New divorcee single mum of 2 has been constantly harrassed.


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Dear mummies,

I'm a new divorcee, local, Indian who married an INR for 9 years. He was having multiple affairs including one with my maid. Physically & sexually abusive. I've 2 kids with him. Our divorce was finalised in Feb. Once he became a citizen in Dec last year, he filed his divorce.

I'm feeling frustrated with him as he's harassing me. Coming at odd days & hours without informing to visit the kids. He also hide around the usual activity days for the kids & shout & shame me publicly.

Now, he has contacted a social worker seeking help with co parenting. I have no time now as a single mum taking care of the kids & work. It's overwhelming & tiring. Can i don't attend the counselling. How else can i end this? I wish to take full custody over the kids. How can i go by? Please help a distressed mum.


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I'm really sorry to hear that. Harassment can be incredibly distressing, especially for someone who is already dealing with the challenges of being a single parent.