(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs

i've not been eating much oily food. think it's the milk i drank everyday that causes the bloated feeling. now eating sour plums and applying "feng1 you2" which works v well.

to the rest of the ladies here, how are you all feeling? do update on your progress ok? i would like to learn how to have a easy preg since it's my 1st time preg

enjoy your weekend!

I dun feel nauseous at all and I eat as per normal but is more careful of wat I eat, wonder is it normal. Keep having cramps on and off, feel tired more easily.
i feel horrible for this pregnancy too. Nauseous all the time. burpy, bloated... and feel like eating but can't figue out wat i wanna to eat. And after eating, still feel worse...

very tired by evening, really knock out.

my last pregnancy was nothing like that. Vry smooth sailing and easy. Can't wait for 1st tri to pass...
Hi all mummies! congrats to all! I have 5 boxes of duphaston to sell if anyone is interested, bot extra from gynea. Can pm me or sms me @83330778. Take care!..
hmmm jus wondering... most of you shld be in week 4-6 right? ... im week 5-6... if i calculate according to LMP 22 june and late ovulation 7/8 july, bb is due 2 April 09...

been feeling bloated... burping loads lately... feel hungry but no appetite so have to force myself to eat... feel edgy... uncomfortable... also feel emotional... dunno why im feeling this way... and i do not like it... am starting to get nauseous...

does anyone feel the way im feeling... i dunno hw to describe it word for word... jus really uncomfy... maybe nerves.. or side effect of duphaston??? haii have to wait til monday to ask my gynae... going for 2nd scan to see if have bb heartbeat
Hi ladies, I just tested on Friday. Saw a faint line using the babydust pregnancy strip. I then used the clearblue to use, also faint positive. I then use the clearblue digital to test and it says 'pregnant'. So is it confirmed pregnant ar? Possible for clearblue to have errors. BTW, I had no symptoms at all so I was very surprised. Is it normal? I got no sore breasts, no MS...In fact, I have trying for 6 cycles already..a little sian this mth so din even bother to eat Folic acid. Exercised throughout too. I even went swimming the day before I tested positive! Only tested on Friday nite cos period was late for 1 day already which is quite rare for me cos I'm usually on the dot or earlier.So what should I do next? Book an appt with a gynae? Sorry ar..first time MTB, super blur..still trying to digest the fact that I'm pregnant..
Hi 4evaluv,

Welcome and Congrats!

I think u can book appt with ur gynae already cos if ur gynae is popular, u may need to wait for a few weeks for ur first visit. Start taking ur folic acid. I have no obvious symptoms of pregnancy too.
Gals, any idea if the nauseous-ness will be everyday or on/off during the 1st trimester? I'm feeling nauseous almost everyday since last week, and the feel is horrible. sour plum doesnt really help me.

Anyone on medication frm GP to help curb nauseous? does it help?
hi, all MTBs
how's everyone today?

congrats and welcome!

anyone going for gynae visit this week? me going this wed for 1st scan at 6wks4days. very excited. hope everything is fine.
my nauseousness is on and off, some days dun feel anything at all, some days worse. think there is a medication that can help u cope with very bad MS, best to be prescribed by your gynae. hv u seen a gynae yet? how many wks r u?
elina, the earliest date my gyane gave is on 26th aug. sigh! called to bring forward, but they couldnt.

my nauseousness is throughout the day, and its really affecting my mood at work and at home... gosh! i cant concentrate at all.
who's ur gynae? must be v popular one.
u could consider seeing another gynae earlier just to scan and c whether he/she can help with your bad MS. hang in there, ok? having MS means bb is growing well. take care.
my gynae is Jocelyn Wong, indeed popular, so gotta wait long.

i think i'll go to my GP for medication later.

Thanks elina!
My gynae visit is next tue. Rem to update us after ur visit.

Take care. I can't advise u much cos I dun feel nauseous at all till now.
Hi 4evaluv, welcome and congrats! you should book appt with gynae to confirm your preg. agree with Koi. you need to start your folic acid soon.

