd, 2 tiers individually, big enuf even for my 2+ yrs gal and can last 4 hrs+, bad, is plastic not all in stainless steel.

Chil> Thanks for the information...

Wah 2.5L is a lot of water... :p Lasting or not the hot water? Your home flask is it the top part you press press than got hot water come out? Inside the flask is it got one matel tubing for hot water to come out from spout?

Cause I saw before inside the flask some with and some without the matel tubing.. so I am not sure which one is better...

haha, 2.5L serve well for my 3-4 ppl household so far. boil daily. ya, press press come out but no metal tube leh.. i prefer tis way, else me blur then might kena that tube accidentally? muahhaha.. got kid need bigger flask cos their milk need hot water, they food need hot water :s

I have those handly pot just got it last yr before preggy... now got to buy again due to demand next time.

No choice right :p cause now got bb... hahaha I told hub must buy flask.. hmm ya you got a point in handling the metal tube... imagine your kid stand beside u and u dun know when u suddenly swing *oh my god* ok so better to take the one w/o the metal tubing.

Regarding the outdoor thermos hot flask.. http://www.zojirushi.com.hk/

under the stainless steel vacume product

Is it the following spec:

Stainless Bottles

Compact & Light design, Non-stick coated interior, One touch stopper, Wide mouth (4cm), Washable body (under running water)

Upcoming OG private sale at Orchard point on 16march. 20% + 10% for members only. in fact this is anniversary sale. so will have it every year same day. ;p

Christy, u can get those thermal flasks, containers at OG sale.

i got a Zojirushi thermal pot at home too. 2.5L. for the hot water lasting anot, depends on how fast u finish the water. cos if the pot is full, it can last 2-3days. but if its not full, of cos got air inside, then will cool off the hot water quite fast. so wont be lasting liao. tink every thermo pot is the same theory.. haha..

Ya, for thermal flask for outdoor use, how big shld we get? in case we might need to make fm when we are outside.. any advice, mummies?

and for the thermal bag for milk bottles, those traditional foam bags can put wide neck bottles anot? haha.. cos i saw it looks like just for standard size bottles.. haha..

yes yes, Junez u got a point. OG sale always hv these hot flask on sale with attractive price!

size of outdoor thermal flask, depend on your needs. like how much milk u need to make during the trip. those 700ml one is not so lasting i find. another tips, is u can thick face ask the restaurant to fill up the flask for u. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

another two things to consider is those thermo hot pot. sth like this http://www.sakurausa.com/thermohotpot.htm. this are good where it save yr cooking time. where u can cook the soup / porridge then kept it there, 2 hrs come back. still steaming hot!

then lastly a small slow cooker, to cook yr bb porridge. same reason, save time, save effort! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Oh Chil, haha.. i got this too but different brand..and mine is a small one.. my mum have a big one too.. anyway, OG have this, sometimes with promo at $45 for a big one like the pic.. it saves times and gas too.. cos u dun have to boil till it is fully cooked. u can cook with the pot with 80% cooked, then put inside. it will auto cook till 100% plus maintain the heat inside. haha.. this is good!! [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

Outdoor thermal flask - I am currently using this Aladdin brand which I bought from Takashimaya. Although this brand is not very popular, I would say it holds in hot temperature for a full day! For example, if I put in hot boiling water in the morning, and open it up a few times a day, the water would still be steaming hot late into the night if you close the cover tight after each use.

Victoria, found out my humidifier is Gazz brand. Guess its not a popular brand bah.. never take notice of it till last night! haha.. hope you are feeling better today!

Mel (virtual) > u sure the robinsons' sale is still on cos i went to the robinsons' webbie just now, the nursery promo is no longer on its site. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

probably call robinsons to enquire later... so make a trip down. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

Hot iron> I going to get from BP dun know good or not.. (anyway the one I got explode claim to be good cost me S$160+ also not that good mah.. less than a yr) For those interested, http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/581296/4772376.html?1299731041

Junez> Haha I no OG member le... Hmmm maybe I wait for Robinson sale or the GSS.. just before we pop grab the flask :p

I got a PM from one mummy say 500ml for the out door flask is enough + not forgetting we want to put it into our diaper. I have a milk bottle back from Abbott no foam inside one but I have not test it out buy putting the wide neck bottle into it.. will try it [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] If not worst get wet bags and dump it in lor.. can put the wet bag in the diaper bag. Anyway I want to get wet bag.

Chil> I not afraid to get water from food court la.. somemore the bb room in the mall sometime have water dipenser can get water from there.


thermal flask & pot - Zojirushi & Tiger are good. I got a Tiger pot for my girl's porridge, her porridge will still be steaming hot after 6-7 hours... Tiger flask can keep the water hot for about 12 hours, even after 24 hours, its still warm even to make milk... i got the pot for $49 at isetan, the flask for $45 at NTUC xtra

thermometer - braun ear thermometer ($120) is good & fast. u need 1 that is fast when bb grows older cos some will struggle...