2007 moms in West(Clementi, West Coast, Holland)

hi liciafwy,
not much of a response. but we can do a mini meet up if we have a few more mommies. my ds is 15 months old now. i'm at west coast.
are u a sahm or ftwm?
hi Shauna,

Im not sahm..im working and my mother is looking after my daughter..

oh..we hv another mum knocking at the door...welcome
welcome hopeformiracle, ethanmum and chloe bee, maybe we can do a mini meet up 1st.")

chloe bee, which part of west coast are u at?

weather lately is so hot, its killing me.. sigh.
dear all, i stay somewhere along pasir panjang road. my elder just turns 24 months and my younger one 9 months old. would be glad to meet up with all of you. cheers
chloebee- i sent my son for the trial lesson when he was abt 11/12 months old? he wasnt able to stand or walk,so we didnt quite enjoy the lesson.
the pace of the lesson was pretty hectic too. u shld go take a look for urself since its free.

lets do a west coast park meeting since there's almost 3 of us... haha.

Venue: West Coast Park
Date(pls indicate preference): 19(Mon) or 23 May(Fri)
Time: 9-10.30am or 3-4.30pm

1) Shauna & Sidney (15 months boy)
ya, was thinking to bring her go now but she still not able to stand or walk.. so was like no meaning lol...

I think the meet up, i prefer on 23May coz my gal gg for MMR & pneumoccocal on next fri.. at least lock her @ home for a week then bring her out.. hehe

Venue: West Coast Park
Date(pls indicate preference): 19(Mon) or 23 May(Fri)
Time: 9-10.30am or 3-4.30pm

1) Shauna & Sidney (15 months boy)
2) Bee Bee & xin yan (15 mths gal) 23May
*hi-five, chloe! mine just pulled himself to stand like 2 weeks ago. our necks had since grown very long! haha.

dun worry, they say the later they walk, the better their life. (old wives' tale- i usually hate them but this one sounds really good so i'm gonna believe it. *wink)

gymboree does activities like sliding down the slide, sit on "bus" and jump ard. u can always go take a look and then decide if u wanna sign up.

Venue: West Coast Park
Date(pls indicate preference): 19(Mon) or 23 May(Fri)
Time: 9-10.30am or 3-4.30pm
Activities: Walk in the park followed by Bubbles session

1) Shauna & Sidney (15 months boy)
2) Bee Bee & xin yan (15 mths gal) 23May
err..no slot for weekends?

I been to GYMBOREE trial but in the end only sign up for the membership to go for the funplay where my daughter can play with the facilities there..
weekends..? family day wor. but can be arranged loh.
anyone for weekends at west coast park? bring hbs and bbs along. we go for breakfast then walk ard the park or sandplay..
would love to join all of you on weekdays unfortunately i am still serving my notice. can only do that in 2 months' time.

anyway, Happy Mother's Day!
WMs, its ok. we'll fix up something when we have abit more pple..

Goon Goon- serving notice? how old is ur kid? and leaving to be a sahm for good? *wink

chloe- we c whats the turnout for weekday 1st..
Shauna, hehe... I m also FTWM. haha.. i see my eye sight got problem, i see wrongly the gathering date lah.. coz just nice that 19Mon is Vesak day & 23May not public holiday leh.. i need to work also..
oh is it? haha. sahms arent good with dates n days.
so its weekends for everyone huh?
ok check with hb and we fix one up on the weekend.

yipee!~ vesak day.. keke
i have 2 kiddies - elder, 24 months and the younger one is 9 months old. Yes, i have decided to leave my job to become a SAHM. A big decision for me and have been feeling nervous whether i can cope despite i have a maid. lol
goon goon-
2 kids is gonna be tough. we're contemplating if we shld have another since im on my own without any help, and we dun wanna deprive our son of our attention at this point. but having a close gap between the 2 kids' ages, aids in them being closer..

i wish i could leave my job! (on NPL) and be a huang lian po forever n ever! haha
We din't plan for the 2nd one for fear of depriving the elder one. Since 2nd one came along anyway, we sort of iron that out and both kids seem to be enjoying each other company while bringing us lots of fun too.
As for me, the decision to quit is never easy but i reckon that it is worthwhile for me to do it since they are very attached to me and i really want to be with them during their formative years. hopefully i can adjust to SAHM's life.
u sure can, goon.
its lovely to have 2 kids. we wished we had a team of them running ard n driving us up the wall. ahha.

it isnt easy to decide to leave ur job at all. not at all. but the merits of a sahm is so gratifying that no other job can really quite replace.

so thats in july? the end of notice period?
thanks for the encouragement. my last day of service will be on 20 jun. looking forward to the day with lots of anxiety.
, glad to have found this thread.

I stay along dover, currently SAHM, my baby girl coming to 4 months soon.
hi sleek,
hey sorry saw ur sms, but din have time to reply. got some things going on in the house these days.
yes yes, join us! haha..anywya i'm not a member at kino but i'm a borders member. borders always has discounts on childrens' books n crafts.. so i'm quite loyal to them..

hi angelsky, welcome.
shauna, np just that kino had 20% over the weekend so thought if you wanted any books for sidney I could help you get.
orrr. hee. thanks.

the only books i need from kino are the letterland books but im quite equipped for now. so wun be needing more in awhile.
Hello mummies! Only just saw this thread. I've got 2 boys, elder one 6 years old, younger one 16 months. We are at Hillview Avenue, but I like bringing my kids to West Coast Park. Haven't been there for a while, since the HFMD thing. I'm half-SAHM, helping my hubby with accounting, elder one goes to child care full day, younger one goes to infant care 2 days a week when I need to work. I'm interested to join if there's any outing.
Hi all,

I'm also stay in ghim moh....I've 2boys no1 is 26mths & no2 is 5mths old...

which blk r u staying?
Hi, everyone, I stay around Hilview area. Would love to join for the meetup as well. My daughter is coming 14 months & my son coming to 3.5 yrs old. I am working so could only meet during weekend.
briskcross (briskcross) & Jazelle ... i am also @ Hillview area by this Sat ... I have a gal going 6 and a boy 9mths ...

Hi Jeddie long time no see ... am staying with my brother at Bukit Panjang this week ... you still there ???

hi syeo...

nope..moved out liao..now staying at my mum's place in clementi while waiting for my hourse reno to complete....