Chen, sorry can't help you much with the nausea. btw nausea is running nose? maybe fengyou can help?

elina, yup i'm going to gynae this Wed at 6w5d. hope there's a baby in there cos have this nagging feeling that gynae won't be able to find him/her.
hi, luv
me having the same feeling as u...think will only "an xin" aft knowing the result of the scan. thus hv not told anyone abt my preg yet. only dh and myself know.
are u having any MS or other symptoms?
luv, i dont have running nose lei. my nausea is the urge to wana vomit, but no vomit.

btw, gals, i've changed my gyane to Caroline Khi, anyone tried her before? At least i wont have to wait too long to see her.
hi, chen
think luv has runny nose n wondering if is is one of the symptoms of MS.
im seeing dr yvonne chan, also at TMC, on wed. when is ur appt?
went for 2nd scan jus now.... can see & hear baby's heartbeat liao... so happie... am 6w4d =)

edd is 2nd Apr 09. so here i am.
Hi all,

I had some spotting intially and was veri worried.. thx to advice of mummies here, i went to see my gynae..
My spotting has stopped after eating the hormone pills and today, for the 1st time, i saw my bb hb! I was soooo happy tt i almost cry,,
this is actualli my 2nd preg, my 1st one end up as M/C so am very worried.. glad tt the spotting has stopped n see my bb hb..
BTW, any mummies here exp differing preg symptoms? My MS varies day to day.. some days nauseous, some days i'll vomit..even my breasts feel different
*sayang Jo* nowadays i feel super hungry but no appetite.. feel nauseous but havent vomitted yet! but i think it will start soon... there are days i feel really happie but most days i jus feel grumpy and edgy... panicky to some extent.. gynae says its nt related to pregnancy -_-" i think work giving me a bit too much stress... ive already cut down a lot of my work... ive stopped working 24hrs... but still a lot of other crap work to do... haii...

but try not to worry too much... my boss says i must be happie so that baby will be happie too... im tryin but most of the time im jus really tired or edgy... haiii...

yeh if edd is accurate then im jus few days b4 u... hee hee =)
Hi ladies..so glad to join this thread..but somehow I still don't feel very secure cos haven heard bb heartbeat..keep asking my hb am I reali pregnant..still cant reali believe it..den hb can tell me that how can 3 test kits be wrong..ha. I wanted to go to Dr. Jocelyn Wong too cos heard many good reviews about her but too lazy to travel..so tot will just settle on Dr. Adrian Woodworth in Sengkang..I'm prob only around 4 weeks now I guess..do you gals tink I should visit the gynae this week or in week 6 so that at least got chance to heard heartbeat?
ladies, i did read somewhere that if we're not so stress up, nausea will be more manageable. We gotta relax more. hee.

4eva, i'm like u, doubtful abt my preganacy even though i experience most symptoms. haha. maybe a gyane will reassure us. my appt is during my 8th week. I would think if u see yr gyane during week 6, u might get to hear heartbeat.
hi elina, that's prob gd you didn't tell ur gd news to alot pple. for me cos most of the time i appear sickly i have to tell quite alot pple.

hi Chen, i didn't know nausea isn't runny nose. nope i don't have runny nose. that only means i've alot alot of nausea.. the feeling of wanting to vomit but nothing comes out.

missycandy, congrats!
encouraged by ur gd news.

Jo, congrats to you too! i think most of us have about the same MS symptoms. on few occasions my boobs look swollen, touching them are like no-no. but that's minimal compared to the nausea i feel day in and out.

hi 4eva, like you and Chen i'm also doubtful. my hb read yday that even at 6wks i may not be able to see bb and hear heartbeat.. really need to take 1 day at a time.
Hiya, actually I still haven had any MS symptoms yet..currently only feel tired and a little backache..that's y I'm worried..not sure if the baby is growing..tink most prob I'll pop by the gynae this evening even though prob can't see anything but at least hav a peace of mind..
Hi gals,

great to see so many mum-to-be here. pregnant wif my no.2. went to see gynae yesterday due to spoting. can only see the sac thru scanning. was given injection & told to take duphaston thrice daily to stablise the pregnancy. given mc for rest of the wk and going back for another injection nxt wk. my edd is ard mid-april. hope can see & hear baby's heartbeat on my next appt on 25Aug. quite worried.
Hi Mummies, my edd is 4 Apr 09'. 6 wks 3 days today! k hear e bb heartbeat already. so exciting!

