(2009/04) April 2009 MTBs

no m/s is good what. i dont mind not having m/s.

i dont think everyone will get m/s. the lucky ones will not have.

hi all, i just saw my gynae. If calculate from first day of last menses, shld be just 6 weeks, but gynae says looks abt 4-5 weeks after the scan..and he seemed to have difficulty looking for it lor..is this normal?
do you know when you ovulated? i find that going by ovulation date is more accurate than lmp. like if go by my lmp, i should be 6w, but is only almost 5w and hardly can see the sac. i'm not worried yet, if next scan still dont see the sac then i'll start worrying.
not everyone gets m/s? i guess i'm the unlucky one, gets it almost every other day. In fact, not sure why is it called 'morning sickness', i get it throughout the day. gosh!

lilmoo, nice idea to start a table. let me contribute:
nick: Chen
baby #: 1st
EDD: Not sure yet
ob: Caroline Chi
Hospital: TMC

Thanks for collating!
My LMP 17 July 08. If ovulate early means can see the gestational sac early?? In that case i should be able to see something already right?

Im regular 28 days type. Today due for AF but tested 6 days early(i tested positive on 8 Aug 08. So how many weeks should i be??
Hi ladies,
Can I check with you all what did u ask ur gynae at ur 1st visit? Anyone here with a doggie? I read that dog faeces may exposed u to parasites, should I do a blood test then?

thks for yor concern. quite boring at home. feel like going back to work, at least my mind wouldn't keep thinking negatively.
Hi tangofango,

For my 1st visit, i practically bombarded my gyae w questions.. heehee.. but mostly this forum n internet provides good info.. if u have a dog, it's best to keep good hygiene coz' if we r sick, we cant take many medication..

you should be about 4 wks now.. its prob too early to see anything.. i din see my bb until about 6 wks..

i feel it's a "blessing" to have MS lehz.. shows tt bb is growing healthy.. for me, i have a miscarriage b4 so now, when i feel nauseous, i feel assured.. haha.. anyway, if yr MS is very bad, try to have small meals instead of 3 big meals, dry food like biscuits help or sour stuff

Here's mine:
mommy's nick: Jo
baby: No 1!
edd: April 09
ob: Dr adelina wong
hospital: TMC
Any of you at 4wks manage to see anything? I read from other forum many can at least see sac/something. That's another 2 wks wait before i can probably see the bb heartbeat. Long......
sorry to gate crash here but I would like to sell my maternity clothes (tops and bottoms) at a bundle package. Some worn for 2 pregnancy terms and I don't think I will want to give birth anymore (too painful)
I'm between S and M size.
If you are looking for some savings since maternity clothes are rather expensive,
Please PM me so i can send you the photos.
hi all mtbs,

i am 6wks pregnant and the feeling sucks.... like all the systoms u gals feeling .... any of u know of gynea who is very pro in c sect stiching, my scar look so ugly. my edd on the 2/4/2009 cant decide on tmc or mount a yet. i delivered my first child at tmc thinking of trying mount a, any suggestion?
lilmoo, i just had a bit of streaky red blood discharge, called my gynae and he asked me to see him immed - when i reached he did a vaginal scan this time rd, and can see the egg inc the yoke, and the water bag i think..gave me an injection and asked me to increase dosage of hormone pills plus see him again on mon. he says thru this scan its 5-6 weeks ald..whereas when he did the pelvis scan cos not so clear, he said looked more like 4-5 weeks...try doing the vaginal one, clearer..
tangofango, i do have a doggie. It runs around my house, so yea, i think hygiene standard gotta level up.

