(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs

wow, u gals are seeing gynae so soon. I gotta wait till 26th aug for 1st appt. i'll be 9 weeks by then, long wait.

Chen, it'll be your turn very soon. Heard Dr Wong's waiting time is long but she should be good. Worth the wait.

9 weeks - should prob be able to see your bb and hear heartbeat liao. Or change gynae if you can't wait

Pls update us on details of your visit k ie. edd, how big is your foetus, etc. Can u also share with me your cycle duration. My LMP is the same as yours, juz can't wait to see what my gynae says.
luv, indeed thought of changing gynae, but hubby prefers TMC, duno why. haha. kinda worried cos i'm not on any vitamins or folic, and think these are to be taken at the initial.

Me expecting a april baby also. Seen my gynae already, can see the sac already. Told my gynae abt spotting, he did a check and saw 2 polyps which he removed immediately otherwise will bleed till birth.

This is my No.2 my first is a 18month boy, who just started playgroup at kinderland. My mum will take care of him after school.

I'm having more symptoms compared to the first one. More tired, more nauseaus.
Chen, haha my hb also likes TMC tho place is far from our home. Maybe alot my frens delivered there maybe give him gd impression?

You should at least start on your folic acid soon it's v impt for baby largely prevent early MC. I think it's helpful for us also it appears to reduce my MS every time i swallowed the pill.

chocbabe, welcome! you can see your sac already? How many wks preg are you?
Chen, Luv is right. You should start taking folic acid now. You can buy folic acid from pharmacies and take 1 every morning. You do not have to wait until the your 1st gynae visit then you start taking.
Hi Mummies, tink mine might fall in April! my EDD nt confirm yet as gynae said cnt c when visit him on 28 Jul. ask me 2 go back on 11 Aug. hopefully k hear heartbeat by then. LMP is 23 June! it going 2 b my 2nd bb. So exciting!
aries & elina,
I should be in my 5th week too. Counting down to my 1st gynae visit.

luv, rem to update us after ur visit next wed.

Chen, I also feel my 1st visit is still so long away and tends to worry but have to tell myself to stay positive. You can get folic acid from guardian pharmacy, not necessary to wait for ur gynae to prescribe for u. I also got my folic acid myself. Started to drink milk powder for MTB too...hehe abit kaisu.
gals. Thanks so much! I shall get folic acid from pharmacies later. 1st time mum, duno much too.
hi chen,
I also got my folic acid from pharmacy. This is my 3rd baby, so i'm not that kan cheong anymore, and I purposely delay my visit to gynae. heehee...

For unity pharmacy, they have folic acid which is abt $2.00+ only, but i choose the brand blackmores at $11.00+
hi gals!

Just came back frm the gynae. Scanned and saw the bb, with its heart beating! It's so smalllll.....0.57cm at 5w5d now. And my EDD is 2 Apr 09. My boy is really gona have a sibling!!
Connz, welcome! I'm also excited about next week's scanning. Hope can detect heartbeat.

Koi, no prob will update once comes back from gynae next Wed.

Cheerio, wow congrats! You are really preg gal
My LMP is 1 day later than yours should expect the same result too... aiyoo getting really kancheong now :p
aries, why are u delaying yr gynae visit?

Cherrios, so soon can scan for heart beat. wow... Life creation is really amazing! hee.
Hi all,

I am also a 1st time mum.. My LMP is 28 June and i am going to my gynae again next Wed. Hope to hear bb's heart beat.
hi, piggy 77
same as u, im 1st time MTB, my LMP and 1st gynae same as urs! im seeing dr yvonne chan at TMC. how abt u?
do u hv any symptoms so far? i only having slight nausea on and off, sometimes forget i pregnant even.
oops... figure it out:- Last Menstrual Period first day of the menstrual period prior to conceiving... check thru the wikipedia...
piggy_77, welcome! I'm also 1st time MTB. Do update after your gynae's visit ok?

Leereiner, LMP think is "last menstrual period".
thanks. thanks.... although me is 2nd time mum, still "gong gong" of the acronym...

hmmmmm me cant rem the exact LMP leh.... me get my sil to book the 1st appt for me today. she's working @ RH. and me will be going to see the gynae tml...
Hi Elina,

Yah both us are the same. We must update each other after our visit. Hehe.. My gynae is Dr Chan at Gleneagles. Yah i have cramps on off and i feel nausea every morning. Feel so xin ku and no appetite in the morning and during lunch. Today feel giddy so went to GP and was given 2 days mc to rest.

yes! i am quite amazed too! Coz the last time I could only see at about 7wks or so.