Hi 4eva, im have start drinking chicken essence in the morn so tt wnt feel so tired n it work 4 me. mayb u shld try.

Hi Jolene, u take care n rest in bed.
Hi all,

So excited that all of you can hear bb's heartbeat. Will be going to my gynae 2mrw for my 2nd scan. Hope i can hear my bb too... Will be 6weeks5days 2mrw.
hi all,

just got my surprise bfp on friday. seeing a new ob tomorrow. hopefully the bean is sticky and healthy. check back tom.
Hi lilmoo,
Congrats & Weclome! Rem to update us tomolo.

Finally this thread is back! How are u gals doing?
hi all,
went for my 1st scan ytday at 6.5wks, bb measures 5.1mm and heard bb heartbeat! so excited and relieved. EDD 3Apr09, but gynae say most prob earlier, ie end Mar09.

told gynae i dun have much MS, she said MS peaks at 8 to 12wks. was not prescribed any vits, still early right? only continue with folic acid. 2nd scan will be 2wks later at 8.5wks. can't wait...
Hi elina,

Don't worry, till now I still dun have any MS. Wonder is it normal cos I read that quite many MTB are having MS. Going for my first scan next tuesday. Meanwhile, I just continue with my folic acid too.
hi lilmoo, welcome and congrats on your BFP! Please update us on your progress.

just went for 1st scan yesterday at 6w5d. Saw bb and heartbeat! So exciting, can't sleep at night! Measures at 7mm. EDD 03 April 09.

Next scan will be 2 weeks later. MS now out in full force. No vits given except a whole lot of folic acid.
Good to hear tat ur bb is doing well. So currently u and elina have the same EDD and ur bb is slightly bigger. Hopefully I can see my bb's heartbeat too next wk.
hi, luv
ur edd same as mine! me too, couldn't sleep well last night, maybe too excited.
hv u told any1 abt ur pregnancy? am thinking whether to tell my parents and in-laws or wait till more stable, but cant wait to tell them.
I oledi told my parents and in-laws...some of my frens also know abt it even b4 I go for my first scan :p
thanks Koi. oh yah mine's slightly bigger than elina's but doc didn't say anything abt the length so don't think there's any problems.

haha, elina looks like our babies are probably going to celebrate the same bdays. i think high chance i'll deliver in Mar09 due to the 2wk gap between LMP and ovulation.

i've told both sets of parents; and my boss, colleagues and some friends already.
Hi Luv & elina,

I also went for my 2nd scan yesterday and heard my bb's heartbeat too.. SO excited. and my EDD is same as both of u 3 April 09. My next visit will be 1 mth later. Hope bb is growing fine everyday.
hi piggy_77, oh that's just great! hope that my bb is growing well cos i'm kinda sick from all these MS which comes on-off.

so envious of those mummies who don't have MS...
Hi Luv,

I also have terrible ms..I hate the nausea and every morning have to pull myself out of bed and to work. Hope it will be over soon.
4eva, any update?
Im also 4weeks but yesterday scan show nothing(not even sac). Going back next week but i doubt will see anything.
Hi all
I've just tested +ve last Fri and went to a GP on Mon and confirmed that I am pregnant. Simply elated cos this is my first pregnacy.
According to the online pregnacy calculator, I speculate I should be around week5. Only get to see the gynae in early Sept so now have to wait patiently, by then hopefully will be able to see more. So far, I do not have any MS, except sore boobs on/off.
4wks is very early, the pregnancy sac may be too small to be seen. dun worry, u could go for another scan at ard 6wks. shld be able to see the sac at least then.

welcome and congrats! me also dun hv much MS at 6.5wks, except for sore boobs esp when wake up in the morn, and get hungry very fast, but cannot eat too full, otherwise feel bloated and also nauseous.

hi hi
back from the ob appt. according to lmp, should be around 6w but scan showed very small sac. i knew i ovulated late so i wasn't surprise at all. before the scan i already told the ob i should be around 4w6d or 5w. took blood to check the beta hcg level, will go back on sat for another blood draw, then go from there.

should we start a table, then can see who is who? i dont mind trying if you'll bear with me since i've never done one before. the instruction didn't look too hard. what if we start with

mommy's nick
baby #

can add on other info later? any info above also can change later.