(2010/08) August 2010 MTB


Hi duckling, everything will go well, don't worry.

I give melts too, didn't know it is heaty. My boy loves it..

I ordered the cake from Glad Passion, home baker..just because the hand mold animals looks nice, hopefully its taste good.

Anyone know which inhouse caterer is good for grassroot club?



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hope he's not in pain now.. everything will be fine..


i give bb J multi vits and cod liver oil everyday. and he can eat a lot of puffs everyday. but he drinks lotsa of water too. so am not so worry about the heaty-ness.


what time will you reach gymboree this sat? cos the vouchers are with me, i need to go there earlier to help packing.



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i google the infection, sounds serious..hope baby S is ok after the surgery..

is it becos of the faeces not cleared thoroughly during cleaning?



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hope Bb S will get well soon.. Good to know that the surgery went well, just need to take good care of him for now..


tot can only give cod liver oil when they are 1 yr old?



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Rachel: i give fishn n multivitamins everyday also..like jasmine.. hahaha... i even gif probotic leh..

fumiko: she working lah...she very bo liao..

ducking: hope bb S is fine n in lesser pain..take care..

Hi all..I also ordered my cake from pine garden's 3kg for 2 tiers total is $153.Hopefully they won't be late by delivery.For goodies bag..where to get those organic biscuit?Thanks



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Jus went to see Awfully chocolate cake. 2kg cake cost $103. Very ex hor. I'm surprised that my hubby say ok wor.



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ohh.. i din take note of this.. hehe.. but nvm lah.. 1 more mth later, he's turning 1 le.. hehe.. time flies sia...



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you very hardworking leh. I getting lazy, so my probiotics all in fridge. The cod liver oil i just opened recently. Still got those multi vit... haha.. I already stopped giving him juice daily too.

Hi all, thanks for the concern. Baby S is doing well and we are home now [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] may b due to GA, he is too tiring n sleep all the way in the car n till now still sleeping...

Need to wait for him wake up again n clean his wound... Quite scary n messy actually... Expected another round of 3rd world war later :p

Sunflower, pd said the cause of the inflection is unknown leh, and the abscess in infant may b there since birth. In fact he has that when he was 1-2 mth old time, but after taking antibiotic it was subsided. But it come bk again recently n we went to see pd after he has fever. Was refer to the surgeon in Mt A and he suggested us went for surgery to cure the root cause...



me give multi-vit, pure fish oil & iron drops to my ger..

pure fish oil only started tis end of last mth... actually i ask my pd whether can give cod liver oil to her anot, she reco pure fish oil better



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i guess the main ingredient is DHA for the fish oil. Must give iron drops? The food and milk not sufficient ar? The cereals all iron-enriched.



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im giving scott liver oil.. somtimes i foeget then i never give.. i need to supplement her cuz she is gg iFC de.. hahaha..kiasu..



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winnie_gal, JL @ home now i also give lorz..

Not kiasu larz. I now give probotic and multivits cos his weight been stagnant for quite sometime..

Cod oil will give as and when, but now inside the cupboard.. haha.. must take out.

He love to eat all!



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we will try to be there early as we need to go charmaine's office to transport food jars and cereals to gymboree. gymboree allow us to use the room at 5.30pm. i already told gymboree that there will be cupcake delivery to their place before noon.



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yup, earliest is 5.30pm. anyway our goodies bags are packed except for your vouchers. i only worry about food jars and cereals.


i told charmaine we might go her office to collect at about 5pm. my hubby and charmaine's hubby (maybe) will help out but we really dunno how heavy will it be. ah bee's PG maybe help us. i still need some guys to come early.



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Does any of your babies cry till he gags and almost vomit?

Most of the time we battle with my boy to change diaper/dress/undress, he will struggle and cry so hard that he almost throw up. And at this point, he will be inconsolable till we find something new to distract him. Don't know what to do with him. He just refuses to lie down unless he got something to attract him. Lie down to drink milk also the same. I wonder if it is the after effects of acid-reflux babies. They associate discomfort with laying down on their backs.

Anyone use straw cup to feed milk?



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Is the birthday bash holding in the music room? If it is, the last lesson ends at 4pm. They probably will tidy up the place and you can go in earlier?



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haha... it will be at harbourfront tower.


yup, it will be in music room. and yes, they allow us to go in early. i still can be there before 5.30pm anyway.



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First Birthday Bash on 9th July

I already got enough helpers on logistics for this sat!

- Transporting food jars and cereals from charmaine's office to gymboree

* Cheekrene

* Sunflower

* Charmaine

* ahnah

- Goodies Bag distribution

* cheekrene

* jasmine

- Cereals distribution (for those who have ordered from sunflower, please get it from her after collection of goodies bags. Please bring along a bag as our party bag is not big enough to put in)

* sunflower

- Food jars distribution (Will need you guys to help me pack in plastic bags and give to mummies after they collected their goodies bags.)

* dreamz

* bakaholic

* ahnah

Those collecting food jars, here are the mummies & daddy who will get 5 or 6 bottles:

shay - 6

nekowong - 5

mamyvelle - 6

Cyn here - 6

duckling - 6

QQ - 6

saffy - 5

Tikey Shalom - 6

Jasmine Goh - 6

purelyz - 6

MVH - 5

Haitang - 6

sweetkyra - 6

fumiko_neko - 6

mirai - 5

crescent - 5

charmaine78 - 6

jascmy - 6

ahnah - 6

cheese84 - 6

chocochips - 6

4seasons - 5

dreamz - 6

xiaozhuzhu - 6

ah_beee - 5

ednique - 6

cheekrene - 2

Cinderbelle - 6

Winnie_gal - 6

sheric - 6

bakaholic - 6

sunflower - 6

xuan82 - 5

glamglem - 6

* Please note that it will expire in Aug 2011.

Any updates, please go fb event to read. thanks!



I oso tell serene if d foodjar nt pasta sauce, i can to those who wants.. My gal seldom eat too.. Still gt 1 puree at hm hvn touch..

2 more days to saturday!! Looking forward [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]



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How u do that ah?? I like the Thurs, Fri and Sat image!! Got template to share?? Hehe.. ;p



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sunflower - 1 mixed grain, 1 oatmeal [PAID]

sweetkyra - 4 mixed grain, 1 hugga bear [PAID]

bakaholic - 1 mixed grain [PAID]

Jascmy - 1 mixed grain, 1 brown rice, 1 barley, 1 oatmeal

Duckling - 2 barley, 2 mixed grain [PAID]

Cresent – 1 brown rich cereal, 1 barley, 1 oatmeal, 4 Hugga bear [PAID]

Charmaine – 3 brown rice, 1 hugga bear [PAID]

MVH – 2 brown rice, 1 oatmeal, 1 hugga bear [PAID]

Cheese – 1 hugga bear [pay on 9th]

Sheric - 1 barley, 2 mixed grain, 2 Hugga Bear [PAID]

Dreamz - 1 barley

Yong Mei – 1 barley, 1 oatmeal [PAID]

Fumiko – 1 brown rice, 1 barley, 1 mixed grain, 2 hugga Bear [PAID]

Jasmine – 1 mixed grain, 1 hugga bear [PAID]

Xuan82 – 1 mixed grain, 4 hugga bear [PAID]

Ahnah – 2 brown rice, 1 oatmeal, 1 hugga bear [PAID]

Cheekrene - 1 hugga bear [PAID]

Cinderbelle - 1 brown rice, 1 mixed grain



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These are the 2 flavours for the food jars, in case you wana giveaway :

- Aloha Mango Chicken

- Jasmine Chicken Luau