Jo, sorry to hear abt yr miscarriage. Maybe i shld be more appreciative for my morning sickness. hmmm... Though its really affecting my concentration and appetite, I'll try to take small meals. Thanks muchie! Btw, how's yr gynae, nice? u seen her already?
i think it's cat's poop that is more of a worry? i have 2 dogs. in the past, i've had a max of 3 dogs when i was pg, no problem.
what is considered a pelvic scan? is it the belly one? i just assumed you did a transvaginal ultrasound cos most ob for scan before 9w will do the "wand" scan. if do belly scan for early on in the pgy, it is not clear and must have a full bladder to see better. i had a transvaginal ultrasound this afternoon but couldn't see much cos i think it's too early.
i understand. i have had 3 pgy losses before my 4th pgy resulted in a live birth. this is my 5th time pg so i worry about everything that can go wrong.
<table border=1><tr><td>Mommy</TD><TD>Baby #</TD><TD>EDD</TD><TD>OB</TD><TD>Hospital </TD></TR><TR><TD>missycandy</TD><TD></TD><TD>April 2, 2009</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>zazan</TD><TD>2</TD><TD>April 2, 2009</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>elina</TD><TD></TD><TD>April 3, 2009</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>luvagape</TD><TD></TD><TD>April 3, 2009</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>piggy_77</TD><TD></TD><TD>April 3, 2009</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>connz</TD><TD></TD><TD>April 4, 2009</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jo (mickeymummy)</TD><TD>1</TD><TD>April 9, 2009</TD><TD>Adeline Wong</TD><TD>TMC </TD></TR><TR><TD>lilmoo</TD><TD>2</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>chen</TD><TD>1</TD><TD></TD><TD>Caroline Khi</TD><TD>TMC</td></tr></table>
Morning ladies!

Dodo, in the end I did not go to the gynae on Tues..had some last min stuff to clear so couldn't make it..den I went to the library on Wednesday to borrow some books. I tink it was good. Would like to reccommend 'What to expect when you're expecting'.it answers quite a lot of common fears/questions first time mum have..so after reading, decided to wait till 6 weeks den go gynae..I'm prob around 5 weeks now..btw, we both tested BFP on the same day! hee..I read that 4 weeks is still early..usu still can't see much...so dun worri..

Lilmoo, I'm expecting my first bb..EDD still not sure..btw, you gals tink it's alright to continue wearing high heels? I dun wear flats at all..but hubby is now nagging at me...he says will bring me shopping to buy this weekend...haiz..
hey 4eva
I totted around in high heels for my 1st pregnancy up till i was 8 mths. at work i still wear high feels every day. some pple say dun lah coz will cause back ache etc. but its up to ur comfort level. PLUS i am vain. haha.

lilmoo, can add my details?
EDD: 2 APril 2009
Gynae: Prof Mary Rauff
Hospital: NUH
gynae did a transvaginal ultrasound for me yesterday and able to see the waterbag, egg and yoke so he says looks 5-6 weeks. My LMP is 30th June. Yours?
Hi 4eva, I am seeing Dr Adrian as well, can reset your settings to allow private messages so can discuss?


i remember when i was havng my no.1, i totally no MS. but i feel different having this no. 2. i feel very tired, nauseous, headache etc. cant wait to see my bb on 25aug. (long long wait) hope this pregnancy goes well for me.
i've been having a headache for past few days. it's not the very painful, throbbing kind of headache. issit normal?
Leeuwin, welcome and congrats! Think you are at 7wks when you see gynae. Should be able to see bb and heartbeat.

thanks lilmoo for creating the table

Baby # - 1
OB - LC Cheng
Hosp - TMC
hi, luv
yeah, i had a giddy spell last ngt before dinner. thot was due to my hunger. will also try not to take any medication as far as possible.
when is ur next gynae visit? mine is 2 wks later at 8.5wks.
hello! thanks for doing a table lilmoo =)

its baby #1... am seeing dr lawrence ang goin to deliver at Mt Alvernia thanks! =)

been having nauseous and vomitting on and off... feeling is terrible... feel hungry most of the time but no appetite... *sobs*

jus nw vomitting gastric juice... then had small bowl of honeystar cereal with milk... hopefully cn keep it down...! can feel tummy &amp; throat uncomfy liao... im tryin not to puke... im jus controlling it...

my next gynae appt is week 10... early sept...
Anyone seeing Dr Adrian SK clinic? Heard most of the time it's at night only?