Sighz, are everyone working mums here? I went back to my gynae and she still remembers me as the "very stressed out one". In fact, my present job is even more stressful than the one I had during my last pregnancy.
Hi Chen,
Cos too early go also cannot see much, thus wait 2-3weeks after missing mens then go, will have a better pict of the growing sac then + heartbeat.
Hi ladies,

LMP : does that mean u calculate the no. of week of pregnancy from the 1st day of last menstrual?

From my undstanding, the fertile window is Day 14 onwards....
aries, i see.

i jus quitted my job last month, and while serving my notice period, i realised i was preggy (which i didn plan for). so rather upset abt it cos no employer will want preggies.
Cherrios - Yup, i'm at work now. Better take gd care of ur health. i heard 2nd time preg should be less taxing than the 1st so dun worry.

aries - you are patient. i'm like literally want to see gynae right away but too bad he's packed over weekend.

ling - i think you are right. Fertile window depends on individuals. for mine it's CD10-17.
Chen - who knows you might be able to get another job even while preggy? You can opt for those part time jobs once available.

if i not wrong, for some pte coys so long the staff is confirmed aft probation period.. the maternity leave can be claimed by coy.
Hi Cherrios,
Congrats! I hope can detect my bb heartbeat on my 1st scan too.

Hi piggy,
Welcome! Take care and rest if u are not feeling well.

Actually, I didn't calculate base on my LMP which is 8 Jun cos I have very irregular cycle. I calculate base on my ovulation day which should be 15 July.
Luv, what i mean is : if the fertile window is Day 14 onwards meaning to say pregancy doesnt occur within Day 1 to Day 14 then how can we calcluate that 14 days as "pregnancy days" to determine the EDD? im puzzled.

Yah...my colleague got the job even when she's pregnant. She told her boss when they call her for signing the appt letter.
luv, thanks for the encouragement.

ling, yr colleague inspires me, i hope to find a job soon too.
thanks! yes! when's ur gynae appt?

sighz, i guess i will just hang in there until after i give birth....coz if i tender now, i will lose out on my year end bonus.
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ling, i think probably cos it's hard to actually determine when our bbs are conceived; since during our O period, most of us would have BD more than once..

and our egg can survive not more than 1 day.. docs would give a rough gauge of our preg starting frm 1st day of LMP.

so based on tat bah, our preg period is 40wks (10mths) not 36 wks (9mths). tat why EDD date may not always be correct.
congrats ladies!

chen & koi,
i just gave birth to my little one in june by Dr Joycelyn Wong! She is gd, caring and patient gynae.. she wont rush u thru.. i tink she is getting popular.. but indeed is worth the waiting time.. and oso her stitches is gd.. i dun nd any painkiller..
Hi BabyCupid,

Thanks! Ya...read many good comments abt her in forum tats why choose her as my gynae. Her schedule is really pack so have to wait a few weeks for my first appt.
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Hi, Would like to join the Apr 09 MTBs.Just tested positive today. My LMP is 6th Jul so EDD should be ard 12th Apr. I am a 1st time MTB so quite excited!
I actually have an appt with gynae next sat, would like to seek advice fr other mummies/MTBs whether I should be bring it forward.
my LMP was 27June, so should be abt 6 wks now...

congrats, must be exciting for u and ur family!
tangofango, welcome and congrats! For your gynae visit, I think it's gd to wait until your 1st appt cos got higher chance of seeing bb & heartbeat.

Of course, if you can't wait.. you can go see earlier. Cheerios saw her bb and heartbeat at 5wks so it depends also.

chocbabe, hey your LMP is same as mine!
Think today is 6th week.. can't wait to see gynae next Wed...
chocbabe, luv,
my LMP 28jun, be 6wks 2moro
will having my 1st scan next wed at TMC. can't wait too

u hv any symptoms? me having nausea and headache the past 2 days.. lucky 2day fri alrdy, can rest weekend.
congrats tangofango

yar, for this one i can see heartbeat at 5wks. but for my first one i saw only at 6wks plus...so it varies from babies to babies.
Heehee.... We are excited la but still practical. Will go next week since i managed to get sat appt and save money :p
I am nauseous in the morning these few days and my nose been running in the mornings but dunno whether that's due to the haze.
i got really bad bloating which leads to dry vomit and headaches on-off. can't sleep well past 2 nights.

on Wed night i got some white discharge similar to the one i get b4 menses comes. got so worried took another test. still remains +ve *phew

yah, also have mood swings. trying to cope with that.

ya...me 2....k nt eat oily food...nw stick 2 soup base food
recently feeling nauseous after lunch onward til sleeping time