I have no symptoms at all. Don't feel preg at all.
Hi dodos,
I'm seeing Dr Adrain. He is in sk clinic monday, thurs and sat afternoon. evenings on tuesday and friday. U seeing him too?
hi elina, maybe you can try fengyou and sour plums. but don't eat too much sour plums. these 2 have been my closest friends as they bring relief... mine's same as yours, 2wks later on Wed.

hi dodos, i got my 1st few MS at around 5wks. some mummies here don't have MS, lucky them! maybe you won't have?
Hi Luv/Elina,

How come urs next gynae is 2 weeks from your last coz my gynae only ask me to go back to him 1 mth later.. Hmm...
hi, piggy_77
for me, is bcos i had a natural miscarriage at 5wks last Dec07, thus my gynae wants to monitor more closely. i also feel more an xin.
dun worry, im sure your gynae knows what is best for u.
Hi Iwry, how's Dr. Adrian ar? I will see him for the first time next sat...

Dodos, I will be seeing Dr. Adrian at SK.. the hrs are as follows:
Mon,Thurs &amp; Sat: 1.30-3.30
Tue &amp; Fri: 6-9pm

I was told that can just walk-in but when I called the clinic assistant, she said that better to make appt cos if Dr. not in, they can call and inform you...

I don't feel pregnant at all too..no symptoms except that I'm sleeping like a pig! haha...
hi piggy_77, i think cos i went to see him earlier this year for fertility treatments that's why he prob want to monitor me closely.

hi elina, sorry to learn of your mc. you must take gd care of yourself ok?
as long as you are comfy wearing it, why not? just be careful not to trip and fall cos pg women tend to be more clumsy. hee
do you like your ob? my fren recommended her, she had 2 babies with her. but i'm afraid it'll be hard to get appts. will add you to the table.
Hi All

My LMP was 23 June and my EDD is on 02 April 2009 but it could be earlier. I am currently in my 7 wks and feel no morning sickness.

Only sore boobs, abundant discharge and ocassional cramps. I do get the ocassional nausea but I find that as long as I eat something and keep my stomach full, it is easily contained.

Dunno if it's good to eat sour plums on a daily basis because the sodium content is very high. I suck on sugar-free sweets instead if I feel slightly uncomfy.

I have a doggie at home too and I have asked the gynae if it will harm the foetus but gynae says it is ok. She says she is more worried if I have a cat. Cat stools have some parasites which are harmful to foetuses but as long as pregnant ladies do not clear the litter, they are fine.
hmm... i'm actually still wearing high heels too. I'm also still wearing my jeans which are quite tight. Wondering if I should buy some loose bottoms.....
Hi, can I join in? My EDD also in April.. April Fool's Day... I'm having my 2nd one. 1st baby is going to be 14th month old soon.
But my stomach seemed to be very big as compared to the first one. I can't wear all my pants liaoz... Anyone has the same symptoms?? I do not have any symptoms for the 1st pregnancy. But this time round, nauseous, etc.. all came...

Baby # - 2
OB - Dr Lawrence Ang P S
Hosp - Have not decided on it yet. Anyone has any advice on the delivery hospital?
pat - we same EDD. =) my lmp was 22 june 08. hehehe. have to becareful of sugar free sweets... my boss was commenting it contains some preservatives that not good... so i stick to munching sweet prunes/pulms from umeya =)

devil - u stay north side? we same OB? hehehe.. i see dr ang at sun plaza... =) my tummy has expanded.. i cant button my jeans already... but this is my 1st pregnancy... am waiting to go buy maternity/stretchable pants so far a bit too pricey... so lookin for better buys... heh...
missycandy, yes, i'm staying in sembawang. seeing dr ang at sun plaza too... my stomach has grown so much like i'm having my 1st at 4-5 months. I'm wearing maternity pants now..
4eva, when is your last menstrual period, better to see the gynae early cos like my case, i had some bleeding and i called him on his hp-he asked me to see him immed. moreover, his package is 550 for unlimited visits inc scanning! so better to see him early lor, since same price:p esp if u have brown or red discharge, he ll give hormone pills to "an tai".
my previous gynea is a l lim, dont wish to go back to him as its really a long wait.

my tummy is so bloated, any remedies...

do you gals ve to wait for very long to see dr lawrence ang. I find his package very cheap but find him overload with patients.


Yes. It is very long to see Dr Lawrence Ang. Even with appointment have to wait for an hour or so sometimes. But seemed like not many OB has night clinics.